a typical day in my life: radio, youtube, & friends!

a typical day in my life: radio, youtube, & friends!

Good morning! ~ Hi everyone ~~ Welcome back to Joan day. Today I’m at the Kakao store. I’m gonna film the gift swap with Eddie today So I’m here to just check if I can pick up anything else But yeah, there’s a lot of things at this one. We’re in Hongdae But also I’m gonna be getting brunch with Kim and Sunny We’re finally having a reunion and then I’m going to radio and then I’m gonna head over to meet up with Eddie so many options compared to the one in Times Square But you guys will have to check out our video to find out what I got him I had to get a new bag because This one ripped So this was a thousand won. I got this for him last year~ And then I bought him something. So by the time this vlog is up, our Collaboration, our gift exchange is probably up on our channel. So click up there. I’ll make sure to link them down below as well I had so much fun shopping for him. So please check it out 🙂 Kim just got to Hongdae. So I’m just waiting for her now.. I’m matched with the chair 🙂 I’m at Sarr… with KIM!!! //J: It’s been a year.\ //K: It’s been a year since we met.\ //J: I know, but congrats on your engagement.\ K: Thank you, I missed you~\ //J: I missed you too\ //Joan: Now you have someone else ;)\ (giggling) Joan: Okay, shall we go inside?\ Kim: Ye, let’s go inside\ Joan: yeah Joan: one of our pancakes out~ we have two more coming, Sunny is here, but this is gonna be her today. She’s sick. So Joan: We don’t want to film her when she’s feeling down 🙁 Yeah, yeah right here Joan: But, you excited?\ Kim: I’m excited //Joan: yesss~\ Joan: I honestly can’t believe that you just got off the plane and you came to meet up with us… You’re a true friend and you’re sick\ Sunny: it’s okay, anything for you guys (awww)\ Joan: looks good~(cake) \ Joan:It’s very fluffy\ Sunny: It is\ Joan: It’s really good\ Sunny: oh my gosh.. (waiter comes with order) wow look at that~ \ Waiter: Enjoy\Joan: Thank you. It’s the green tea one. ohhhh~ Joan: Sunny, is it good?\ Sunny: It’s good, I feel better~\ Joan: Okay good. Sunny brought me coffee and you see this little thing right here?.. …It’s a hotel soap from my favorite brand Le Labo. She’s so thoughtful. Thank you! \ Sunny: I stole that 😉 Bye guys All right, so I have radio Um, So I’m going to take a cab because we ended up spending a lot of time there. So, let’s go to KBS~ Joan: (to taxi driver) Thank you. I’ll go with card. Thank you! ..So much to carry because I’m going straight to Eddie’s afterwards, but I made it to KBS Oh my gosh, I think they’re having a field trip, so many children ..Oh my gosh, guess where I am~ Joan: This is so cute~ …Eddie won the game for me last week, so uh Angie: Yeah, now we all have to wear doodoo colors. \ Joan: – but I don’t have any browns or greens Peter: Your not wearing any doo doo color today, Joan: I thought blue with close to green. So I wore this. \ Peter: and how is green doodoo .. he said green has to be doodoo\ Angie: there’s doodoo green.\ Peter: Have you got doodoo green on then?\ Angie: No, I don’t.\ Peter: Exactly \Joan: Wait, what was the punishment?\ Dabin: wear poop colors Joan: Why did he say green then?\ Dabin: It started with like, wear like, olive green ..and he’s like, “wait, olive green might look” – \Angie: It’s too nice, that’s what he said\ Dabin: Yeah, “wear like a poop color” Angie: he wanted us to wear a color that’s not attractive Joan: ooh! black?\ Peter: yeah, i guess poop can be black.\ Dabin: what are you eating? XD \ Angie: you do realize if your poo is black, something is wrong with you right?\ P: did you know that baby poo that was black, like your kids .. sometimes\ A: actually, fortunately that never happened, but when newborn babies…their poo, smells and looks exactly like mustard That’s true\A:That’s FYI Thanks..thanks for the uhh.. thanks for the info A: It’s the craziest thing it smells like mustard too We’re not gonna be talking about poop on air right?\P:The whole show, it’s your forte Joan. You love poop A: It’s so cold I don’t want to take off my jacket\ P: It’s not that cold It’s cold Dabit, I was just hanging out with Sunny and Kim. D: I know! I heard yeah.\J:Yeah\D: Yeah, how was it?\J: It was fun Kim was telling me that you stay up till 5 o’clock in the morning just to play games D: That’s Kim’s fault. That’s partly Kim’s fault D: Because I was keeping Kim company editing all of her vlogmas videos.\J: No, you did?\D: That’s my excuse\J: Oh P: oh you cheater~ J: Oh yeah, Eddy we failed your punishments D: I opened it and I saw Angie and I was like J: Did you close it? D: I didn’t see anything. A: do you promise? I didn’t see anything. P: Eddie was so trusting he just opened his paper D:I didn’t see anything, I swear. J: what song did he bring? My god, I must say I really thought I didn’t see it price we all love each other Hate each other this is the competitive spirit Yes, the secret no low key very very he’s super completely Was he did he bring a master exile? And he didn’t know they were different I know I need to step up my game. I think I’m done Happy holidays. Happy holidays I made it to Edwards place alive. Yeah, it took so long the traffic is bad Yeah So this is how we film he wears no pants ellipsis like Awkward cuz of the sweater maybe I should wear the scarf for the filming Yeah Am I really? No, not really? I feel like I’m sweating but then I touched myself all day. I’m not sweating. Oh my gosh. What is this? Wow, okay. Are you ready? Kind of I’m ready His friend. Angie is here. We have the same name, but she’s camera. Shy so J: Hi Angie\A: Hi~\E: Oh?! Alright guys, we are going to film with the Ryans Yeah. Oh Really? Oh my gosh. Is that the gold play button? Oh my gosh, Eddie so humble so A Hawaiian way but it is so pretty Whoa Look at his little like corner over here. So I got you this last year the Ryan laugh Looks so good today During Radio. One of the quiz questions was who is not a member of monsta x and I got it wrong Because I only know one oh and shownu Really but I felt really bad and Peter wanted to know who your favorite DJ was my favorite DJ out of the three I Knew that would be your answer He was so confident. You would say Peter but okay And you stole his ten I know I know but they were good Yeah, he did but they were so like amazed by your knowledge in kpop and I was like are you kidding me? Oh, really I randomly but all the topic was stuff you would know right I thought I would know but actually your co-host know more that I do Oh Angie and table you Peter wings it – I Love my KBS fan. All right, we just finished filming and now it’s back to his oh, honey, as soon as I can never quite like through all my yeah, it’s so hot in here, but please check out our gift exchange on our main channels or his channel and my main channel and Now I’m gonna go home and edit so many videos because right I just realized you got this camera Thank You Lee I forgot you replaced it, oh no Christine got it for me a recipe a real friend. Yeah She was like you need this and I was like I really do You got this for me? But yeah, I have a lot of editing to do because tomorrow is my London meet up or not tomorrow Tomorrow’s not my London meet up. I need to go to London Tomorrow I’m going to London. So I’ll see you when I’m back. I’m a man that You know we busy in a week, oh my god, all right, that’s all I feel like as soon as you come back That’s when you would have adjusted. Yeah When I come back vlogging, this will be almost over You didn’t know You didn’t know I was doing all this. Oh, you haven’t been checking YouTube. Not really. Oh, yeah. I’ve been doing vlogmas This is why I’m vlogging today Yeah, like a brave soul, I can’t can’t you know the whole time I was doing it to uh, I was like man Respect to joan day 365. I know it makes me I think about you know what I was doing like every day Yeah, how did how did we do it I know but Eddie and I Caught her at the days yeah, like we I mean, no we started off our channels very consistently and that’s like a tip that we always give to new youtubers Although we have been slacking a little bit, but it’s not even matter. But oh it’s a tip It’s like almost like you have to yeah I know, but thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys at the airport tomorrow Or maybe at home if I decide to fill it apart. Yeah. Thank you so much for watching. Have a Joanday !

