Analysing The PlaneBae Story: How To Sell A Personal Life | Jack Saint

Analysing The PlaneBae Story: How To Sell A Personal Life | Jack Saint

A theory posited by fellow YouTuber and cool
person Peter Coffin is that, in a modern capitalist society, nie-on all actions are, technically,
labour. You might expect in the abstract a clear line
of separation – “Oh, THIS is work and THIS is play, and I can clearly distinguish the
two”. Doing your taxes is work, tweeting pictures
of dogs is play. Maybe there’s some wiggle room between the
two – you like drawing, but you also make money doing commissions, so it’s a little
bit of both. Well, how about the idea that the line isn’t
there at all – what if it’s ALL work AND play, with a heavy emphasis on the work? In the kind of capitalist society we live
in today, that’s the reality for a great many people, as we fight a constant battle
to retain relevance, gain influence, and hopefully secure beneficial prospects in the future. You see this all the time with current career
trends, which show absolutely crazy growth in things like video-game streaming – you’re
taking the act of an escapist retreat into a virtual world, the very core of “play”,
and by recording it and talking over it, you’re turning that into a process of value extraction. People watch me play, they get to know me,
I entertain them, maybe they follow me on social media, maybe they share me around,
maybe they start throwing a buck or two – and, with diligence and a lot of luck, you’ve
just made your actual full-time career. As if by magic, this field then bloats and
expands into “IRL” streams, as we move from video-games to the act of merely existing
in an entertaining way, serving as a platform for financial growth. Everything is a competition, everything a
race to the top. And thus, this spins out into an increasingly
absurd array of new ‘cultures’ in our current landscape. Social media influencers – people who cultivate
a presence and a brand based simply on sharing content, usually made by other people, that
they find interesting or enjoyable, and by doing so create an audience primed and ready
to be marketed to once you get some sponsor dolla rolling by. They might even think “Oh, this isn’t
my job, I’m just doing this to brighten up people’s days” – but then, I dunno,
maybe you start thinking about tying yourself with the page a bit, get a little bit of value
out of this fun thing. Maybe you’re a writer, and you put some
extra flair on your online food reviews in case they catch the eye of a discerning employer. Could be you’re a fitness trainer and you
intersperse your day-in-the-life Instagram shots of beach horizons and coffee shops with
“Just got done with a new ab routine I’ve been working on for a while! If anyone wants to know more, get in touch!” Or, I don’t know, maybe you’re a struggling
actor, and you decide to put your own funny reactions alongside your sharing content so
that people build a sense of your character and personality, might help you land a job
or two. And then, just maybe, you start spending as
much time with a camera screen in front of your face as without, always on the lookout
for that breakthrough viral “moment” to shoot you to small-time fame. And then, just maybe, you get that niggling
opportunity goblin in the back of your brain, driving you just that little bit with many
of your decisions – Yes, I should check out that new restaurant, I haven’t posted pictures
from there before and I can write a new review about it. Yes, I should play that new game, it fits
with what my fans enjoy so they probably want to see me stream it. Hey, I just had a funny encounter with a stranger
– maybe I should secretly record the experience and post it online. Maybe it’s an invasion of privacy, but what
does it matter to me? In the quest for attention, influence and
capital, public and personal life might as well be the same thing. Rosey Blair is, according to her twitter and
instagram profiles, an actress and photographer. Her IMDB credits list her from a small handful
of roles – she, for instance, voiced a character in the Cyanide and Happiness skit ‘Hello
YouTubers’. Her most prominent credit appears to be work
on a web series known as The Brat Cave, for which she served as a lead actor, writer and
producer for nineteen episodes. Unfortunately on searching it appears that, the website which hosted The Brat Cave, is defunct, meaning I can’t easily
access the show itself. The YouTube channel for the site is still
up, but doesn’t seem to have any of the episodes. Other than that, Blair’s ‘photography’
work seems to come in two forms. As @roseyblairphotography, she seemingly posts
work she has done for others in head-shots, couples and blogging photography – work she
