5 Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do” Lyrics EVERYONE Is Talking About

5 Taylor Swift “Look What You Made Me Do” Lyrics EVERYONE Is Talking About

Taylor Swift’s new track, “Look What You Made Me Do” contains some very dark lyrics that seems to have everyone talking. It’s safe to say Taylor is not shaking it off this time, mainly because the old Taylor that would have shaken it off is now dead. Since the release of Tay’s brand-new single “Look What You Made Me Do,” fans have been dissecting every juicy line of her revenge track in order to figure out exactly who Taylor is coming after. The dark melody starts right off the bat with, “I don’t like your little games, I don’t like your tilted stage.” Now, it just so happens Kanye West had a tilted floating stage during his Saint Pablo world tour. Coincidence, I think not. The singer then goes on to say, “The role you made me play of the fool. No, I don’t like you.” This line could be referencing the time she looked like a fool after Kim Kardashian leaked the audio of a phone call between Kanye and Taylor which showed Taylor okaying lyrics of his song “Famous” which she later spoke out against. But just before you hop on the Kanye diss track train, listen to this. You may remember a long, long ago at the peak of the infamous feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Katy had tweeted out a dig that fans thought was directed at Tay suggesting she was a Regina George in sheep’s clothing. Well, it just so happens that Taylor’s new song contains a beat almost identical to the one used in the movie, “Mean Girls.” And that’s not all. Another line that has people thinking this song may be about Katy Perry is in the pre-chorus. “Honey, I rose up from the dead. I do it all the time I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red underlined.” If you recall in the Burn Book in “Mean Girls,” names are written in red and underlined. Very interesting. But possibly the most twisted T-Swift lyric of all comes during the bridge when the singer says, “I’m sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she’s dead.” Which only tells us that Taylor is coming in hot with her new image, sound, and all of the people she’s coming after. Though I kind of already missed the old Taylor and I’m hoping we get at least one song about heartbreak or love, I’ve already listened to this new song like a hundred times. But what do you guys think of Taylor’s darker sounds? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below and when you’re done with that, click right over here to find out why we think this new song is about Kanye. As always I’m your host Renee Ariel, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Am I the only one thinking of Shane's conspiracy theory about Taylor being controlled by the illuminati and actually being a clone. And now she is sick of being controlled so she released this song…about them

  2. She is so so so attractive but kanye need to shut the fuck up and people should let her live her life, everybody is trying to drag her down.

  3. At least she embraces the old me – new me stuff. Most artists insist they're still the 'same' even though they've obviously changed in style etc.

  4. This channel talks bullshit. She's a great artist and she's damn incredible. Stop creating stupid stories that makes no sense.

  5. taylor is seryously cool and i would like to find out who this song is actully pinpointed at and if anybody finds out pls let us know


  7. Also in Taylor's song a lyric was 'locked me up and threw a feast' Katy Perry's song is called 'Bon Appetit'. And watch the music video of it.

  8. What about in the music vid she is wearing a cat mask robbing a bank like KATY PERRY ROBBING HER FAME😲😲😲😲ok I get it I'm way off

  9. i'm just confused, is she maybe NOT doing this because she want's to or is there something that was always there that no one ever saw?

  10. I know Taylor swift isn't the one to make "dark" music but why are people calling the lyrics dark, this is child's play compared to metal music.

  11. Taylor: writes a song that's not about break up or an ex or a failed relationship
    People: i want the old taylor, the one that writes about her exes
    Taylor: writes a song about her ex
    People: this bish is so annoying, she only writes about her ex

  12. Curly-haired princess and dreamy country music
    Songs "farewell to old love" with the transformation of full calculation
    Actually, Princess Taylor is the snake waiting for skinning days
    Taylor Swift has "exposed" in the warm welcome of the community community.
    I love Taylor !!

  13. Go to 55secs of her music video and find "Tu Brut" on the throne under here finger nails it's also like one or two seconds before on the pillar to the left of the thrown with the whole phrase "Et Tu Brut"… It's an expression used to express the surprise and dismay at the treachery of a "supposed" friend…… it was used in Shakespeare's play Julius Cesar after Brutus (Julius Cesars "best friend") stabs him to death.. WHATTTT it's like she's saying "Even YOU!?!" But who's the "YOU!"!!!!!!!!

  14. Now people are saying they miss the old Taylor but when the old Taylor was there they used to say she is so fake , people please makeup ur mind 🙏

  15. I hate it when people comment "iconic" on something that's below average. True icons are dead or at least most of them are. All we have left are money milking machines and its sad that so many people are misled by these people its a shame though, please gain some intelligence. And do not misuse the word iconic. Thanks.

  16. the new music just fun feel a little bit Halloween but also the dark voice sound like a man but i am ok with the dark lyrics

  17. I think this song is nothing but an incredibly fancy temper tantrum – it would appear she is attempting that she is attempting to keep the Muses' blessing.

  18. Taylor is just exceptional
    actress staring in bad dreams wow
    I wish I could say dat one of my haters someday…….team taylor#

  19. whatever path taylor swift choose to take… we are 100% with her… Kim kardashian and her overrated whore of a sister kendal jenner… and her father a middle age man turning himself into a woman (which actually makes him look more like the head of the devil) , are all going down fast and hard… and taylor swift stands above them all… that i can assure you all… with taylor swift from the beggining and will be with her forever !!!

  20. What is this, some Athena is shiestkicking medusa as African goddess or something? Social engineering. Gotta love it.

  21. You could tell the music video " Look what you made me do " , Had some Illuminati Confirmed stuff on it like pyramids , the box , and a lot more. Weird / New Taylor .

  22. The beat of Taylors new song sounds a little bit like the song off of mean girls in the part that this video showed anyone else agree??

  23. If you look in the scene where Taylor is robbing the bank the bottom of her sweater say "blind from love". I don't know if this means anything but maybe since she was wearing a tiger sweater and a cat mask that's very similar to the one in Katy perry's dark horse video.

  24. I'm sad because when I was four years old my mum bought me my first ever Taylor Swift C.D, Love Story and now she has changed her style and music and so shes not really the same person anymore. so I guess that's one more singer for me to cross off my favorites list. 🙁

  25. You know that shirt maybe there is only names of her friends that she met at that time when You belong with me came out because she met some of her friends later

  26. Personally, I like this song, BUT, i don't get why she's saying "look what you made me do" meaning she "killed" herself, but nobody made her do anything! It was her own choice to kill herself wasn't it? It's just weird but whatever.

  27. this song is very nice but the previous songs were also nice. whatever songs it would be i still will be taylor's one of the BIGGEST FANS

  28. Ok, but the chorus is garbage. I remember old TS, guitar player etc.. Don’t even rock country, but that was talent… She gets a big EHhh.. “time and a place” Chorus is that of a stereotypical dramatic gay guy. Good for laughs. Records sold before dropped because of her brand. Her streaming numbers are garbage.. maybe after the catchy repetitive brain washing formula, we will admire. Play this shit for my work, because it’s “PC” or “safe” but honestly, WTF?

  29. I only came to this video because of Kanye lol, ironically, in the search for what this life is all about, you know, the madness, the fact, not belief of this existence. “I made that Bitch faaamouss” was a stretch, but do I sense synergy???

  30. well it was awful i really hate that song and that was the most creepiest music video of all time my best friends doesn't like it eather

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