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  1. I always look forward to ur vlogs, Joan!! And I’m loving the Neogen Joan day and night cream. Love from the Philippines! 💕

  2. This has become my routine before i fall asleep at night lol I never sleep before 12mn these nights and Im just so glad you upload at this time… keeping me some company while waiting for me to fall asleep 😅😂 Love you and your vids, Joan! 🥰

  3. Hi Joan! I know it can get a little too cold in Korea and I suggest you try the heattech collection from Uniqlo to keep you warm hehe. Love you and your vlogs! Hope you visit the Philippines soon

  4. Haven’t seen KimDao on your vlogs in a while. Great to see her again and of course Sunny ☀️! I am looking forward to to Eddy and your 🎁 gift swap:-) I know you’re already there by now but I hope you have a fun and safe trip to London! 🥰💝💕✈️

  5. Wow I was about to say you have two great jobs but, I just remembered you actually don't get paid for these wonderful vlogs ♥️♥️♥️

  6. Hi joan, just wondering if the audio is so clear because you connect the wireless headphone with the camera or it is just the camera audio is really good?

  7. I think you should get more into Monsta X Joan💕😍 Poor Hyungwon, Kihyun, Jooheon, Minhyuk, and I.M. tho (You need to know them too! Super adorable creatures😍☺)

  8. If you have black poop, go to nearest emergency. Probably you have bleeding in your gastrointestinal System.

  9. YAY we get to have Joan take us around London tmrw! 🤗💖 I thought the gift swap vid would be uploaded on your main channel by now, so I hopped over. But it isn’t yet. So now I’m just anticipating for it to be uploaded haha. Btw have a safe flight, Joan! 🙂

  10. Monsta x members!
    Minhyuk (your fellow Scorpio)

    Pls love them too Joan! They're freaking amazing. I love them to death 😭✊

  11. Hi Joan!!! Hope you are doing fine c: have fun in London! when you get back, and possibly after the christmas season, can you do a makeup/skincare declutter before the new year?

  12. Just waiting for that christmas swap video still haha but ahh excited for your meet & greet in London even though I can't be there ❤

  13. joanday, thank you for this. yhou two are amazing together. don't get nervous, it will take a while for the USA to figure it out. when they do, you'll be prepared, pretty (both of you) and ready. I love you. Thank you for helping me be me.

  14. It's been a while I wanted to ask, do you pay directly with your phone or do you have a payment cart in your phone case?

  15. LOL Eddie no pants hahahaha
    I'm late watching this vlog but enjoying it!!
    love all the people here! Sunny, Kim, Dabit, Angie, Peter, Eddie..
    Angie! TMI on poop talk!!! LOL
    oh! and Katalk Ryan!!! my fave too!! ^^

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