All Saints Day Pep Talk

All Saints Day Pep Talk

hi my name is father Mike Schmidt and this is ascension presents you know when it comes to All Saints Day is one of the great celebrations one of the great feasts that the church gives us one of the things I think sometimes we don’t get is like what what difference do the Saints make in our lives and where do we even get this idea that there’s this you know thing called we call like we call the communion of saints well in simple or the letter to the Hebrews chapter 11 it go talks all about these great heroes of faith of me talks about Abraham it talks about Moses and talks about Samson and David and all these kind of people about how amazing they are and then we hit chapter 12 and the author writes this he says therefore since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses like talking about those like okay therefore all these people they’re surrounding us since therefore were surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us also lay aside every weight every sin which clings to us so closely and let us run with perseverance the race it’s that is set before us now there’s something about that that just it really fires me up when it comes to like thinking about the race thinking about like here the saints who have gone before us and so let’s let us also set aside everything that holds us back everything that holds us and slows us down it reminds me of this this story I’m the number of years ago I was my whole family we used to love doing these what they call Ironman triathlon so a triathlon is obviously swimming biking and running my family would do these Ironman triathlons which is an Ironman is it’s a race that is 2.4 miles of swimming 112 miles biking and then a full marathon the 26.2 mile marathon at the end and one of our favorite places to do this race was in a small town called Penticton British Columbia up in Canada and um it was as Austin was such a fantastic thing the entire the entire town and the surrounding region would come out for this race and they just they were super fans I mean it’s incredible but they a deal is this you start at 7 a.m. in the morning you have to finish the whole race by midnight that night you get that many hours and if you finish even a second after midnight you at the end of your name bye-bye her name it says the nf did not finish so even if you ran the whole race erased the whole race but you came in just a second after midnight you were essentially disqualified was like you hadn’t run at all so one of things is people finish like that people finish all the way up until up until the the cutoff time and so one of the things that people do if you’re in the race is you could done with your race when we did this one this one day with twenty year we got done with all of her races and we all you know gradual of each other and stuff went back to the hotel showered up got some food and then you go back to the the finish line and you cheer on the people who are still coming in so we got back there I don’t know 10 o’clock or so at night and so we’re cheering people and there’s a sky in the microphone and saying here comes number you note one 245 cheering mind his name’s Joe Smith chairman kind of kind of thing and so it’s so cool because as you’re running into town so again the whole marathon you weren’t straight out half marathon straight back into town the second half of the marathon when you hit like six miles to go like there are people out there cheering six miles out and then you get closer closer to town in this little small town that the streets were just aligned the whole course was lined there are those last miles like shoulder-to-shoulder with people and then as you got even closer it was like wall a wall of people just people cheering on so you run down Main Street and then what happens is the last 100 meters or so you take this like 90-degree left-hand turn and then there’s the finish line right in front of you with them with the bleachers a set up on either side of the road people cheer and stuff so that’s what you do so as people are coming in where all my family and I were in the bleachers we’re cheering people on you know way to go um pretty soon like it’s like 11:45 you know it’s like 15 minutes to the end of the race and in the guy on the microphone says there’s somebody we just got word there’s someone out there he’s two miles out from the finish line you know bring him in you guys kind of a thing and I’m thinking two miles out 15 minutes to go this person’s been racing the entire day since 7:00 a.m. and they’re still racing there is no way they’re gonna finish the race two miles in 15 minutes it’s just impossible but some people like you know they jumped off the bleachers and started running people who have finished the race themselves they jumped up the bleachers and started cutting across this little part kind of behind us and and ran down the course I’m so I’m like okay well I can’t believe this is my fam talking with my family like I can’t I don’t think this is gonna happen how could this possibly happen you know his seven or so minutes go by and the guys then like again says okay you guys he’s seven minutes to go he’s got a mile he just did a mile we’re like what he did a mile in seven minutes that’s remarkable after after having been out the entire day so he goes more people get out there get out there so people turn off the bleachers and they’re running across this part of this park running down the road to cheer this guy on and the time is just ticking ticking by ticking by and it’s getting so close to midnight pretty soon like this is a remarkable like it I got 12 59 or something like this I remember just I could just hear this like dull roar growing from like off back into my rikes I’m facing the you know the finish lines right here they’re coming down this way here this dull roar back to back into my right and just listen this crowd of people just get crying out and then I’m looking down the road and I see all of a sudden this guy just come and coming across the corner and he’s like he’s leaning into the corner he’s like sprinting as fast as he can behind him Darius is like wall of people at this site because you know deformation filling up the entire road of all these racers who had they had already finished their race but they ran out and they’re running Eckstrom of course they can’t run the race for him they can just cheer him on and he comes down he he’s sprinting as fast again the place is going crazy and he crosses the finish line at like 11:59 and 47 seconds something like this is just ridiculous he like he finished the race 13 seconds with sik 13 seconds to go I mean everyone’s crying you know cheering it’s remarkable and you think about this these all these racers this guy on his own he probably wouldn’t have finished the race on his own you probably wouldn’t have been able to do it I mean because he was working hard he was doing what he could but because all these other racers they themselves have finished the race and again they couldn’t run it for him they couldn’t pick him up they could just go out and support him they did this and they ran him in and I remember thinking him right there thinking like this is the communion of saints this is what All Saints Day commemorates is we have all of these all these people in the church they have gone before us they’re in heaven now they’ve run their races and they can’t run out run our race for us but what they can do is they can cheer us on they can pray for us they can intercede for us they’re on our side and there’s reality that that the author to the Hebrews says we’re surrounded by this great crowd of witnesses so I just invite you do this if you ever feel if you feel like you just running down the road and there’s a motors like all right behind it or you feel like you’re just you just like that yet you can’t go any further you can’t you don’t think you’re gonna make it just to realize that you were surrounded by this great crowd of witnesses it’s great cloud of witnesses that’s cheering you on of course we have our Father in Heaven we have Christ we have the Holy Spirit God Himself wants you to win but he’s also giving you a family the saints and the saints absolutely love you as well and they’re cheering you on so from myself follow Mike Schmitz and from ascension presents god bless you you