has done for her “job”. Her far more successful personal account,
which boasts over 36,000 followers, is @roseybeeme. There she also posts photos, often to thousands
of likes, showcasing her life as she goes about her day – going out to eat, going on
trips, and so on and so on. Why am I saying any of this? Well, first of all, it’s to establish who
Rosey is because she plays an important role in this story. Second of all, it’s to – hopefully – establish
the firm connection between everything I’ve talked about so far and the lifestyle presented
to us by Rosey. Rosey is a lifestyle photographer with a ‘work’
and ‘personal’ account, yet her personal account is abundantly clear to be the real
business here – I haven’t clicked through every one of Rosey’s pictures, but a scan
through appears to show she has posted photo updates on the account every single day for
months on end, always generating hundreds upon hundreds of likes and comments. Rosey uses her personal life to market herself
for her career. Which brings us to the Plane Bae Story. On July 3rd, Rosey took a plane with her long-time
boyfriend and, while on the plane, had a funny encounter with the strangers they ended up
being seated next to. While they couldn’t book seating together,
Rosey asked the woman she was sat next to if she would switch seats so that Rosey could
sit next to her boyfriend, joking that “maybe her new seat partner would be the love of
her life”. After the seat-switch occured, Rosey observed
that the two young people appeared to be “fitness buffs”, and that she had overheard them
flirting. Seemingly, her observation had miraculously
come true – she played matchmaker and the couple appeared to be getting along. This is not the end of the story. Over the course of the next few hours, Rosey’s
story would gain more and more traction on social media, with thousands of twitter users
enthralled by the idea of this rom-com seemingly happening in the real world. Rosey continued to post updates. “They have been talking nonstop since we
took off. They are both personal trainers. They have touched arms a few times. They are both vegetarian.” Rosey began taking covert pictures of the
couple, starting innocuously enough with photos showing the couple’s arms touching before
eventually expanding into secret pictures of the couple’s faces, albeit with their
most identifiable features scribbled out. This, along with not openly disclosing their
names during the flight, was the level of privacy granted to the couple by Rosey. Other than that, Rosey would track most of
their conversation on the flight as well as their movements, interspersing photos and
videos of their own reactions with “She went into the bathroom with her ponytail up,
and came back with her hair down. Now she’s asking for fitness tips.” At this point, the couple began sharing family
photos and Rosey, being positioned right behind them, took pictures of the girl’s phone
as it displayed those photos. “Compelling stuff”, Rosey wrote, as she
posted a gif of herself and her boyfriend eating chips. Apparently it continued to be compelling stuff,
as Rosey then updated the page multiple times informing the now-incredibly-popular twitter
thread that she had paid continuously for extra WiFi time so that she could keep fans
updated on this couple’s private interactions. Apparently, at one point the couple both went
to the bathroom at the same time, something Rosey was keen to make note of. At this point, you may be noticing the sheer
number of people who were following along with this story – at time of writing, that
bathroom tweet has over 1200 retweets and so, interesting to note here, you might have noticed the numbers I just gave are way off what the picture seems to show. Well, that’s because I made this original recording about a week ago and grabbed this picture a couple of days ago. So yeah, just to give you a sense how much this stuff has spread. 24,000 likes. I think this is very important to keep in
mind as I relay this, because that’s a context that gets somewhat removed when I’m just
listing the events as they occurred. For however you currently feel about what
Rosey was doing, this was not her isolated individual behaviour – tens of thousands of
people were actively encouraging this behaviour, even begging her to continue. I’ll do more with that in a minute. Moving on. (Sigh) “They just started talking about
what they want out of life. Marriage, kids, etcetera. He says he’s been too dedicated to his fitness
to pursue relationship. That’s all I got now – they’re talking
so quiet”. At this stage, much to the chagrin of the
building fanbase for this couple, Rosey could no longer directly relay all the details of
their private conversation. Then the plane landed. Then, Rosey and her boyfriend followed the
