A Humbling Journey: Theist to Atheist [Abandoning Religion, Faith & God] (HD FULL Movie)

A Humbling Journey: Theist to Atheist [Abandoning Religion, Faith & God] (HD FULL Movie)

consider again that dot That’s here. That’s home. That’s us On it everyone you love everyone You know everyone You ever heard of every human being who ever was lived out their lives? The aggregate our joy and suffering thousands of confident religions ideologies and economic doctrines every Hunter and forager every hero and Coward every creator and destroyer of Civilization every king and peasant every young couple in love every mother and father Hopeful child inventor and explorer every teacher of morals every corrupt politician Every superstar every supreme leader every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there on the mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam The Earth is a very small stage in a vast Cosmic arena think of the Rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner how frequent their misunderstandings, how Eager they are to kill one another how fervent their hatreds our posturings our Imagined self-importance the Delusion that we have some privileged position in the universe Are challenged by this point of pale light? Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping Cosmic Dark In our obscurity in all this vastness there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from Ourselves The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life There is nowhere else at least in the near future to which our species could migrate Visit yes, Settle not yet Like it or not for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand? It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience There is perhaps. No better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world To me it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another And to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot the only home we’ve ever known Welcome to this world Before you grow up. There are a few things. I need to tell you You were born corrupt? You were born a sinner And the wages of sin is death Someday when you are old enough to understand you must ask forgiveness Not for anything you’ve done but for what others did thousands of years ago at the beginning of the world Also, you must tell God how sorry you are for murdering his son Jesus It happened generations before you drew your first breath, and it was ultimately part of God’s divine plan But the responsibility is yours You are guilty and you must ask to be forgiven A portion of everything you produce in your lifetime must be given to God Who will never accept your offerings personally? You will listen for him, but his voice will never be heard audibly he will thank him for his direction Guidance, but his mysterious ways will confuse you in fact although you are more important to God than anything Else in the universe he will never show you his face or reveal himself in any provable way I know this seems strange To truly know God you must study a book an Ancient book written thousands of Years ago in a language you do not understand You must fulfill a great commission to make others see the world as you do to have them believe as you do to live as you do and then to go out and convince even more to do the same as A reward for this you will be given the privilege of praising. God without end for all eternity In a hidden happy place that can only be seen by the dead You must pledge your entire life on this earth to you’re invisible father and his great commission Or he will send you to a dark pit where the flesh is roasted from your bones And you rise in autumn to Noble Agony forever? ever and ever You must not do this because you fear horrible torture and pain You must do it because you love God No matter what happens throughout your lifetime? The more your world seems to defy everything I’ve taught you here just continue to say the words out loud God is real God is good and One day you will look into the eyes of your own child and you’ll teach in these very same things so that he can someday teach his own children and their children and their children for generations You’ll hold him in your arms And you’ll look down at him and say Welcome to this world You learn a lot about people when you declare that you’re not going to live your life their way when many in this room know the consequences of doing something so shocking and controversial as to be an individual a singular voice an often inquisitive voice with its own Tenor its own style its own song in its own message You and I live in a world where conformity is comfort, and we all know how comfortable people can become so many voices out there today are just an echo of previous voices a hand-Me-down from a previous generation and the generation before and the generation before Breaking that cycle to them is unthinkable And why would they ever consider it as the cloak they’ve inherited feels, so safe and warn everyone around them looks like them walks like them talks like Everyone except for you They not in agreement you raise an eyebrow of doubt they just know the answer You just know the answer raises a whole lot more questions They take security and staying on the path you want to go carve a path of your own But this is not, what was expected of you or many of you You had two choices in your life, you can keep the peace and you could line up with the others or you could walk at your own pace in your own direction for your own reasons and accept the consequences and rewards that come with being your own person the Fallout for many of you has been significant these days when they look at you. They only see what they think you should have been What you might have been what you could have been if only you would lived your life their way Well for just a second my friends let’s look at normal Joey Normal as a husband and wife married her the bible in a church and under God condemning non heterosexuals For ignoring it even desecrating the lawful and ordained marital union that they now enjoy after two divorces It’s a mother telling her daughter that sex is dirty that her body is dirty and shameful that sexual desire is lust it’s a sin and that she is cursed by the fall of eve in the Garden a byproduct of sin designed to gain her worth From a future husband who according to God in the book of Genesis will rule over her It’s a Sunday school teacher frightening a six-year-old with stories of the devil a fiery hell It’s refusing to purchase a new car without first test driving 15 vehicles from 6 different car lots Checking the vehicle history in the payment book and the insurance and the safety record and Carfax and everything else But accepting the bible as absolute fact without even knowing who wrote the book of genesis It’s a church communion ritual where men women and children get together To ritualistically eat Flesh and drink blood How was this normal? Its thanking God for food grown and prepared by human hands It’s giving God the glory for providing the new home that came with a 30-year mortgage It’s praying for safety after you buckle your seatbelt lock your doors and load your handgun It’s Sunday school songs it’s a Bible on the Nightstand it’s a check on the offering plate and evangelist on the TV a Jesus fish on your car and a t-shirt that says seven days without Jesus makes one week I Believe this is a prison designed to look like a mansion and you’re not going to live like that You’ve read the books and you’ve seen the history and learn the science and realize the world is much grander than most people ever Imagined you finally found your own voice, and you’re going to speak in it You’ve had the epiphany that you don’t owe it to the rest of the world to keep them happy You owe it to you and your loved ones to create happiness and even though wherever and whenever you can you say the words and you take the actions that build bridges and Soften the Sharp Edges and demonstrate a love for people and a desire for a better world you are not a sheep to be led an Echo to be repeated a cautionary tale a bad example a freak a pervert shameful broken ugly You are not ugly You’re beautiful You figure it out with so many billions literally billions of other people have missed That life’s too precious to spend in somebody else’s shadow By judging everyone and everything that’s different You only indict your own Shallow heart And you cheat yourself out of the amazing Depth Breadth color culture and humanity that’s so much more wonderful than the tiny rooms people Lock themselves into in the narrow Tunnels, they walk The believing in things without evidence faith is not a virtue faith is not a virtue. It’s something to be pitied That sexuality isn’t shameful. It’s something to be celebrated That the condemnation of what is wrong even when it is called sacred is the obligation of any and every moral creature? That your hopes dreams desires loves pursuits and passions belong to you and you alone But you’ve stepped out of the crowd to stand forward to stand out to stand your ground To know that even though you occupy a tiny speck inside a tiny speck Inside this vast universe and even though you don’t believe your father is a divine king who can do magic And that your name is written in the heavens, and you’ll one day dive in here We’ve discovered your life is wonderful and amazing and so much more satisfied That’s a life where every day brings a new opportunity to ask the ultimate question Now is that kind of life. Easy is it popular? Probably not But be encouraged my friends because inside this 13.7 billion year old universe there has never ever been any one exactly like you and there never will be again and You are simply living a unique life that reflects that fact and while others laugh at you because you are different You can laugh at them Because they are all the same imagine you’re staring at the dot for any length of time and then Try to convince yourself that God created the whole universe for One of the ten million or so species of life that inhabit that speck of dust Now take it a step further imagine that everything was made just for a single shade of that species or Gender or ethnic or religious subdivision We can recognize here a shortcoming in some circumstances serious in our ability to understand the world Characteristically we seem compelled to project our own nature onto nature Man in his arrogance. Thinks himself a great work worthy of the interposition of a deity Darwin wrote telegraphic, ly in his notebook More humble, and I think truer to consider him created from animals Close one We’re Johnny-come-lately We live in the cosmic boondocks we emerged from Microbes in muck apes are our cousins our thoughts and feelings and a fully under our own control and On top of all this we’re making a mess of our planet and becoming a danger to ourselves the Trapdoor beneath our feet Swings open We find ourselves in bottomless freefall If it takes a little myth and ritual to get us through a night that seems endless Who among us cannot sympathize and understand? We long to be here for a purpose even though despite much self-deception None is evident The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage We are the custodians of life’s meaning we mourn for a parent to care for us to Forgive us our errors to save us from our childish mistakes But knowledge is preferable to ignorance Better by far to embrace the hard truth than reassuring fame Modern science has been a voyage into the unknown with a lesson in humility waiting at every stop our common sense intuitions can be mistaken our Preferences don’t count we do not live in a privileged reference frame If we crave some cosmic purpose then let us find ourselves a worthy goal I Am been racking my brain for the past few weeks trying to think of ways to talk about reason And being reasonable it turns out. It’s not a simple subject I am a very non-confrontational person I am most of the time the very definition of a reasonable, man I Don’t like telling people things they don’t want to hear I Want people to get along. I want people to like me I? Want to find good things in people. I want to understand few points that differ from Mine. I Want my tombstone to say he was nice to work with I? Have children. I want to raise them in a world they can add value to that has value to them I Want for them to feel entitled only to working hard at doing what they love in Order to be excellent at it and to share their lives and the rewards with those that they love Of course, I think this is all anyone wants for their children or themselves I Tried inculcate them with a sense of logic about the world which means most of the time I’m pointing out things to them that are absurd and Ridiculous as a counterpoint and right now there is plenty to point to I Can sole myself however with the thought that for anyone truly paying attention for at least the last 300 years? the world has always been chock-full of absurd contradictions and Has always seemed to be going downhill and fast I get this when I read Thomas Jefferson when I read camera whatever II thought again, I consoled myself with the remarkable advances in the sciences I Play a scientist on TV. I am in awe of those that do it for real Testimony Phenomena, and the predictions they allow they allow me to drive an easy out of us flight my speech on a screen ride to this Rally in a car welcome shoes that support my feet and wear clothes and a hat that protects my pale skin from the sun to fly on a plane home That plane I will get on Exists and stays in the air because of a million million large and tiny tested predictions about lift Drag material Performance physics electricity radio waves wear tear shear checklists human error Machine error and Redundancy It is a miracle of engineering it is the result of an ancient and very human drive a drive that makes us what we are in all of our unique specialization a Drive to solve problems Many tens of thousands of people combined their collective genius to make it impossibly fast and efficient then Inflated bubble of aluminum so stable and secure that you’d have to fly for several Thousand years before the odds gave you an even chance of being in an accident Everything that we have that makes our lives possible exists because human beings have tested the things they found in their Surroundings made predictions based on those tests and then improved upon them This is reason the human capacity to make sense of the world Here are some other things that like the components of the airplane have been tested and proven I’m going to call them facts e equals Mc-squared horse equals Mass times acceleration The Earth is not the center of the universe Man landed on the moon in 1969 and a few times thereafter The Earth is spherical human industry is causing a significant rise in the Earth’s overall temperature The Earth is over four billion years old Is Literally a fact of life? As Neil degrasse tyson sense facts are true whether or not you believe them Now here are some of my beliefs that are true to me I believe that if we take care of our surroundings, they will take care of us I Believe that people having an Alien abul right to choose what to do with their own bodies I Believe that in a community it is our duty that we should take care of each other in times of me I believe that I can tell people the truth and let them make decisions based on that much of the time They’ll make big decisions, but not always I believe that that which is detestable to you who should not do to another I? Believe that while not all people are essentially good most are trying I Believe the rules do not make us Moral loving each other makes us Moral and I Have concluded for careful empirical analysis and much fun that somebody is looking out for me Keeping track of what I think about things forgiving me when I do less than I ought giving me strength to shoot for more than I think I’m capable of I Believe they know everything that I do and think and they still love me, and I’ve included after careful consideration That this person keeping score is me To the curious inquisitive the seekers of knowledge To the ones who just want to know about life about the universe about yourself Not cute questions big questions ones that matter to the rebels the artists the free thinkers and the innovators who care less about labels and more about truth who believe Non-conformities more than a bumper sticker that knowledge is more than words on a page You’re old you’re powerful Beyond measure and the fuel of that power is not magical mysticism But knowledge the things you see the things you feel the things you know to be true Sure some without you Let them Dare to think for yourself to look for yourself to make up your own mind Is in the eternal debate for answers the one thing that’s true is the power and watch Our ancestors understood origins by extrapolating from their own experience. How else could they have done? so the universe was hatched from a cosmic anger Conceived in the sexual congress of a mother god and a father god or was a kind of product of the creator’s workshop perhaps the latest of many flawed attempts And the universe was not much bigger than we see and that much older than our written or oral records and no We’re very different from places that we know We’ve tended in our cosmologies to make things familiar Despite all our best efforts we’ve not been very inventive in the West Heaven is placid and fluffy and hell is like the inside of a volcano in many stories both realms are governed by dominance hierarchies headed by Gods or devils Monotheists talked about the king of kings in every culture we imagined something like our own political system running the universe few Found the similarity suspicious Then science came along and taught us that we are not the measure of all things That there are wonders Unimaginably to conform to what was considered comfortable or plausible and again if we’re not important Knott central Not the apple of God’s eye. What is implied for our theological based Moral codes? The discovery of our true bearings in the cosmos was resisted for so long and to such a degree that many traces of the debate remain sometimes with the motives of the geocentric slayed bear So what do we really want from Philosophy and religion? palliative therapy Comfort do we want reassuring fables or an understanding of our actual circumstances? This may that the universe does not conform to our preferences it seems child You might think that grown-ups would be ashamed to put such Disappointments into print the fashionable way of doing this is not to blame the universe which seems truly pointless But rather to blame the means by which we know the universe namely science science has taught us That because we have a talent for deceiving ourselves subjectivity may not freely reign Its conclusions derive from the interrogation of nature and are not in all cases Pre-designed to satisfy our ones We recognize that even revered religious leaders the products of their time as we are of ours may have made mistakes religions contradict one another on small Matters such as Whether we should put on a hat or take one off on entering a house of worship Or whether we should eat beef and S-two pork or the other way around? All the way to the most central issues such as whether there are no gods one. God or many gods If you live two or three, Millennia ago, there was no shame and holding that the universe was made for us It was an appealing thesis consistent with everything. We knew it was what the most learned among us taught without qualification But we found out much since then defending such a position today Amounts to Willful disregard of the evidence and a flight from self-knowledge our time is burdened Under the cumulative weight of successive debunking of our conceits given so harsh a reality of course We’re tempted to shut our eyes and pretend that we’re safe and snug at home that the fall is only a bad dream Once we overcome our fear of being tiny We find ourselves on the threshold of a fast and awesome universe that utterly dwarfs in time in space and in Potential the Tidy anthropocentric proscenium of our ancestors We gaze across billions of light-years of space to view the universe shortly after the Big bang and Plumb the fine structure of matter we peer down into the core of our planet and the blazing interior of our star We read the genetic language in which is written the diverse schools and propensity of every being on Earth We uncover hidden chapters in the record of our own origins? We invent and refine agriculture without which almost all of us would starve to death We create medicines and vaccines that save the lives of billions We communicated the speed of light and whip around the earth in an hour and a half We have sent dozens of ships to more than 70 worlds and four spacecraft to the stars to our ancestors there was much in Nature to be afraid of lightning storms earthquakes Volcanoes plagues droughts long winters Religions arose in part as attempts to propitiate and control if not much to understand the disorderly aspect of Nature How much more satisfying had we been placed in a garden custom-made for us? Its other occupants put there for us to use as we saw fit There is a celebrated story in the western Tradition likeness Except that not quite everything was there for us There was one particular tree of which we were not to partake a tree of knowledge Knowledge and understanding and wisdom were forbidden to us in this story. We were to be kept ignorant But we couldn’t help ourselves We were starving for knowledge created hungry you might say This was the origin of all our troubles in particular It’s why we no longer live in a garden we found out too much, so Long as we were in curious and obedient I imagined we could console ourselves with our importance and centrality and tell ourselves that we were the reason the universe was made as We began to indulge our curiosity though to explore to learn how the universe really is We expelled ourselves from Eden Angels with a flaming sword were set as centuries at the gates of Paradise to bar our return the Gardeners Became exiles and Wanderers Occasionally we mourn that lost world But that it seems to me is Maudlin and sentimental we could not happily have remained ignorant Forever there is in this universe much of what seems to be designed, but instead we repeatedly discover that natural processes Collisional selection of worlds say or natural selection of Gene pools or even the convection pattern in a pot of boiling water can extract order out of Chaos and Deceive us into deducing purpose where there is none It seems peaceful But this is the very spot where a lot of Christians believe life on Earth will end The irony of religion is that because of its power to divert man to destructive courses? The world actually could come to an end a lot of people in this country believe in end times there will be this great Reckoning the rapture. Do you believe that I? do But if you believe that the world is going to come to an end and perhaps any day now does it not drain ones Motivation to improve life on Earth while we’re here you Plain fact is religion must die for mankind to live the hour is getting very late to be able to indulge in having key decisions made by Religious people by irrational ist’s by those who would steer the ship of state not by a compass But by the equivalent of reading the entrails of a chicken George bush prayed a lot about Iraq, but he didn’t learn a lot about it I don’t know it much about politics But I’ll vote for president bush because on his face faith means making a virtue out of not thinking It’s nothing to brag about and those who preach faith and enable and elevated our intellectual slaveholders Keeping mankind in a bondage to fantasy and nonsense that is spawned and justified so much lunacy and destruction Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don’t have all the answers to think that they do Most people would think it’s wonderful when someone says I’m willing Lord I’ll do whatever you want me to do except it since there are no god’s actually talking to us That void is filled in by people with their own corruptions and limitations and agendas It’s going to happen and I’m not saying necessarily Nuclear the Lord didn’t say nuclear But I do believe it’ll be something like that and anyone who tells you they know they just know what happens when you die I Promise you you don’t how can I be so sure? Because I don’t know and you do not possess mental powers that I do not the only appropriate attitude for man to have about the big questions is not the arrogant certitude that is the hallmark of religion, but doubt doubt is humble and that’s what man needs to be considering that human history is just a of getting shit Dead wrong Jesus is coming back to rescue the jews because he is the only one that can the believer Busi in the Paradise and believer They will go to the hell the jews are the only reason that I am a Christian I love them, but you know not to heaven with your I’m gonna go in the rapture And I’m gonna come back on a white horse So you think Jesus will end this earth at some point? Maybe in your lifetime one always hopes, right? This is a sign and that as a Samina mood nuclear bomb went off And it seemed like that was exactly what it had said balls of fire or something you