American Graffiti (2/10) Movie CLIP – Wanna Go For A Ride? (1973) HD

– Later.
– Alligator. You’re new around here.
Where you from? – Turlock.
– You know a guy named Frank Bartlett? No. Does he go to Turlock High? Well, he used to.
He goes to J.C. now. – Do you go to J.C.?
– Yeah, sure. Wow! Do you know Guy Phillips? Yeah, sure.
I got him in a class. He’s so boss! How’d you like to ride around
with me for a while? I’m sorry. I can’t.
I’m going steady. – Come on!
– I just can’t. You’re just ridin’ around
with a bunch of girls. Anybody else in there
wanna go for a ride? You got nothin’ to fear.
I’m as harmless as a baby kitten. – I’ll go! I’ll go!
-Judy’s sister’ll go with you, okay? Yeah, sure.
Judy, her sister, her mother… Anybody.
I’ll take ’em all. Listen. We’ll go up
and stop at that light. It’ll turn red by the time we get there.
All right? If you ever get tired of going steady
with somebody that ain’t around… I’m up for grabs. So, you’re Judy’s little–
Shit! How old are you? I’m old enough.
How old are you? – I’m too old for you.
– You can’t be that old. I think you better go back
and sit with your sister. Where are they anyway? Are they
comin’ back? This is a joke, right? This better be a joke,
’cause I’m not drivin’ you around! You asked me. What’s the matter?
Am I too ugly? Judy doesn’t want me with her,
and now you don’t want me with you. Nobody wants me.
Even my mother and father hate me. – Everybody hates me.
– They don’t hate ya. – You throw me out, I’ll scream.
– No, no. Stay cool. Everything’s all right.
We’ll find your sister. – Can’t be too hard to find.
-John, you gonna be there tonight? Shit! Hey, get down. – Is this called “copping a feel”?
– What? No! Get up. Jesus. – What’s your name?
– My name? Mud, if anybody sees you.

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