couple through baggage claim. Then, finally, as they began to leave the
airport, Rosey stopped keeping track of the couple – in the end, she had mustered up the
restraint to end her stalking there. A few hours later, eager to please the hordes
of followers she had amassed, Rosey managed to dig up the couple’s instagram accounts
– she, along with her boyfriend, posted more pictures of them, continuing to recount facts
about them, all to the tune of amusing reaction-style videos posted to her twitter. “Good news – they both appear to be based
here in Dallas, Texas. They’re gonna fall in love!” After all, that was the reason for all this,
right? A nice, romantic little story for everyone
to enjoy. And oh, everyone did. Reports and interviews were broadcast on ABC
News, Fox News, USA Today, Good Morning America, and myriad other networks. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think
this was the feel-good story of the year. As Rosey recounted to Good Morning America,
“It felt like, honestly, being in a movie. And we were the two best friends.” So let’s review. Rosey Blair, eager to recount what she saw
as a beautiful little love story, secretly recorded a couple’s interactions for several
hours – keeping track not only of their physical interactions with one-another but all of their
movements as well as most of their conversations. She recounted their careers, their interests,
their hopes and dreams, where they lived, proudly displayed covertly gathered images
of them and their families and, in the end, outright encouraged followers to dig up more
personal details about the girl when she refused to reveal her private account to them. (CLIP) So, was all of this a roundabout way
for me to say Rosey Blair is a borderline-sociopath with no respect for the privacy of other people
in the face of external validation? Is she, as an individual, the cause of this
problem? Well, maybe in some very small way, I am doing
this specifically so that Rosey is aware that what she did was not a cute or sweet thing. Maybe the first couple of tweets were cute. And then it kept going and, I dunno, maybe
high on the intoxicating sensation of thousands upon thousands of likes and shares, Rosey
ignored the obvious boundaries that were being broken in the name of continuing to capture
the zeitgeist. But there’s the point – was it obvious? While Rosey’s choices as an individual are
a part of the issue here, they are by no means the core of the problem, and in fact I’d
say most of her behaviours are the product of the society she lives in – as highlighted
earlier, let’s not forget that Rosey’s actions here were not just tolerated but celebrated
by tens of thousands. Like I said at the start, a modern capitalist
system like that which we live in now thrives on value extraction. Especially if you’re working a public-facing
career, like an actor or performer, your ability to create valuable content out of every aspect
of your life is crucial to your personal and financial success. Think about what comedians do, observing their
behaviours and the world around them and, like some kind of alchemist, turning that
into entertainment value. They’re taking the world, and turning it
into escapist content that reminds us that there’s still a little bit of joy left on
this rock. It’s also what lifestyle photographers,
professional ‘Instagram’-ers like Rosey are doing the majority of the time – they’re
presenting an idealized version of the world to give you some bit of hope that there’s
a good part to this often dreary and mundane existence. Look at these awesome clothes, look at this
awesome food, look at these beautiful landmarks, look at my wonderful friends. Content that can do that for people is crucial
for survival in what can feel like a cold, indifferent planet – and that makes it valuable,
if you know how to court your audience. Rosey certainly knew that, and that’s why
when she saw the opportunity for a spotlight she began aggressively promoting herself with
posts like “Hello to my @buzzfeed friends. You got any job openings? Would luv to create for you”, and several
reminding people that her and her boyfriend were working actors. It was a market, and they used it – in light
of the Plane Bae story, Rosey has even begun referring to herself as “some strange variety
of journalist” on social media, which, incidentally, I’d be curious what ‘variety’ that is. Let’s imagine another line, what we’ll
call a line of ‘social acceptability’, whereby after you cross that line what you
do is now mostly on you as an individual, but before that point what you do is probably
more just the reality of the world you live in. If you litter in a country where everyone
