5 Spiritual SIGNS That YOU Will Be OK

5 Spiritual SIGNS That YOU Will Be OK

Hey, guys. It’s Josie. Welcome to my channel. Now, in today’s video, I
have five signs for you from the universe
that you will be OK, especially from the
place of deepest fears if you have so much
uncertainty in your life. If you don’t know
if you can make, if you can get through
it, if the challenge is too difficult– but how do
you know that you’ll be OK? So please understand that
the universe is always communicating with you, that
divine guidance is always communicating. All you have to do is
pay attention and listen. So I hope this video helps you. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] The first sign that
you will be OK– it always happens. It’s the feeling of peace. Now, I don’t know
where it comes from. But you know in the moments
of your deepest fear when you can be crying or
you can be just so low, maybe heartbroken, but all of
a sudden, something let’s go. And you feel much, much lighter. You don’t know what it is. You feel like I can breathe now. So that’s your sign the
universe is giving you the energy, that light energy. And you’re tuning into it. And you know you’ll be fine. And you are supported. You’re guided. So that peaceful– that’s
your natural state of being. And when you release all of that
outside noise and you let go. You become more of
who you really are, which is that peaceful
presence that is always a sign that you will be OK. So the second sign that
happened to every single person I know, it’s sort of a voice
in your head that tells you, you’ll be fine. It could be like
a silent whisper. Remember the movie
Eat, Pray, Love where Liz Gilbert had to
pray for the first time? And she was on her
knees asking God, I don’t know how to talk to
you, but I need your help. She was crying. And boom, all of a sudden, she
heard the voice, Liz go to bed. It will be OK. It’s all about really
listening to that voice and following that voice. So the third sign of
reassurance that you will be OK is that you will receive
a memory of some sort. It could be your
own memory and maybe a memory from a movie or
someone else’s experience when they had to overcome
a difficult situation. Or it could be a happy
memory, a thought from the past that is really
related to your situation. And you remember something
that is meaningful to you, and you know someone’s
got through it. I got through it in the past. So I can do this right
now in this moment. I’m much more– again, more
powerful than I think I am. I can overcome this. I can do this. All that memory will give
you that boost of energy to lift yourself up and
get through that challenge. So the fourth sign is kind
of like a sudden desire, a sudden urge to do
something, either to look in a certain direction. Again, over there,
look at your clock. And you see it’s like, 11:11– meaningful numbers. Or you may have an urge to go
on your social media account and look up some quotes or go on
someone else’s, again, website. So when the meaningful
number combinations show up when you need some
guidance and reassurance, so what’s up with that? That’s the universe is
giving you that reassurance. That’s what it means. If you’re in the moments
of great confusion and uncertainty, all of
these double numbers show up. So this is your sign the
divine guidance is not too far away from you. You’re not alone. You’re being taken care of. That’s what it means. So trust these signs. Trust these kind of desires
in you to take action. So in the fifth
sign, you will be OK. It’s that inner knowing is your
hope that things will work out. You just know this deep inside. That’s hope that keeps
us human beings going in life, because it’s
always ups and downs. And when you’re
at the bottom, you need your hope to hold
onto so it pulls you up. And sometimes you
have to grab onto it as hard as you can so you can
lift yourself up and move on with your life. So that’s inner knowing
that you’re not alone, that you’re never alone. And there’s so much love. There’s so much compassion. There’s so much guidance that is
available to you at all times. All you have to do is just
stop focusing on your pain. Release all of that and focus
on your heart and the gratitude. Look for things
that make you happy, that make you grateful so you
disconnect from that pain. And all of these signs
from the universe, from divine guidance,
that you will be OK will be just in front of you. So you will see
them really clearly. And you know that things are
great, that things are fine. You are OK. All right, you guys. So these are the five signs
from the universe of reassurance that things will work
out and you will be OK. I hope this video helped you. If you want to
share your stories, please do so in
the comments below. And I’m sending you all my love. Be well. I’ll talk to you
in the next video.

100 Replies to “5 Spiritual SIGNS That YOU Will Be OK”

  1. Thank you for the videos Josie. You are truly a magnificent Earth Angel indeed.

    I have been really troubled as my father and i have been unemployed for a while and i have experienced these signs time and again, especially the 111s, 222s, 333s, 444s and 555s on clocks and many devices.

    Love and Light to you and all you do.

