Afra Blesses the Saints on Earth on All Saints Day

Afra Blesses the Saints on Earth on All Saints Day

Beloved Ones, Happy All Saints Day to our living saints upon Earth! Be blessed in the radiance of all ascended hosts and beings of light. Be charged with the radiance of your Presence now and throughout each day to come. I AM Afra, and I choose to make waves of violet-joy freedom with you across our world today and every day. These waves are creating a cosmic impetus of light that will grow in days to come until our collective work of saving, freeing, raising and sealing sentient beings in the light of God, which always prevails, is fulfilled. You are fulfilling part of God’s greater plan for Earth within your life and world. You help to sustain a portion of the balance and harmony of life within your sphere of influence right where you live, move and have your being. You are crucial to the greater dynamic of planetary enlightenment as you both receive and emanate God’s light and as you utilize the divine resources available to you for righteousness to reign in each moment and throughout each day. On each All Saints Day there is a great influx of divine light that descends into the crucible of being of the conscious ones— those who are aware of the God-flame within and who choose to fan and expand that flame within their lives. As you understand more and more of the purpose of your life and fulfill your obligations in every area thereof, various masters whom you know and love come to support and encourage you, to charge and to bless you with their rays of divine grace and joy. Angels of the sacred fire of love, brotherhood and freedom, come forth now and deliver your rays of violet-joy light into the Earth in this hour! Blaze this radiance in, through and around every soul who is open to heaven’s offering! Blaze forth this light into those areas and pockets of darkness that require illumination and the purging of all that is anti-Christ, anti-Mother, anti-Holy Spirit and anti-Father! Your grace, O God, is sufficient for these, your devotees and disciples of the living Word. Your virtues, O Lord, help to sustain them in a pure field of divine holiness and levity. Your blessings, O God, are upon those who pray and meditate, who fast and wait upon you. Thus, this day millions and millions of angels and heavenly beings now overshine Earth and her people to raise them out of mediocrity and human compromise, out of despair and hopelessness into the light of Solar joy and cosmic love. Blessed ones, this day is an opportunity for you to make fiery calls all day long, all night long to invoke that heavenly assistance that you and our planet require. Even as you go about your normal human business, you can impact all for God-good when you are in the mode of holy prayer and in that sacred state of inner humility and patience wherein God will direct your life and true you to your highest purpose. We release these HeartStreams as a type of daily divine nourishment for your souls and spirits, your minds and your hearts. When you accept yourself as both a receiver and a transmitter of this light and radiation, indeed they may be multiplied through your being to benefit all beings. They may flow forth as an unguent of mercy to calm all and to succor all in the light of their own Divine Presence. Now, blessed ones, I ask you, each one, have you read my book in its entirety? If not, I encourage you to secure a copy immediately, to study it from cover to cover and to glean all that I have embedded within it of various spiritual keys for your victory in your ascension as you pursue a soulful life, tethered to God. Study each page as if I had placed a secret treasure within it for you personally. For indeed I have! In fact, long, long ago in an ancient time, I saw into the future how we together would complete this project, this tome of light in various volumes, to secure certain alchemical keys within its message and between the lines for every soul who would eventually read it and assimilate it. Now I ask you to pray for the translation of volume one and future volumes in both Spanish and French and then into other languages, namely Dutch, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese and, lastly, Mandarin. I see this alchemy fulfilled within twelve years so that the cosmic engrams of divine love, brotherhood and freedom may expand across our globe to reach millions of souls! Do you believe, dearest ones, that together we can fulfill this alchemy? If so, pray daily for this endeavor and for the right translators and ample abundance to be ours. And in time, it shall be so! Dearest ones, I now place my hands over your head for a unique and personal blessing upon each of you. Feel my love and this charge of light delivered to you now, each one. [The Master pauses while the blessing occurs.] I thank you for your presence with me today. We are one in love, in light and in levity always. I AM your Afra.

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  1. Wow. I just watched this for the first time after I delivered Afra's message. After watching it in its entirety, go back to 10:13 and then watch happens at 10:37. No one else was in my office and there were no external sources of light that influenced what happened at that moment. To me this is proof positive that Afra's "charge of light" over our heads truly manifest in a tangible way. Praise God! God is the doer; I am only a humble instrument of God's and Afra's light and love. Thank you for watching and sharing this with others who love the Master Afra.

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