litters, you’re behind the line, you’re doing something socially acceptable. If you beat your wife, well, that’s generally
not considered socially acceptable so that’s over the line. Now if it was the early 1900s and you beat
your wife, maybe you’d be behind the line, but nowadays most people will not let you
make excuses for that kind of thing… most people. Is it overstepping the line to take candid
pictures of fashion accessories and meals to get a reaction out of your audience? No, most people are fine with that. Is it overstepping the line to do what Rosey
did, to report on a private conversation, take secret pictures of people, track their
movements, post pictures of their families, reveal personal information about them without
consent and ultimately encourage their harassment? Well, of course ye– hmm. Well, let’s look at how many people approved
of Rosey’s thread. (370K retweets, 902K likes) Hmm. Certainly, with the passage of time, I think
most reasonable people will come to the conclusion that what Rosey did was not okay. The fact that the girl in this situation has
now been outright harassed into deleting her social media accounts has certainly woke a
few people up to the obvious outcomes of digging into people’s privacy like this. But that’s the thing – the line really isn’t
clear in this social set-up. In this way I don’t blame Rosey, at least
not entirely, and that’s why I wanted to make this video. Rosey as an individual is not, quote-unquote,
“the problem”. The problem is a system that encourages constant
competition for the purposes of winning the battle for capital, like crabs in a bucket,
because it’s in that system that the breakdown occurs between what might be called privacy
and fair game, what might be a personal life and a public life, what might be work and
what might be fun. And it’s not just “Well let’s just agree
that you can’t stalk people for profit” – because, well, where’s the line there? Can we not recount conversations we’ve overheard? Of course we can, that’s absurd. Can you not video people in a public place? There’s entire entertainment industries
built around that, beloved by many. Sure, maybe the exact actions committed by
Rosey will now be, for a time, deemed unacceptable – but for how long? How long until a slight variation on nearly
the same thing happens, and before everyone’s done living in the romantic ecstasy of the
encounter there are yet more people being bullied, harassed and threatened? Rosey and the Plane Bae story are prime examples
of the issue with the current system of capital we live in – they are emblematic of a world
which claims on one hand that we should respect the people around us, but then on the other
tells us that a true innovator thinks of ways to market, promote and generate revenue out
of any opportunity made possible. Again, everything is labour – and moments
are opportunities. I can’t promise solutions here – hell, in
a particularly uncharitable light maybe I’m part of the problem. I have a Patreon connected to this channel
in the hopes that it might earn enough revenue that I can spend more time making videos like
this one – I, also, am attempting to extract value from this. I live in the United States, I have to be
a bit of a capitalist right? Regardless of that, if there’s one thing
I can promise, it’s that if you agree with me that this situation was a bad one, and
if your conclusion is to say “Wow that Rosey person is a bad individual, she needs to be
cancelled and then we can move on”, you are not going to be helping the issue, not
really. The Plane Bae story is a symptom – but it
might not be the disease. As a quite addendum to this video, in the process of editing Rosey Blair has come forward with a pretty genuine-sounding apology for her actions that I think is important to flag up. I’ve left a link to it in the video description, and really what I hope it underlines is that these kinds of actions rarely if ever come from a place of hate of a willful dismissal of wrongdoing – almost always, they come from well-meaning people not realising that they’re stepping maybe a couple of meters past what society has already deemed perfectly acceptable. Rosey has as much the need to apologise as do the hundreds of thousand of people who encouraged her tweets – which is to say, again, that it’s the system which created this issue, not the individual. I also want to thank my first patron Owen Maitzen for contributing this week – if anyone else got something out of this video, certainly a buck or two to help me justify the time I spend away from work to make this stuff would be appreciated. If you can’t spare that, likes, subscriptions and shares do genuinely help me grow an audience. Anyway, thanks so much for watching, and have a great weekend.

