Adrian Peterson’s Best Run Against Each Team

Adrian Peterson’s Best Run Against Each Team

3rd and 3. And this is Peterson. Peterson. Into the open. Midfield. 45 and there he goes! To the 10… touchdown! Peterson going in
the running game. Minnesota has had two previous trips to
the red zone this year that resulted in a touchdown and a field goal. Peterson around the corner… touchdown Vikings. An impressive opening drive engineered by Kelly Holcomb. Peterson… oh he’s got that and more! Adrian Peterson goodbye! Not letting a receiver get behind him. It’s a huge play. Adrian Peterson is loose! See ya. I don’t think anybody will catch up to Adrian Peterson. it’s a Viking touchdown of 80 yards! From the 35 yard line, Favre and the Vikings. Peterson… turned the corner. Adrian Peterson takes it to the 36 yard line for a big Minnesota gain. Adrian Peterson Loadholt with a block. Uh-oh… Jairus Byrd… look at the speed of Peterson! Shiftin’ gears! A gallop of 43 yards, his third touchdown today. This is the fourth time today the Vikings have started inside their own 15 yard line here’s Peterson and Peterson shaking tackles across the 25 still on his feet across the 30 and knocked down at about the 35 or 36 yard line. 2nd and goal at the one Peterson leaps into the air and that’s a touchdown for Adrian Peterson It’s going to be the Minnesota running
game that’s going to have to win the day for the Vikings. Peterson again… Peterson vaulting at the line of scrimmage to the 40 and out to the 45 yard line. It’s 2nd down and 8. Adrian Peterson. oh he’s off to the races! Brought down by Landry, chased on the play by Middleton. 2nd and 8 as the Vikings trail 10-0. that’s Berrian in motion.
Peterson… Adrian Peterson. Adrian Peterson has a touchdown. A 28-yard scamper down the sideline. Wow. And Adrian Peterson finally gets into the
open field can they catch him Barely. Down at the 40, the 38 yard line. Jacque Reeves finally rides him down.
Peterson’s biggest statement of the game And he’ll add to that total… breaking into the open field. And he shoves away one, shoves away another, and blasts his way into the endzone. A spectacular run by the most spectacular
runner in the NFL Adrian Peterson Steelers lead the Vikings by 3. 3rd down and 4. Favre on 3rd down over the top the pass is complete for a first down. Adrian Peterson brings it all the way down inside the 30 to the 26 yard line. 29-yard pass play But this should be Adrian Peterson time. he gets the handoff, breaks it outside. Look out. Adrian Peterson off to the races. 40, 20, and knocked out of bounds at about the 16 yard line. 3rd and 1. Peterson again. First down then some. Midfield. 40, to the 38 of Cincinnati and a first down. In motion Visanthe Shiancoe, full back Naufahu Tahi in Peterson breaks it outside. He’s got room. The race is on. Goldson trying to catch him. Takes him out of bounds. Adrian Peterson, the leading running back in the NFL, busts one for 35 yards. And the Vikings on offense. Peterson. Adrian Peterson. Touchdown! Peterson. first down… Peterson. There goes Adrian Peterson! All the way down around the 1 yard
line. Brandon browner saved a Viking touchdown. 74 yards. Adrian Peterson will run it on 1st down, bounces it outside, PeterSON! Watch out. ADRIAN PETERSON! AGAIN! Breaks it back at the 40. Peterson down at the St. Louis 38. make that 28, a 49-yard run. See if he does here. Breaks in… inside the ten… to the corner… touchdown Minnesota. …for the nation kind of game. A guy drafted as a wide receiver in the sixth round. Peterson, inside the 20, inside the 10,
and out of bounds at the two yard line, first and goal. Peterson’s got it inside the five, still driving for the touchdown. Penalty flag is down. and here is Peterson breaking one. and they won’t catch him, taped ankle and all. touchdown. Third down and five. pressure… Peterson holds on… and he’s still goin’ and this’ll be a touchdown for Adrian Peterson his first NFL regular season touchdown. 1st and goal from the 9. Peterson inside the 5… still on his feet
and he is in! Touchdown Adrian Peterson. 3rd down and 1 close to midfield for
on the Vikings said they’re going to try to get it with Peterson and he will get
it still on his feet one man to beat Adrian Peterson finally brought down inside the 15 yard line we may have to wait a little longer
before finishing that story. See if they go back to the ground to Adrian Peterson and Adrian Peterson pops it into the secondary Peterson at midfield footrace now Adrian Peterson’s gonna win that race Touchdown Minnesota cheers right now as the Saints line up on offense and they give it to Peterson bouncing outside still chugging carrying his former teammates with him and very close to a first down near the 29 yard line a powerful run by the 32 year-old Vikings lead the Lions by 7 From the 20 yard line Adrian Peterson. Peterson cuts to the outside. He’s across midfield and he’s going to take it all the way 80 yards for a Vikings touchdown! Peterson’s longest career run And here is Peterson Peterson breaks one tackle, changes direction and here is Peterson driving to the endzone
and Tillman is blocked, and Peterson gets in for the score. It seems like Washington and Dallas still alive. 1st down for Adrian Peterson down the sideline Adrian Peterson is inside the 20 and gonna score. Touchdown Peterson Vikings take the lead. But you’re gonna see some awfully poor tackling and poor play by this Green Bay
Packer defense Morgan Burnett who missed a number of tackles last week MD
Jennings the safety play was not very
good in that game against the Giants and
it was not good on this play either. Just entirely too many missed tackles. Now Adrian Peterson is a tough man to get to the ground but you had the sideline as you see Adrian Peterson check himself out on the big screen. See if anybody’s
bearing down on him. but another big play by Minnesota I mean they do not get a lot of big plays in their passing game but they do get a lot of big plays in their running game, and that’s because of
Adrian Peterson. Here are the eyes of Adrian Peterson checkin’ out the scoreboard
here to see if anybody was close to him that is a career-long 82 yard touchdown
run for Adrian Peterson.