wouldn’t look on that is Necessarily a bad thing I know I’ll be with God. This is why rational people? Anti-religious must end their timidity and come out of the closet and assert themselves and those who consider themselves only? Moderately religious really need to look in the mirror and realize that the solace and comfort that religion brings you Actually comes at a terrible price It says in the last days that we wars rumors of wars the goggle prophesies from the book of revelation They gates people fails and this be accomplished without violence, no Islam Ruling the World Global Jihad who will win out will men that’s for God to decide on Judgment Day If you belong to a political party or a social club that was tied to as much bigotry misogyny homophobia Violence and sheer ignorance as religion is you’d resign in protest to do otherwise is to be an enabler Mafia wife for the true devils of extremism that draw their legitimacy from the billions of their fellow travelers If the world does come to an end here or wherever or if it limps into the future? decimated by the effects of a religion inspired nuclear terrorism let’s remember what the real problem was that we learned how to Precipitate mass death before we got past the neurological disorder of wishing for it That’s it Grow up or duck We are in a conflict between good and evil As an outspoken atheist I’m often confronted with the question by theists as well as fellow atheists Why I feel the need to talk about religion You’re an atheist. Why do you care? They say I really don’t think you should talk about it so much They say why can’t we all just live and let live they say why is it such a big? deal Why is it such a big deal? Religion matters to me as an atheist because it imposes It’s capricious morals on me in the form of laws For example blue laws which Prohibit what I can do on certain days of the week or the battle against making abortion Legal the Roe Vs. Wade overturned may be completely detriment not to mention the battle for homosexual equality still Rages on the opposing Force to giving these individuals equal freedoms is of course religious institutions Institutions which incidentally don’t have to pay taxes which increases the overall burden on everybody else yes that includes atheists and churches are often the last institutions who need financial support and What happened to I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation? indivisible with the Routine justice for all religious imposition in secular mediums haven’t always been that way under God wasn’t added to the United States pledge until 1954 and in God, we Trust wasn’t added to money until 1957 I guess I missed the memo where we turned into a theocracy? Religion dollars to me as an atheist because billions of innocent people have died in its name the Shoka’s conquest of kalinga The second century battle for the Jewish Holy land the crusades the sixteenth Century French wars on religious persecution of the wall doujins the 18th century taping Rebellion the second sino-Japanese war The Holocaust the 30 years war and the list goes on and on And on as of atheists I care about religion Because we have a heavy push to stifle funding for progression in science and technology for example Religious institutions are the ones that are pushing to Prohibit stem-cell research which is one of the most promising medical fields known to us today? Catholics have also been pushing to Prohibit condom usage in a world. Where aids is on to spread of disease religion also pushes to put creationism in Schools Alongside evolution Creationism is not a scientifically accredited study it also pushes for abstinence only education which contributes to the spread of disease and teen pregnancy for the regression that religion pushes form their arena science and Technology is claiming. That global warming is a myth or A government conspiracy This idea is founded on the idea that God is watching over us all and he wouldn’t let the earth go to shit Put aside the objective it’s also important to remember the subjective religion imposes all kinds of psychological Turbulence on its members religion Rob’s children of free thinking it cages our minds indoctrination before they can even get a chance Religion is also oppressive to many other groups that aren’t the typical 32 year old white male it often discriminates against people of color Homosexuals and women as an atheist I care about religion because atheists are actively Against in supposedly public institutions take for instance the boy scouts a taxpayer-funded Institution, it doesn’t allow atheists to participate in its program as an atheist I care about religion because in Texas Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina Mississippi and Maryland I can’t hold public office Nobody ever says anything Everybody just wants to sit back and let problems work themselves out. It’s been 2,000 years and this problem still Fixed this is Delusion on a massive scale Delusion that affects you every day whether or not you realize it. Why do I care? Here’s a better question We stopped believing in the sun would we be bumps into darkness? so being an illness then vanish No No, answer brief make anything true Religion is successfully capitalized upon superstitious beliefs because they need something that is Beyond the verifiable evidence They have many irrational stories things to be taken on Trust and trust alone and trust the nutrastim men Just like other superstitions relations be quiet tends to be ultimately dictated by the environment in which will raise them If you have to vote in your life through a fairy tale consider this question What makes you certain that your particular religion is true? Many religions cause vintage other on very important aspects of life and all claim to be the one true way of God Summing the threats and eternal damnation for failing to believe in their doctrine what proves that yahweh is the true? God why not alone why not other theories like when the Matrix Created by aliens about where a computer simulation or new age religions there an infinite other Absolute realities that our minds can conjure up, but none can fold up to any scientific scrutiny without facts without In Greece would you be a Christian? If you’re born in Afghanistan would you be a Christian? We think of ourselves as rational beings who brought this time when science is written your lives yentl The religious person must believe things that you’ve read on your stall without giving any – one of those things are true How would the remainder of our lives go if we apply the same rule? Why do anything about climate change if God is in charge has its ground plan showing God’s divine protection or may okay? Protect you from harm. It will protect your life. You’ll give your life God is only a fictitious idea that exists inside of your head does a nice thing Explain why you have never heard God talk out loud It’s a race inside your head doesn’t expect Why you might never see God why would he allow for thousands of children to be born every day with? The effects when he gives everyone a fat chance to find him to nepal every day An understanding of religion – ain’t burn and how do they play? Doesn’t change reality why do you think we never see going to be as you didn’t? For you to see the world Would you rather live in a dream world a dream world where? 600 year old man went around the world and collected two of every 1 million species of animals insects and birds is self-contradictory Dream world in which the only answer has to be magic Religious modern apologetics claim that which not take the bible literally of course we shouldn’t take the bible literally He’s my people on the base to our world and more America 62% of people anything because the Bible as a huge influence I was pursued to know There is no, God their crops they drove honourable deeds early none who does good? Then consider this the overseers 10,000 nuclear weapons, just a few years ago the present state Of course what? fundamentalist taking over Don’t eat ablution. Which the teat crazy Important message to mankind only 2000 individuals who wrote it down south? Coffee’s With no original I’m at axial testimony to a there’s no sufficient reason to leave any of them When you want to make the commandments and his word more widely understood or even consistent with the observable reality? Surely cannot be unknown if you did not realize this book cause Christianity alone to spit into over 38,000 denominations each distorting the word of God more What is God? That’s what we did not understand even to this day One filling the Gap with God did it if God did it? What created him? more created that created them many things the sports is the Outside of time so has always be The Universe has always be Wiper Gotta mentor who why plaster every Gap in knowledge? With God dinner the simple item I could be forgiven the scene here of us with such a small scope humanity Not much was anonymously No, let’s get out illness Sports, or wine earthquakes Or even what the stars were we have very into imagination when it comes to things that are not us This is why God is always depicted as a human we fear mortality so I do return We get worn down by everyday life so we love the idea things might not be so good this time around But I’ll get better next time Why live your life? into my serving Religion has cleared our mind It has done self-esteem and reconstruction such a work of a major is this sector of that self-esteem? Now so religion has a few minor positive That you live forever like these a path Unfortunately its negative effects severely outweigh the positive ones I don’t think people in nigeria would be murdering their children as witches if somebody didn’t tell them God wanted which is to be killed It’s a superstitious belief that’s affecting their worldview, but you not have a real the witches How does one leave the Faith HmM? See I mean seriously? Yeah, how do you walk away from being loved Under every Christian is a human made from and moved by longings failures attainments and love protecting an inner landscape like every other human a Fragile spark in a universe that doesn’t share our need for the world to be just Every Christian is a person with a reason to believe It is often difficult to articulate or quantify these reasons because they are expressions of each believer conflated in a word believe that can mean trust confidence in Hope an Assessment of what is most likely true? Or position that embodies your values as long as a belief is allowed to remain internalized it doesn’t have to make the distinction and Sometimes the act of believing can become more important than the contents of the belief itself if one attempted to draw a very simplified Representation of a Christians hierarchy of reasons to believe though it wouldn’t capture the diversity of interpretations or sacredness of personal experience It might look something like this on the surface would be situational reasons for believing in Jesus and Beyond Cultural Faith most Christians have at least some evidence that to them is compelling for Faith But under this the reasons intensify becoming more critical to the self value and well-being of the believer There’s an admission of the desire for death not to be the end And deeper still our reasons for being But the center of this what comes out when you ask Christians why they believe in Jesus and the response that I would have given is that when you are a Christian you have a Relationship with your creator and that relationship changes your life this life change streams into the construction of a personal narrative in the form of I used to be but now I am someone else a change that together with the reasons for being Powerfully holds together the belief structure and motivates the surface reasons to be perceived as persuasive as well the personal narrative becomes means to see yourself and informs how you understand and sometimes misrepresent People who are not like you? by it I see everything else One could argue that beliefs don’t have to be true to change your life Imagine for example a cruel prank of telling someone over the phone that the child had been kidnapped When in fact the child was fine and playing next door It wouldn’t matter that the information was false if the person receiving the call believed it was true at least in that moment They would be affected exactly as they would be if it were true Similarly one could argue that if you believe in Jesus That belief will affect you in the same way whether or not the message is actually true Believing in Jesus changed my life, but that doesn’t mean that jesus is true. It only means that believing in Jesus changed my life But most Christians would never accept that and I wouldn’t have either That is because when I was a believer as it is in the experience of many believers It isn’t your own power that changes you, but the power of christ dwelling in you You are different because of the presence of the holy Spirit Christ lives in me Without this literal transformative presence of Christ Christianity would be just another religion as empty and man-made as the way believers perceive all of the other religions of the world Your heart is the testimony of the truth of the message? But what would it mean for a Christian to find that the testimony in their heart was diverging from this narrative? What if sometimes beliefs really aren’t something you can choose? You categorize them as postmodern leavers recoil Errs Modern leavers neo-Pagans rebels and drifters It’s maybe not something that was core. Deep they didn’t have a true Dynamic Connection to Christ Christians can acknowledge many ways a person can become an ex Christian except for one Except for the most genuine a broken christ follower who tries desperately to not become an atheist But is finally forced to accept that the message of Christianity that christ died for your sins that you are defective by your nature corrupt and lost without God is not true and if that happened to you would it be your fault or would that make your life an involuntary testimony to the poverty of Christianity What would that mean about other Christians, and what would it mean to those you care about it? Is the Nature of our brains to try desperately? by all means both honest and dishonest To relieve dissonance and to rewrite conflicting self states or beliefs into a cohesive narrative But as my relationship with God became almost unrecognizable to Christian conceptions I was clinging to this place of dissonance because succumbing to it would have meant the loss of that relationship and with that the loss of a community and youth group I loved and wouldn’t leave I had to stay The way emotional pain is experienced in a deconversion is not just from the social consequences It is the collateral damage of an internal struggle But the pain I become so familiar with was starting to give way to something else even more disturbing Many people experience to varying degrees at least once in their life What is known as? Depersonalization in what appears to be a defense mechanism of the brain in response to severe threat or anxiety the Prefrontal Cortex? activates to inhibit the Brains emotional regions the result of this is a sensation of being in a dream and the loss of the ability to feel the reason why this Experience can be worse than the alternative is because of the way our sense of self is directly tied to our emotions Without your feelings. It’s like there is no you Put another way Des cartes expression might more accurately describe our pSychology if it said I feel therefore I am Or in the words of my own journal hurting is so much better than not living I was representing someone I wasn’t but yet I was struggling to believe I was still the same person and not being true to myself I Couldn’t stay and I couldn’t leave and all of this was coming at a cost There is a verse in the corner of this drawing you have seen me and yet. Do not believe This wasn’t just about me Whatever power there is in Christ, whatever dwelling there is of the holy spirit That was in me or at least there was a time when it was and either I had lost it or it was never real in me in the first place, and if that presence had never been real in me Then it was never real in anyone. I had ever met There are so many good reasons based on history Textual Critisism evidence logic and compassion to conclude that Christianity is not true But at the time I didn’t know most of this information even existed I Lost my Christian identity Against my will because I pursued christ in the metaphorical ends of the earth and there was nothing there I? Lost our relationships with my youth group. I wish I could have done this differently I wish I could have been more brave But I was brave this wasn’t something I ever had a chance of winning because the jesus I was trying to hold on to was never real He was a construction in my head of everything idealized and found beautiful But I made that beauty not Jesus the only thing that was real was the love In psychology the theory of self affirmation proposes that we are Fundamentally motivated to maintain the perceived integrity of the self with two of the most important components of this integrity being morality and Adequacy Information that threatens this perception such as evidence that our beliefs are misguided or our behavior is harmful to ourselves or others impels defensive biases which cause us to Dismiss Deny or Distort the information in such a way so that our feelings of self integrity can be sustained Research Demonstrates that defensive biases are attenuated by affirmations of alternative sources of Self-worth If the motivation to maintain self integrity is thus satisfied Individuals are more likely to accept information that they would otherwise view as threatening and subsequently to change their beliefs and even their behavior Seeing yourself as you really are or admitting that one of your beliefs is wrong isn’t just a matter of information it is a matter of affirmation in Other words you have to recognize that you are valuable and that you are a good person Regardless of the belief or the associations attached to a stigmatized label Beliefs are self replicating ideas those that resonate with or motivate us. The most deeply are the ones we share with others and Through this natural selection of ideas there is like with organisms descent with modification if an idea can’t stand on its own truthfulness it has to find another way to survive and Often the way that happens is by the gradual unintentional or intentional refinement of the hijacking of our emotional architecture possibly the most effective most powerful way a belief could do this would be to Devalue or eliminate all other sources of self affirmation Which christianity does with devastating efficacy so that there is no? Hope or beauty or meaning and more importantly no integrity of the self without it the whole point of the Gospel Is that people are horrible? But God is merciful and loving and he has done everything in Christ Necessary to rescue wicked and broken people from our own Wickedness and brokenness In the words of a friend deep down, I’m a mess and he’s the only one who can hold me together Without him, I’d fall apart my life is nothing without Christ, and I couldn’t endure anything without him or in my journal, I’m nothing without you If a belief can do this to you, you will have almost no chance of being able to critically evaluate its truthfulness Christianity alters your identity to ensure the survival of itself And the ones who are the most vulnerable to this message Are the ones who already deal with the insecurities of feeling like they are not good enough? Young people who want to understand love and truth and what it means to be good which is the very nature of being an adolescent? and To them as the adults they trust and look up to while believing we are doing What is loving we tell them that you can never be good enough unless? You accept this This is what love is This is what you deserve for your flaws that Is the gospel the death of Jesus has no meaning unless you first believed that it should have been you Try to iMagine what it means to be you Not just you the person But you the expression of one element of a dramatic history of what it means to be human you Are the beautiful story of thousands of generations who loved fought hurt? Protected struggled and felt all the things that you do following vast numbers of generations of other species Leading to the form that is in this moment you There is life after Jesus There is thriving there are smiles, and there is love there’s the humility of being wrong of having the pieces of your brain blow apart and reassemble and There’s an appreciation of the vastness of a world that is profoundly not black and white The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage We are the custodians of life’s meaning Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fate Most importantly there is still you after Jesus Be who you are and embrace that? even if especially if It means letting go It’s bright here. Yeah. Yeah way you have a decision to make well What decision are you going to leave your creation to its own devices? Or are you going to interact with it? I definitely want to interact with it You didn’t even hesitate to answer so so you already know how you intend to interact? Don’t you yeah, I’ve got a plan Such a thing is not to be taken lightly Yahweh Do you plan to reveal your true nature to your creation of course how will you do that? You’re gonna do it over there come let’s take a closer look shall, we here here only here Yeah this is general area this is where I’m gonna reveal myself to my chosen people and give give them my commands I see and what will be your goal in doing this to be loved and and and It’s okay, you can tell me and worshiped and if they don’t then don’t perish Yeahwe follow me this general area from the tigris and the East to the Mediterranean in the west and from Mount ararat in the North to the nile and the south this tiny section of your creation will encompass the entirety of your interactions recorded within your sacred texts tiny This is a rather significant Portion of land if you asked me Oh, it surely is yahweh But this is hardly the extent of your creation While you involve yourself with the traditions and politics of this little area of the world The rest of the planet will continue in its many diverse ways without your interactions They will develop their own religions and cultures many of which will conflict with the ones you grace From the many tribes of Africa to the celts of Europe and to the rest of Asia buddhists and Hindus of China and India Vast Land Masses Populated by billions of people you will not interact with them, but of indonesia and Australia Across vast oceans the tribes of North America will be ignorant of your earthly interventions as will the Aztecs and Mayans of Central America and the incas of South America entire continents of your creation inhabited by countless generations Who will know? Nothing of your dire message in fact they’ll each invent their own Versions of gods who will Echo their specific cultural values no differently than your chosen people will echo yours So you will seem like just another invented. God Sharing the same cultural values as the people in the one area With which you will interact that is a significant coincidence yahweh for as some will eventually notice gods Always behave like the people who create them so You think I should just go around? Revealing myself to all these civilizations and go around No yahweh, you’re omnipresent. So you’re already among them always Why remain hidden to those in South America? but not to those in the middle east why would mere geography affect an omnipresent god’s interaction with his creation geography should only affect man-Made God’s Given your plan here. I’m beginning to wonder why any human beings should exist Beyond the middle east at all Come with me yahweh, let’s look at the bigger picture around half of the people on Earth will eventually develop religions based on your Existence and those religions will violently conflict with each other Whether they believe the earth is the place you sent your one and only son to be sacrificed Or that muhammad was your prophet, or that the jews are your chosen people? It’s all about Earth but look around There are other planets here revolving around this star, and this star this massive object That’s 1.3 million times larger than the Earth is actually microscopic compared to the rest of the Galaxy which has hundreds of billions of stars with systems of planets also numbering in the hundreds of billions of which at least 8.8 billion our Earth size and in habitable Zones now We could cross this galaxy if we traveled at light speed For a hundred thousand years yet even this incomprehensibly massive Galaxy is microscopic because there are hundreds of billions of Galaxies try to wrap your mind around that. There’s roughly 7.5 Quintillion grains of sand on Earth in every ocean beach and desert combined yet. There’s octillion of stars it universe You knew that though because you are omnipresent which means you’re simultaneously amongst each and every one of those octillions of stars and all their systems of planets and of all those many worlds you’re going to send your one and only Son to a tiny area on one planet or