A Visit to St. George’s Market, Belfast

Hey, I’m Rick Steves. I’m in Belfast. I’m at St George’s Market, and I’ve never
been here before. It’s just really fun. I’m with my guide, Jackie Gillespie. Jackie: Hi. Rick: Hey, Jackie. So, this used to be filled with farmers and
merchants? Jackie: Yes. They used to sell mostly meat — butchered
meat — and fish here. Rick: Now, it’s quite different. Jackie: Today, it’s more a farmer’s market
on the weekend, but there’s still a variety, all the fruit, vegetables, fresh cheese, things
like that, on a Friday as well. Rick: Now, this is an example of the kind
of fun you can have when you get out and just see what’s happening in whatever city you
may be exploring. A fun thing about coming to a market like
this is, it’s a festival of international street food, but at the same time, you’ve
got a lot of the traditions that really stay alive. For instance, for generations, people have
been coming here for their fish. Now, Jackie and I are just blitzing the town. And Jackie, when you– I live in a city nicknamed
the Emerald City, and you live on an island nicknamed-
Jackie: The Emerald Isle. Rick: – the Emerald Isle. And why would that be? [laughs] All right. And I am just in such a good mood because
we’re going to spend the whole day marching through the rain, getting up to date on what’s
going on in Belfast. And the great news about Belfast is, it’s
like a flower that’s been waiting a long time to bloom and it’s ready to bloom right now. Happy travels and be sure to keep Belfast
on your map.

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