55 Maxims For Christian Living — Fr Thomas Hopko

55 Maxims For Christian Living — Fr Thomas Hopko

17 Replies to “55 Maxims For Christian Living — Fr Thomas Hopko”

  1. thank you for this superb animation of these good maxims — this is worthy of viewing every day, excellent advice thank you — this is a good method for teaching orthodox truths

  2. Although beautifully done, the list moves to quickly for some people to read them all. This is a big problem in many videos; not everyone reads @ the same speed.

  3. I don't get how #37 jives with #46. "Flee imagination, ANALYSIS, figuring things out" and "Accept criticism gratefully but test it CRITICALLY." Doesn't that already require analysis?

  4. I am a Roman Catholic – I very much appreciate the unapologetic liturgical and spiritual strength of Eastern Christians. I pray for the reunification of our churches.

  5. god bless our orthodox brothers and sisters priests nuns and monks all over the world christ be praised long life to all to our murdered saints and martyrs in the soviet union and constantinoble from a new convert

  6. Amen! What a blessing it is to be guided and directed on the Christian path to salvation. It is truly a blessing to partake of such Grace filled Treasure that has been passed down to us. You can listen to various Teachings, Quotes and Sayings of the Saints, Holy Fathers and Mothers at our channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ294M_1AewqmrenRD69kaw

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