have Mohammed convey your message there or declare that the jews there are your chosen people, you’re going to do everything on that little area of land and have the few primitive bipedal organisms who happen to live there write down conflicting accounts about it on little pieces of parchment, so that it can be shared and fought over with other primitive Bipedal organisms on a single world amongst octillions, that will be the extent of your sacred recorded interactions with this massive creation. Tell me Yahweh. Why have you decided to limit yourself this way? Yahweh: “Because I I wanted it to be a clockwork universe. You see how precise it is it all runs automatically. If I wanted to do that, then this is how it needs to be.” But, you are God! Yahweh: “Yeah, so you have unlimited power, so you need the universe to run automatically to what end? You don’t need to concentrate, you don’t need to conserve energy, you don’t need to devote time or resources elsewhere, because you have unlimited time, unlimited resources. Yahweh, one day people will be able to look Beyond Earth And where once they thought they’d find you? Instead they’re going to find countless other worlds and stars and galaxies. They’re going to find a clockwork universe, automatic, running and dying all on its own according to the laws of nature, without requiring an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent, space-less, timeless, supernatural being to run anything. Yahweh: “Ahh, but, but, they’re going to ask who created those finely tuned laws of nature. The design of the universe itself will be the evidence of my existence and nature.” Will it? The question of fine-tuning will be inevitable indeed, because each and every unknown that was attributed to your doing will eventually be discovered to be nature’s doing. The question itself however will lead to an infinite regress. Why would you need to finely tune the laws of nature unless you were being restricted by some other laws beyond your control? And who created the laws that govern the necessity for God to fine tune the laws of nature? If these laws dictated the nature of your creation then how could you be called omnipotent? How could you be called God? If your creation could only be created in one kind of way? If the laws of nature could only be one kind of way to permit life and if the universe runs all on its own. Then what does it need with a God? Because if that’s the case then you didn’t actually design anything. You merely followed a set of instructions. Who’s instructions? The presence of an all-powerful God doesn’t explain anything at all. In your current state, i’m afraid you are ridiculously superfluous Yahweh: “Okay. Then, what would be a better way to fulfill my plan?” I don’t think you really want to hear the answer to that. Yahweh: “I do. Just tell me.” First, treat people equally. Do not have a chosen people and do not rely upon flawed human beings to spread your message for they will corrupt it to achieve their own ends. Instead you yourself should convey your message to everyone in your creation equally, with consideration to their unique standards across all seven continents on Earth and everywhere on every other planet with intelligent life. That way there could be no misunderstanding or deception regarding your message. Do not attempt to convince or force people to love you through rewards or punishments. It’s not real love if it’s not born of one’s own volition. Do not make a clockwork universe. Create a universe that demands your presence and interaction in order to run so that it will make absolutely no sense unless you are there to run it as an integral cog in the machine. That way when people see the universe they will not see an automatic universe like it is now. Running and dying all on its own. You’ll see a universe in which you are completely inextricable and undeniable. Yahweh: “And, If I just keep the universe the way it is?” This is the incomprehensibly vast and indifferent universe that is exactly what we would expect to see if left to its own devices ungoverned by any gods. And the many religions of earth are exactly what we would expect to see of humans who utilized invented gods to achieve their own human ends. If you truly cared to commune with your creation then you’ve gone about it in the exact opposite of the way, you should have. Curious isn’t it, God? God? Why are we so quick to see the ugly when we stand before the beautiful? Why have we declared that those who are different than us are separate from us Why do we stand before the light only to turn and face the darkness? Far back to the earliest moments of human memory we’ve broken ourselves into small tribes of inclusion Only so that we can treat others with exclusion we told ourselves that we were right that we were superior and that God was on our side, so Many sacred Scriptures writes edicts and doctrines are bathed in the blood of tribes each one warring against the other each one declaring Divine, right Each prepared to take their divisions their bigotry their fear and their hatred to the brave and tragically many do so thousands and thousands of groups religions cultures races and nations Each declaring that it’s us versus them Each building their temples monuments and messages upon the human Tragedy of ignorance division and hate It’s such a waste to look at all others and hope to only see ourselves To stand upon the claims of primitive times and primitive minds declaring the times and minds should never change and Holding in contempt the very people we should be holding in our arms ignorance fear Hatred We teach it to our children They teach it to their children Who teach it to their children? We cloak it and the shroud of righteousness. We speak it in the name of Justice We claim it in the name of God And we could be so much better. I Have witnessed the power of hatred, but I discovered a much grander and better world Beyond I See your face, and it is beautiful. I Hear your voice and it is beautiful. I Know that you’re different than me, and it is beautiful, and I’m proud to stand beside you like a brother I am your brother We are links in the human chain alive at this moment for a brief Priceless chance to breathe the Air to feel the sun upon our faces to speak the very best words for the very best reasons To pursue the best ideas achieve the greatest dreams to unite instead of dividing to heal instead of harm, and To Share together the preciousness of life Wouldn’t it be something if those were the things we taught to our children? To look at someone who is different? Wonderfully different and see something beautiful I came from a religious household. I was actually baptized Lutheran I memorized all the Bible stories I Studied everything. I always want to have the right answer But I never really believed any of it Whenever I was younger, I used to think that Jonah and the whale was the same thing as Jack and the Beanstalk I mean it just you know it was a cute story, and that kind of made sense sometimes, but not always and You know I just faked it too along with it. I figured everybody else was faking it, too I questioned a lot of things especially in Sunday school which was actually on Wednesday nights um I I probably asked too many questions, and we skipped over a lot of subjects because of me because of that I read the Bible twice and its entirety before I was 18 and I went to Christian schools My whole life and I think by the time high school came around pretty much everybody knew that I didn’t believe I Couldn’t exactly say I was an atheist. I would have got myself kicked out of school So you know I think as well as I could I was an actress I would have Family members and Other students tell me that You know if I really had jesus in my life I don’t need to ever be sad you know all the Christian musics just so happy and all the time it’s the same ten words over and over and You don’t always feel that way as a teenager and you take that Awkwardness that you would have had anyway, and you just compound that With you know a feeling of not belonging Even Moreso than you already had you know at least they had an imaginary friend. You know I didn’t once I actually Started using the word atheist. I mean it it’s It’s looked down on in society. It’s dignitize to a certain extent but Once I felt comfortable using that word I felt really comfortable with myself you Abraham Lincoln famously said a house divided against itself cannot stand And what example of unity could be greater than the church the literal house of God? The largest house in the world today is the Roman Catholic church which believes in the intercession on our behalf by Saint purgatory sacraments Praying to Jesus’ mom and to vacuum-seal their supreme pontiff in a popemobile to maintain maximum freshness Catholicism comes in really handy when people want to live however they want and just we boot with a few hail Marys every few weeks however, Martin Luther the German monk of the 1500s disagreed on much of catholicism He believed man was saved by Grace and Faith in Jesus Christ himself So he divided himself from the Catholic church and naturally was excommunicated and endured threats on his life while founding the Lutheran’s today American Lutheran’s are divided into several Major Church bodies the largest being the Elca and the Lc/Ms, and they spend significant amounts of time arguing whether it’s okay to allow homosexuals of course these arguments aren’t a problem with another protestant denomination the Baptist’s who apparently came out of the Anabaptists who are spiritual ancestors of the Mennonites and amish? You may have heard of the amish. They’re the ones who make delicious meals from scratch Churn butter by hand Score in the invention of the zipper and believe natural gas is holy while electricity is not The Baptist’s have no such qualms. Thank goodness They love electricity especially when it comes time to turn the heaters on in the baptismal pool The Protestant Church is divided on the method for a good Baptism where the Catholics might dab and the methodists might Sprinkle baptists won’t be satisfied until you’re holding your breath Baptists also frown on gambling alcohol and tobacco, but they’re divided with stricter churches who Forbid television and movies and Despite the promotion of Dance throughout the old testament Baptists are certainly not allowed to dance unless they call it something harmless like liturgical movement Methodists traced back to reverend John Wesley who came out of the Anglican church in the 1700s loved to dance Methodists remember the Saints put their ministers on sides of the stage Apparently to make more room for God and are themselves divided into many doctrinal groups Wesleyan Methodist United Methodists free methodists and so on Not to be outdone American Baptists really got into the division thing splitting into Southern Baptists free will baptists full gospel Baptists evangelical free Baptists reformed baptists seventh-Day Baptists United Baptists independent Baptists and many more One thing the Baptist’s can agree on is that they’re divided with the assemblies of God the world’s largest pentecostal Denomination, oh sure, the aog folks baptize by immersion But they also embrace the phenomenon of speaking in tongues and are also Divided with the Baptist’s on whether or not you receive the holy spirit at the moment of salvation baptists say it happens in one serving pentecostals require a second helping Try this experiment get a bunch of protestants into the same room and see how divided they are in almost any Biblical Topic is the Bible literal or metaphor Which bible translation is most accurate is sickness due to sin or just part of life? our Christians allow to be rich or obligated to live meagerly is there an unforgivable sin can man be Demon-possessed can you lose your salvation or are all believers safe forever? will we rise to an actual heaven or will the Earth one day become heaven are you pre-trib a Trip or post trip is hell a fiery pit or just a separation from God will it last forever? Or is it temporary you see what we’re talking about right these are the basics Fundamental tenants of Faith and yet the church can often only unify on the idea that it’s absolutely Divided on just about everything. How else do you explain over? 33,000 denominations of Christianity alone perhaps That’s why Abraham Lincoln himself once said the bible is not my book nor Christianity my profession I could never give a cent to the long complicated statements of Christian dogma That’s something we can agree on is It possible that something is holy to the celebrated agnostic. Yes the individual Human mind In a child’s power to Master the multiplication table there is more sanctity than an order shouted our men’s and holy holies and Hosannas an idea is a greater monument than a cathedral and The Advance of man’s Knowledge is a greater miracle than all the sticks turned to snakes to the parting of the waters but now Are we to forgo all this progress because Mr.. Brady now frightens us with a fable gentlemen Progress has never been a bargain you have to pay for it sometimes I think there’s a man who sits behind the counter and says all right you can have a telephone But you lose privacy and the charm of distance Madam you may vote but at a price You lose the right to retreat by the powerpuff or your petticoat? Mr.. You may conquer the air, but the birds will lose their wonder and the clouds will smell of gasoline Darwin took us forward to a hilltop From where we could look back and see the way from which we came but for this insight and for this knowledge We must abandon our faith in the pleasant poetry of Genesis. We must not Abandon Faith Faith is the most important thing then why did God play us with the power to think Mr.. Bailey. Why do you deny? the One Faculty A man raises him above the other creatures of the Earth The power of his brain to reason what other merit heavenly the elephant is larger The horse is Swifter and stronger the butterfly is far more beautiful the mosquito is more prolific Even the simple sponge is more durable What does a sponge think I don’t know I don’t man. I respond Do you think a sponge stinks if the lord wishes a sponge to think it thinks? Do you think a man should have the same privilege as a sponge of course this man? wishes to be accorded the same privilege as a sponge he wishes to Both sides of my family are Mormon and have been Mormon for several generations Obedience being highly stressed in the Mormon church, I was raised catholic I was born and brought up in a fundamental religious cult then my mother married my father keeps from Church Christ I do what the church since I was about 10 light years old. I remember the leaving in God when I was young I knew that I was going to go to hell if I got and had not confessed everything that I’d ever done wrong we were told to follow our leaders and any little thing that they told us was the absolute god-given truth and We were told a lot of things about not questioning I remember the first time I doubted was when we were being taught evolution in class I felt bad of course it was doubting God and doubting jesus. He’s realizing just so much more out there than Your little nutshell you might have been raising I grew up in I said I have read Bible and studied it And I cannot believe that these things are true. I enjoy being an open book. I’m a very transparent person I’m very honest and upfront and I have nothing to hide at age 19 I walked away I actually became an atheist because I just couldn’t subscribe to these things that they were telling me being an atheist the consequences I faced are basically being ostracized When you walk away the ion door clangs shut behind you you become the devil you become a Satan worshiper with my family it ranges from Just don’t talk to me about it – don’t come near me or my kids I set them down And I said this is who I am and I told them why they do Talk negatively about me as if I failed somehow there was a lot of fire and Brimstone speeches saying that basically that you’re not worth anything if you don’t subscribe to what we subscribe to your family your brother’s your sisters your mom your dad your Grandparents are no longer in your life. They’re gone and that to them you are essentially dead Truth is the ideal that I prize the most Therefore, I don’t think that I could have continued to pretend to be a believing member when I wasn’t readily with a horseshoe that I culpable I Had known the challenges. I would face if I had a full picture I doubt I would have dared to make that step but looking back. I’m glad I did I’m at a better place now. You feel so free and you want to Scream at the top of a mountain what you know now and the things you’ve learned choose mental freedom choose Self-Determination, it will enhance your life to such a great degree that you have no idea I have a mind of my own and I’m Gonna use it I would pray every night to God and I would say I’m sorry for doubting. I’ll try better next time Even though I didn’t go to church. I remember just thinking that God was the explanation for everything and I never really thought to question that I Remember a time when I was five or six years old probably turned to this little girl that was sitting nearby and I asked her do you believe in God and Without hesitation she just said yes, I asked her why and she thought for a moment? And then she said I don’t know I just do I Had to tell myself a bit. I shouldn’t doubt Because for some reason doubting became a bad thing Religion endorses this idea it says that it’s okay Not to think it’s that that it’s okay not to understand Doubting was something wrong with me something I Should suppress if you can’t answer the question. Why do you believe this? Then you’re not carrying your own belief. You are carrying somebody else’s belief You are carrying an indoctrination. You are carrying an idea that somebody gave you what you just wholeheartedly accepted without question And I find that that is very offensive to the progression of humanity It’s okay to question your beliefs. It’s okay to think that there’s something wrong with them if the evidence isn’t add up We only get one at this we all have this one life to live and no one comes out of it alive Nobody wins this this game in the end now so while we’re here let’s Not only cherish it and have as much fun with it. Let’s try to understand it as best. We can Religion is the biggest problem humanity faces? it keeps people in a Blinded state and tells them that it’s a good thing and if you ever question anything that it offers, you’re gonna burn in hell forever I’ve been going to church since I was two years old so as long as I can remember I went to a religious school Since daycare I came from a very catholic family and my dad was actually my bible study teacher I was always the kid in Sunday school that knew all the answers to all the questions That’s just how I grew up and I never questioned it once it’s interesting every day you learn about the bible and read the same stories over and over and over and It got to a point where I needed to read the whole thing about two years ago I really wanted to like finalize my argument for Christ, and I wanted the scientific background of it And I knew I had heard there’s historical evidence for Jesus there’s scientific proof that the bible is real, and I thought to myself I’m like I need this information. This is the the missing piece to my argument I Got a handout bible from a guy after leaving school, and I said all right. I’m gonna read the whole Bible I was really confused because the more I looked I found circular arguments, and then you start realizing How ridiculous what you’ve been told um really is and it just was a circle of nonsense, and then you start thinking Oh, this is Satan and Satan’s making me think all these awful abysmal thoughts. I’m gonna burn in hell forever the Summer before my first year of college I was assigned a book called brain rules for my Freshman biology class and this book talked about the evolution of the human mind and the brain and how our ancestors walking on the plains? Became what we are now and I remember thinking to myself I was like how that makes sense, and then I took a step back, and I was like wait a minute did I just say that evolution the theory that I’ve been told to is evil and Scientists are completely evil you know am I saying that evolution is true and they want you to fear to think and We’re humans that’s the one thing we have that separates us from every other creature on this planet We are capable of reasoning, and it just became more and more leaning towards like well. Maybe this isn’t true Maybe everything I thought You know is a lie, and that’s a really hard realization to come to Now that I’ve left religion. I feel a lot better about myself and a lot better About who I am as a person now. I don’t have to have this cognitive dissonance between believing absurd Stories and Following a group, but at the same time I’m more frustrated. I’m frustrated that people do Take these stories at face value Look at our political system. Look at our country We are completely immersed in religion, and it has way more influence than it should in our daily lives and it still Has its thumb on? Society and people are constantly suppressed by that And many of them don’t even realize it. I feel like when people say I’m a man of faith They should be ashamed as opposed to proud of it. It’s it’s like driving with your eyes closed if anything that can be done That’s positive with Religion can also be done without it To want to talk today about death Now most of us do our best not to think about death but but there’s always part of our minds that knows This can’t go on forever. We part of us always knows That we’re just a doctor’s visit away, or a phone call away from being starkly reminded with with the fact of our own mortality Or of those closest to us Now I’m sure many of you in this room have experienced this in some form You must know, how uncanny it is to suddenly be be thrown out of the normal course of your life and Just be given that the full-time job of not dying Or caring for someone who is but the one thing people tend to realize That moments like this is that they wasted a lot of time when life was normal It’s not just what they such as what they did with their time It’s not just that they spend too much time working or compulsively checking email is it that they cared about the wrong things? They regret what they cared about Their attention was bound up in petty concerns a year after year when life was normal And this is a paradox of course because we all know this epiphany is coming Don’t you know this is coming Don’t you know that there’s going to come a day when you’ll be sick or someone close to you will die and you’ll look back on the kinds of things that captured your attention and You’ll think what what was I doing? You know this and yet? If you’re like most people you will spend most of your time in life Tacitly presuming you’ll live forever really watching a bad movie for the fourth time Or or bickering with your spouses this these things only make sense in light of eternity There better be a heaven if we’re going to waste our time like that There are ways to really live in the present moment What’s the alternative? Okay, it is always now However much you feel you may need to plan for the future to anticipate it to mitigate risks the reality of your life is now now that this may sound trite, but It’s the truth It’s not quite true as a matter of physics in fact there’s there is no now that Encompasses the entire universe you can’t talk about an event being simultaneously occurring here and one at the same Moment occurring in andromeda The truth is now is not even well-defined as a matter of Neurology because we know that inputs to the brain Come at different moments, and that consciousnesses is built upon layers of inputs whose timings have to be different Our conscious awareness of the present moment is in some relevant sense already a memory But as a matter of conscious experience the reality of your life is always now And I think this is a liberating truth about the nature of the human mind in fact I think there’s probably nothing more important to understand About your mind than that if you want to be happy in this world But the past is a memory It’s a thought arising in the present The the Future is merely anticipated it is another thought arising now what we truly have Is this moment? and this and this And we spend most of our lives forgetting this truth Repudiating it fleeing it overlooking it And and the the horror is that we succeed we manage to Never really connect with the present moment and find fulfillment there because we are we are continually hoping to become happy in the future and the future never arrives Okay, even when we think we’re in the present moment or in very subtle ways always looking over its shoulder Anticipating what’s coming next we are always solving a problem And it’s possible to simply drop your problem if only for a moment and Enjoy, whatever is true of your life in the present We went through being Southern Baptist Chavez Witness Westland Through a methodist thing with friend of mine and Catholic with another friend of mine Pretty much most of the popular religions around here it was they are all the one true and correct religion at this time until we hop to a different