  2. this is so true..im so down financially…then it so funny everyday feathers are flying everywhere,,,last 2 days ago ,,i went outside and as i was standing near the garden,,,i have this feeling of something is falling on my right side so i moved a little..then all of a sudden i saw my cats…all of them are looking up then i saw this beautiful feather with different colors..and i was smiling coz the moment i saw the feather,,, arcangel michael came to my mind,,,and this happens to me every time i worried too much,,or im confused of what my life would be,,,and numbers?ohh i see 11:11 or 44 or 33 always…and i know i am guided by my FATHER,,,

  3. Thank u beautiful Queen 👸 ☺ for ur Extra time n energy for doing this..God bless u More ❤ 🙏 👼 ❤

  4. WOW very nicely put. I will look at it this way you are the first SIGN of the positive SIGN. And i am so happy i stop in. Looking forward to hearing your next reading and many blessing to you. With love from the heart…

  5. Thx Josie you are helping me a lot. I have been going through depression and anxiety and you are helping me realize that it's ok.

  6. Josie…!! You are just amazing.. Have seen some of your awesome videos regarding spiritual life.. They are really touching… Have learnt many things from you…keep 🔛 educating us… And least but not the last…. You are such a Barbie doll…. 😘

  7. I had this feeling yesterday when my spouse and I did the ring test to see what gender and how many children we would have. We have a 6 month baby together both our first but our outcomes were very different I felt anxious right away and suddenly found peace and trusted that fate.

  8. Thank you Josie.  I was sitting here worried sick and then I saw the title of your video.  I brought me a ray of light I needed.

  9. Hi Josie!!! I want to share with you something that happened to me this morning, I was feeling on a low vibe I knew it wasnt mine Im an empath and when I was seating and evaluating my feelings I called my guides and angels for help and guidence and then Im not sure if it was a few seconds or minutes later one of your videos came to me (your 200 video by the way) I cant remember the title of it and you said in the begining of the video you dont fight darkness cause your purpose was to shine your light and kindness and love by shining the light and love. So I understood that I had to not fight that low vibe that wasnt mine but I had to shine light and love to it to alchemist it in to light and love since energy cant be destroy and I asked for God to shine his light on me and love and I started giving this energy that light and love and kindness, to transform it into light and love. I asked the angels to come and assist me and I started to feel better, I started feeling that living me and I kept the same loving intention.

    Today your message was reminded to me by my loving spirit guides, angels and God, thank you so much, I see how we are always being guided by our Guides, Angels and God. Much love to you, Im so gratefull for you❤❤❤

  10. My problem is I don't jump on an opportunity when it comes. Job, etc. I always freeze. Then I miss out. Why does this happen? I've been doing this my whole life. Does God need to smack me up side the head?

  11. thank you so much frm the bottom of my heart….and thanks to my angels and the universe for giving me the signs you are saying,..Love and peace to you…

  12. i needed this, i'm looking for a job, i have family problems, but i know that ill be fine, i meditate each morning, pray, focusing on my wish, im gratefull for everything that i have, keep on moving, i know that law of attraction works, and that soon all my worries will be gone. thank you, lots of these signs happend to me in the darkest times, or just instinct tells me what to do in a certain moment. thank you!!!! blessings!!!!

  13. if u found this missing letter your insane!!!!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ITS LEGIT I PUT A DIFFERENT LETTER INSIDE AND NOW I CANT FIND IT like if u found it i igly doupt u can

  14. I know that feeling, it is a relief after your soul has been put through the wringer and you're left gasping in despair, the only way I can describe this reassuring feeling is like a white rose unfurling its gentle petals and its sweet aroma softly engulfs you then you're able to exhale.

  15. like when I'm mad about something than I remember the good I do have in life. like my baby, my boyfriend. and it helps me to move on. thank you this helped.

  16. now, that's the skin color i've saw today, Josie! real cool, and bit of tone there. nice, dress code and hair groomed!!?? new you, younger version. yes!!! got you there!!!

  17. once, I was in a lot of worry and I unexpectedly slept and someone told me in my dream it will be okay , and i woke up and I could breath again …

  18. Josie I'm definitely experiencing a amazing spiritual awaking transition these past weeks.. your videos help me out so much, i litterly need to watch every single one because there like on point with every situation I've encountered… It def was all God finding your YouTube Channel! & your hair & makeup & clothes are always so gorgeous! Xo 😘

  19. dishonored my family by blowing off college twice, everyones questioned my integrity & sexuality, I became a 9 year daily pot smoker, developed mentall illness and suicidal depression anxiety & psychosis. I was a talented musician definitely ruined my life & there is now nothing to live for, my gifts stolen, now everyday is agonizing. I'm being embrassed online by old friends who believe I should feel bad & have lost respect from everyone, if there's an afterlife I probably won't be ok with the creator. I just don't think i'll be ok.

  20. josie you help me so much thank you so much your videos always help me when I'm sad i have lots of emotions and i get sad and worried for many people fast and you helped me not freak out as much even when i see a stranger in pain i go down on my knees crying you helped me with my anxiety i love you so much and i know when I'm sad or mad my angels help me i can feel it

  21. I hate to be a negative Nancy but… I feel like… if a person felt a "sense of peace" they wouldn't have a reason to watch this video in the first place. 🙁

  22. So true…i have premonitions sometimes in response to my prayers….and they come true or I get the confirmation to my question in events that occurs in my life. I know this is from the divine. It is real!!

