60-Second Saint- St. Maximillian Kolbe

What’s up guys Chilo here again to
introduce to you a new segment and this segment of our channel is called the
60-second Saint and our hope here at OLPH is to introduce you to a saint
and you guys understand this person this saint in a deeper way
today’s saint is st. Maximilian Kolbe and we’re gonna focus on his life and
who he was and and the impact he had on the church and the hope is that we do
this in a minute or less okay so I have a timer here with me that’s gonna keep
me on track and I’m gonna do my best to get as much as we can in that minute and
that’s that’s the whole that’s the whole point so bear with me there we go we’re
getting excited right and go okay so he was born on January 8 1894 in
Poland and early in his life he dedicated himself to God I became a
Franciscan friar and bearing his livelihood World War two took place and
in February 1941 he was captured by the German to stop oh and they sent to
Auschwitz which was one of the worst the worst concentration camp in the Holocaust
and while he was there they lined up random men to take to kill by starvation
and he saw that there was a hurt man with pain in his eyes as it was he had a family
so he offered himself in place of this man and so they took him instead said
Maximilian Kolbe and they went and they put under starvation chamber now what
about one of these Men started dying but they realized that Maximilian was
not and so after two weeks of this actually killed him by lethal injection
on August 14th 1941 and he is one of the holiest men that the church knows and
has come to know and he’s a great inspiration of myself is actually the
patron saint of drug addicts prisoners families and a pro-life movement so get
to know him I hope you come into a deeper understanding of who
I know that he’s an amazing man all right thank you so much for tuning in
I’ll see you guys next time on 60 seconds st. and remember to walk in faith
and be a saint what is what else is there

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