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  1. Very powerful! Today is Day 1 of my novena to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton 😊 Happy All Saints Day! Be a saint 🙏💓😇

  2. Dear Gabriel, bless you for this video. Please ,please, please pray for this, lying, thief. Adulter, lover of comfort and ease.I am ashamed to be named amongst catholics.I have read theolgy, the saints and the sacerd scriptues till my eyes sting and my head hurts. Yet I know without a doubt, I am a reprobate. I do not know what to do, or how to do it. I can argue theology with most but I am tilll hellbound. I cannot break from habitual sin. I trample on the blood of Christ. I am a slave to sin. please pray for me
    John D

  3. Thanks a lot Gabi it's been nearly 4 months I haven't listened to you. Also due to many reasons I failed to stand for my God but now I'm just back with all love and prayer for my Lord and Mamma. God bless you Gabi….

  4. I am a Catholic from India. You are great Gabi… whatever you are doing many people are being changed. God's glory is being done by you through Catholic preaching. I love much your preaching.. god bless u again and again.

  5. Thanks for the video. May I recommend that you do one about Our Lady of Good Help, which is the only officially approved Marian Apparition in the USA? I think the time has come for the church in the Americas to recognize the importance of that apparition, and Mary's message there, which is not well known.

  6. Yes Gabi rosary is very important but there isn't a short cut to becoming a saint because it a very narrow road, as we look at our lady's life itself it was a life of absolute obedience, humility, endurance, kindness, joy, as she was filled with the holy Spirit, for that she bore a lot of pain n suffering, yet in every situation she gave glory to God,

  7. i pray my rosary on my way to work. and in the afternoons i take a walk around the block while praying the rosary. it is bybthe grace of God that i do this… there have been times where I had stopped praying all together… but Mary never firgot about me.

  8. I have increased my rosary count from 1 to 2 per day. I pray Mama Mary gives me the grace to improve.

    Gabi, also make a video about Divine Mercy.

  9. Thank you Gabriel. I've also been watching a lot of your videos, which have encouraged me to try to become a better Catholic. God Bless you.

  10. GabiAfterHours, [1] You have no idea what a Biblical Saint is.[2]There are NO Catholic saints, Because a Saint is a person who is saved, and Catholics aren't saved.[3]The Catholics erroneous Eucharist has nothing to do with being a saint, or a better saint.  There is no such Biblical thing as the Catholic Eucharist.The Biblical Greek tense for "Eat and drink, in Jn 6: 51–53 Is a "One time singular action", So Jesus wasn't taking about your None Biblical Eucharist, Or the Christians Holy Communion, Because Jesus said "As OFTEN as we have it".[4[Catholics don't love Jesus, They twist His words, Call Him a liar and insult Him and what He has done for us. [And I can prove it].[5]Mary DOES NOT bring anyone closer to Jesus, That's the work of the Holy Spirit, Not Mary. The Catholic Mary isn't the Biblical Mary.[6]Catholics worship Mary and thing Ten times more about her than what they do about God, As the rosary proves.[7]You haven't said ONE Biblical thing. [8] Jesus only gave Mary to John, at the cross, Not to anyone else, Read it and see how Catholics tell lies.You, [Like every Catholic] are being used by the devil to spread his lies.

  11. TOO much talk about holiness Gabe……which is a sure sign that you resist holiness……….don't tell us…SHOW US BY YOUR EXAMPLE…..anything less is just empty words.