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  1. Thank you so much for this video. I always feel SO much better after watching Fr. Mike <3 If I ever get to Minnesota, I know where I'm going to Mass!!! lol

  2. Great video! I'll be showing this to my seventh grade religion class tomorrow when we celebrate All Saints' Day here at school. All saints in heaven, orate pro nobis!

  3. Thanks Jazz and Father for the Communion of Saints cheering us on to glory!praise the Lord for those who have gone before us cheering us on…interceding for us…The whole family of saints

  4. I love this story – what a great way to explain how the Saints are there for us, it really gives you a visual of the support we'll get when we cross over into heaven

  5. Dear Pastor: I have been lead by the Bible to believe. Once we receive the knowledge of Christ which can only come from God, we are saints and this begins our process of salvation.. We are already ready and accepted in to heaven by Gods justification.I also read God is no respecter or persons, and all people saints include are looked upon the same. No special treatment, Like the second commandment Thou shall have no graven images. If earthly followers of Christ are saints there is no difference between those who have past and us who are still alive.Bible tells me our focus 1st should be on Christ and the Cross and 2nd on loving and helping our living neighbors.Once one has passed on they go before the Judgement seat of Christ after Christ returns for his Bride.

  6. This was fantastic, thank you very much!

    #askfrmike I know it's too late for this year already, but maybe for next year. Regarding All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, could you please make a video on the Mexican cultural variation of the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos)? Mexico is a very devoted country to God, Mexicans are very devoted Catholics. So much so that 90% of our population is Catholic. But we keep getting bashed by the 8% of Protestants and Evangelicals and by Protestants and Evangelicals all over the world, that our cultural tradition is "non-Christian and Satanic". We don't worship the dead. We believe that once a year St. Peter opens the Gates of Heaven to allow our deceased loved ones to "come share a dinner" with their living families. We set up a decorated table for them with their favourite food and drink, and traditional decor. Every single one of these has a crucifix as part of the decor, it can't get any more Catholic than that. But we get criticized because the tradition comes originally from the Mesoamerican cultures, and it has Mesoamerican symbols that got synchretized with Catholicism during the Conquest and Colonial times. I don't see the Cardinal Archbishop Primate of Mexico criticizing his own people, nor the Pope himself. But would you be so kind to clarify and offer your take on this topic? Thanks!

  7. Matthew 23:9

    “And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”
    Romans 2:11

    “For there is no respect of persons with God.”