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  1. In psychology the rule to observation is this
    Once someone steps into a public place they have given consent to being observed by those who would be in said public place
    So I could, for instance, observe people in my school library, but then only publish the findings to people who could have been in that library unless I explicitly ask for consent to observe beforehand or to publish the findings publicly afterwards by every individual
    So in terms of where we draw the line
    They stepped onto the plane
    Thus, consented to being observed by the maybe 75 people on the plane.
    They did not, however, consent to being observed by the tens of thousands of people online who followed the story
    So there you have it, that's where the line is drawn. Objectively unethical

  2. I think Coffin was overblown. There is nothing exploitative about an individual choosing of their own volition to make some money from an activity they enjoy. Nobody is harmed. And the overall trend in careers is towards college educated labor that complements automation. That, and healthcare. Social media influencers exist but to be honest this is simply the monetization of being a socialite. The idea that privatized capital markets automatically lead to all of these outcomes is extremely tennuous.

    This is not capitalism. This is modern life. There are many problems, and it is utterly reductive to work backwards to place all social ills at the feet of capital.

    Furthermore the framework of all value gained in capitalism as exploitative is based on a math error on the part of Marx. In the framework of marxian classical political economics, the transformation problem is resolved by the fact that capital can also produce value, alongside labor. Marx's original math is essentially him mathing out depreciation. The idea that capital creates no new value because all future value is really the result of the original labor that created the capital is… wrong. There is no transformation problem. It is perfectly possible for industries with different capital intensities to have the same rate of profit because the rate of profit doesn't decrease over time. And all that is because capital can create value, just like labor. A robot swinging a hammer is no different from a human doing it.

  3. When I first saw this, it really disturbed me to the point that I got some low key anxiety about going out in public. I have some major anxiety about being filmed or having my picture taken in public and seeing people celebrate this made me so uncomfortable. If anyone did this to me i would probably cry so badly 😭
    I didn’t think this was okay at the time and I still dont

  4. This isn’t capitalism’s fault. The majority of successful/western countries are capitalist, this is an extremely rare story this doesn’t happen most of the time, Rosie is just a bad person. It’s not any economic systems fault. She’s just a bad person. It’s not capitalism or communism or anything.

  5. Even in her apology she says, "Whatever decision you come to, I am humbled to honor it. And will work to right (or write) this wrong". WTF does that mean? Is she offering writing services to this woman she exploited? I'm confused…

  6. Your channel is phenomenal. I was just recommended you today and I'm very happy I was. Your content is incredible and I hope more people see your stellar work. In the meantime, I'm going to continue watching all of your videos.

  7. Reminds me of a conversation earlier this week where I argued that capitalism killed princess Di, since the desperation of paparazzo’s and their lack of respect for fellow human beings, are created by our system that, by design, makes people exploit every facet of life for profit

  8. BS;
    Tens of thousands may have been following her and eating up her stalker trash, but a vast majority of people find this kind of shit reprehensible. So no she is not "the product of her society".

  9. just as usual, i was afraid of what you were going to say about the whole situation. time after time i hear people blame technology, blame the y/z generation, on essentially everything EXCEPT the true culprit in situations like these: good ole capitalism, as well as the society's constant excusing of things like stalking or sadistic behavior (like prank channels that psychologically or physically harm the prankee) in the name of comedy or escapist (i think im using the term right) media, which is… pretty much the byproduct of capitalism often enough lmao. you pleasantly surprised me yet again :). very nice video!!

    also i legit didnt know this was a thing until i saw this video. probably cuz my main social medias tumblr, and we learned to not endorse that Shit ever since the Alex from Target and Peter Pan incidents…

  10. Every action and interaction has capital ramifications. A Youtube channel itself is a moneymaking machine, owned by King Google and farmed by happy and unhappy Peasants, providing revenue for the resident Lord.

    Every aspect of reality is a function of capital – High School for example is a popularity contest where vicious agents compete for fame, glory, and wealth.

    College dwellers network, establishing social links that boost their capital position as they approach their work lives.

    Because everyone needs to present themselves in the best light to maximize their capital position, TRUTH ITSELF becomes a function of capital maximization. It's never a matter of "is this true?" but rather, what is the shift in my capital position in SAYING something is true or false, good or bad?

    That's what people mean by "you're brave" in relation to truth – that's a response to taking a position that is unpopular, reducing one's capital position.

    However, a person who consistently takes "unpopular" positions can market themselves under the name "Mr. Unpopular" for example, and draw in an audience of "misfits". Under Neoliberal Libertarian Capitalism one can monetize literally anything that the market can support, assuming that one is in the creative, material, and "moral" position to monetize it.

    When William Shakespeare said "all the world's a stage", that's only from the standpoint of someone standing on the stage. There's also the audience, who might say "all the world is looking up at the stage", King Google, who says "all the world is looking down upon the stage" or the dispossessed masses, who say "what stage?"

    The basic problem under Capitalism is that there are class divides. The problem is that there are Kings, Lords, Peasants, and the dispossessed, instead of all just human beings. It's only by destroying the class divides, by flattening the wealth distribution, by fulfilling Jordan Peterson's boogeyman of "equality of outcome" that we can save the world.

  11. I remember seeing the thread as it was happening and it went on from 2-3 posts where I thought "oh that's kinda cute" to her taking photos with their faces removed and their conversations tracked creepy stalking that ppl just enjoyed somehow. It was really creepy and frightening.