  12. Ho what a blessing this videos, I became so much in Love with Jesus Christ on Pentecost day 2011 I attended a Catholic charismatic renwal .and The Holy Spirit is upon me ,my life is dedicated to Jesus, Mary the Saints,The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ the Rosary,novenas,I love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✝️✝️✝️🛐🛐🛐My Catholic Church, yes and my desire is to spend Eternity with Jesus,

  13. O Come Holy Spirit, Living In Mary. Mother us Faith, Hope and Love. Ps 78:3

    “If we love things, we become a thing. If we love nothing, we become nothing. Imitation is not a literal mimicking of Christ,
    rather it means becoming the image of the beloved,
    an image disclosed through transformation. This means we are to become vessels of God’s
    compassionate love for others.” Mk 2:10

    😇st Clare of Assisi please pray 4us

  14. Amazing and calming picture of Saint Gemma Galgani, 3:05 a patroness of mine and a saint whom I have a great devotion to. Just found this channel and I am in love with it. Long Live Christ The King.

  15. Amen,we can if we Follow Jesus Christ all and stay in grace ,denie the worldly empty promise of Satan, I love to read the books of their life,

  16. Can I send you a homemade rosary?! In appreciation for your videos at the very least. I'm a college student and want to send my support.

  17. Thank you ever so much for such an awakening and enlightening message. Yes, since we were very small and young our whole family prayed the Most Holy Rosary everyday at six o'clock in the evening time with our Father and Mother. Now that I am older, I do pray the four Mysteries every single day and all in all I recite eight Rosaries a day including other different Marian Rosaries. Mother Mary had said that with the praying of the Rosary we can stop the wars and alter the laws of nature. Also, I do include with the praying of the Rosary, praying with the heart, fasting on bread and water only every Wednesdays and Fridays, monthly confession, reading and studying the Bible everyday, adoration to the Holy Eucharist ( I do it for two hours) and attending the Holy Mass at least once a week, Let us all encourage each other to live our Mother Mary's message. God bless you and your family and peace be with you. Amen.

  18. I totally get it now! Thank you so much for this, I am going to watch this video a few times, to really take in all aspects of what you say, not only that, but I WILL put this to work in my life. Thank you!

  19. I find it hard to keep praying the rosary in a concentrated way while driving, to me it feels like it shouldn't be prayed while doing something else, it deserves our full attention.

  20. It's not easy but it simple…just follow the will of God no matter how difficult are, no matter how much you offend others, the important is not to offend God. God loved who pleases Him. Listen only to the faithful servant of God liked the great Saints who walked and lived with Christ till the end! Easy to said than done…but remember Jesus never promise us a comfortable life, but to accept sufferings! He suffered the most and no souls can enter the Kingdom without purifying the spirit.

  21. Can we give a gap in between every decades when praying a rosary? I mean I pray first decade of 10 hail mary's now and after an hour I pray the second decade.

  22. Brother Gabriel for the meditation on the rosary what book or what do you personally use for youre daily rosary? and secondly how do you get yourself to say the rosary even when you dont want to, when youre tired. Thanks 🙂

  23. ❤️🙏❤️🌹🙏❤️🌹🙏❤️🌹🙏❤️🌹🙏❤️🌹🙏❤️🌹🙏❤️🌹🙏❤️

  24. Thank you & may God bless You, Gabi, for your prayer-filled enthusiasm and commitment! I share your videos with others to inspire and encourage them in their Marian Devotion, as you've greatly inspired and encouraged me in mine. Mary is so essential to our salvation and this is a secret that needs to be spread far and wide. "Totus Tuus!"

  25. Thank you. Could you please say a prayer for me and my family to become holy? May God Bless you, Mary keep you and Joseph protect you. Amen

  26. Your video convinced me to pray the 4 Rosaries a day and I’ve been doing it for about a year now and it has changed my life!! I truly can’t live without the intercession of the Blessed Mother thru the Rosary!

  27. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  28. Praise God for this young man's faith in God. Pray the 3 Decades of the Rosary daily and go to Mass daily as well.

  29. I love to go to Adoration and kneel while praying the Rosery and Divine Mercy, by kneeling it make me feel like I am suffering for what I am asking "God" for in prayer. Then I actually start to feel the warmth of "Gods" Holy presence near me, and see like a golden altar. That is how I do my penance and reparation by kneeling for what I am asking Christ in prayer.. Love the video. Thanks you.

