A Timeline Of Drake & Kanye West’s Beef | Genius News

A Timeline Of Drake & Kanye West’s Beef | Genius News

[JACQUES] Drake does few interviews but recently
he addressed his summer feuds with Kanye West and Pusha T on LeBron James’ talk show,
‘The Shop.’ BRON: Well, well, well, would you look who
pulled up. [JACQUES] Drizzy aired out his numerous
issues with Kanye, most notably that he promised Drake the “Lift Yourself” beat before
releasing it himself as a troll. DRAKE: I wake up now to this text from him, passive, like sends me something like, yo I love you brother “Lift Yourself” comes out with him just
talking nonsense. [JACQUES] This recent flare up is the latest
in a ‘cold war’ of sorts that goes back to Drake’s first album. [JACQUES] 2010’s “Find Your Love,” produced
by Kanye West, Jeff Bhasker & No I.D, was a smash hit peaking at No.5 on the Billboard
Hot 100. West was instrumental in Drake’s early career,
directing the music video for his first single, “Best I Ever Had.” Years later, in a 2013 interview, West noted
how “Find Your Love” affected their relationship. KANYE: It’s like I was fine with writing “Find
Your Love” with Drake on his first thing until he got too big and that was the moment
I had to adjust and deal with this new energy that’s taking over the room, right? [JACQUES] Drake grew up idolizing Kanye and
relished working with the star. Check out his verse on Ye’s remix of “All
Of The Lights.” [JACQUES] Rap is a competitive sport where
the young often eat the old and Drake knew this, and so does Ye. [JACQUES] In 2011, Drake told The Source that
he eventually wanted to surpass Kanye, but by that time, Kanye was already trying to
out maneuver Drake – especially when it came to joint albums. TIM: The thing which it all seems to be aiming
towards, the joint album, the ultimate collab? DRAKE: Yea, yea you talking about the real
deal? You talking about the me and Wayne? TIM: Exactly, that’s the only thing on our minds. [JACQUES] Although Drake and Wayne’s album
never surfaced, Kanye teamed up with JAY-Z for “Watch The Throne.” On Khaled’s 2011 cut “I’m On One,”
Drake ended his verse with this. [JACQUES] On Twitter, the 6ix God batted away
rumors of beef but Kanye later admitted the effect Drake had on ‘Watch The Throne’’s
creation. KANYE: Me and Hov would’ve never made Watch The Throne if this nigga wasn’t putting pressure on us like that. [JACQUES] As Drake’s popularity grew, it
seems his idol really did become his rival. In 2013, after Ye’s polarizing sixth album
‘Yeezus’ was released, Drake dropped his remix of Migos’ “Versace,” with these
lines. [JACQUES] Drake was later quoted in a 2014
Rolling Stone profile questioning Ye’s approach on the album, but Ye tried to smooth it over. KANYE: Ay sidebar, you keep on talking about
Drake and shit, and I’ma tell you what it is in the magazines, they always trying to
pit niggas against each other and that ain’t going down no more. [JACQUES] Then in a 2015 interview West teased
the idea of a joint album with Drake. KANYE: The Wolves song came from a conversation
that me and Drake had where we was gonna do an album together, and the album was called Wolves. [JACQUES] They do push each other creatively,
something Kanye was well aware of. KANYE: I look at Drake as an amazing sparring
partner. Someone that’s like come on man, get back
up, bow, get back up! [JACQUES] But at times, the one-upmanship
got downright petty. Is Drake’s pool really bigger than yours,
Kanye? KANYE: I have three pools. [JACQUES] In 2016, Drake released “Pop Style,” initially featuring The Throne. [JACQUES] But the version on “Views,”
which dropped during Meek Mill and Drake’s beef, did not have The Throne. KANYE: Jay thought about it and out of respect
for Meek Mill said he didn’t want to be on the track. I wasn’t on this song cause of Hov. Cause of some Tidal, Apple bullshit. [JACQUES] At August 2016’s OVO Fest, Yeezy
once again teased a joint album, and some billboards made their partnership
seem real but the competition never ceased. KANYE: Khaled, and Drake, and radio and Doc
and 92.3 and everybody – Is it just me or did you hear that song so many times, you
said “You wanna pay for free?” DRAKE: I went from being…like working on
a project with him, to him sorta publicly shitting on me and DJ Khaled for being on
the radio too much. [JACQUES] By March 2018, things seemed to
have calmed down. Drake went to Wyoming to help Kanye with new
music but that’s where their most recent battle began. DRAKE: Then 40 went to Wyoming early, and
he was like man, I’m here a day early man something is off. [JACQUES] In April, Drake announced a June
release date for his fifth album ‘Scorpion.’ Days later, Kanye announced his 8th solo album
