9 Benefits of Leaving Your Religion

9 Benefits of Leaving Your Religion

When I was younger and I realized
my religious beliefs were probably wrong, I remember it took me a while before I admitted
to myself even that I was an atheist. I remember falling asleep one night
without praying, kind of scared, and then waking up the next morning
and like double checking to make sure
everything was still okay with me. It turned out I was fine.
No scars. I’m obviously really glad
that I left my faith now. But it’s not like my parent’s faith was as
oppressive or dogmatic as some other faiths are today. There actually are a lot of benefits
to becoming an atheist. My friend Neil Carter actually wrote a wonderful
article about the benefits of leaving religion, — in his case, Christianity —
and you can read that right here. I wanted to talk about some of his ideas and some of the other ideas some of you shared with me on Facebook. So, what are the benefits
of leaving your faith? First of all,
there’s no conflict anymore between what you believe
and what’s real. I don’t think it’s possible to reconcile
science and religion like when those two go
head-to-head, science always wins. It’s not like any scientific theory
has ever been replaced by a religious belief. But think about the conflicts that a lot
of religious people have to deal with: You know, do I read the book
of Genesis literally or do I accept all the evidence
that points to the Big Bang and the theory of evolution?
Do you believe that a dead man
came back to live days later? Or do you believe your
own experience is that, say, that could never happen? Do you believe some lines in the Bible
about how gay people should be put to death or do you believe your own humanity that says,
“Everyone deserves to be happy and have equal rights”? There are still a lot of
unanswered questions out there. But reality never contradicts atheism. Reality contradicts religion
all the time. Saying hello to atheism means saying goodbye to
a lot of cognitive dissonance. Next: you can embrace science
instead of running away from it. So many religions have
their own creation myth. And it goes against what science has taught us
over the past several centuries. When you’re not religious anymore, you can learn about how our universe
came to be, and how we came to be, without worrying that
you’re somehow making God angry. When a miracle happens somewhere,
you can try to figure out the underline cause, how it actually happened,
the natural explanation; instead of just accepting
that God did it. When a hurricane happens,
you can look for the environmental causes, not just blame the sinners. And unlike some creationists, you can read more than one book. Turns out learning is awesome when you
don’t have to worry about what you’re reading. You can accept people
that you used to judge harshly. Many religions teach that
homosexuality is a sin or that LGBT people
are somehow deviant. Or that single people are not whole.
Or that married couples who don’t have children
are somehow not fulfilling their purpose. We’ve all seen Christians –especially if you’re living in the US–
we’ve all seen Christians who’ve been
judgmental towards those people. But when you’re an atheist,
there’s no book telling you which way
you’re supposed to treat them. You’re free to accept people
as they are. And, if you’re an atheist, and you still
treat those people like shit,
it’s not because of your beliefs, it’s because you’re an asshole. You can give credit where it’s due. When a doctor saves the life
of a patient, or an actor wins a big award,
or a football player scores a touchdown, we’re so used to hearing them,
“Thank God” for what they just did. But God didn’t do that. You did. You’re the one who worked
hard and put in the hours. You’re the one who made all the sacrifices.
You’re the one who deserve a pat on the back. When you’re an atheist,
there’s nothing stopping you from giving credit to the people who actually
deserve it. To the experts, to your parents,
to the people who worked hard, and to yourself,
when it’s appropriate. You get your Sunday mornings back. That’s not a joke.
For people who work during the week
and only have a couple of days to unwind, having your Sunday morning free
to sleep in, or go out for breakfast, or enjoy a hobby,
it’s actually pretty incredible. It makes you less stressed out
and keeps you healthier, too. For many people,
going to church is a chore. They go there because they’re obligated to,
not because they really want to be there. It turns out there are much better ways
you could be spending your time
if you don’t want to be at church. Go volunteer somewhere. Go spend more time with your family.
Go read a book. I mean, if you’re an atheist, congratulations!
You just found several new hours in a day. Better sex. It’s true.
You don’t have to feel guilty all the time
about having sex if you’re not married. Or if you are married, you don’t have to worry
about exploring your fantasies because they’re not biblical. You don’t have to feel guilty
about using birth control, or getting tested, or having multiple partners
if that’s what you want. When you’re an atheist,
you’re in control. You get to decide what you do. God doesn’t tell you when, and how,
and with whom you get to have sex. More realistic expectations
about life and death. I think it’s an important realization
that there’s no afterlife awaiting you. This is it. This is your life.
You’d better make the most of it. Don’t waste your time on a career
that doesn’t make you happy. Don’t deny yourself the ability
to pursue your passions. Spend time with the people
who make you happy. It also makes you more sympathetic to people
who may not have the same advantages than you do: The poor, the hungry, victims of any sort. I think you’re much more likely
to want to step in and help them because you know things
aren’t going to get better for them in the afterlife. They’re only going to get better
if you step in. It makes you more moral. I’m not saying atheists
are always good, and religious people are always bad.
We know that’s not the case. What I’m saying is that when you’re an atheist,
there’s no guide book telling you, “This is how you’re supposed
to be good”. You know there’s no eternal punishment
waiting for you if you’re bad. You know there’s no eternal reward
waiting for you if you’re good. If you’re a nice person,
it’s because you genuinely believe
that’s the way you should be acting. If you help somebody
as an atheist, when you know nobody else
is watching, I think that’s a more moral thing to do
than someone who is religious and who helps somebody else
because they believe it’s what God wants them to do, and they believe God is looking down upon them,
making sure you’re doing the right thing. Finally, you get richer. No, really.
If you’re not giving a tithe to your church, especially when you don’t really
want to be there, you now have all this money
that is not going there anymore. I hope you put it to good use, you know.
Give it to a worthwhile cause,
give it to a charity. Just buy something nice for yourself because you deserve it:
you left your faith. What are some of the other benefits
to leaving religion? Let us know in the comments. My name is Hemant Mehta
and I write at FriendlyAtheist.com Leave a comment below
and we’ll be sure to check it out. And don’t forget to subscribe.

