Ancient Aliens: Human-Alien Hybrids (Season 11) | History

Ancient Aliens: Human-Alien Hybrids (Season 11) | History

Palisades, California. July 17, 2015. 5:00 PM. Police were alerted
that inside an abandoned SUV parked on a residential
street is a dead body. The badly decomposed corpse is
sent to the coroner’s office so that identification of
the victim can be made. Although foul play
is not suspected, as police continue
to investigate, the case takes a bizarre turn. [siren] The body is identified
by his fiancee as 60-year-old
Jeffrey Alan Lash. Los Angeles police find more
than 1,200 guns and seven tons of ammunition, along with
numerous militarized vehicles and $230,000 in cash
inside of his home. His fiancee reports
that Lash had proclaimed to be an
alien hybrid secretly working for the government. It’s the weirdest story
I think I’ve ever heard. His girlfriend– and she seems
to be pretty normal and legit– claims that he’s
an alien hybrid, that he was placed
on this planet to do something specifically. Nothing adds up about his case. Nothing. NARRATOR: When
examining the body, the coroner’s office could
not find any fingerprints even though fingerprints are the
last skin tissue to decompose. Lash apparently
had no fingerprints. His fiancee believed that
he was an alien hybrid. And we have to wonder
who this guy was. Was he really an alien
hybrid, as he said? Why did he have
all these weapons? Within the UFO
research community, there’s been a great deal
of controversy surrounding Lash’s story, because
there’s been a suggestion that his father, Jeffrey
Lash, may have worked on the Roswell incident crash. That’s to say he was a scientist
who may have been brought in to study the wreckage. And so for that
reason, the story’s been elevated to an
even bigger level, that there was some
sort of infiltration of society going on. DAVID CHILDRESS: A number
of people who have claimed that they’ve been abducted
by extraterrestrials also claim that they’ve
witnessed what they say are alien-human hybrids. And this would indicate that
the extraterrestrials have a program of manipulating
people and their DNA to genetically
alter us slightly. And perhaps this has been
going on for thousands of years and that, even as we are
today, we’ve been manipulated subtly by extraterrestrials. And this is still going on. NARRATOR: Is it possible
that there are already aliens living among us
and that our governments are fully aware of this? Could this be the
culmination of years of extraterrestrial abductions? DAVID WHITEHEAD:
Our decisions here as a species could
very well be affecting these other civilizations. So they may be, in
a sense, intervening on their own behalf. They might not really care
about whether we make it or not. [whooshing] LINDA MOULTON HOWE: If invasion
and takeover of the planet were the goal of
these extraterrestrial biological entities,
they are so advanced, it could be done easily. Therefore, invasion and
takeover of the world cannot be their goal. And if that is not the
goal, then what is the goal? What is the alien agenda? [whooshing] DAVID CHILDRESS: You have
sort of a dichotomy of, are we being invaded by
terrible extraterrestrials who are trying to take
over our planet, or are the extraterrestrials
really trying to help us? And that this has
been an ongoing thing for many thousands of years. I think these
abduction stories are all part of a
larger plan, a plan going on for a very long time. This, what we are
experiencing now, is the next step, where we are
now learning that we are not alone and that
they soon will come back, because that is what they
promised in the ancient texts.

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  1. If you want to be an alien heres the pros and cons

    Pros: You get special Ability, Your lucky that you have alien blood

    Cons: Governments will try to hunt you down, people might say somethings bad about you

  2. There are good and bad Aliens like there are good and bad people, Earth is they're playing field where we're all involved in they're game, the good Aliens goal is to raise consciousness, the bad Alien goal is unconsciousness, so wake up!

  3. Why people were alien to the indigenous people of America and they did not help the natives at all although the white man did help themselves to everything the native had

  4. These are not aliens they are fallen angels demons which are portrayed as aliens by illuminati to make people believe the coming of Christ as alien by the Antichrist Lucifer army

  5. Ok So, we still were NOT told about his cause of death so I personally find that suspicious. All we know is that there were no fingerprints?

  6. Wish someone would actually comment in these videos.

    I'm A negative. I often know when things happen before they do, as in a feeling but sometimes know how things will play out.

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  8. What is the goal? What IS the illuminati? Do you think the regular person would notice if they were ruled by a thousand hybrids?

  9. When are you, hypocrites and vipers, going to take God seriously? These hybrids are the results of the Nephilim – the children of the Watchers (disobedient and bad angels) with the daughters of mankind, that commited bestialities with animals. It is explained clearly in the Book of Enoch which was taken out of the Bible by satan – catholic church, over 500 years ago, b/c it was showing too clearly the TRUTH.

  10. I believe Republicans are reptilian humioids because they're cold blooded and don't really care about changing the world into a better place and democracy. It's all about profit over people to take over the world like the movie "V".

  11. The world we are not allowed to know and if we acknowledge this presence we are demonized as kooks…other dimensions exist and the world is built and controlled by the geometric alchemy!

