800 Heart Transplants at the Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute

800 Heart Transplants at  the Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute

It’s powerful. This is really serious stuff and we do it every day. And it really it warms your heart. You don’t wake up one morning and decide I’m gonna have a heart transplant program. It’s a reflection of commitment to transplantation. I’m calling regarding heart number one two five two. We have a match. you know there’s nothing like telling a patient and his or her family that you have a potential heart for them. At first I didn’t think I deserved it and I was so oh you have much that meant to me. You want to know when you come in to have your heart held in somebody else’s hand that they’ve been there. That they’ve been there and done that. It’s a very lengthy and involved process. The workup is pretty significant. We have assembled a very highly functioning, skilled, experienced team. Everybody works together and collaborates. The right people are involved when they need to be involved There are no delays in care. We are very committed. And we could not do this program if we did not have donors if we did not have people who are willing to give their organs to help other people. So we’ll go plane ride and everything. We’ll get there and work with the MTN coordinator and the rest of the staff at the hospital. When you come to Saint Luke’s Hospital be prepared to be surrounded by a family. People that treat you like family, treat you like you matter. I always feel like I’m coming home. We’ve taken a patient that didn’t have any options and we’ve pulled them through. It just makes everything we do worthwhile and meaningful.

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