  12. The saddest thing about today's capitalist system of social media exploitation is that if you're NOT successful on social media, you could become gaslit into thinking you're not talented, whether you're a musician, artist, YouTuber, etc. We seem to have this mentality where success and popularity are reflections of talent, and this can lead to some pretty depressing situations wherein a legitimately talented musician/artist/etc gives up on their dream because they're latest post only managed to get double digit views. And it's a shame, because there are countless talented individuals (possibly in this very comment section) who's gift will go to waste because they weren't in the right place at the right time, getting noticed by the right person.

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  17. I think that a much better way to turn that event into a creative work is to write a book about it. sure, it is a “based on a true story” type of work, but at least it isn’t infringing the couple’s privacy at all, since the author can (and should) change their identities.

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  21. Ugh I hated when this happened. I felt like I was crazy cause everyone thought it was cute but I thought it was awful. Rosie is gross for doing this and I think she fucking knew that. The poor girl… implying they had sex in the bathroom. Ugh
    I agree that the people that egged it on were also part of the problem.

  22. I thought the beginning was fine. With her saying how she switched seats and then joking about the guy being the love of her life. Then maybe she could pop in and say the little fitness thing. Just show that they are getting along a bit. And then end it there! Holy cow, she went so far into this! Like I get it. To her and others this is something funny and cute. But this isn't something you would send to your public Twitter. This is more of a story you send to one of your Snapchat friends and make sure no one else knows. You don't just give out all that info like that, holy shit.

  23. I don't know who Rosey is but she should be ashamed of herself, likewise those who condoned/encouraged it

  24. I think you hit the nail on the head towards the end there. Capitalism warped out thinking to the point we look at people around us as opportunities to be mined. Not as people.

  25. I would argue that money is not the only problem here. I think it accelerates and exacerbates the problem, but even in a post scarcity world, the attention would still hold personal value to people outside of money. In fact, you can argue in a world "without money", attention (or fame) would be one of the few things to differentiate people, and we humans sure do love being categorically better than others.

    In my estimation, the core of the problem is wanting attention and/or fame. Capitalism "just" takes that core desire and monetizes it.

  26. I had to work really hard to listen to you while Virtual Insanity was playing in the background. I love that song!

  27. Those hidden camera shows used to require written permission to show it. I believe in privacy, but also it is a good tool to show injustice in society and get things done, like in police brutality, or leveling others who weld a lot of power. It's hard to know where the line is.

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    I legit get anxious about myself if I Iet my guard down for something that could give me that competitive edge, to start making me that star

  30. The apology video has been taken down. Nothing says sincerity like taking down your apology video.

  31. Nothing about her behavior screamed someone who cared about the boundaries of others. As much as you want to characterize her as good and well-meant in regards to intent, at the end of the day intent does not equal impact. She chose to ignore social boundaries in order to generate a spicy story so she can promote herself. That isn't altruistic, or kind, or any other word you'd associate with the word "good".

    I'm not saying you should call her a monster and I don't even think she should be Hashtag Cancelled. I just think that sometimes you need to stop making qualifiers and concessions about people's behavior and take it at face value. And the face value, considering the entire context, her encouraging the harassment of someone who eventually had to delete their social media, paints a very negative picture of this woman. And to say that is not a biased or subjective opinion, these are basic social boundaries that she ignored for personal gain.

  32. It's a cute story to relay to friends or even to your fan base but to take pictures and then to even find their personal social media pages is just gross. I would be mortified if I was the girl.

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  39. This conclusion is something I think about all the time. Glad you articulated it. Reminds me of how everyone hops on the NFL for how they punish their players for off field issues. What goes over most people's heads is that its kind of gross that we're expecting corporate entities to define standards based on moral guidelines. Dont get me wrong, they should be shamed for bad policies, but that's not the root of the problem. A society that allows corporations to impose their will on societies morality is the problem. Their is no such thing as moral capitalism. They are at odds with each other. That's not to say that elementary of capitalism wouldnt be used in an ideal society, but the complete framework needs to have other solutions to problems such as these.

  40. was listening intently to see this story unfold, when suddenly halfway through chroniko's lullaby slapped me in the face.

  41. when you showed the section titles "is this okay?" I was hoping you'd say "no" and then jump to the next section

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