  8. Lpse Venena Bibas I am a Fundamentalist Christian. It is midnight, but I just felt I should reply.. This is going to be short since my other posts state my position… I apologize, but I am tired so I will not give Chapter and verse, just the raw Biblical statements that oppose the C Church.. Call no man on earth Father, you have one Father and he is in Heaven, THe 2nd commandment has be removed from the C Bible, and the last commandment been split in 1/2/ to make 10. Pope has stated the work on the Cross was a failure when in Chicago. Pope stated You cannot be saved without mother church, and Father God, Bible tells us go into your prayer closed and pray only to God for forgiveness. At the last supper Christ said eat, and drink. in remembrance till I return. He mentioned nothing of Transubstantiation. Only God can forgive our sin, not another man as in confession. There is no mediator on earth.. Christ is well and living , he has written on our hearts and in our minds he commands. It is now 12/30 and I am an old man.. If you wish to continue I promise I will provide scripture and verse . I am aware of the C Church from its conception, the Dominican order created to wipe out the Waldensian, the Massacre in France which killed many of Wycliffe Lollard followers.. I know the Jesuits were created after Luther nailed his 99 Thesis to the CHurch door. I am not against Gods Humanity, Only false teachers. who lead their flock away from true salvation

  9. Great story I was in a very bad accident I spent almost a year learning how to walk with alot of prayer an alot of pain I'm up walking now I kept saying I'm going to run a marathon after this is over Haven't yet but I'll find one small enough for me to do lol

  10. Dana Judge: Highlighted replys, I always check the site for content..I see there is nothing on U R site, No subs, and no content.. I have no way of knowing if U R honest.. I will say I am fimiliar with the road to emmanus in the book of Luke. God Bless U ALan

  11. Why do I always end up crying at the end of these videos? My golly the Holy Spirit is beautiful and doing wonderful things through this man and the people who run this YouTube channel!

  12. Father Mike does have a good and valid point. I have a special connection with my Patron Saint. Saint Michael the Archangel. I call upon him whenever i pray the Chaplet of Saint Michael or the rosary or during a personal prayer conversation. The communion of Saints can be founded in the Apostle's creed

  13. Thank you Fr. Mike. Your video made me tear. I hope to be able to get into Heaven like that last athlete with the help of all Saints.

  14. I can see it. The crowd pouring into the street, locking eyes with the runner, cheering and hugging each other as the finish line is crossed. I hope the saints are this interested in me. I'll keep this one in my pocket for those rough days. Thanks.

  15. I️ have shared today with my 7th grade CCD class. The audience was really captivated by this message!
    It’s not easy to get the attention of this particular crowd this year, who appears to be very ascetic about their faith. They respond to their role models, mainly athletes right now.
    Only 3 out of 17 go to mass regularly.
    I️ think they loved the message: Death is not the end!
    In their age, living in Suburbia America, their lives are all about sports and school, so this talk really hit the base!
    Thank you, father Mike!

  16. Watching Father Mike, is a breath of fresh air for me for several reasons as to know that farther Mike is catholic and part of the church that jesus(God) founded. GOD BLESS

  17. I had gotten so caught up in the story of the guy running the race that I forgot the point of the video, then I remembered we were talking about saints and it all made perfect sense.

  18. Πολλοὶ γὰρἐλεύσονται ἐπὶ τῷὀνόματί μου , λέγοντες, Ἐγώ εἰμι ὁ χριστός · καὶ πολλοὺςπλανήσουσιν .

    Vicarius Filii Dei

    For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will lead many astray.

    Bless you

  19. Father Mike,

    I was wondering why Catholics don't celebrate Hanukkah?

    Can you answer this in your video it will help me a lot. Thanks

  20. In the Apostles' Creed, Christians profess their belief in the Communion of Saints. So what is the Communion of Saints? It’s a group of Christians having a common religious faith or the Church, the body of Christ. 1-Cor 12:27, “All of you are Christ’s body and each one is a member of it.” Since the Communion of Saints is the Body of Christ, it must include both the living and the dead. For if one is a member of Christ’s body during this life only, it would be of no value. This is why even death can not separate us from the love of God, see Rom 8:38, 39. In addition, since all the faithful, living and dead, form one body, the good of each is communicated to the others also in this life as well as in the next. There are many ways in which the faithful live in communion with one another but these are four:

    1. The healthy help the sick.
    When Jesus came to Gennesaret, the men of that place brought to him all the sick, and earnestly asked him that they may only touch the fringe of his garment; and as many as touched it were made well (See Mt 14:34-36). A great crowds came to Jesus, bringing with them the lame, the maimed, the blind, the dumb, and many others, and they put them at his feet, and he healed them (See Mt 15:30). In these passages, we see that those who were sick couldn’t come to Jesus on their own; it was the healthy who brought them to Jesus and he healed them. So by living in communion with one another, the strong can help the sick. See also Lk 9:37-43.

