All Saints Holy Day Today / All Souls Tomorrow – A Moment with the Bishop – November 1, 2019

All Saints Holy Day Today / All Souls Tomorrow – A Moment with the Bishop – November 1, 2019

Just a quick reminder for everyone to go
to Mass today, November 1st, is a Holy Day of Obligation, as we honor the Saints
that we reflected on yesterday. It’s important for us to celebrate the
Eucharist, because in every Eucharist the whole liturgy that we embrace is a
participation in the great liturgy of heaven, as the Saints worship before
the throne of God. So, please go to Mass today. It’s really important that we do
today. I’d like to talk about tomorrow. So today, we celebrate the great feast of
All Saints,tomorrow we celebrate All Souls. Today we honor those who have achieved victory in Christ and are forever in
union with Him, in the light and glory of Heaven. Tomorrow, we pray for those who are still being purged of their sins; those who
rely on our prayers as they make their way towards the Kingdom of Heaven, after death. I know today some Catholics have hang-ups with purgatory, or we go to a
funeral and people instantly put the deceased loved one in Heaven already. I
just want to make it public: when I’m dead, please pray for me and please don’t
put me in Heaven. I rely on your prayers, because all of us need some purification
after death, certainly the greatest Saints less than I will need. But in
purgatory, I find a great consolation, because it means that even when we die,
God isn’t finished with us yet; that He is still perfecting us, cleansing us,
taking away from us all that does not pertain to Him. And
in the end, when we are purified by God’s burning mercy, we are prepared to go into
the wedding feast. I think of it this way: that if I stood face to face with God, in
my human imperfection and sinfulness, I would not be able to bear the
awesomeness of that. So purgatory is actually an act of mercy, because God
takes everything away from us that is not of Him, so we can go into
His awesome presence and be there forever, fully prepared to enter into the
Banquet of the Lamb of God. so tomorrow, we offer masses; we pray for our loved
ones and friends those who have gone before us. We pray that God cleanse them
of their sin and human weakness. We pray that God received them into the fullness
of life that our prayer helps everyone within the mystical body. Tomorrow, on All Souls Day, we think of our loved ones. We pray for them and thank God for their
impact on our lives. Tomorrow is a wonderful day to remember the dead. I invite you to join me tomorrow, at Resurrection Cemetery, in
Madison, at 11:00 a.m., for a special Mass for all souls. And we will pray in a
special way for our deceased bishops and in a very special way for Bishop Morlino,
whose passing was a year ago this month. After the mass, we will process to his
grave and pray a rosary, and prayers for the dead. So, please join me tomorrow, at
11 a.m., at Resurrection Cemetery.

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  1. Good for the priest that denied Biden communion due to his pro abortion views. All bishops and priests need to do the same but a lot of them are democrats and support these murderers.

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