100 Replies to “9 Benefits of Leaving Your Religion”

  1. You experience tills you that never happens? This is the problem with some people, they think that they can reach certainty based on their experience! Experience doest denote certinty my friend, not at all

  2. O you who is in the video. Can you as an atheist define what humanity is? On what bases we should follow/belief in our (humanity)?

  3. It seems you're angry about how people see Homosexuality is evil, prove to us as an atheist that seeing Homosexuality as something bad is bad, prove to us.

  4. Lol, if we get to decide what we do then you shouldnt object to killers of innocents, this is how dangerous Atheism is!

  5. I am a Muslim but whatever,I like your videos which has great logics to destroy christianity and also other religions faith.Anyways may Allah guide you Ameen.

  6. I think #9 – "You get richer!" is a bit of a stretch… at least if you're thinking of the congregant; paying 10% less at church might get you a meal.
    Unless you're tithing millions of dollars to Joel Osteen.
    But #3 is spot-on – "You can accept people…", even yourself. Cognitive-dissonance is a pain, and I speak from personal-experience that the uplifting, freeing feeling of letting go of ancient baggage is kinda like a miracle. 😉

  7. I wish I could show this to my Mother. She a Cult member of the Jehovah Witness's. God help her realize that you don't exist and help her to stop praying to you.

  8. Christians use Christianity simply to sell ornaments, tshirts and books. Goto applygodswords youtube channel and thumbs down his videos. He’s using religion to sell sex.

  9. This guy is a fool in the video but I will pray for him even if he hates it no matter what atheists say I will pray for them too god loves all of you even if you say he is not real god is real

  10. The rest is spot-on. I just re-watched this because some Facebook "friends" were giving me crap about "atheist == devil-worshiper". rolls eyes

  11. I'm just scared of what will happen after we die, like, I'm afraid of death. And I'm so curious about what will happen next.

  12. Sabbath was never on Sunday, the fact you don't know even this proves you have no idea what your saying. I mean come on that's like the basics.i could say more but honestly it's not needed.

  13. Christians do not hate homosexuals or lesbians or sex I don't know what church you went to but we are taught to love everyone there is a difference between accepting and loving everyone and being Godly and being allowed into heaven you can love The Sinner but that doesn't mean that they're going to go to heaven

  14. "True Christian" you can trust them even if no one is looking ( because they believe God is looking 24/7)

    "True atheist" you can't trust them all the time.. ( because they're free)

    *Fake Christians and confused atheists are not included.

  15. You don't have to be an atheist to do these things. There are plenty of people who believe God exists that do this.

  16. Eastern religion , particularly Buddhism is quiet close to atheism, however it does have dogmas but it does not have a good.