    2. Those who have strong faith help those whose faith is weak or having no faith.
    When Jesus returned to Capernaum, people came bringing to him a paralytic. But because the crowd gathered around him was so large that there was no longer room for them, not even around, near the door. So they removed the roof above him and let down the mat on which the paralytic lay. Jesus saw their faith so he healed the paralytic. See Mk 2:1-12. Note that Jesus healed the paralytic because he saw the faith of those who brought the paralytic to him, and that the paralytic did not ask for help. So by performing this miracle, Jesus had demonstrated that those who have strong faith can help those whose faith is weak or having no faith. See also Mt 15:21-28, A Woman’s Faith.

    3. The living help the dead.
    A Jewish official came, knelt before Jesus, and he said, Mt 9:18, “My daughter has just died; but come and place your hands on her, and she will live.” Jesus went into the girl’s room and took her hand and she got up. Here we see that the girl was dead, and obviously she couldn’t ask for help. It was her dad, the living, who prayed for her, the dead, and Jesus brought her back to life. See Mt 9:18, 19; 23-26.

    4. The saints in heaven and the good angels are in communion with the living on earth.
    Jesus concluded the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin, Lk 15:7, 10, “ (7) I tell you, in just the same way there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need of repentance. (10) I tell you, in just the same way there will be rejoicing among the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Why did the saints in heaven and the angels of God rejoice over one sinner who repents if it’s not because they are in communion with us, sinners on earth, and that they intercede always for us before God? Thus, by concluding these parables in this way, Jesus clearly taught us that heaven and earth are in communion with each other.

    Beside these four, there are other ways members of The Communion of Saints can communicate the good of each to the others, but, best of all, as members of the Body of Christ, each one of us is communicated to Jesus, the head, in his office as priest, prophet, and king.

    For more details on The Communion of Saints please see Catechism of The Catholic Church 946-962.

  21. I always give the saints thanks for all their prayers for me and my family. I also give thanks to the angels too.

  22. Beautifully said and such a beautiful visual explanation of what this day and the saints themselves represent and mean to us here on Earth.

  23. This is what people do with the word of God they manipulated Jesus never told anybody to make no Saints Day because they Interpret the scripture… When the Scripture says there is no private interpretation… Trinitarian’s are not Christians Catholics

  24. 'oh when the Saints(OH WHEN THE SAINTS), go marching in( GO MARCHING IN ), oh when the Saints go marching in , oh how I want to be in the number, oh when the Saints go marching in'

  25. One of your best Father Mike. I hope I remember that story for the rest of my life! Great way to explain the saints.

  26. Thank you… the best present ever for my birthday, even though it's 2days later😉 #allsaintsday #November1 #bestmonth

  27. Thanks Father M .
    I was on a walk this morning and asked my favorite saints to pray for me. Then I added all the saints and angels pray for me.
    Great to know we are not alone in our spiritual walk.

  28. Funny, my Hometown Racine Wisconsin's Hospital was named… All Saints! Now that I need Fusion for being Lynched, and almost murdered every Aug.
    15th since 2008? The Hospital's name was changed to Ascension!
    Running down Main Street huh? "Hey, it's Main Street Mary!" Yup
    Her Struggles and all…

  29. The best thing I can think of is the fact that that last guy probably got even more cheers than the first. I hope they got their pictures taken together later. That would be the best victory for sportmanship I can imagine.

  30. Father Mike, look at the miracle of Garabandazl site and I have truths galore of comments about which saints aRE MY FAMILY And other families here before WW1 with me as well.

  31. Speaking of Irish saints. Larry Kilgore, who lived next door to me in a bedroom acrrs from my colonial home and one yr yoiunger then me is St. Patrick. The Kilgores Are like family toi mine. IFather while these Hispanics and blacks overthrew the country, Mr Kilgore built a place iun the basement for us to be able to hide And live during the Cuban Missle Crisis.1956 Springfield Drive was their address and 1950 Springfield Drive was ours.

  32. What is a tiuth campaign. It isa a crybaby scheme wqorldwide of touth jumping up and down in saints names to make big money.

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