  12. We are ETs!! People we have many many ET races in our DNA. Why do u think there are so many blood type and races? It is all in front of us. Great Pyramid? There are negative and positive ETs.. the shift is coming. No fear many positive have tries to help us.

  13. ….they do not wish to take over , after all, farmed human tastes like cardboard;

    ….free-range humans taste like chicken…..

  14. Our DNA is alien manipulated. That’s why the theory of evolution remains a theory because no one can explain the crossover from Neanderthal to human
    Made in their image ???

  15. That's silly I know hundreds of illigal aliens that have no finger prints especially after pissashit nobama released them from custody, in New York and Dallas tx, before he LEFT office,all harden criminals,

  16. Alright so I got this one.

    I used to play spore, and whenever I found a new "sentient species" that hadn't evolved too far yet, (still in stone/medieval age), I would slap down a monolith to speed up production along with creating crop circles so the stone age guys who freak out and think it was a god.
    They'd also advance faster and when they finally advanced, I would be the first one there to ally with them and make a trading partner out of them.

    If Aliens have been infact doing this, they are likely doing it for trade reasons.
    With trade, the more people at the party the better.
    Can't trade with just yourself afterall.


  18. They are the fallen angels who are trying to invade us in a biological level! The quiet battle zone is the way to go for them. They're cowards! They're evil and don't mean us any good!

  19. The Alien conspiracy might be responsible for the Rapture or the disappearance of millions of Christians worldwide. But we know that Jesus has overcome the world and has promised in John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. Choose life in Jesus Christ!

  20. My friends and my hybrid aliens. He was a dope dealer for real. Us hybrid would have at least cleaned up our mess. Lmfao!!!!!

  21. What about the fact that light eyes- blues eyes didn’t exist until 10,000 years ago ( genetic mutation). Could this be part of alien 👽 genetically altering us

  22. First this video assumes that aliens are coming here from other planets. They are coming and going at will because this is their planet of origin and they have been here far longer then us. And what makes anyone think they Are Not in control of this planet already?

  23. I fully agree with Neil deGrasse Tyson lol when he suggests that the next time anyone is, "abducted," and taken aboard an Alien Spacecraft, he or she should do everything they can to try taking something off the shelf or whatever, before being released back to Earth.

    That way there's no more debate.

    There's plenty of circumstantial evidence out there, but the staggering lack of any conclusive physical evidence of Extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth, whether they've ever abducted anyone or not, is evidence within itself that it is extremely unlikely to have ever happened.

    Unfortunately, until that conclusive physical evidence emerges, it won't become a scientific fact.

  24. Read a book called BODY SNATCHERS BY SUSAN REED, get it on Amazon's USA
    That will wake you up.🤯
    Bio coat CLONING is them.
    It's them👉👽🛸 doing poison air sprays on food, farms, water, drinks and air.
    They are after psychics, mediums, seers, sorcerers, mediums and RELIGION!
    They cannot touch clean souls, people who are with GOD and JESUS FACT!👊🙏💖
    That's it brothers and sisters.
    They get into your DNA through deals, deeds, contracts and government military treaties, also anscestor going back four generations. Sold out friends for Technology A.I.
    It's a dark world Earth, Moon, Mars and Saturn through sins used as slaves, food and cloning.
    Bible Revelation- 12:1 is about the moon being under Mary Mother of JESUS feet, just like she crushed the head of Satan. She has powers too, but only through JESUS AND GOD.
    It's all about the powers of Satan and the fallen Angels, out to get back at GOD and his sinful Children, "US! Pure humans!"😞
    So clean up brothers and sisters, and have immunity with GOD⛑.


  26. This man is the result of the experiment in Area 51.. The Alien-Human hybrids- one of the things they are hiding..

  27. History Channel is just trying to get the ratings of the nutty people. Much like Trump who gets the political nut vote.

  28. life means nothing, we were created by aliens millions of years ago to be slaves. And we are still slaves, we work for the government and we build their cars and factories, we are all slaves and guys in charge are the ones from the unknown planets

  29. I have a full blooded alien sitting right here beside me. He eats everything in the house and will not pay rent. He doesn't even have a flying saucer. He goes by the name Liberial.

  30. I kept waiting for them to give some autopsy info suggesting why he's an alien hybrid and all they say is "he had no finger-prints" and "his girlfriend said so" LOL. Wow, talk about stretching it thin, this is beyond desperate.

  31. Looks to me like aleinboy was a gun runner/blackmarket . That explains the cash and the finger prints missing. He didn't want his prints on the guns. He got caught in a lie by his wife and his only way out of it was to tell her he was an alien. She was gullible and believed him cause he showered her with green paper.

  32. Are u serious the Government hire criminals that are doing life in prison and takes them off the radar and removes this men's history like he was never born and move them around to do the government dirty work

  33. they manipulate humans but they themselves have ugly faces??
    they should rather manipulate there selves ..😁😁😂😆

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