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  1. Well I have lost 300 subs during this transition period…#300 NOT WORTHY lol

  2. Hi. Have you received my long comment about Sanat Kumara? Please answer. Otherwise I believe I am blocked..

  3. Very intriguing video. Maybe Atlantis is a thriving underground place. There is so much art and books from way back that kind of supports either that or under an invisibility crystal dome. Lots of theories I guess. Thank you.

  4. Andrew, I've been in Mammoth Cave! It's amazing. But the Lost Sea cave was more impressive in many of its features. LuRay cave in the Shenandoah Mountains is also gorgeous. I've always been drawn to caves, I guess because my folks took me to them when I was really little, but the experience of hearing the stalactites playing music from the crystals within them in the pitch black of LuRay's inner Cathedral was the most serene experience of my entire recollection in a cave.
    There's definitely something spiritual about caves, though something a bit intimidating. I'm not sure I could explore one, but there's no doubt that these ancient passages would have eliminated the need for ocean travel in the earliest, PreFlood eras of Creation and existence.
    I think that the inner sun is the earth core, and it's awake now for the first time since Noah on a significant level, despite the early 1800's mudflows that helped erase the Tartarian kingdoms from the memories of modern 1900's man. Napoleon fought in large part to eradicate the Tartars from Eastern Europe and had secretly set sights on conquest of all of Russia and China as a conquering force to bring in the Age of Man to the tribalism and orthodoxy of the opposition to Rome, though he had a Secular State in mind clearly.

    There's so much more to all of this, just on a human level, AM angel. Sooo much. But fortunately, we needn't cut or untie the Gordian Knot to find our kingdoms in Christ. Otherwise this wouldn't be any fun, but more frustrating than I can imagine.
    I really enjoyed this video and the information you brought out here. Excellent work, my friend. Bravo!

  5. Are they good or evil, or are we?
    Lets just look around, what is going on all over the world, what are ppl capable of.
    Serpent is demonised too much, yet all wisdom came from that same serpent, we came from it…
    Probably duality, there are good serpents and there are bad…
    Sadhguru is one of those, and he is amazing Being, if u try to reprogram what u are thought whole ur life u can understand him…
    I find G y-dna haplogroup that has connection with that Serpent race, and also with masons, with that i can c that there are good masons and bad…

  6. Lol secret wisdom and wealth accessible for all mankind when anarchy (chaos) is replaced with synarchy (order) yea sounds real familiar… No thanks… Funny how the anarchy/chaos is engineered though… All these religions and chosen races etc are the very thing that's caused all of this… I mean sure the leaders are to blame as well as the ones following blindly along… I say throw the whole thing out… Also something else I find interesting is how certain secret societies and mystery schools always wind up underground in tunnels/caves (I.e. Malta) and supposedly there's "good" and "bad" while eye see evidence of the bad but no good…

  7. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy".💜😉

    The reptilian subject is an interesting one. There is a serpent within each of us, vis a vis the kundahilini. The human fetus goes through a reptilian stage. Personally, I think the Annunaki were a reptilian race, capable of altering their features. Who knows, really. But I think we will find out in the near future.

    Thank you, that was great subject. 😊

  8. I am considered Agarthan myself by some folk. I am sorry people are idiots to the extent that an Anonymous type bot voice is preferable to your quite striking natural voice.

  9. I find the voice used for all of these extremely negative and offensive to the point that I just turn the sound off and read.

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