religion and then that of Course is the one true correct Religion and all those other ones were wrong and the holy spirit just had not revealed to us at that point in time And I was also taught that if you question it, that’s the one sin that you can’t come back from once you’ve questioned God if if the question is even there no matter if you’ve decided if he’s real or not But if you even question in your mind, that is the unforgivable, sin you go to hell. There’s no forgiveness There’s no coming back. That was the way that I was raised I was raised in a racist and homophobic household you know and none of that ever felt right to me, but I was taught that because of the bible and Because of things that were said in the bible or whatever they wanted to cherry-pick out of the bible you know that these this is the way that life should be and these are the values that I should have and The values that we’re being forced upon me were very very much in conflict with my intrinsic values and if you look at the misogyny at The slavery that’s in there the violence the you know Sexual predators men you always hear people say well the people that do that aren’t true Christians well Yes They are you know I in my opinion the people that cherry-pick the pieces that they want out of the Bible aren’t true Christians. I? Just ended up. I’m going to college and Reading you know just through taking my classes I was going well none of this makes sense And I think I probably would have been an atheist a lot sooner because I’ve always been very much My own person to my parents dismay, but the information simply was not there. I mean I was going to Victory Christian school Where my science class when we studied evolution? Was teaching how to debunk evolution you know so I lived in this very small world and when I started college? It all opened up to me, and there was nobody there to keep me inside of that little box anymore I went through this little kind of phase where I went. Oh my goodness. What’s going to happen to me when I die? and There’s no guarantee. There’s no comfort There’s nobody to watch over me, and then I went I have to take responsibility for my own life Whenever I first realized that I was an atheist. I went I would say you know what I? wish that I could still believe if I could I would choose to Because it’s comforting and ignorance is bliss and then after that I realized That you know it was probably about a year later, and I went now you know what I’m really I’m really happy with the truth. I’m a person who’s always wanted to strive for the truth and to live for the truth, which I thought I was doing with the V truth of Christianity which was a giant Falsehood and a sham and a mechanism of control for me I Definitely do believe that We are better people without religion you so often hear people saying you know you need to tell your children how to think not what to think it’s the exact same thing with religion We need to know how to think not what to think I? definitely do feel like the world is better and people are better off and Science is better off and without religion No matter who you are you have to be true to yourself believer Have you ever stopped to consider? Why you believe what you believe? Have you ever thought about why you chose the religion you chose? Why do you believe in Jesus Christ as the only means to eternal salvation? or reincarnation Why do you believe that allah is the one true? God and muhammad is his prophet and not in the four noble truths of the buddha Why do you fold the torah as the only revealed word of God and not the Bhagavad-Gita? Dear believer do you ever wonder why your heaven resembles the utopian Earth and is composed of the same place? Right here in this planet Do you ever wonder why your deed governs within a power structure that resembles that of the specific time and place? In which your holy text was written Do you ever wonder why your god looks just like you for the animals with whom you share the planet? Do believer is the faith you practice the dominant line within your culture? Do you not find it at least a little suspicious of the overwhelming majority of all religious believers? Adopt the religion of the society in which they were born Yet remain convinced they lucked out or been divinely admitted into the one true Faith Does it not make you at least somewhat apprehensive that almost every person of faith chooses belief not because of its virtues supporting evidence Moral codes or expression of worship but rather because it was what they were born into Why out of the abundance of Faith choices available? Does almost every believer on the planet choose the faith? That’s within arm’s reach are you a Christian because you were born in America or Europe a Muslim because you were born in Saudi, Arabia or Indonesia A Buddhist because you are born in Japan or China a hindu because you are born in India Can it be that faith is in almost every case just an accident of geography? Do you sincerely believe that had you been born in another country you’d undoubtedly still be practicing the same faith you now embrace Dear believer is the faith you practice that of your parents and their parents before them Is it the first to which you were exposed? Did you know that nearly all religious Devotees end up believing what they were taught to believe by their parents? Why is it that we scoff at the idea of labeling a young person a republican child or a Marxist child our Keynesian child? Understanding he or she lacks the intellectual discrimination life experience and wisdom to make such a complicated nuanced decision But we do not raise so much as an eyebrow when a youngster is referred to as a Christian child Surely a choice no less complex Could it be that? There’s no such thing as a Muslim child just a child of Muslim parents Dear believer you are supremely confident in your faith. You know it is the right one Others are wrong you are literally willing to bet your eternal soul And yet have you ever stopped to consider that? There are two dozen major religions and literally thousands of different faiths practiced on this planet did you know that within Christianity alone there are more than 45,000 different denominations each claiming to understand ultimate truth better than all the other Do you realize that each member of every faith practiced is just as devout? Just as sincere and their conviction every bit as sure as yours Did you know them to read infallible holy texts have airtight apologetics have experienced miracles Feel God’s presence Sets his still small voice Obediently Follow his perfect will for their lives Love him indescribable and can offend their belief with same fervency as you do yours and yeah Since every religion is mutually exclusive contradicts the others in Matters both large and small They cannot all be right, right you know you just know your faith is the exception and yet if Every member of every Faith feels just as you do What are the odds you’re right? Dear Believer I’ve often been told that my unbelief is a guarantee of missing out on Heaven and Ending up in hell but whose Heaven whose Hell I’ve Often been told that I should just to be safe Accept God after all what have I got to lose? But who’s God? Given so many options aren’t I more likely to choose incorrectly might not I be better off wagering on no God rather than on the wrong. God You put it to me What if you’re wrong? But what if you’re wrong? What if rather than Jehovah allah is the one true? God or Shiva or Wu tan or some God on the other side of the planet you’ve never even heard of yet? The truth is you already know what it’s like to be an atheist in regards to every other faith, but your own It’s clear to you that adherence to other faiths are mistaken deluded or deceived But they think the same of you The way you view them is exactly the way they view you Every devout hindu has embraced his faith for the exact same reasons you have embraced yours Yet you do not find his reasons compelling Nor do you lose sleep at night fearing that if you die you’ll wake up in his hell Given this is it so hard to see why some of us just take our atheism one. God further Dear Believer I Wonder if religions aren’t just ancient Constructs in which early humans attempted to both explain and control the chaotic world around them though irrational and content their emergence certainly isn’t We do not blame our ancestors for inventing religion There is no shame whatsoever in stumbling when you are blind or failing to properly construct a puzzle in the dark But we no longer live in the dark Science is ablaze in our world and illuminates our way Dissipating shadows and exposing even the deepest of crevices. We no longer live in the cave We have crossed the valley scaled the mountains and have begun to make out the magnificent Vista on the other side We no longer require Comforting stories to make us feel safe or valued is it not time that our beliefs match our discoveries? Is it not time that our idea? reflect our new perspective There is equal if not greater awe in reality than there is in fantasy Perhaps it is time to stop telling ourselves That we are the reason the universe was made That our culture is somehow better than other cultures that our tribe was chosen over all other tribes it Is time to learn how the universe really is? even if that deflates our conceits wounds our pride Humbles our point of view and forces us to admit that we do not have all the answers believer If you honestly value the truth above all things as you claim as I truly know you do You must confront these fundamental questions you 9 million Children die every year before they reach the age of 5 The picture picture a a asian tsunami of the sort we saw in 2004 that killed a quarter of a million people one of those every 10 days killing Children only under by its 24,000 children a day a thousand an hour 17 or so a minute that means before I can get to the end of this sentence Some few children very likely will have died in terror and agony think of think of the parents of these children Think of the fact that that most of these men and women believe in God and are praying at this moment for their children to be spared and Their prayers will not be answered Any God who would allow children by the millions to suffer and die in this way and their parents to grieve in this way Either can do nothing to help them Or doesn’t care to he is therefore either impotent or evil and worse than that Most of these people many of these people certainly will be going to hell because they’re praying to the wrong. God Just think about that Through no fault of their own they were born into the wrong culture where they got the wrong theology and they missed the revelation They’re 1.2 billion people in India at this moment most of them are hindus most of them therefore polytheists no matter how good these people are They are doomed if you were if you are praying to the monkey God hanuman you are doomed You will be tortured in hell for eternity now is there the slightest evidence for this? No, it just says so in Mark 9 and Matthew 13 and revelation 14 Perhaps you’ll remember from the lord of the rings it says when the L die they go to Valley North but they can be reborn in Middle-Earth I Say that just as a point of comparison so God created the cultural isolation of the hindus he he Engineered the circumstance of their deaths in ignorance of revelation and then he created the penalty For this ignorance which is an eternity of conscious torment in fire? Okay on the other hand your run-of-the-mill serial killer in America, okay, who? Spent his life raping and torturing children Need only come to God come to jesus on death row and after a final meal of fried chicken He’s going to spend an eternity In heaven after death, okay one thing should be crystal clear to you This vision of life has absolutely nothing to do with Moral accountability And please notice the double standard used to to exonerate God from all this evil We’re told that God is loving and kind and just and intrinsically good But when someone like myself points out the obvious compelling evidence that God is cruel and unjust Because he visits stuff Marine on innocent people Of a scope and scale that would embarrass the most ambitious psychopath But we’re told that God is mysterious Who can understand God’s will? And yet, this is precisely This merely human understanding of God’s will is precisely What believers use to establish his goodness in the first place? If something good happens to a Christian some you feel some bliss while praying to Where he sees some positive change in his life, and we’re told that God is good But when children by the tens of thousands are torn from their parents arms and drown We’re told that God is mysterious This is how you play tennis without the net? And I want to suggest to you that it is not only tiresome when otherwise intelligent people speak this way. It is morally reprehensible This kind of Faith is really as the perfection of Narcissism. God loves me Don’t you know? He cured me of my eczema he makes me feel so good while singing in church and Just when we had given up hope he found a banker who was willing to reduce. My mother’s mortgage Given all the all that this god of yours does not accomplish in the lives of others Given given the misery that’s being imposed on some helpless child at this instant This kind of Faith is obscene This to think in this way is to fail to reason honestly or to care sufficiently about the suffering of other human beings And if God is good and loving and just and kind And he wanted to guide us morally with a book why give us a book that supports slavery? Why give us a book that it monitors us to kill people for Imaginary Crimes like witchcraft Of course it there’s a way of not taking these questions to heart God is not found by Moral duties. God doesn’t have to be good. Whatever he commands is good So when he commands that the israelites to slaughter the amalekites that behavior becomes intrinsically good because he commanded it We’re being offered a psychopathic and psychotic Moral attitude it’s psychotic because this is completely delusional. There’s no reason to believe that we live in a universe ruled by an invisible Monster Yahweh But it is it is Psychopathic because this is a total detachment From from the well-being of human beings if this so easily rationalized as the slaughter of children They just let this think about the muslims at this moment who are blowing themselves up Convinced that they are agents of God’s will But they’re praying to the wrong guy If they had the right dot what they were doing would be good on Divine Command Theory Now I’m obviously not saying that all religious people are psychopaths and psychotics But this to me is the true horror of religion It allows perfectly decent and sane people to believe by the billions What only lunatics that believe on their own if you wake up tomorrow morning? Thinking, it’s saying a few latin words over your pancakes is going to turn them into the body of Elvis Presley You have lost your mind But if you think more or less the same thing about a cracker and the body of Jesus, you’re just a catholic And I’m not the first person to notice That and say it’s a very strange sort of loving. God who would make salvation depend on believing in him on bad evidence? it’s it’s I Mean if you live 2,000 years ago there was evidence to lure, and he was just performing miracles but apparently he got tired of being so helpful and so now we all inherit this very heavy burden of the doctrines implausibility and and and and the effort to square it with What we now know about the cosmos and we and what we know about the all to human origins scripture becomes more and more difficult? And it’s not just the generic God it is God the father and Jesus son, okay Christianity. Just the true Moral wealth of the world but I hate to break it to you here at Notre Dame, but Christianity is a cult of human sacrifice Christianity is not a religion that repudiates human sacrifice it is a religion that celebrates a Single human Sacrifice as though it were effective God, so loved the world that he gave his only son John 3:16 the idea is that Jesus suffered the crucifixion, so that none needs suffer hell except those those billions in India and billions like them throughout history okay, this is this is this is a strive this doctrine is astride a contemptible history of scientific ignorance and religious barbarism week we come from people who used to bury children in under the foundations of new buildings as Offerings for their imaginary gods, so we just think about that They’re in vast numbers of societies people would bury children in post polls People like ourselves thinking that this would prevent an invisible being from Knocking down their buildings If these are the sorts of people who wrote the bible? If there is a a less moral, Moral frame I haven’t heard of it We meet in an hour of change and challenge in a decade of hope and fear in an age of both knowledge and ignorance the vast stretches of the unknown and the unanswered and the unfinished still far outstrip our Collective comprehension, but Condense if you will the 50,000 years of man’s recorded history in a time span of but a half essentially Stated in these terms only five years ago man learned to write and use a cart with wheels the printing press came this year and Then less than two months ago Newton Explored the meaning of gravity lies love electric lights and telephones and automobiles and airplanes became available only last week did we develop Penicillin and Television this is a breathtaking pace Surely the opening Vistas of space Promise high costs and hardships as well as high reward So it is not surprising that some would have us stay where we are a little longer to rest to wait But this country of the united States was not built by those who waited and rested and wish to look behind them all great inaudible actions our accompany the great difficulty And both must be enterprise-D And overcome with answerable courage if this capsule history of our progress teaches us anything It is that man in his quest for knowledge and progress is determined and cannot be deterred The exploration of space is one of the great adventures of all time and no nation Which expects to be the leader of other nations can expect to stay behind? in this race for space this generation does not intend to Founder in the Backwash of the coming age of space. We mean to be a part of it. We mean to lead them We set sail on this new sea Because there is new knowledge to be gained It’s not west deserves the best of all mankind and its opportunity Corporation may never come again We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard Because that goal Will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills? the Growth of our science and education will be enriched by new knowledge of our universe and environment by new techniques of learning and mapping and observation by new tools and computers for industry medicine the whole Ecology school Space and related industries are generating new demands investment and skilled personnel many Years ago the Great British Explorer George Mallory Who was to die on mount everest was asked? Why did he want to climb it? He said because it is there No, space is there and we’re going to climb it and the moon and the planets are there and new hope’s for knowledge and peace Are they the most hazardous and dangerous? And greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked Thank you people have been killed in a series of bombings in during an earthquake of magnitude said when he has hit Northern sumatra according to challenges Behind by the President was told by protesters who smash trucks through the perimeter and solemn woman is Led police in Pennsylvania to the body of a teenage girl from brazil through a massive pile of fruit and Debris Searching for survivors coming through decades gunfire erupted this afternoon three teens were wounded happen every others Has claimed nearly? 19,000 lives across Mexico Two strikes and iet explosions over the past in jail says she was gang-raped by for you the accused Ringleader was now 15 Heavenly father I know you raise up Godly leaders and tear down the unjust therefore, I beseech you to elevate congressman Richard if his opponent wins the election it will usher in a new era of Wickedness and Depravity I beg you heavenly father Thank you for healing jared Why could after 10 months of intensive chemotherapy and radiation and three intense surgeries? We know that you reach down and touched his body and by your blood. He was healed dear heavenly We know he is and thank you so much for the blessing of our new house. I never dreamt I’d be able to have a theater room, and you know how badly Susan has always wanted to walk in closet And I don’t think rob and jake will ever be out of that pool Jill thank you, so very much for protecting my family during yesterday’s, tornado Words cannot express my gratitude for your protective hand and keeping them safe Thank you that you clearly have a special plan for being my family God your head. You know Tommy has been asking for the new Minecraft Lego set for weeks I pray that you would direct me to the right toy stores So that I don’t spend all that other driving look after me, and my men as we go into combat today Protect us. I pray We know that you are on our side in this fight and that with you going before us who can stand against us May our country in your game, please, please please help me with my poli-Sci test today I know. I should have studied more, but I really need your help. I don’t pass. I could lose my scholarship Please show me the right answers. I know I pray Lord God that you would show your power today, Lord God and guide my home team to victory in their playoff game that they would destroy their enemies Lord God that you might be glorified in their sixth, Lord, Jesus I know that your word says you want to bless your children Beyond their wildest imaginations I claim that Lord I claim the wealth and prosperity The help in the divine favor you have promised to those who follow you May your blessings wash over me in my handler. Please direct me to a good parking space You know I’m uncomfortable driving Benz Big Suv Please guide my wheel to find an easy space. We were strong watching the news tonight. Lord of how blessed We are to live in this great country The rest of the world is mired in violence debauchery Tragedy and iniquity yet. We know that you have blessed your chosen people and their government Because we strive to be a shining city on a hill Proclaiming your majesty for your faithfulness Thanks to you gemma. I found the perfect airfare and hotel for our Caribbean vacation I know this retreat is exactly what we need to refresh ourselves after all the hard work We do and perhaps to rekindle a new spark in our marriage I cannot read your word says All those who have accepted you to live in Divine health I claim in your name the healing blood of Jesus to make me afraid that you would reveal to Jason just how much I love him and If it be or will make him love me, too I know we would be a beautiful couple God And we would ensure that our house served you and all we did. I just know that Jason is the one for Lord I can’t no This is a bit of an unorthodox request But if you only allow me to win this weekend’s big lottery Just think of how to use that money to glorify you and advance your kingdom Pastor really needs that new jet he’s been telling parties. I got the part Thank you so much for answering my prayers I Hope I can glorify you in front of all those television cameras and at every stage of the competition I’m Lord I pray that my Witness might make an impact even on my fellow contestants and on all of those people who eventually want Lord Jesus I pray over tonight’s school board meeting I pray that those who pervert your majesty and Elevate creation over the creator would be crushed under your foot I Pray that we might save our children from the Santana console that the darwinists and the homosexuals have in store for our society We know that our nation the greatest this planet has ever seen will only prosper if we return to your laws and dictates Help us be victorious. I pray in pushing back on the secular agenda That is tearing this country apart in your holy name amen But this God is also merciful And he’s kind and he’s provided a way for sinners to be forgiven washed clean accepted Deeply loved adopted into his family and used to advance his kingdom God’s own holy and loving nature Supplies the absolute standard against which all actions are measure he is by nature loving generous just faithful kind and so forth God is a infinitely loving. God that is to say God has an absolute abundance of love. We are part We are called to participate in the loving relationship that God offers us. God to love us and us to love. God So I would say this grace is rooted in the extraordinary character of God the extraordinary generosity of God his love his compassion his Wonderful nature which is always to bless always to give it’s his character of love you If you spent a lovely day at the beach, and then returned the following weekend knowing that it had one fewer grain of sand Would it seem like a different beach? So too would the universe continue in its ways if humanity weren’t here to witness it the Universe is