  17. First I was Christian, and then I was atheist but I wanted to be Christian. So my Christian friend was still nice to me. But now, I don’t even want to be Christian and she’s ignored me and pretended like I didn’t exist ever since she found out I didn’t want to be Christian.

  18. TODAY, I saw an old Man laying down Sleeping on the Streets, it was a boardwalk near a Street, and I thought Where is GOD???? Why Doesn't GOD do Something about that Old Man that is lonely and poor and alone in the world and Sleeping on the Streets. Where is GOD for that Man???? GOD is BIG LIE. Always a BIG LIE.

  19. Best reason my lgbtq friends are not called “ungodly” or not hear that they all have aids

    Yes I have actually heard these things From members of my own family

  20. The key for a good life is. Do what u want. HARM. TO NONE. DO WHAT MAKES U HAPPY. 👭👬👪👫😘💖💕

  21. The problem with all the freedom from religion stuff is that those who feel that way ignore the fact that there is unspeakable misery in this world, human beings will never do more than make more of it, and so many atheist minds are so self centered that as long as their shit goes down so well they don't give a rats ass about anyone else. I'm not into any form of religion myself but the mentality of "oh I've had a good life, that's all I care about" is so self centered it is pathetic. Too bad good ol evolution created a race of genocidal monsters with no plan to solve the problem. Great work, nature, you bitch.

  22. What you said there is no religion that goes hand in hand with science pls go watch the YouTube channel "there is no clash" and thank me letter

  23. Ever since I've started being an Atheist, I keep getting commercials on YouTube about Jesus coming back to life, and the Jewish Biblical Institution in Israel. LOL! God hacked into my computer.

  24. This guy needs to leave his religion of atheism. There just isn't the evidence to back it up.
    Christianity has a ton of evidence to back it up. History, science, life science, astronomy, oceanography, etc.

    Check it out for yourself.

  25. Alot in this video I hear this guy talking about doing things because there is no afterlife awaiting you ect but isn't that one of the only reasons someone is an athiest just so they can excape God's final judgement bc if they are wrong and thier is a heaven or hell than all your actions on Earth have consequences athiest s are basically trying to get out of jail free it's also sad to see that athiests being so close minded to the unkown you don't know if thier is a god or not and you don't know if thier is an afterlife or not so why say you know all the answers alot of athiests to me seem rude and arrogant when confronted with a religious or christain person when they don't have to be it's fine to not believe but to say you know something is pretty arrogant

  26. The biggest benefit is saving a lot of time. 7800 hours to be exact.

    Working: 52 Sundays a year x 75 years = 3900 sundays.
    2hrs of church x 3900 = 7800 hours.

    Assuming you go to church only once a week for your whole life (I know multiple people who go 2 or 3 times.)

  27. Im a Christian college student in Colorado and I find it interesting to see these points for insight. Here are my thoughts:

    1- I think science and religion are not in conflict and that they don’t always contradict because they don’t have the same goal. Science is a method of inquiry that searches for causes and effects relationships in the universe. There are two types of causes: natural (grand canyon) and intelligent (mount Rushmore). Popular questions are origin of the universe, origin of first life, and the origin of subsequent life forms. I think its wrong to immediately disregard intelligent causes or natural causes with the bias of atheist or religious perspectives. There is many evidence to explain these causes on both "sides."

    3- Judgmental Christians definitely exist and I apologize if they acted maliciously. The bible teaches all human life had infinite value and the God killed his son so anyone could have eternal life if you were poor, white, black, rich, diseased, ignored, etc. (John 3:16)

    4- Its prideful to take complete credit for you accomplishments. Even with a loving God out of the picture, people invested time into you to allow you to make an accomplishment. Humility and gratefulness will make that accomplishment more fulfilling anyways.

    5- You’re never obligated to go to church, that’s not in the bible. Its a time to learn more about the infinite God if you choose and get free coffee and hang out with the bois.

    6- Although people might disagree, I value sex as a physical, emotional, and spiritual thing. Sex in marriage is more fulfilling because you are both committed (for life hopefully) to each other.

    7- Life is unpredictable and chaotic, its hard for me enjoy it thinking everything is meaningless and my actions don’t matter. I think we do have eternal life weather that’s heaven or hell, where heaven is reached by simply putting you faith in Christ (Romans 10:9), not by the good or bad things you do.