‘Ye,’ as well as four others from his G.O.O.D music camp, including Pusha T’s
“Daytona.” According to Drake, Kanye knew his release
schedule and the struggles he had with his son’s mother. DRAKE: You’ve gotta be transparent with
me and you gotta play me your music and you gotta tell me when you’re dropping, and
I know you don’t like to do things like that. [JACQUES] In May, Pusha T, who has his own
side spat with Drake and Cash Money, dissed Drake on the Kanye-produced, “Infrared,”
and Drake responded with “Duppy Freestyle,” but his bars were primarily aimed at Ye. [JACQUES] Pusha T dropped a bombshell with “The Story of Adidon,” with these revealing bars. [JACQUES] Drake says he recorded a response
but chose not to release it. DRAKE: I just listened back to it and I was
like man, this is not, this is not, something I ever want to be remembered for. [JACQUES] Instead he put his anger into ‘Scorpion,’
crafting tracks like “Mob Ties,” “Nonstop,” “In My Feelings” and “8 out of 10,”
the last of which Drizzy appears to target at West. [JACQUES] Later, reports surfaced that Kanye
told Push about Drake’s son. So you didn’t give Pusha T the information? KANYE: No I didn’t. Don’t pull me in to this conversation. DRAKE: I send him a picture of my son, I tell
him I’m having trouble with my son’s mother, we had a conversation. I shared my – [JACQUES] But, in a new interview, Push says
Drake’s paternity intel came from Drizzy’s producer 40’s disgruntled musings to a woman
he was dating. PUSH: With that also came the fact that Drake
has a child, with that also came the trip that everybody took to go see the child to
bring him gifts and all of this information. [JACQUES] Drake felt Push crossed a line by
mentioning 40’s illness, on “The Story Of Adidon.” DRAKE: “Hey man, there’s no rules” but
there are fucking rules in this shit. Wishing death on my friend that has MS. [JACQUES] Push said he never wished death
on 40 and pointed to Drake’s shots at Kid Cudi for his mental health. [JACQUES] While this may clear Kanye regarding
Drake’s child, there still may be some feelings in the air. In late August, a viral-but-unconfirmed
Twitter thread says that Drake’s “In My Feelings” alludes to a possible affair with
Kim Kardashian West. [JACQUES] Genius confirmed back in July that
Drake was mentioning K’yanna Barber and not Kim. [JACQUES]In early September, this bar from
French Montana’s “No Stylist” leaked stoking the fire. [JACQUES] Montana asserted that the verse
was recorded months prior. A day later, West apologized to Drake for
“Lift Yourself,” the release dates and more. But weeks later he addressed Drake’s silence
on the “In My Feelings” rumor. KANYE: You know if I had a girlfriend from
Chicago and her name was Renita and you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t make no song
called RiRi. [JACQUES] Push says both Kanye and Drake are
to blame. PUSH: Now the bromance that they have going
back and forth. They cool and then he shoot him in a verse,or
some shit? JOE: That’s weird, Push. PUSH: Bruh, that’s them! [JACQUES] Ultimately, Drake is OK with how
it all turned out. DRAKE: Back against the wall I either go all
the way filthy or I fall back and I have this sort’ve chink in my armor for the rest of
time to a rap purist which is fine I could live with that. [JACQUES] I’m Jacques Morel with Genius
news, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

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  1. Drake will never reach Kanyes level of artistry in music.
    Drake just a hyped mainstream money making name.

  2. I'm a 47 year old white Aussie bloke. Two things I can't believe; men are having song fights. And, that I'm watching this video. 😂

  3. 5:35 he's not primarily"aiming" at kanye, he is asking what pusha t thinks about him. Since kanye and drake are rivals, drake is trying to make people aware or manipulate people to think that kanye is not the same, or turned into a change man, for the worse.

  4. Drake will likely never be as good or impactful as Kanye West to Hip-Hop/Rap. However, Drake has massive pop music appeal. Drake has much bigger hits like God’s Plan, Best I Ever Had, Take Care, etc… Though he’ll likely never be a greater all-around musician, Drake will likely be way more popular.

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    Don't get their woman hands dirty

    They let their bitches handle beef
    Like mob ties

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    Canadian vs American

    Queen's property vs Free Man

    Fake Black vs Real Black

    Puppet vs Human Being

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