A True Saint

A True Saint

I’m Garry Mercury. Also known as Huggy Bear. Age? Um… sixteen? (laughter) I’m from St Helena. Oh yeah. It’s remote. That’s why most people don’t know where it is. It’s south of the equator if you are north. And if you’re in the south, you’re almost there. The jewel in the Atlantic. The place for a holiday. If you want to come… … come to St Helena. But leave all your bad habits behind. So I’m the Scientific Observation Officer here. And I’m a true saint. We release the weather balloon at 11.15 every day. What we gather here is very important to the rest of the world. Different scientists use our weather reports from here to create models. I got a sort of range of hobbies… errr… I’m an amature radio operator. So I love radios. My station number… 77 Golf Whisky Mike. It’s all stay at home hobbies. Me, I’m a couch potato. So see, I’m comfortable right here. This is me, this is how I like to be. One look you can tell – I’m not into activities outside of the house. For me, St Helena is home. There’s no place like St Helena. You know, here, we’re used to saying hello to everybody we see. You drive down the road, you put your hand up to everybody you see. When you’re somewhere else, you say hello to a stranger on the street, they look at you like you are mad. For me, the secret to living a good life, a happy life, is just… treat others the way you want to be treated. My nanna always used to tell me that. Nannie says ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ And I think that is a big thing. Because if you give that to somebody, you get it back. We are all saints. We are all one family. I treated anybody who comes to the island like one of us. Errr, if I had to look back at my life twenty years ago… I would say, ‘Be more healthy’. Other than that, I think I’m good to go. Thanks to all of you who helped make this film possible. All of our films are totally crowd funded. So if you’d like to continue to support us on our journey, check out our Green Renaissance page on Patreon.

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  1. I hate to be 'that person', but does anyone know if those weather balloons biodegrade right away? Balloons released into nature causes real troubles to the wildlife.

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