  23. For the past 6 months wheb ever I feel the edge to look at the clock…. It is 12:34…. At night.. Or afternoon….

  24. My entire life I had suffered from severe depression, to the point that as I child I didn't even know not everyone felt like this all the time. As I got older I would get brief moments of happiness but they only lasted for a few days or if I was lucky a couple weeks, but it never failed that I would crash back into it. About 6 months ago I had been stuck in a really bad episode that had driven me almost to the point of suicide which is extremely hard to do because I lived by the philosophy that every situation ends and I just need to wait it out, but I couldn't get out of it no matter how hard I tried, I would be upset by simple things or not even know why I was crying. I remember feeling so worthless and alone then, but one night I had a dream that I was standing near the door way of a Colosseum, it was a warm day and I felt comfortable but curious. I looked farther in and there was a man in a blue silk (for lack of a better term) roman skirt and a matching sash over his chest that had a clasp in the back. He had shoulder length brown hair and a long beard. I remember he was standing in a chariot but there were no horses. He was facing me and I felt the need to approach him. I was in somewhat of a child-like state of mind, curious but cautious. I noticed his sash was messed up so I slowly crawled onto the carriage and put my arms around him trying to fix it where it was clasped. I giggled and made the comment "Jesus robe" because he reminded me of him and so did his clothing. When I said that he put his arms around me and just held me. I've never felt so safe and loved. Since then no matter what happens, even with things that would normally destroy me, I haven't entered a single depression. I have been sad and cried, but when I'm done I know I'm going to be OK and that everything will work out.That was six months ago and I can still feel the man with me at times or I'll randomly think of the dream.

  25. Nice to see good people like you Josie who are like a healer or a healing spell. It means a lot to me Josie. Thanks, atleast you're being there to guide in this miserable world.

  26. I love your voice & I really feel happy after watching your videos. You are bringing great confidence & positivity in my life. Thanks a lot! Love from India😇

  27. I lost my husband 18 months ago. He left for his job and before he left I had a gut feeling I was never going to see him again. I am a RN too. My husband always took care of everything prior to his death. My point is I had a feeling that I was going to be OK and I have been. Still miss him and still seems so recent. Watching this video reinforced that I am ok.

  28. Thank You Josie, you have so much useful information in all your videos, these videos and what you say in them makes me have the aha moment , now I know , now I feel how what happened relates to life etc

    There are a few things about you which are extraordinary, here is a small but powerful list on what I enjoy from your videos and the work you put into them, it is appreciated, thank you.

    1. Although the videos are less than 10min long, they pack a punch of truth and enlightening the listener, you get straight to the point , and I have tougher time with longer videos others make, the length is a plus in your videos.
    2. The information and thought provoking things you say are meaningful, and when you are straight to the point you can accomplish this in under 10min. So the information you share with viewers is so good, it's great.
    3. Letting go of pain as you say in this video is much easier as I stare at your beauty, I love the structure of your face, and everything about you is pretty, feminine girly like it should be and you're eye candy.
    4. You have a soft way about you, it's different from the feminine girly vibe I pick up, your softness is tied more to ease and gracefulness, you know. what you want to spread as a message and you do it gracefully.
    5. Now for probably my favorite one of them all, your voice is SO SO CALMING, unlike any other male or female voice I heard on YouTube and that says a lot since there are many, I'm not BS ing you, I fall asleep to your soothing voice and also I noticed what makes this even more unique and gives you an edge over others, is the way you pronounce words in speech, it's almost as if it was some type of an accent??? maybe ?? I can't put my finger on it and say what it is about your voice and pronunciations, it's just heck of a soothing voice, tone, girly, confident, I fall asleep to you so easily you are that good.

    I know this is long but I wanted to add 2 more important topics instead of typing in the other video.

    1. The video about numbers caught my eye and randomly showed up in front of my eyes when I wasn't looking for it but 2 days ago I had one of those wow moments, after taking my 10yr old yellow lab mikey to the local park I came in , took his leash off grabbed some treats and said……Mike it's 12 of clock, here are 2 milk bones to hold you off, you eat in 2 hours at 2pm oclock…..after saying this is paused and I realized what I had just said and day or 2 later I see your video on same numbers by chance , not looking for it, but ever since I said that I had a strong feeling inside my chest , heart, stomach area that yes God and the powers that be are in fact sending me a message or rather a sign for

    i promise this will end , one -2 paragraphs more at the most …as I was saying a sign for

    2. Recently , in the past 7 days, I've had several connections to great old memories of before I had my anxiety disorder and depression. ..