absolutely massive And we are virtually insignificant in it I’ve seen no evidence that the rest of the universe cares we exist, or is even capable of caring. I don’t really need validation from the rest of the universe to find my own life important Why are you and why was I? willing to sacrifice my humanity Sacrifice the sum total of human experience and interaction the sum total of human knowledge on the Altar of a dream I have on occasion had people tell me that my life must be so depressing because I’m an atheist It’s doom and gloom and once you die. It’s it’s all over and it’s it’s just absurd to me how many people live for dying in this weird way, I think fragile fearful humans were terrified of death, and so they wrote their own ending to the story This happy fantasy a place where they’ll be reunited with people they’ve lost They’ll experience constant joy, and of course they’ll never ever die To me living for the afterlife Thoughtlessly following a set of what not to do Roles which you cannot question That’s basically devaluing your life in favor of worshiping death And apart from the Lack of evidence of a heaven or hell There is another problem that the concept of an afterlife has it is to diminish the value that we place on our lives in the here and now an Unlimited supply of anything including life means that its existence cannot be appreciated if life is eternal Then there should be no sense of urgency The worst aspect of Western monotheism is their system of judgment wearing it doesn’t matter? How good or bad you were in life you won’t be judged according to your deeds allah should be it doesn’t matter What an evil selfish sadistic? bigoted victimizer you were in life all sins can be forgiven if you put belief I Do not fear being dead, but the concept of the alternatives offered by the religious to trouble me Consider the more palatable alternative of the to heaven as opposed to hell Whilst descriptions of heaven as diverse as those who believe in heaven that does appear to be one constant? It will last for eternity Imagine that imagine eternity Give an eternity everything that can be accomplished will be accomplished Beyond all achievements there would be only limitless pointless existence The first hundred years may be possible the first thousand more painful the first ten thousand insufferable but this is just the start an Eternity in Heaven would be hell for me When I think about my own death I used to feel scared, but I don’t think I do anymore I’m not afraid of being Dead After we die we will not know the truth at that point. We will not know, wish, think, remember dream anything We look at what a human being is what their identity is that? I am this collection of my memories, my hopes, my dreams, my desires, my consciousness Exists as a product of the brain that is in this body that ends at Death I Don’t find this sad or tragic either. I don’t really welcome death, but I don’t live in fear of the end and I’ve come to see it as just another part of the natural world and to borrow from Mark Twain “I have been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born and not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it” In some respects. We never die our lives are entangled with those who come after us Just as our lives are entangled with those who came before us I mean there is Scarcely a living soul on this planet that doesn’t get bed at night without their lives in some way being Affected by the work of the hands and minds are folks like Faraday, Newton and pasteur But these entanglements go way Beyond the volga Lee obvious Main routes for similarly almost everyone’s life is intertwined with the people who grew the grain and made the bread that these men ate So it becomes clear that death is not there. We are intertwined with both lesser and greater things This because there is no grand scheme that it plays into doesn’t mean that there’s not something beautiful about what’s going on here Ironically enough the only part of me that is for all intents and purposes immortal is my material body Because after I die and after our Sun dies and after the planetary nebula it leaves behind fades away Every atom of me will be recycled back into the universe Even though a cell might not last forever the role it played in the life of the larger organism was important And that is how I see myself as a part of something bigger I have everything to live for I don’t want people to mourn over my death if Anything I want them to celebrate my life to celebrate what I have accomplished. I? For one thing that your life becomes more meaningful when your beliefs are based in reality Knowing that this life is the only one I have makes me a lot more conscious of my actions Makes me want to do something with this short life. I have make some improvement in the world however small it may be There’s too much to learn there’s too much to see there’s too much to know there’s too much to experience Not just going to exist I’m going to live For the beauty that cannot be seen for the honor of those whose shoulders we stand for the hope of those we aspire to become and for the inspiration of those will surpass our achievements life is a precious brief fragile amazing thing and Instead of being so fixated on living after death. I want to truly live before it and Be thankful that against incredible odds. I was able to witness this particular part of the universe with my own eyes Firsthand One night, I had a dream I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord my God Across the sky flashed scenes from my life At first I saw scenes of myself as a young child Scenes in which I was naive and curious about the world into which I was born A world of which would soon lead me to many questions Answers to which could be found so my parents taught me By accepting the truth found within the pages of only one book Answers to which could be found so my parents assured me By believing in the one who wrote this truth Answers to which could be found so my parents Convinced me by listening to those who spoke this truth As I walked I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand one belonging to me and the other to my God I noticed that whenever I pondered the purpose for my birth Whenever I needed to feel reassurance that there was a plan for my life Or whenever I did not want to fear death for that which follows He would walk with me Whenever I was unable to understand the complexity of nature the vastness of the universe or the mysteries of life itself I knew he held the answers He was the answer and he would walk with me Whenever I sought comfort through the troubled waters of my life Whenever I needed to feel a sense of acceptance and belonging Whenever I yearned for someone to love me unconditionally I knew that although I could not audibly hear Him or see Him or touch Him, He was with me For I could see his footprints in the sand walking Next to mine As I walked my life’s path continued to unfold before my eyes And slowly with each step I took from that naive child with inculcation well engraved I began to grow as did my mind as did my ability to reason And I began to wonder Could there be more? Could I rely on the lessons instilled in the budding mind and faith of a child? Were my discernment correct? Did these eyes so filled with heavenly white light through which I viewed myself and all that was around me Tell me everything Or was there something more? Something I had not yet discovered just beyond my view So I began to seek And I began to find New answers New truths that could not be found within the teachings and understandings of my youth Those hues of heavenly white light which now seemed to have clouded my eyes for so long Slowly gave way to the brilliant colors of everything that surrounded me, and there was order in those colors There was sense in those colors There was wonder in those colors I noticed that many times along this path of my life there was only one set of footprints in the sand The more I walked the more this happened This laid heavily upon me, so I asked the Lord God You said that once I decided to follow you, to believe in you, You would walk with me always Why then during the times of my life when I questioned the lessons of my youth? When I seek knowledge outside of what my parents taught me Outside of what your word taught me outside of what those who spoke your truth taught me Do I see only one set of footprints in the sand? Do you leave my side when I become inquisitive? Do you forsake me for using my mind or are those your footprints I see. Are you simply trying to? Carry me away from this path of discovery and back to your truths of my childhood Why do you not answer me? Why is it that the more I question the less you walk with me? Why is it that the more I discover the less I see your footprints in the sand next to mine? Why do I not hear you? Why do you remain invisible? Why do I see your footprints no more? Then within the stillness of the ensuing silence Within the absence of his reply I found my answer The sand upon which I walk is not wrought by faith or belief Rather forged by the crashing waves of logic and reason and the ever rising tide of science New Evidence and discovery In his footprints in the sand that walked next to mine That was the real dream. I call this my spiritual awakening It is incredible how time will heal all wounds even ones, so profound overpowering and overwhelmed but time did just that I Began to Awaken within you and more beautiful acceptance of reality and humanity Sure, I question my consciousness from time to time And if it is something more than simply Neurons firing electrical impulses Was there something greater out there after all I? even pondered the idea that maybe something created the first life-form and that evolution by natural selection was the result I Still have these questions and remain staunch that the only true answer is that we don’t know but as the acceptance of our mortality sinks in and the prospect of life after death being nothing more than a philosophical question the beauty of humanity becomes much more apparent As I awoke to a beautiful new day, I embraced reality I embraced all humanity like I had never done before Every glance from another human beings eyes every breath every movement was a thing of wonderment and beauty The more and more my spiritual awakening was clearing my mind and opening my eyes and showing me the mysteries of the universe With clarity and the more and more I looked at the beauty of the universe and all its secrets with all in inspiration The more I despise theism the belief in the one day the one God Theism disallowed me for opening my eyes and seeing reality It prohibited me from exploring the great unknowns with its fix-all. God is the answer to absolutely everything model In my entire life until now I have never questioned my beliefs I never questioned What’s out there, and what’s the meaning to everything? I now saw that I was deceived by theism I was deceived from exploring these thoughts by being told that God is the answer to everything or the God will one day show me all the answers of life love in the Universe I Was deceived by theism, which now showed me its ugly side To quote evidence once again. This theistic. God was an ugly Force which demanded to be glorified It demanded its will with an ironclad fist It had been built and fed over the years by the Christian imagination that heaps are their greatest fears and most bigoted opinions upon it Until it took on a life of its own This God sent homosexuals to hell because it does tested their actions You are not worthy of him your understanding is inferior and your logic is flawed So he is your only redemption and you better believe every word in the bible like it or not because those words are his if You didn’t he would fan the flames of hell in preparation for you He had already given you a chance He had stated very clearly that Jesus was the only way, but you wouldn’t listen his will is divine His Guidance was perfect and perfectly clear If you didn’t know his guidance it was your fault you had to fix your sinful life You had to separate yourself from the world through prayer and beg for forgiveness of that sin Because you are pitiful and so onward and so lost without The construct of theistic Religion had now become unsightly in the pulse of organization At one time I used to defend religion saying that all the destructive aspects of religion were people that misused it or misinterpreted it Now I see the truth for what it really is it is a suppression of free thought it is a control of the masses and instills fear It is the hindrance and restraint of progress it is the repression of that which is detested by its followers such as homosexuality It is the cause of so much suffering and so much With my newfound truths I rush to tell people of my discoveries, but my response was a big surprise I Was greeted with anger and even hate I was told that I would burn in hell, or that. I will never see my mother I was insulted by people telling me that no longer believing in God or being an atheist was a religion of its own Everyone was so defensive as though. I was attacking them I Tried so hard to explain that I was not trying to fight a battle but rather that this was something. I simply now believed But it fell to deaf ears The religious world was convinced that I was trying to fight them over beliefs and that my not believing in God anymore It was a religion of its own Like not collecting stamps was a hobby or not smoking was a habit I Found that no matter what the line of reasoning people simply won’t let go this idea of God Much like I was past We are said to be the only animals that are conscious of our mortality Well, I heard that it was the same dolphins and chimps, but I don’t know about that But we are animals that are conscious of our mortality in other words. We know we’re going to die You see my cat is 14 years old and she doesn’t have a lot of years left on this world But she doesn’t stay up at night stressing about this issue because she doesn’t actually know she’s going to die we however do and This four species was so much reasoning in love is a very difficult thing to accept It is a horrible thought that we will grow older and older more and more frail and then simply ceased to exist What makes this an even harder thought to accept is that most of us are continually struggling to create a better life for ourselves? having such difficulties making ends meet Continuously working and being tired with so little time for enjoyment Life is so unfair in so many ways We’re also species that always makes mistakes many of the mistakes. We may cause irreparable damage to the enjoyment of our lives with so much reasoning with so much love and with so much struggle To accept that there is nothing more after death can be overwhelming overpowering Devastate crusher to accept this admission is most times unbearable and insufferable a Thought so horrendous that we simply are unable to tolerate So we created God a calm after the storm a force of refuge from the ills of life We created a place where we can live again where we can play with our children again pet our animals again new friendships enjoy again and love again As far as I’m concerned this is why people simply refuse to let go helps them continue their lives But I have wonderful news these feelings of despair and despondency fade away when reality is accepted a New Beauty of Life in the Universe come to be a Profound sense of Love of Humanity Empowers one’s life and brings them so much happiness. I know this is so hard to believe the loss of the blest assurance is an acute pain leaving a person with such intense emptiness and Today, I am happier than I have ever been I Once had a heated discussion over all this with a very intelligent young person who asked me What meaning is there to life when you take out? God? he suggested that I had an Illusionary view to the meaning of life and that being an atheist is unbelievable I Rebutted by telling him that we are human beings and as such we love our children. We love ourselves We love each other. We love our world. We love our existence I Told him that it was amazing to me that the people who most strongly intent that they have a grasp of the understanding of love Christians are the first to Dismiss it as giving our lives any meaning I Went on to say that because one cannot admit to reality and therefore holds on to a magic man in the sky This was what was truly illusionary? If there is anything, that’s unbelievable it’s the entire concept of God you’re unbelievable your son believable You’re I’m pleased you’re unbelievable, I Want to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas now that might seem odd to some people why would an atheist Say Merry Christmas in fact why would an atheist celebrate Christmas at all? It’s Christ’s mess and atheists don’t believe in Christ, right? Do you enjoy Thursdays? I mean have you ever enjoyed a Thursday or maybe done something special on a Thursday? Have you ever participated in Thursday? Well does that mean that you honor the norse Deity thor? Because that’s where we get Thursday from it’s actually from the old English Thor’s day It’s thor’s day, and that’s just one example of many days and dates and occasions We have that are named for ancient gods and goddesses Monday is the Moon’s day for the worship of the moon Wednesday is named for one perhaps better known to us as the norse God odin Saturday is Saturn’s day for the pagan Deity Saturn, or cronus the father of zeus The month of January was named for the deity Janus our month of March is named after mars the roman God of war and so on and so on and so on now if you don’t believe in the pagan Deity Saturn Does that mean that you aren’t supposed to participate in Saturday? You don’t get to enjoy your Saturday well of course not that’s ridiculous and the reason it’s ridiculous is because The name of the day the meaning of the day is much different here in the 21st century than it was in ancient times and this is how many atheists and Non-Christians view the Holiday of Christmas sure Christ is in the title But you don’t have to believe in a literal christ to be able to enjoy the holiday Christmas is for all of us It’s for everyone now if you are a Christian, and you believe in a literal baby, Jesus And you celebrate this holiday religiously cool But hang with me here for just a few minutes because there are some things about Christmas that you might find Hugely surprising I know I did when I learned them the first time for example Xmas is supposedly an attempt to Ex christ out of his own holiday Right we’ve heard this for years and years well the truth is is that x actually? Represents the first letter in the Greek word for christ. It’s not an attempt to remove christ from Christmas xmas is Christmas You might be surprised at the holiday season Didn’t originally belong to jesus in fact if you look around you’re going to see icons that represent the earlier pagan roots of celebrations that relate to the winter solstice and the return of the sun not the sun the Sun long before the time of the Jesus Story December celebrations would signal the ending of winter that the days would start getting longer at the warmer weather was coming and with it a new harvest which was hoped to be plentiful and So to petition the gods for good crops the next year Celebrations and offerings would be made in the month of December the pagan festival of Saturnalia honored Saturn the same God tied to our Saturday the vikings of scandinavia honored balder ancient egyptians honored their sun God raw and so on the gods would hopefully Bless the land and the people and the long winter would finally be over many of these gods had a special plant the evergreen which is most certainly the explanation for why you and I have a Decorated evergreen tree in our living rooms every December the Christmas tree Harkens back to the honoring of gods that came well before Jesus and definitely were not Christian in fact Christmas trees were considered pagan symbols right here in the us until the 1840s that’s right if you celebrate Christmas Is a really good chance you have a pagan symbol in your living room? Here’s an example. Do you have mistletoe hanging over a doorway in your house? well the early druids and greeks used to believe that mistletoe had magical powers was a magical plant a pagan symbol of life and fertility yule logs in the Christmas fireplace although stemmed back to the pagan festival of Huell which honored yule beings pagan deities think about that the next time you warm yourself next to a Christmas fireplace By the way you might find this interesting The United States of America didn’t Declare Christmas day a national holiday until june the 26th 1870 like a hundred Years after the constitution was written and those who say that We’re a Christian nation probably don’t realize that many of our founding Fathers were it actually Christians Benjamin Franklin not a Christian John Adams, not a Christian James, Madison Thomas Paine Thomas Jefferson not Christian’s may not know that the us constitution never mentions. God and religion is only mentioned in the context of maintaining Church-state separation the words in God We trust weren’t added to American coins until 1863 Paper money didn’t have it until the red scare of the mid 20th century you might not know this the words under God Were not in our original pledge of allegiance Under God was added by congress in the 1950s almost 200 years after this nation was found The establishment clause of the first amendment was put in place to assure that congress shall make no law respecting the establishment Of religion at its very roots the United States was designed to represent Everybody and not just Christians And that is why you occasionally will hear protests whenever politicians elected to represent us all Start promoting a single religion their religion on tax dollars that we all pay So very quickly. Let’s just recap okay? Christmas stems back to the celebrations of pagan gods and today still incorporates a whole lot of pagan traditions Jesus came after those pagan gods and the pagan celebrations of those gods Jesus isn’t the reason for the season or at the very least? He’s not the only reason for the season and almost every true detail written about Jesus’s birth in the Bible Contradicts another true detail written in the very same book a book that’s supposed to be God’s perfect word our constitution says that government cannot play favorites But should represent us all and most of the people who freaked out about atheists during Christmas They probably celebrate Christmas in ways that don’t really involve Christ anyway, I Would wager that your favorite stuff about Christmas probably isn’t religious at all right? It’s Decorating the house. It’s stockings over the fireplace. It’s pumpkin pie and turkey hot Apple cider It’s playing in the snow and then rushing inside to warm up by the fireplace. It’s seeing your children open gifts it’s spending time with those you care the most about Honestly the most awesome stuff about Christmas has nothing to do with Christ There is no war on Christmas Atheists aren’t out to strike christ from Christmas anymore than we’re out to strike thor from Thursday And those who believe in a literal baby, jesus are not victims Just because somebody else reminds them that they don’t have a monopoly on Christmas Christian’s do not own the holiday and in light of the true pagan origins of Christmas Jesus doesn’t own it either Ultimately Christmas isn’t about gods or goddesses Offerings for the harvest the feasts of the pagans or the story of a super baby who came to save the world? It’s really about something much better more personal more Meaningful Christmas is not a supernatural thing Christmas is a human thing For many of us. It really is the most wonderful time of the year just remember that December 25th the Christmas holiday isn’t exclusive to Christians and many non-Christians love to celebrate Christmas we don’t celebrate the religion of Christmas we celebrate the Tradition of Christmas and Christmas belongs to everyone you the reality is Jesus was the solar deity of the gnostic Christian sect and Like all other pagan gods. He was a mythical figure It was the political establishment That sought to historize the jesus figure for social control By 325 ad in Rome Emperor constantine convened the Council of nicaea It was during this meeting that the politically motivated Christian doctrines were established and thus began a long history of Christian bloodshed and spiritual fraud and for the next 1600 years the Vatican Maintained a political stranglehold on all of Europe leading to such joyous periods as the dark ages Along with enlightening events such as the crusades and the inquisition Christianity along with all other theistic belief systems is the fraud of the age It serves to Detach the species from the natural world and likewise each other it supports blind submission to Authority It reduces human responsibility to the effect that God controls everything and in turn awful crimes can be justified in the name a divine pursuit and Most importantly it Empowers those who know the truth But use the myth to manipulate and control societies The religious myth is the most powerful device ever created and serves as the psychological soil Upon which other myths can flourish