    8- Christians are meant to sacrifice themselves because Christ sacrificed himself for us. Our motivation is to love abundantly because we were loved first. Christians need to act more often and take more risks in this because we should embrace suffering, with nothing to loose, and our ticket to heaven guaranteed

    9- Money is a tricky subject, but it never fully satisfies. You can buy stuff that doesn’t last or buy pleasure but it never reaches a fullness of joy.

    Lastly, you have free will and can choose to be Christian or not. I am Christian for many reasons, but not through blind faith. God doesn’t hate you (trust me), and through Christian living I am able to experience a larger capacity for joy and fulfillment. I dont have anxiety becuase I know God's got my back, and I want this for everyone becuase this is the greatest treasure ever found. And take my word for it, heavens going to be lit and thats not worth leaving.

  28. Ya my parents still think I'm just mad at god so I'm still forced by them to go to church even though I feel like I'm a outcast

  29. There is so much money that goes into building mosques and churchues. That same money could go to help out those who need it. That would be a benefit of living in an athiest society

  30. "No God and no religion can survive ridicule. No political church, no nobility, no royalty or other fraud, can face ridicule in a fair field, and live." – Mark Twain. So true. People of religious faith are hypocritical when it comes to argument. They can ridicule and scrutinise every facet of man's achievements to date – but when it comes to religion, no amount of any debate (even those with legitimate basis) are tolerated. Goes to show how quickly their house of cards falls with the slightest push. I'm sure most well educated zealots are even aware of this – but are too afraid or conditioned to even let go. And that's the essence of religion – imprisonment by fear.

  31. Religions are ideas that became clubs that became war and self loathing. Follow your heart. Support the community aka the world. Society is toxic.

  32. Thing is, I believe in the Paranormal and that other deities/creatures/beings could indeed exist, but I pretty much left Christianity because the God in the Bible is just an Evil, Racist, Misogynistic, Homophobic, Mass Murdering, incest enabling and Idiotic Monster.
    there is simply no Love in the Bible, and Love is THE most important thing in Creation.

  33. I agree with all of these that you mentioned and I had been feeling this way for a while. It’s been a struggle to leave this all behind though because I still really hold close to God in my heart and it’s hard for me to believe that life wasn’t created by God. I’ve studied the Bible and I’ve seen some great wisdom but also a lot of atrocities someone told me the other day that the Bible tells the story of God protecting the “seed” so that Christ could come to the earth and save humanity. It made sense to me but when I sat down and thought about it I was like “why did he have to do it that way?” Killing off people groups is genocide and how can a loving God do that just because they don’t believe in him and they’re hindering the growth of the people who do… there’s a lot to think about. They also said to me how Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion but to just bring people back into a relationship with God. A lot of what Jesus said defies religion. His own people killed him if that says anything…. but people do twist and turn things so much and cause a lot of turmoil. I would feel a lot better if I left the faith but there’s still like this odd pressure feeling I get in my heart that makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong

  34. FAIR WARNING TO ALL THAT FEAR A LONG RESPONSE; THIS IS A VERY LONG RESPONSE………..This young guy is the most deluded person I've seen. He's giving guidance and some listen and follow I suppose but it's a huge mistake. The subject matter is the most important of our lives, so people decide to follow Junior's advice? When we need advice in our lives about things in general, do we seek out the youngest guy we can find, or is it better to get advice from someone that has more experience in life?
    This guy gave reasons for leaving your religion, claiming these are all for the good. His advice depends upon him being honest about what he's saying, but he's either being dishonest or he's ignorant. He claims that science always wins when it contradicts religion. Always wins? Give me a few examples why don't you. If science always wins, he must be talking about hundreds or thousands of instances whereby science won. He wouldn't be saying it was only a few times, he said 'always',…. which indicates a high number. If he's right, then either religion has changed everything in the Bible or the Bible is wrong about hundreds or thousands of things. The Bible is wrong about nothing, and nobody has proven otherwise. He openly brags that creationism is wrong, so Bible scholars continue to debate that which he claims is a proven fact. He's full of shit. There is only conjecture by atheists on the subject. Nobody teaches that creationism is proven to be wrong.
    All 9 of his 'reasons' are wrong, one worse then the previous. He said not going to Church saves time to do other things, then he said atheists will save many hours per day. Is he gone crazy? One hour each Sunday equals many hours each day?
    His suggestion is idiotic to begin with. Saving one hour on Sunday means nothing, there are 168 hours in a week, one hour isn't meaningful like he claims. He also says you should stop going to church, you know that you don't want to be there anyway. What? What an ignorant statement. Did he conduct a survey? Does he know the hearts and minds of everyone?
    If sleeping in Sunday is a desire, we have a Saturday evening mass available, so your bullshit reason is wrong, and you know we have Saturday mass but you try to deceive by 'forgetting' that fact. If anyone leaves the Church because you'd rather sleep in Sunday, that's already an option and bozo is responsible for your error.
    He says atheists have better morals…..This is an absurd statement. There's no chance, zero, that he can make that assessment. Only a young boob would claim something so ambiguous. Let's see the results of your double blind study on the matter or stop lying.
    He says if you leave your religion, then you can finally enjoy sex. You can have as many partners as you want, no problem. Enjoy yourself, you are making your own choices, not some God. How many partners should we have goober? Do we tell each partner that were fornicating with all the others? Remember that atheists have better morals, so of course you must tell each partner about the others. In a pig's ass you will. You're basically saying that if a man has 5 partners for example, that each woman won't mind that they are one of five that he's sleeping with. That's very disrespectful of women, men as well by the way, to claim they wouldn't mind that arrangement. When has any man told you that his girlfriend is screwing other men and they don't mind? Ask them. 99.9% of men or women that have multiple partners are lying to all of them. We call that being a whore by the way, not that an atheist minds being known that way. Whores generally keep that secret, those that they're sleeping with are the last to know. He/She is lying to all of them.
    Who's responsible when pregnancy occurs with someone you have no feelings for ( except when you have one out of five erections) ? Oops, I forgot atheists have no problem destroying the baby ( based on their higher morals) …I withdraw the question. I noticed he's advising that multiple partners are fine, but he doesn't address being up front with all of them, he doesn't address disease, he doesn't address pregnancy, he doesn't address a knife in the back when one of the women becomes jealous when she develops feelings. Other then these things, he covered things pretty well. Sleep around and enjoy it. that's his advice. Those immoral Christians won't sleep around, but as a highly moral atheist we don't restrict ourselves. We live it up, after all, there is no afterlife.
    That's another thing that he claims is a fact. Can this guy show proof for no afterlife? Oh, it's not his burden to prove there is no afterlife, it's my burden to prove that there is,……isn't that your story atheists? Yes it is your burden if your giving advice publicly and leading people to believe something that you have no idea about. That's a huge deception that could cost many people their eternal life. Are you okay with that junior? Are you comfortable being responsible for every person you may influence in that regard, when you know damn well you're only guessing and nothing more. It's your time to show proof of no afterlife, or you should stop telling people you know for a fact. Is that another example of your high moral character,….leading people astray?
    He advises it's good to leave religion because instead of claiming a miracle happened, you can research and find out what really happened. How stupid is this kid? I can research to find out if there's another explanation if I think it's necessary, but you think only an atheist would consider doing that? Do you honestly believe Christians claim miracles happen regularly, for things that have obvious explanations? Do you think only atheists know when a situation has another explanation? Nobody makes a serious claim of a miracle occurring recklessly because it goes against our religion to do that you dummy. Did you forget the rules that God established for us, you know, the rules we foolishly obey but that atheists don't worry about because they have better morals?
    This is one of his 'very best' reasons. He has the nerve to say it shows better morals to give to the poor if you do it because you care, not because God tells us and because we fear being punished if we don't help them. This is real nonsense. He claims that Christians have no feelings, only that we fear punishment; but love for others, sympathy for suffering, concern for children that have no food or health care, theists have none of these things according to junior. Everything he says is wrong and ignorant, but it's more then that to claim atheists give because they care, but Christians never care, they only care about themselves. Your claim would be valid if our religion taught us to be selfish, greedy and uncaring, which of course he knows is ridiculous and a lie.
    He also believes it's important to stop giving God credit when you win a game or show talent in a particular field. Don't do that says junior. The hard work is done by us, the talent we made ourselves, we do all the work, don't give the credit to God. Is this because atheists have higher morals again? Pat yourself on the back, give yourself the credit, make sure everyone knows that you're great, insist on a statue in your honor, demand they bow at your feet, you deserve it. We deserve nothing goober, we didn't give ourselves this life, therefore all credit goes to God, he gave us opportunity and all that we have, including life itself. You go ahead and feel proud of yourself,……I feel embarrassed and shame if I show pride. Some people are humble, look it up sometime, see what it's all about.

