Andrew Luck’s Massive Playoff Comeback | Colts vs. Chiefs | 2013 AFC Wild Card | NFL Full Game

Andrew Luck’s Massive Playoff Comeback | Colts vs. Chiefs | 2013 AFC Wild Card | NFL Full Game

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  1. 9:25 – Alex Smith throws 6-yard TD pass to Dwayne Bowe

    14:20 – Andrew Luck finds T.Y. Hilton for a 10-yard TD

    21:10 – Ryan Succop makes 19-yard FG to put Chiefs up 10-7

    26:10 – Smith connects with Avery for 76-yard TD

    28:23 – Tamba Hali forces Trent Richardson fumble, recovered by Justin Houston

    31:14 – Smith pass to Anthony Sherman for 5-yard TD

    40:35 – Adam Vinatieri makes 37-yard FG

    51:46 – Knile Davis rushes for 4-yard TD

    57:04 – Brandon Flowers intercepts Andrew Luck

    1:00:56 – Andre Luck throws his second interception of the day

    1:03:25 – Alex Smith throws 4-yard TD to Knile Davis

    1:06:50 – Donald Brown rushes for 10-yard TD

    1:10:47 – Robert Mathis strip-sacks Alex Smith

    1:16:30 – Luck throws 3-yard TD pass to Donald Brown

    1:21:34 – Luck throws his 3rd interception

    1:25:31 – Succop makes 42-yard FG

    1:29:06 – Luck throws 10-yard TD pass to Coby Fleener

    1:42:30 – Luck recovers fumble and dives into end zone for TD

    1:54:16 – Succop makes 43-yard FG

    1:57:08 – Luck launches 64-yard pass to T.Y. Hilton

    2:05:00 – Colts stop Chiefs on 4th down to seal victory

  2. My dad joked about selling a slightly used Andrew Luck jersey to some Chiefs fans at halftime of this game. This game was incredible.

  3. Get Goosebumps every time i watch this!! Woww #ColtsFanTillTheDeathOfMe i still watch this at least 5 times a year!

  4. Smith was great that game, shame the defense let him down if he had won and coming of the Pro Bowl he probably would have been viewed differently

  5. Smith's ball was about 50 yards in the air before Avery caught it. Perfect 50 yard laser too. Too bad this type of play isn't used by KC that often.

  6. Colts gained momentum back quickly after being down 28. Long pass to Rogers set up TD then that strip sack. Cut the lead to 14 midway through 3rd to make the comeback manageable

  7. Colts cut the lead to 10 by the 3rd quarter. The way the 3rd quarter went, nothing too crazy needed to happen in the 4th to come back like what the Pats did in Super Bowl.

  8. Smith made a crucial overthrow to Cyrus Gray that would've put KC first and goal to start 4th quarter. Stalled at 41 yard line

  9. Colts made big 3rd down conversion from their 10 yard line and marched down the field, finishing with Luck's famous fumble recovery. Now only down 3 with 10 minutes left. Can't be stopped.

  10. After falling behind, Chiefs quickly got into Colts territory. Intentional grounding hurt them and Bowe unable to be in bounds on 4th down catch. Questionable timeouts allowed Colts to kneel rest of game. Great comeback but Chiefs defense collapsed and offense cooled. As a Chiefs fan I hope Chiefs can make a Super Bowl run in my lifetime and stop with these close frustrating losses.

  11. NFL,
    Wild Card Round,
    Chiefs @ Colts,
    First Half,
    1st Qtr,
    Chiefs 7-0 Colts,
    Chiefs 7-7 Colts,
    Chiefs 10-7 Colts,
    2nd Qtr,
    Chiefs 17-7 Colts,
    Chiefs 24-7 Colts,
    Chiefs 24-10 Colts,
    Chiefs 31-10 Colts,
    Halftime Score,
    (Chiefs 31-10 Colts),
    Second Half,
    3rd Qtr,
    Chiefs 38-10 Colts,
    Chiefs 38-17 Colts,
    Chiefs 38-24 Colts,
    Chiefs 41-24 Colts,
    Chiefs 41-31 Colts,
    4th Qtr,
    Chiefs 41-38 Colts,
    Chiefs 44-38 Colts,
    Chiefs 44-45 Colts,
    Final Score,
    (Chiefs 44-45 Colts).

  12. (Die hard Chiefs fan here) I just watched NFL Greatest Games on NFL Network and at the end of the game I just broke down and start crying cuz the Chiefs can't never catch a break; so to all my chiefs fans just pray that the chiefs never blow a league again in the future) oops they did Titans vs Chiefs January 6th 2018 at home reminder blow a 21 league; all I got to say is what about those chiefs😓😓😓😓

  13. You know the Chiefs are thankful that the Falcons choked harder than anyone in Super Bowl 51 so this collapse wouldn't get brought up as much as that one.

  14. Alex Smith's first and last playoff games for KC ended up the same way, conservative Andy Reid and a defensive meltdown. Hopefully Jay Gruden knows how to step on a teams throat, because Andy sure as hell doesn't. As great as Andy Reid has been he might go down as the best regular season coach to always blow it in the playoffs.

  15. 1:10:40 I wish they would show wtf is downfield so I can see if it’s Alexis Smith fault which it probly is lol

  16. You don't realize how terrible TERRIBLE the Colts played in the first half til you watch it back. Good riddance they were awful!

  17. 4 of the last 10 playoff losses from the Chiefs since 1993 has been to this team there ain’t no way they’re losing again to Indianapolis even with their poor defense they will still win

  18. It wont be like that this time. Better players and coaches for Luck. The Colts will lead the entire game and win by 10 on 2019

  19. I remember being at a Pacers game during this game, crowd went crazy during a Lance Stephenson free throw when the Colts took the lead. Crazy Luck was able to win despite Trent Richardson and Chuck Pagano

  20. My Seahawks won the Super Bowl that season but other then that this to me was one of the best games of the playoffs that year when the Colts pulled that comeback against the Chiefs in the wild card that was a great game.

  21. Came here after hearing the news that Luck retired. Ill always remember this game and I hope Andrew Luck enjoys his retirement.

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