100 Replies to “A Humbling Journey: Theist to Atheist [Abandoning Religion, Faith & God] (HD FULL Movie)”

  1. This already has me in tears. We are so much better than any of us know. Each of us capable of such cruelty and such love. We are better than we have been and we are so close to the edge. Thank you for reminding us we are one people. Human. I am not an atheist because honestly I don’t know. I doubt that the One God is real and I really hope he isn’t cause he is a monster. I will fight him and his deranged children if I have to but I

    I look up to Jesus, but only because he was a brave man who tried to help the people who the church said were not worthy. I am almost 100% sure that the Vatican holds documents that would destroy Christianity. Both the records of its crimes throughout history and the truth of what Jesus taught. I doubt they want Jesus to really come back because he will be quite unhappy. The church stole his humanity from him and by making him divine they downplay his character and example to others. They don’t even understand his lessons toting the book written by the ones who murdered him while his apostles just watched. what

    This also robs every person of the same potential. The potential to stand up for those who are being repressed.

    On a separate note, human are not the only life that can use reason. Human arrogance is not limited to only the religious. Many animals have shown reasoning abilities, dogs for one, and dolphins. We should always be honest with ourself. Humble in our ignorance not arrogant in our beliefs,

    In recent experiments with bee’s they placed a small plastic ball down and then used a artificial bee to push the ball into a slot and the artificial bee was then rewarded with sugar water. The bee’s watched this and some learned faster but all of them learned to push the ball into the hole for sugar water. They retained this knowledge as well. But that wasn’t the amazing part. It was unexpected yes, but the next experiment using different bees used three balls placed at different distances from the hole. The artificial bee then pushed the ball farthest away into the hole to get the reward. What the amazing part was after a couple times the bees learned but they went to the ball closest to the hole and pushed it in. This shows a level of reasoning that would extraordinary in mammals and more so for an insect.

    Fish have been shown to be capable of more thought and emotional range as well, though I admit the fish were more machevellian but still. What they are finding is that animals can use reasoning but we just assumed they couldn’t so never noticed it. Life is quite amazing all by itself. They have also shown plants and trees communicate across species. They all share resources and if one plant is sick or nutrient deficient other plants of different species will help it. Plants also learn. They did an experiment with plants using fans. They basically found that the plants could be trained to move towards the sound of the fan. It shows they can perceive far more than we assumed and they also remember what they learn and share it with other plants. This is amazing. Humans are one animal. Our understanding of the life around us is not as great as most of us think. We do not even understand how the human brain works. We have theories but people do not seem to remember that a theory is an educated guess. It is not truth.

    Religion is truly a mental disorder. It should be put in the DSM. It makes me very sad to think people are so unhappy they turn to gods, to beliefs and labels and this stupid idea of an identities that really doesn’t matter to give them worth. Human is my identity and it is quite enough worth and responsibility for me. We are supposed to define our beliefs not be defined by them. I think faith should always be a personal choice. We used to honor and respect our environment because we were innocent. We respected life and helped another human because they are human. We never imposed our particular beliefs on another person. We would be curious to learn about other people’s and would share our when asked but they weren’t so much a part of us we would kill for them, faith is like it’s cousin hope. I can have faith in humanity or faith in goodness. Faith that we will get through this but it doesn’t mean my faith will make it happen. It will give me the strength to be positive and my actions will encourage others to be positive and that is what will make it happen. So in a way faith can be useful but again it is personal. I can believe in unicorns and it won’t effect anyone else, much but if I believe unicorns want everyone to believe in them too and begin to indoctrinate others and use fear that if they don’t believe in them they will be cursed with bad luck that is a form of emotional terrorism. Any belief, religious, scientific, or political taught as a fact is when it is not is wrong. Humans have a tendency to overestimate themselves. We all do it. Prudence and Love and patience with those who are sick of mind body and heart. It is no wonder that the children of an absent, sexist, racist, homophobic bully father are ill. Someone needs to call CPS on God.2

  2. what so people join religion because they have a sad |ife?