100 Replies to “Adrian Peterson’s Best Run Against Each Team”

  1. That run against the Bills is ridiculous. Gets to the edge immediately and just out runs everyone with that top gear.

  2. I truly believe that it wouldnt even be debatable that AP was the best running back in the history of football if the Vikings weren't so hopeless at putting a team around him all those years. He was the only player respected on that offense for years, yet teams still couldn't stop him.

  3. That's what you call old school running only need one block then off to the races AP didn't need a whole lot of blocking on every play like emmitt Smith punk ass who never gives his offense line a lot credit for His success!!!!!!!

  4. The 🐐 of my generation. He did every team dirty at one point. He did have a few pro bowlers on that o line and some A grade blocking receivers. Wish he had a QB better than Chriastain Squander, or an aged Brett Favre.

  5. idk about this compilation. i know for a fact he had an amazing beast mode run against the texans a year or 2 ago and it wasnt included

  6. The ONLY rb capable of carrying a modern day NFL team. One of a kind.

    It sucked but was also a pleasure watch this man wreck the packers

  7. ONLY A.P. & B.S. CAN (COMPLETELY) FULL STOP their POWERFUL forward motion. WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY THROWING the BIGGEST, STRONGEST people on EARTH out of their way. ONLY to restart, and outrun ALL pursuers to finish WIT a TD. How ANY owner, g.m., or coach could DISRESPECT a superhuman specimen ONLY SEEN generationally, AND stick to the BULLSHIT belief DAT running backs AREN'T WORTH the $ ARE UNWORTHY of their TITLE. Sometimes THOSE jobs require THE "Eye Test!" FORGETTING analytics, former backs, and anyone NOT capable of simply BELIEVING WAT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES. Today $ supersedes COMMON SENSE. BECAUSE common sense ISN'T COMMON. I feel sorry for A.D., and a GROUP OF THE MOST ENERGETIC FOOTBALL FANATICS. THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS FANS. THEY LOST AN IRREPLACEABLE COG TO THEIR MACHINE THAT BEING ADRIAN PETERSON.