    I watched your video on 5 signs the universe is telling me everything will be ok, I watched said video by accident, same time and same manner I watched the numbers video , not searching for it , just happen to pop up and I said hmm interesting so after watching 5 signs from universe that all will be OK I realized my experiences in last 7 days match at least 3-5 things you spoke about, the only one that I remember is that we will have thoughts of good old time , I'm paraphrasing what you said , I wish I remembered the others it's the video I watched before this one and to me it went side by side because of this past week, it's as if the universe was giving me a sign (your pertinent 2 videos) to the signs (numbers ) and thoughts (about enjoying life again) I was having , reinforcing the signs I was given directly.

    Your videos basically served a purpose of ….Hey you these 2 videos are a sign to you that in fact the other signs you've been receiving during the week are actually signs from God telling me all will work out and change for the better. Thank you so much Josie from the bottom of my heart you are a sweetheart, sending you blessings and love. if you can find the time to let me know if you have a certain accent or your pronunciations that would make me enjoy it more if I knew cause now it bothers me figuring it out. You must understand English is my primary and best language but it's still my 2nd language.

    End of Chapter 1
    By Chris

  29. Hello Josie.I have seen your videos and they are amazing and very inspirated.Thank you very much for your informations.You really have help me.I 💜💜❤you…

  30. Lately it's been incredibly hard to save money. I'm lucky because I have been saving a ton of money over the years. However my current job doesn't pay much at all. I went to college and although I don't have the exact job I want yet, plenty of job opportunities for that job has recently opened up for me. Lately I had to spend a lot of money on mandatory investments, and it gave me serious anxiety. But every single thing you've mentioned in this video has happened to me. There's always this peaceful loving voice that I keep hearing that keeps saying "you'll be okay"

  31. Hello, Beautiful ma'm. I have been seeing few numbers since 2013 I guess. I don't know what those means. And nobody could help me in this case. Could you please help me ?

  32. I very rarely comment on anything, but I have to tell you I think your videos are amazing. There is always something new to learn and the positive energy that you have is really freaking contagious!! Looking forward to the next video!

  33. Thanks, Josie. It's nice to get the confirmation that what you have been thinking about, is in reality the voice of God whispering softly to your heart.

  34. Yes that is so very true I have a knowing of peace inside of but at times I find I still need reassurance that’s my weakness but I keep soldiering on I’ll never give up. It just wonderful that I’ve been feeling wonderfully and peace and can inhale deeply and am peace with myself I’m 63 and finally got it.
    If anyone who’s been what I’ve been through in the past would’ve been in a mental institution or not on this planet, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy’s never.. so thank you so much for your guidance on all this I’m guessing somebody up there loves and guided me to your channel.
    To me you’re an Earth Angel 😇 Sending you Happy Blessings with Universal Love&Light 🌹💯😍

  35. josie.. in the end when you spoke of numbers.. an alarm i set at random yesterday half asleep for 23:23/11:11pm.. came on & it had a smiling face i put & asked for me to press.. OK! how about that synchronicity! i do always focus on the good.. but i couldn't & wouldn't know where to begin with my situation.. i do think it can work out & i believe in miracles.. but i am still so scared.. i need to make things right.. it was such a hard day.. & i want to make things right.. i don't feel i did things as i was best to today.. i am a good person in so many ways.. but i am also human & not the version of me.. it is just so difficult & i feel like i am at the edge of a cliff.. where i want to jump into the ocean & begin again.. i feel i have strength to make all right in my life.. benevolent & good & fresh.. but i still feel like each time i get close to a big breakthrough.. it just gets ripped away.. it truly has.. i stay positive & continue to make little personal breakthroughs..

  36. i watched this video, just because i actually accidently just told siri that "hey siri, when will the world end"? she said "right after you hear the words fire it up!"

  37. When you said 'sudden urge to look at the clock' I looked at the clock and it was exactly 13:33, is that an angelic number?

  38. At times I am really stress and at times I am at peace.. My father just passed away. We were very close tat separation from my dad is killing me inside.. I dreamt my dad very angle clothes smiling and waving at me.. and I see white butterflies almost everyday.. few days after my dad passed away we smell of aromatic Jasmine and rose flowers.. Josie please help

  39. thanks but am not ok you can't imagine what am going through I don't think I can take it anymore of what God is allowing me to go through to do what he wants

  40. 1. The feeling of peace
    2. A voice telling you you'll be okay
    3. Memory of some sort- when they had to overcome a difficult memory
    4. Sudden desire to do something; inspired action
    5. Inner knowing and hope that things will work out.

  41. Thank you, Jo!

    This video came at the PERFECT time, which is funny because it was made two years ago and it was the first thing that popped up to me now after I just literally walked out of my job! Coincidence?

    I don't think so…

    I hope to one day do what you do- offer help and inspiration to others and spread love and positivity.

    Thank you so much 🙂

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