  3. My own mother caught me watching this video, she thinks that it's polluting my mind, she thinks that I'm being encouraged to do drugs, commit crimes and become a liberal. In one of the things that she said is that life is meaningless without the deity I am currently questioning known as God, until I stumbled upon 1:03:45 while proceeding to keep paying attention to the video, what the dude was saying and trying to understand it. Plus, the lady telling the baby what she is trying to say really fit the situation I went through. Btw, these are some epic times I'm witnessing such as atheism vs the religions and The conservatives vs liberals and the globalists. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty interesting.

  4. yes I am so happy to see people waking up,religion is evil and that to believe in a sky daddy J.C (as Christian would say Jesus Christ is ridiculous.

  5. I have to ask people who believe in God.
    Why would you worship God if God sends people to be tortured in hell for eternity? Would you say that's love?

  6. lol as the hebrew is floating by "written in language you cannot understand" im like…. uhh i speak hebrew and i can read what's their, they weren't even showing a a proper Torah (jewish bible) that was actually an old talmudic scroll. To be fair it was probably just stock footage… Sorry gotta go at this again, Don't show hebrew and say "convince people to join you in your beliefs" Jews actively discourage people from becoming jews. And its not just a "why would you WANT to paint a giant flaming target on your back?" We're the single most hated group of people next to Atheists. And 70% of jews become atheist and just teach their kids cultural judaism. Basically 1. Work smart not hard Brain>brawn 2. get an education 3. produce wealth for the community

  7. I am a monotheist strictly thus don't believe in any founded religion. My God is the God of the atheist, agnostic, skeptic and secularism. He is the only higher being with no competition or helpers or middle men. Religion is evil and insane. Faith is as well. I do not want you to believe in my God unless it directly reveals itself to you! I started as an atheist. I ally myself with atheism. I have simply experienced God and he has never shown any allegiance to a faith based system. He seems to be showing himself through reason and the atheist and science. And more through music and art and film. In a way through all things even, but always in a secular unaffiliated way. Why am I saying all of this? Lol no clue…

  8. LOVE this vid. Thank you!!!!
    Also look at this pic https://www.facebook.com/701555643356418/photos/a.750287708483211/1023756717802974/?type=3&theater

  9. Man religion has messed up so many people and pissed off so many athiests..I am glad I am neither..Think outside the box..I govern my dam self and I feel there could be something after death who knows but until that times comes I just do my living and I do believe there are spiritual laws in this universe that if you deviate from you suffer and that is literally verifiable..You cannot do evil things and feel good about who you are..Your cut off from feeling joy and happiness. well thats my take and thank God lol I don't have all this anger it seems so many have about this topic it must be tough

  10. I stand alone,I follow no one,I am FREE.i don’t care who hates me for it.believing means be-lie-ing,gospel means god-spell.

  11. Disguise a lie and you get "truth"!
    Distort the truth and you get
    Take words out of context and you get "truth"!
    Repeat the same lie and you get "fact"
    A tray of shit IS a pile of chocolate !!!

  12. I can easily disprove every word of this is nonsense if the author had the guts to debate me. I was an atheist and then found Jess you are wrong, you are very wrong. To the one seeking read my book. Give yourself a chance to know the truth. The Trace of God: Rational Warrant for Belief, https://www.amazon.com/Trace-God-Rational-Warrant-Belief/dp/0982408714

  13. An ennobling journey is what my eternal career is. Atheists go from rejection to nothingness. Theists go from belief, through faith, to everything.

  14. It has been said the religion is like making a deal with God. Obey my laws or burn in hell, when Spirituality is like going on a journey that lasts a life time. I was dissolutioned as a boy but luckily in later life I attended an "Awakening" I have been on that Spiritual journey ever since. It was the best thing I have done, ever.

  15. If you dont believe in God (god as defined in religion) do you believe in the past there are beings we called 'gods'? And do you believe they had natural abilities or technology we percieved as magical? Im just trying to wrap my head around how you reconcile the Vedas, the Annunaki, etc. It seems that all these video are about how horrible religion is or the Judeo/Christian/ Muslim paradigm. Cause guess what, lol, for all they pretend to be enemies they worship the same evil being that thrives on bloodshed and conflict. I just give ancient man much more credit. I don't think they were all superstitious idiots. I think they did their best to explain tech or species related abilities in the best way they could relate it to the natural world of that time. Heres a mindbender that'll make you think – suppose now or in the near future we have time travel. What if its possible that those 'gods' were modern humans …some teaching peace and love and some using war and enslavement, both using Budda to Mohameds to teach never realizing THEY ARE their own 'gods'. LOL

  16. I'm only 45 minutes into this 3 hour video and already can't even count how many logically fallacious arguments I've heard. This is actually strengthening my belief that God is really there.

  17. We came from some where. I think it is clearly an intelligent design. Biological beings with built in instincts(all from insects to humans) Trillions that fight or flight to stay alive and reproduce. Accompanied by death it's a system that carries on for 1000s upon 1000s of years, generation after generation. I would say it's a successful creation. So you want me to prove there's a Creator? Prove to me there isn't.

  18. WOW. First time I see no single comment from any religious brainwashed. Happy days.We getting there, slowly but surely.GREAT MOVIE.

  19. I believe god
    Even you are not
    Because life can't explain even scientist nobody can explain ..why people have a big than other creator…

  20. referring to 5:19 minutes into this video…I have to make an assertion here:

    It is interesting to notice how many white people want to act so defensive like there is something so wrong with "reverse discrimination" or "racism" against white people, and that it is immediately or automatically concluded about black people that when they try and hold white people of our recent generation accountable for what happened to black people in previous generations, tens or hundreds of years ago, such as slavery, racial segregation, etc. — it is interesting to notice what seems to be an acceptable double standard, in that making excuses for not engaging in the participation of "white guilt" and humbling oneself about what past generations did in the white race, this double standard does not seem to be applied to those who are trying to hold unbelievers accountable that are not obligated to accept the guilt of what people supposedly did thousands of years ago to this worshiped being named Jesus Christ, and that somehow it is okay to hold us all guilty for what happened to him, and that every human must be "punished" also for what some character named "Adam" did 4000 years before the Christ character came along to pay for it.

    Now think about it. Really. How is it any different when we are constantly indoctrinated by church teachers throughout thousands of years and through MANY generations into believing that we are guilty for what happened to someone that we don't even know for sure even existed…and yet these same religious people want to get all defensive about what black people might say against the white people for what their ancestors did to them. And we KNOW that SLAVERY of black people existed, as an historical fact, unlike what is reported about this Jesus character from a book called The Bible. How does someone justify the double standard…do you see the correlation here? And mind you, I am not necessarily saying that the guilt-tripping of white people is okay by black people in every case…because we are not in control of what people of our past as white people did to others in previous generations who were black…but is it any different than what the religious zealots do towards those of us in society who are unbelievers or agnostics, or atheists, or of other religious persuasions? Nobody should be held accountable for what others do in the past against ANYONE…whether they are thought to be a religious philosopher, worshiped "divine" human beings, or a race of people who were enslaved at any point or era in human history. Am I right?

  21. My cognitive dissonance developed as a result of being a crisis call nurse for home hospice patients. The randomness of life became very clear, but it was liberating after the pain and fear. I tried to hold onto the hope I had but it was stripped away from me. I was left alone with my own mind

  22. I believe in a some higher form of energy that goes well beyond this universe but definitely not a man with a beard who floats around in the sky.

  23. This is such a beautiful movie. I have been in tears since about the third minute into the film. I recently deconverted from religious beliefs and this made my journey much more beautiful.

  24. What a lot of rubbish. Lots of half truths and lies. Just because you don't like the idea of a God (who you will have to face one day on judgement day) doesn't make him not exist. Romans 1:20-25 King James Version (KJV)

    20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

    23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

    24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

    25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

  25. There are parts of this video I find excruciating to watch. The prayers of the gullible are particularly painful Religion is a drug that everyone should give up. Only then will humanity fulfil it's true worth and purpose.

  26. I cant believe religion is still a " thing ". I got off that drug in 74 or 75 at 11 years of age. why ? cause i was taught to read. how any one over the age of ten who reads any " holy book " thinks any of its true, well , is simply retarded. no more no less. it is good to see even 40 years ago the bible was considered the perfect word of god. and ill tell you what I felt the same way I felt 1st time i got locked up. alone and scared. but that turned to hatred so I survived. same thing with religion. catholic family. they all thought i was the devil ! alone scared turned to hatred. then went to start my criminal carreer to prove them rite. religion religious people I truly hate for thier stupidity . I dont hate like I used to. 56 years old now. just tired. I just wish I would live to see these religouis assholes destroy the planet with nukes in the armageddon game they fantasize about. but ill just have to die happy knowing the truth no heaven no hell . and if im wrong ? I was baptized catholic. being an atheist only means im a bad catholic. so being from the one true christ church. ive got as good a chance of heaven then one of you fake ass born again christians ! lol .

  27. The disembodied spirits of the giants inhabit the mindless masses/Freemasons/Satanists/occultists.FACT.The so called christian nations are the real lost tribes of Israel,whom god divorced and sent out of his sight and scattered them.WHY?For false god worship,sacrafising to false gods(often their own children) idolatry and occultism.This,the lost tribes of Israel,are STILL doing to this very day.The majority.Read Daniel 9 and psalm 106 KJV.God pured a curse out on his own people.SInce they don`t follow him,have been given over to a reprobate mind,and demons control everything they think,say and do.FACT.Demons have legal right to inhabit you from your own sins,but also,the sins of the Fathers.Drugs,alcohol,meditation,yoga,martial arts,tattoos,body piercings,Quija boards,these are gateways to demonic possession.Satan is the Prince of the power of the air,sending mind control,demons and witchraft through the airwaves.Certain cords of music summon demons(drums),Many singers are witches casting spells on their fans with their lyrics.What is automatic writing?Where a demon controls the arm of a person.A demon writes a best seller and someone with asbergers syndrome and NO COMMON SENSE,gets the credit for a book they did not write.Same with inventions.A demon working through a brain dead corpse,invents crap.Not to mention,the masses are educated in BS,and doctrines of demons.The only truth and knowledge is in the king james bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls.Perhaps some ancient writings of ancient empires.The rest is BS.The technology comes from the fallen angels and demons that inhabit people.

  28. Three hours and the question is still unanswered:  how does nothing create something?  That is, If something does not exist, how does something create the substance from nothing that something then uses to create itself?Three hours and important truths are ignored:  everything around us is "running down" which means (1) the physical universe had a beginning and (2) it will have an end.I enjoy the "God of the gaps" straw that atheists grab.  Knowing how your car works does not mean it created itself or that there are no such things as automakers and assembly plants.  Seeing the very small with a microscope and the very large with a telescope can increase your knowledge of "how it all works" … but the nagging question remains:  how did it start?  The microscope and the telescope keep pointing you to a Creator but suddenly atheists quit trusting your instruments.  This is as sad as the aircraft pilot in fog who insists the plane is flying straight and level while the instruments keep warning her the plane is in a spiral dive; she destroys the plane, kills herself, and kills the passengers who trusted her to fly the plane.  Your pilots are the producers of presentations such as this and the passengers are the fools who buy a ticket to ride.Three hours and here is a question YOU can answer:  will you see the plane crash from inside the plane or from the ground?

  29. There is so much wonder to be experienced when we're free from religion and dogma. I was thirteen when I experienced it for the first time and since then I never had the desire to look back.

  30. I am a teacher of science, religion and ethics. I would not grade it an A, mostly because it is very bad when it comes to understanding the Christian religion. One cannot paint a religion using only the colors of a certqin kind of Christianity.
    I believe either this guy was part of a bad branch of Christianity, or he was never Christian at all. It is vital that in order to call oneself a theist (when it comes to Christianity), one must understand the words law, faith, gospel etc, and one must know how these words work together.
    Also, I hope this guy has kids, and I hope they rebel against him when he does not let them stay outside at nighttime etc. I hope they say "you do not love us since you are not letting us do what we want to do", even though of course the father knows that there are reasons for not letting them do so…

  31. If the god of the bible had been portrayed as a king instead of a God , he would be remembered as the most evil, mass murdering, tyrannical dictator of all time! Christians give the bible god a free pass because, they say, he is god the creator. I don't see the difference whether man or god. If his actions were evil or immoral, as the bible states, then he'd be just as guilty of being evil as any human committing the same deeds.

  32. If there is a God and it knows it is God. And according to ancient parables written by men, God is all loving, all knowing, has been and always will be. Then I have to ask, if God knows it is God, then why would God need to be worshipped? Perhaps to compensate for a tiny dick

  33. I love this documentary.
    My only questions that I have left is Astral Projection and Near Death Experiences.

    I know for a fact that I astral projected and saw my room.
    Not a figment if my imagination.
    It was my room lol.

    So even tho I agree with this video. There is SOMETHING..

    But other than that. Carry on!

  34. To me atheists are the only ones that deserve to rule in the kingdom of heaven as the Bible states that the chosen will do.

    Because they are the only ones are Earth that say in their heart, at the risk of going to hell, I will NOT worship a god that won’t love ALL.

    To me that is bigger than Christ or… it is the REAL Christ consciousness.

  35. Humbling??? humble yourself and realize your free will and self is a complete illusion and you dont have control and never will have control. Everything is set in stone and is perfect. Humble yourself and realize God is love and is the only thing that is present here. yes religion is garbage but if you want the truth, you gotta understand the yin yang and that everything is a paradox. The oneness which is everything is god. it’s the only thing that exists and which we came out of, thus being our creator. the middle way.



    The uncertainty or the denial of the Existence of God could be attributed to the limited opportunities for delving into the scientific concepts in the realm of Molecular Biology, Human Reproduction, Embryology, Cosmology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Mathematics and other wide-ranging knowledge-based disciplines.
    Kindly examine the following scientific facts:

    1) There are 100 TRILLION (100,000,000,000,000) CELLS in the Human Body. Each cell has a sophisticated infrastructure consisting of energy-generating organelles, transportation systems, waste disposal systems, an immunological (defense) network, manufacturing facilities for the production of proteins, hormones, enzymes and antibodies and an INFORMATION BANK comprising DNA molecules arranged in helical strands. If all the DNA strands in a human body could be strung together, it would stretch from the Earth to the Sun and back 70 times !!! (“Length of a Human DNA Molecule”, “The Physics Factbook”, Edited by Glenn Elert). The mean distance between the Earth and the Sun is 150 million kilometers (93 million miles). These DNA strands contain the complete genetic information code for all the functions and structure of the human body. It is a well-established fact that all codes are created by a CONSCIOUS MIND; there is NO NATURAL PROCESS known to Science that creates coded information because the laws of Physics and Chemistry do not account for the existence of information. Therefore DNA was designed by a “MIND“.