  35. dont encourage people to leave their faith its what they choose to believe im here just to remind u for ur own life maybe not here but later in the afterlife.

  36. I was raised Christian (Methodist), but I became less interested in religion when I was like six. I used to pray before bed and meals, but my family stopped doing that eventually. They also let me wear normal clothes to church instead of having to dress up. I remember I would feel sick for a while, and I would occasionally pray if I could get better. Not a single prayer helped, and I continued to feel sick often. I soon learned that it was because I was stressed. This was likely due to school and had nothing to do with religion. I still claimed to be Christian up until the summer of 2016. I went to a church conference in Alabama, and I hated it. I may have actually still claimed to be a Christian afterwards, but I know that I was completely atheist by the time I was in eighth grade. I went to a different church conference that my fundamentalist mom forced me to go to. At first I enjoyed it as many of the activities were secular. I remember getting into an argument with my older brother (who is very religious) during that conference over a miracle. To this day, I am atheist and have no reason to be religious ever again. My parents still make me go to church unfortunately.

  37. Haha. Haha. I did notice you never mentioned the fact that religous people are happy by a wide margin and most atheist people rank the lowest on satisfaction in life, through out multiple pew research studies.

  38. I’m curious, what are the religious views on animals? I am a huge animal advocate and if I saw someone mistreating an animal in public is probably hurt someone ^^.
    One my best friends has a religious mother and she wouldn’t let her read Warrior Cats just because she hadn’t read another book series that had religious themes in it. I feel bad for my friend since sometimes it just seems like she could care less for going to church. I’ve had to go to church with them a few times because of weekend sleepovers and I hated it, I mean, some of the music was good and I met a nice old lady once who let us sit next to her without making it awkward, but church and religious stuff just isn’t my forte.

  39. You’re talking about religious cults, not casual Christianity. You probably should have clarified that. Christians read books other than the bible. Christians don’t ignore weather and call god responsible for hurricanes.

  40. When you leave religion, you wouldn't feel ashamed of yourself for doing things that are completely normal. Years ago, I went to Church and they made swearing and staring at the opposite gender (that is is you're straight) seem worse than it already is. It was all because the mentality of if the Church said it's wrong, then you're living wrong. Now I just swear for the hell of it. Sometimes I need to to get anger out since I get stressed out rather easily. And I look at the opposite gender because it brings me temporary joys. Lust may not be the greatest thing but it's completely normal lest it is taken too far. After all, humans are generally sexual. So, how could sexual joys who absolutely attack no one be wrong? I don't know if anyone relates but I'm just happy I don't feel the unecessary shame anymore.

  41. Please click for my athiest/agnostic family
    Truth of what pain is hurt us from people of gawdddd lol

  42. Who said im not happy.. I am happy believing in moral that true religion teaches. I am not feeling guilty believing and following good teachings. I didn't see any wrong by obeying God's law like aa we should obey Government Law.

  43. I do not believe that science and religion conflict at all. Genesis is not meant to be a science textbook. It was meant to be understood by people that may now know about science, or wish to truly understand science. The Bible shows the history of God's salvation for men, so it is read to understand the history of the faith and what principles Christians believe in. If you want to actually learn about science, then read an actual science book, as that is its purpose. There have been conflicts between Christians over science, because of the Bible (I.e. Galileo or Charles Darwin). However, science and religion can coexist, but they cannot invade each other. If you are using religion to explain how the universe works, you are using the wrong tool. By "proving" religion wrong by using science, again, you are using the wrong tool. Religion explains the supernatural, while science explains the physical, and neither can describe the other.

  44. Before I became atheist I stopped praying because I wasn't feel better and happy like I was praying for nothing I didn't feel anything or it feels like no ones was listening what you are saying,and I thought something horrible could happen in my life,and I realize that nothing happened,and if you want something good in your life you don't have to pray but you have to do something to change your life because there is no one take care of you and working to turn you life better you always have to be your own hero,and sorry my English is getting working

  45. I will be the number one Atheist once scientists create "humans" not robots and doing transplants of ready made organs. Until that happens, I will be an atheist at the back side.

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