  30. Gabi, create podcasts for your videos, and put your videos into a written kindle book eventually. Just transcribe your scripts from videos into different short chapters, and create an e booklet ☺️☺️☺️

  31. Not to take away from all the beautiful comments here but can anyone explain what is the human skull replica on the desk?

  32. Super duper love what you are doing. My 9yo daughter and I always watch your videos. And I am sooo glad that in the murkiness of America, there are staunch evangelists/apologists/Catholic faith warriors like you,Gabi. We stand with you. God bless always. You are in our prayers. Be strong.

  33. That's true! Thx! God bless you. I love rosary and adoration. And I always want to be a saint. I really want to have a holy army of rosary warriors which can stop wars and convert all sinners. And i want to add one more common for all saints, they suffered with love and joy.

  34. This video was amazing, and inspiring all who listens to this…

    We are Eucharist Center and We are Marian Center

    Thank you for the inspiration video

    God bless

  35. Please pray for me I will enter the monastery of the Institut Christ the king next year as a postulant. But My dad really hates the church and god, he will NEVER EVER accept my choose.
    Please pray for me that I will still follow the voice of God…

  36. I am saying yes to God’s call to give witness to our Merciful Lord Jesus🙏🏻🕊🔥 May we all have the courage to be great Saints in surrender to the Holy Spirit!!
    Your videos have helped me soo much, now I receive Communion on my knees..having the courage to follow my heart. I go to confession weekly, Holy Mass daily as best I can with four children. The Holy Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy are my saving Grace… I belong to Mary💙
    I surrender to Jesus.❤️
    Let us trust in the Lord🙏🏻🕊❤️🔥

  37. I've watched this video many times for inspiration, I love this video…it's so simple and yet so powerful. Daily Mass and the Daily Rosary of all 3 Mysteries will make you a saint, especially when combined with weekly Confession…also known as The Healing Sacrament. If you really want to be a saint, you need to do what the saints did, and rest assured, you will become a saint as time goes forward, former sins will melt away and you will slowly know a joy and peace that no one can take away from you. You will experience what it means to be in a state of grace, by the power of The Holy Spirit.

  38. I really ask you for prayer of my intentions: I'm trying to create rosary group in my parish and its hilly, and for conversions in my family especially that of my husband and dad. Please intercid for me. Thanks be to God! Ave Maria! Love this chanel.

  39. YES!!! Eucharistic and Marian! If we are consecrated to Our Lady she will help us in every way. She, like her Spouse, will not abandon us if we stay with her.

  40. The way to become a saint according to the bible is to accept christ Jesus as your savior,bible said before CHRIST became your savior you were a sinner in your way to hell,then when you accept Christ as yr savior you became a saint.Catholic way is to take a pious person or a peson who did many good deed and make her a Saint by some special ceremony,called canonization.Which WAY are we going to accept? Catholic way or bible,s way? READ Yr bible bro!! .You see when you buy a toaster,a radio,a phone ,the manufacturers sent the product along with the manual,this is the same way with God.God know that satan is a deceiver ,he send his WORD, the bible as guide fr Christian.Stop catholic traditional bro ,you seems pretty intelligent. God is not please with what you arr doing, bible is no longer in latin ,you have no excuse,bible is actually very interesting, give it a try.

  41. So many listen to yr videos,so many are deceived,so many like it.Go said"my people perrish from lack of knowledge. Bro you are in biggg trouble with God fr misleading these naive people who never touch a BIBLE all their lives.😂😣😂😂😥

  42. If a person dies, and spends time in purgatory, will that person become a Saint after his/her time in purgatory finishes

  43. I stopped in the middle of this video, took my rosary and prayed after long time. I pray for a strong devotion to Holy Mary who brought me to Jesus over 7 years ago. My Jesus delivered me from anxiety and depression.Glory to be God.

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