A Mother’s Promise

A Mother’s Promise

Emily (E): What was it like for
you to come here, to the U.S.? Maria Rivas (MR): I didn’t know
besides, “Good morning, and “What’s your name?”
when I came here. And when you were baby, I, I used to read to you
the Dr. Seuss books. Like “One Fish, Two Fish,
Red Fish, Blue Fish.” And that’s how I learned
English, reading to you. E: You know, I, I never really
put in much thought that you were an immigrant. I just thought that, you
know, you’re my mom. And I never thought that
you would have to leave. I was at school when
my phone buzzed, and I just saw the notification
that TPS was going to terminate. And I remember I started crying. MR: When you called me,
I tried to calm you down. I am like, “Okay,
this is happening. This is really happening.” So I put myself together,
because I knew that I have to be
strong for you. And I didn’t promise
something that I cannot keep. So I didn’t promise you
that everything will be okay. But I promise, I’m going to
make sure that you are okay. E: What are you most afraid of? MR: I..terrified of
missing you growing up. It’s terrifying. I think that I’m more
afraid of that than to go back to my country. E: Yeah. I’m scared that I’m
gonna have to do everything all by myself. MR: You’re not going to be
alone, I promise to you that. And I’m very hard to get rid of. E: [Laughs] MR: So I’m going to be on
the phone all the time. E: What are your
hopes for the future? MR: That I’m going
to die of an old age, and be the pain on your
neck all the time. [Laughs] E: [Laughs] MR: And make sure
that you find strength, even in a bad moment.

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  1. I'm am a conservative and this is who we want here, someone who adds to society, a good parent and a good person, she learned English and was trying to become American, not just coming here to send money back to there country, she came here legally, if there is anything I can do to help just let me know

  2. TPS is not meant to be permanent residency. It’s to help you get through a period of time due to natural disaster, war, or other similar circumstances. Many Haitians were granted TPS after the earthquake. And I am sure if the the Clinton foundation had did what they said they were going to do, instead of building a resort for profit, maybe the Haitian would have something to return home to. The solution to the worlds problems is not to flood the US or Europe. It’s to make positive changes in your community and country. Is it sad that they cannot stay, yes, but that was never the intention of this particular program.

  3. TEMPORARY Protected Status…19 years is long enough to recover from what made you leave your country in the first place. Secondly, no one said you had to leave your daughter. Take her with you.

  4. This is amazing. Emily has been my best friend since we were little girls. We were neighbors for a while, until Emily moved away. This was devastating for me, to say the least. Hearing her journey and watching her grow has been such a gift to me and my family, most importantly, my dad, Noah. Maria and Emily have been family to me, one of the most kindhearted and pure families I’ve ever met. I love you, Emily. You’ll go farther than far. <3

  5. if the story is true, sure, she sounds like a good mother. ever since knowing what immigrates do to abuse our system, im not gonna sit here and believe it 100% because its a mother and her 15 year old daughter. that would be not only sexist of me, it would be direct contradiction to my own beliefs, which is "facts first, testimony second."
    however, it seems to me her daughter and herself taught teach other to speak english. she needs to come back legally, with a work visa, or other visa, and start coming over here to become a actual citizen.
    sure, it'd take 2 years, and a good amount of money, but its better than el salvador.
    however i think TPS needs to be extended and rewritten so those under TPS can become residents after a few years.

  6. See a lot of political comments, its a good thing. The purpose of StoryCorps is to record American stories, to reflect, aid prospective, to give the people themselves voices that are absent other wise!

  7. Thats so powerful. My parents immigrated from El Salvador. Her voice breaking reminds me of my mother's voice.

  8. Wait she has been here for 19 years and has an American daughter. Isn't that enough for her to apply and get approved for citizenship?

  9. I may not be completely in the loop with the politics about this.

    But as a mother, missing any part of my daughters life and childhood is sound like absolute horror. Working while she is not in school kills me because it’s time I’m missing out on.

    My heart hurts for them.

  10. We still have hope people! We have an extension until January 2nd 2020 or until a decision is made on the preliminary injunction.

  11. This is one of the reasons why they should allow immigrants to come to this country because this is not fair for any child to basically be on their own. #stopbuildingthewall

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