  8. I love him as a REDSKINS he still awesome if he had a better o-line he could lead the league again I think

  9. Vikings should have never let him walk. Had they rebuilt their offensive line he could have been the greatest of all time. Once again the front office drops the ball. 😫

  10. As a lifelong Skins fan, I'm so glad the league gave up on him and assumed he was washed up. This man is a true warrior. He may jave lost a step, but still is better than most running backs in his mid 30s. Love this dude.

  11. He is the absolute best type of back you could want. Power and Speed. I'm so thankful as a skins fan that the league assumed he was washed up.

  12. Truly one of the all time greats. i always felt jim brown was this type of runner who with AD modern training advantages would be beyond description.

  13. Why is it the greatest running backs are always on the shittiest teams and never compete for a super bowl?

  14. Funny,one of the best seahawks highlights for brandon browner was running a.p. down after like 80 yards from behind,never quit!

  15. I’ll say and say it again. If I was just to view from a pure running skill set that abilities a player has, I’d say no one has better than Adrian Peterson. He prob carried about as much power as Jerome Bettis in a much smaller body, could spin juke and stiff arm, and his speed was severely underrated- he would have bursts were it looked like the camera wasn’t fast enough to catch. He also had insane vision and could just about never be doubted

  16. How come we never see compilations of best DEFENSIVE efforts AGAINST players like this? You know…

    Fawlk running {SPLAT!}
    OJ to the sideli– {SQUISH!}
    Payton going over– {boinga-SMOOSH!!}
    Goff…hands it to Gurley {WHAM!!}

    I'm sure they would be WIDELY POPULAR!!! 😉

  17. As great a player as he is, his stats would be legendary if he had better offensive lines during his tenure with Minnesota.

  18. Name a RB in this new passing era that solely led his team to the playoffs GOAT 🐐 when we needed it most he was there thank you Adrian

  19. Blaming the Packers dudes for poor tackling at the end is the best. It's like saying William Gay should have been able to not die trying to put him on the ground.

  20. Imagine if Peterson had been drafted by NE, and ran while playing with leads more often, and ran more against worn out defenses in the 4th quarter of games.

  21. I don't think the greatest RB ever has played in the NFL yet. He will have moves like Barry Sanders, power and determination like Peterson, and will make runs like the one Peterson did against Cleveland, but do it every week. He will make runs like that in the playoffs, but will not fumble, and will carry his team to an NFL Championship.

    And he will also be able to pass block, and will be a terror catching passes. A little like Emmit Smith, but he will do it playing behind a poor OL.

  22. How many runs of 40 yards or more did Barry have, and how many did Peterson have ? It might be closer than you think.

  23. Barry had strong legs, but lacked upper body strength, and because of this, went down easy and was shut down in playoff games by disciplined defenses.

    I don't care what a majority of fans say, one could say Bo Jackson was the most amazing NFL running back ever. Many say Barry, I say he was just the most elusive, but in the playoffs, I would prefer a back with more power, like Terrell Davis, Beast mode, or Marshall Faulk.

  24. Who is this Adrian Peterson? If he was any good he would have been in playoff games. Any NFL records? Not a Hall of Fame player. Indoor fake turf player. Congratulations on months of researching to fins video on an obscure player.

  25. Yep, He's on steroids, do you deny this? well i'm not surprised so did lyle alzado, review 1:25 where he runs past defenders at a speed which makes them seem to be standing still. Those defenders aren't couch potatoes please put that into context, and then let it sink in.

  26. NOTE: As of this posting, Adrian only played the Pats once as a Viking, in 2010. He was suspended when they played again in 2014. In his lone game, he had 25 carries for 94 yards, with his longest being just 9 yards. Since none of those runs were particularly spectacular in any way, I chose the touchdown.

  27. Imagine trot aikman talking about poor tackling smh. Dude most of those tackle attempted on any other rb takes them down

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