    2) The Short-tailed Shearwater Bird or “Mutton Bird” starts its annual migration in March from the east coast of Australia flying east into the Pacific, turning north along the coast of Japan until it reaches the shores of the Bering Sea, where it rests for a short period. It sets off again, this time flying toward the south, along the west coast of America until it reaches California. It then flies back across the Pacific to its original starting point. This annual voyage of some 15,000 miles in the shape of the figure 8 never changes, either in terms of the route covered or the dates involved: The journey lasts six months and always comes to an end during the 3rd week of September on the same island and in the same nest that the bird left six months previously. What follows is even more amazing: Upon their return, the birds clean their nests, mate, and each female bird lays its single egg during the last ten days of October. After two months, the young chicks hatch out, mature rapidly, and at the age of three months watch as their parents fly away on their long journey. Two weeks later, in mid April, the young birds then take their turn to embark on their maiden flight across the Pacific and finally back to the east coast of Australia.
    Without any guidance along the way, they follow exactly the same route taken by their parents as described above. The implications of this are clear: Within the material transmitting their hereditary characteristics contained in the egg, these birds must possess all the instructions required for such a journey. While some people may argue that these birds are guided by the sun and the stars, or by the winds prevailing along the route covered by their round trip, such factors clearly do not account for the geographical and chronological precision of the voyage.There can be no doubt that whether directly or indirectly, the instructions for this 15,000-mile journey must have been recorded in the command-giving chemical molecules located within the nuclei of the cells of these birds. How is it possible to imagine the colossal mass of coded information that must of necessity be adapted to a host of different conditions, all of which take account of the various environments through which the birds must pass alone and unguided – from Australia to the Bering Sea and back again – while at the same time respecting a staggeringly precise timetable? How can we even begin to conceive of the fantastic number of commands that must be issued in the space of six months, commands that inevitably change according to circumstances, especially as the climate alters?

    Every possible contingency must be anticipated within the total store of information encoded in the DNA. One wonders how the programme originally came to be written, and whether there is a being who knows the answer. In today's computer age, such questions of programming cannot fail to make us think of some of man's own material accomplishments in recent years. We are filled with admiration for the magnificent technological results obtained by the American space shuttle which having completed its test flight, returned to earth at the precise moment calculated in advance. As scientific observers have repeatedly stressed, the launching of the shuttle, its orbiting around the earth, its descent back to earth, and many other manoeuvres, were aided by powerful computers working in perfect coordination. The computers issued commands to the shuttle's engines, and in certain instances rectified the original commands in accordance with positions, which were themselves plotted by computer. In order for the venture to succeed, split-second timing was essential for the recording of data, the processing of information, and the issuing of commands; an ensemble of operations that was far beyond any human capability. Although piloted by two spacemen, the shuttle relied on pre-recorded information to complete each and every manoeuvre. Our Australian `mutton bird' would have had as much difficulty completing its lone voyage for the first time across unknown continents and seas as the astronauts would have had in completing their mission, had it not been for the back up provided by information recorded in advance.

    In its genetic inheritance, the `mutton bird' simply has to possess all the instructions required for its six-month journey. Surely there is no one naive enough to imagine that the space shuttle and all its computers could have been constructed and installed with highly complex programmes by the effect of MERE CHANCE? Anyone who thinks that, has obviously lost touch with reality. In actual fact, the shuttle is programmed by highly trained experts who provide all the digital information required for its missions. Why should we not therefore accept the idea that the `mutton bird' just as much as the space shuttle must of necessity be put in possession of the information it requires in order to return to its point of departure? This is the ONLY LOGICAL CONCLUSION we must draw from our comparison with the programmer.

    3) The entire universe contains 100 billion galaxies with an equal number of stars in each galaxy, all moving in unison and perfect harmony within predetermined orbits, in tandem with an assortment of planets, satellites, comets, asteroids and meteors. To illustrate the precise and orderly nature of such planetary movements, the Earth moves along a well-defined orbit while rotating around the Sun. If the orbit were to shift nearer to the Sun, all of us would be BURNT TO DEATH; should the orbit deviate further away from the Sun, we would all FREEZE TO DEATH.


    …….. 4) Teleological Argument and Entropy……

  37. This should be played over and over to the masses of religious slaves. Why is this world still so involved in this ridiculous fairy tale religion needs to go if we are to survive. Richard Dawkins. Sam Harris. and of course the awesome Christopher Hitchens. they all and so many others are fighting for our very survival in this delusional world of religion. religion will end. it just needs to end now for our future of mankind.

  38. Also,,, for you theists, who claim the bible is proof of god,,, did u know the genesis account is out of order. Stars create light,,, example,, our sun . Our light. The sun is a star,, in case you bible thumpers didnt get a science lesson. The story in genesis,,, god created light first,,,, then stars much later in the story. This debunks the whole account,,,,not to mention, is just one , of many false accounts. Also,,, evidence of only one lie,, proves,, it was a mans rendering,,,, not a omnipotent igod. Funny, because I cqnt even type God with a small letter unless I add the letter i

  39. To all you Atheists out there … if you rely on reason, logic, and evidence to guide your life, now that we have put silly religions in their places, I would like to welcome you to use the same skepticism towards a subject much much more detrimental than religion to the human race, capitalism!

  40. I didn't grow up attending church, or reading the Bible. I had family members who did, and some who still do. But I was quite happy not to go to church. I'd attend for musical concerts, for Thanksgiving, Christmas music, weddings, funerals, etc. But I never joined the church when I was a boy.

  41. A very powerful aid to the rationalization of my own walk from born Catholic to critical Atheist.
    Thank you Didactic Oz.

  42. I was able to open my eyes and see that religion and the belief in a god was ridiculous and just stupid at the age at about 7 or 8. It’s just incredible to me that there are billions of of people around this world that still believe that there is an invisible man watching out for them and made them and everything in the universe.

  43. I am must sinner people with rulings religious first for freedom of peace and justice for peace faith and rest of peace for end of the world

  44. Prove to yourself that Jests is imaginary in less than 5 minutes.

    Step 1: Read 1 Cor 15:3-8 Jesus was buried, he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve.

    After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers at the same time…

    Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles, and last, of all, he appeared to me also. – 1 Corinthians 15:3-8

    Three important facts:

    1) Jesus proved his resurrection by appearing to people

    2) It is OK to appear to people

    3) Appearing does not take away free will or harm faith

    Step 2 – Read Matthew 18:19-20 Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

    For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them. – Matthew 18:19-20 Two important facts:

    1) Jesus is already here amongst us

    2) God will do anything we ask

    Step 3 – ask Jesus to appear.

    Try this prayer:

    Dear Jesus, we know that you are in our midst already.

    We ask you to physically appear, so that we may know you are resurrected.

    We have faith that you will answer our prayer as you promise in the Bible. In your name, we pray, Amen. What we know:

    1) Jesus is already here

    2) It would be trivial for him to appear

    3) It is OK for him to appear

    4) He has promised that he will appear But he never appears.

    How do we explain what we see here? If you are a normal, intelligent person, The explanation is simple. Jesus is imaginary.

    This fact should now be obvious to you.

    People who believe in Jesus can try making hundreds of excuses to explain what we see here, but they are all just that – excuses.

    Jesus is imaginary.

    If Jesus were real, he would appear to each of us.

    He would show us that he is the resurrected son of God, just like he supposedly showed the people in the Bible.

    The fact that your prayer is ignored shows us exactly how imaginary Jesus is.

    It is time for us to state the truth. Jesus is imaginary.

    The people on earth who worship Jesus are worshipping a being who is no more real than the great pumpkin.

    It is time for normal, intelligent people to acknowledge this simple fact, and begin dismantling the last great superstition of

    Seeing God

    1. Genesis 32:30– or you are a (Jacob) who have seen God face to face, and yours like His own life was preserved.

    2. John 1:18– No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son.

    3. Exodus 33:20– no one may see me and live.

  45. Listening to this at work. Wow my life in a nutshell thank you for this video I'm glad I'm not alone. Peace to you my friend

  46. Whether God exists or doesn't makes no difference to me. You can be a fine, upstanding, moral person, God, or no God, Jesus Christ, or no Jesus Christ.

  47. watch the paranormal programes whats going on with the people who are dealing with demonic situations ?? also NDES near death experiances when people souls are outside the body ? i seen a mouse that has died and a little puff of smoke < soul > has come out its body ? whats happening ?? so many people talking about ghosts hatman black shadows witches etc what is all this ?? if we all have a soul it is left when the body dies ??? millions of people cant all be nuts // just saying??

  48. You can not call yourself a Christian if you have never encountered Jesus Christ… Going to church, reading a Bible etc doesn't make you a Christian. Instead those who actually experienced the Holy Spirit know the difference… Yes most Christian apologists are too busy trying to debate but at the end of the day you only need to call on Jesus Christ for Truth. Atheists can not pressupose why their reasoning should be trusted if they are consistent with their worldview and free will doesn't exist in the atheist world view. God loves us but people who have questions etc many of times want to blame God but then pretend that Genesis 3 isn't in the Bible… It's not a God problem it's a Man problem… Man didn't BELIEVE what God said in Genesis 2:17 and look around at the result of Unbelief. Actions carry consequences and you are a spirit living in a body, your spirit will leave your body when you die thats Physical death but that's a reflection of the spiritual death the Seperation from God because of the Fall… God gave man AUTHORITY in Genesis not religious rules but God Gave Adam Freewill… Adam used the Freewill Against God's Word and there's consequences… Today if you use your Freewill to Reject Forgiveness through Jesus Christ you will be eternally seperated from God and you used your Free Will for that because you believed the lie that God doesn't want you or doesn't care… Well satan hates you and will lie to you because demons are real. You think it's "ghosts" people encounter? But see you have the time and opportunity to call on Jesus and ask for the TRUTH. He is the Eternal Son of God that came to die for your sins on the cross. He's been resurrected and billions around the nations have experienced His Presence and Love. Who will you spend Eternity with.. God or Satan?

  49. If the god of the bible had been portrayed as a king instead of a God , he would be remembered as the most evil, mass murdering, tyrannical dictator of all time! Christians give the bible god a free pass because, they say, he is god the creator. I don't see the difference whether man or god. If his actions were evil or immoral, as the bible states, then he'd be just as guilty of being evil as any human committing the same deeds.

  50. There was that "documentary", where a creationists was explaining how low the chance of atoms to arrange into living things, 1/10^127 if I recall correctly, but what they fail to mention that the chance that the biblical story is true if you do the same calculation, will always remain 0….

  51. Ignorance is the Cabals weapon against Humanity, It divides family nations and countries, we build walls, The banker's religion and powerful families, help put our selves in our own matrix, our willingness to fit in be part of something has us following Bias doctrine, as we fear loneliness, if there is a god he would not want us waring, but perverted by greedy power hungry individuals and group control. creates dept 27.000 statute where there are only 3 lawful laws to follow, cause no harm injury or loss, but fines dept and slavery undertaking our fiat money has us believing their control is just, there is no democracy only a choice of who shall we vote to be the next CEO of a corporate party, if your opening your mind to the lies we ourselves put us in and they take advantage, then ask and find the answer to some simple qur=estions you never looked at though see every day ,why is your bank or credit /visa card name in all capitals and not how you spell it, what is all government letters again in all capitals and not how you spell your name.
    Do you know what your employment contract is written is, would you know its maritime admiralty water law?
    do you know in law what your soul is where it is and what it names? when you find out it makes sense and then it answers that you are special while they sought to make you dumbed down to think your nothing but a slave.
    so so much more if you want, I myself, when from Ignorant to understanding to awakened to not wanting to understand, now I'm at perception wanting to find enlightenment before I pass,

    No i can break down the bibles metaphors, and now all religions are about control and power over others, I do think there are a spiritual life and something other than death, but I no longer believe in what a religion tells me, for if is there a one true god whose religion is it and what happens to every other child born to other happens? again its divide and conquer, 3rd world war will still have religion involved seem they want us to hate Muslim these days, Brexit is about NEW WORLD ORDER wanting to have central banking over the world run by the 3 city states I within 3 cities, Washington DC is the war machine THE CITY in London city is the finance and the Vatican is the spiritual part of the 3 sided triangle of control over the world, as they say, all roads lead to Rome and since the meeting at nicer 371 after the lie of Jesus was then declared his divinity do they the joint religions and the POPE claimed to be the caretaker of the world until God comes to deliver them and so he owns the world as no one rebutted his claim in law, ask your self this why does the Vatican have some of the largest telescopes and radios scopes in the world ? is our god an alien? if aliens meet with the Vatican will that make all others bow down to Catholicism, was it aliens who created us as slaves to work for them then left us? or a god who separated us in too many different religions? is it a mans invention to rule and controls us for there own end greed and power? q what ever its al feels wrong does it not?

  52. 25th of December is the first day the sun rises after 3 days being below the northern hemisphere. and this is where we get the sun of god has risen it is born and dies every day on the cross so we can live? the cross is news? north-south-west-east of the world the equator and top and bottom of the earth, so £the sun /son of god is born so we may live and dies every day and reborn the next day? the sun/son of god?Evil_devil?god+good . law cast spells on us spelling? there magic good god your evil you have the devil in us spelling? see how clever nicer was when they created this deceit?

  53. Investigate the Baha’i Faith! It’s the most important thing you can do in your life!!! ❤️ bahai.org

  54. I was born a sinner?! i ve sinned? how? why? and ask for forgiveness ? Hahaha, since the beginning theres a lot of people who are very much intelligent to manipulate the mind of weak individuals for POWER and MONEY…and your prayers wont help you…be smart, Dont believe god exist.

  55. I read about the elation coming from relief viewers of this video feel. . . and it is truly saddening to see Brothers & Sisters "relieved because they are deceived by this video into believing they no longer have to follow the precepts of The Most High Creator, but now are somehow free to follow the mantra of the Fallen Ones: "Do What Thou Wilt."
    You like watching this carefully crafted deception for only one reason–you do not Love The Truth.
    JOHN 8:32

  56. 😂 It's hilarious…yet very sad, that the amazing graphics and soothing music can fool just about EVERYONE with no actual knowledge!😮

    1) Lol, for starters, note when they say…we live in a world we have saints and even sinners living side by side. 😂 As if implying that saints are not sinners. Little do they know…that saints are also sinners who have been forgiven and spiritually WASHED of their sin. Does not mean they became immune and untouchable of sin. 🤔

    2) It a False statement(meaning NOT stated in the Bible) that God wants us to ask for Forgiveness of Crucifying Jesus Christ! In fact…Jesus tells us: 😀
    John 10:18
    "No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father."
    Ummmmm…soooooo yeah.

    [ ] 3) Lol, 🙄 really eh? Soooo to know God? you must read an ancient book in another language??? Really?🤣 Well…hate to burst your bubble!!!! but Not true at all. In fact, Men back then belived without a book to read from…also, my own personal experience occured without any knowlege of the bible! I could care less of God at 24 and was definately NOT searching for any answers either…was just being a yonge person indulging in the pleasures of life! Until one day the supernatural occured, someone out of the blue asked if they could read a bit of the bible to me…I hated the fact that "I thought" they were trying to force me into something…I refuse, but then for some reason changed MY MIND!!! My life was transformed!!!! Literally!!!! So yeahhhhh, nope, even after that…I found Salvation months later, and was not aware of it…a friend had to explain it to me why I viewed the day to day world differently now!!! truelly in awe I tell you!!!! And YET STILL…after years, did not know the Gospel completely like I do today…but at least, I had Truth to live by and the Holy Spirit guiding me! Extensive knowledge and memorization comes with time…and the continued love and passion for the ONE who loves you enough to grant you life and eternal Salvation in the new World Kingdom!!!!! Truelly facinating!!! The funny thing is…that this earth is falling apart at such a fast alarming rate…and yet…THESE SMALL LITTLE FALLABLE CREATURES CALLED MAN THINK THERE IS SOMETHING OR SOMEONE ON THIS EARTH THAT COULD STOP IT. 😂 Got Good News for you all!!! By God's grace and mercy…Yeshua HaMazhiach will be returning before the earth falls into little pieces or floods over. 😉 So yes…investigate and seek for TRUTH…for satan is out to captivate you with videos like these! Awwwww, the cute babyyyyy, ohhhh noooo, how DARE this God tell me I'm sinful and Corrupt?? 😭 Boooo whoooooo….cry me a river people!!!! You only way out of misery at the hands of satan driven humans is JESUS CHRIST! ❤ blessing to you all!❤

    Ohhhh, and that right….supernatural experiences can to be proven under a microscope, so when you encounter Yeshua (Salvation), you might want to surround yourself with people who understand exactly what you have gone through…because the unbelieving world around you will step on your head and try to devour you. 😉

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