5 Simple Tips To Overcome Your Spiritual Growth Roadblocks | Jeffrey Allen

5 Simple Tips To Overcome Your Spiritual Growth Roadblocks | Jeffrey Allen

hi I’m Jeffrey Allen an energy healer and spiritual teacher and I want to give you five tips to overcoming a spiritual roadblocks this is really important because spiritual growth is not supposed to be difficult but over the years I’ve noticed with myself and also my students that there are some common patterns we get into some places where we get stuck easily in our spiritual growth and it feels like it’s difficult and sometimes we even give up so I’m gonna give you five tips today to get you through those roadblocks in a very easy way so you can enjoy your spiritual growth tip number one has to do with that sense of feeling like there’s no time or you’re not sure when you’re gonna put this new spiritual practice into your busy schedule so say you’re trying to do a meditation it’s five or ten minutes a day what I recommend is that you do this spiritual practice first thing in the morning because when you wake up your mind is rested and your body is rested and you’re ready to really tune in in a very easy way and get the biggest benefit from that training now also you’ll notice if you do it first thing in the morning that you’ll have more time during your day because you’re more relaxed you’re more present during the day so things will actually go much smoother it’s a way to save you a lot of time now the second tip has to do with when you’re feeling like you have no motivation to do your practice so say you just don’t feel like you want to do it or it’s just hard to get into it and what I suggest there is that you need to focus on the bigger picture you want to remember why are you doing this spiritual growth what are you trying to get to so what is the goal for feeling happier or feeling more joyous new life or improving your relationships whatever your goal is if you remember that your motivation comes back if you’re just focused on I’ve got to sit down for 10 minutes and do it and meditate sometimes I can be a challenge so tip number two is to shift your focus to that final goal and what you’re trying to get out of your spiritual practice now that number three has to do with that roadblock when you feel like you just want to quit so you either it feels like the program is too hard or it’s too challenging or you’re struggling in some way you know there’s a whole list of excuses we come up with when we hit that point and decide you know I just need to quit this program maybe it’s not from here find another program so what’s happening there is that the program is actually helping you move through some of your resistance so the tip here is you have to shift your perspective from oh I’m just about to have a breakdown and I need to stop in to feeling like oh I’m about to have a breakthrough now to break down a breakthrough and that’s why my resistance is coming up that’s why my mind is giving me lots of excuses why I should drop and quit as I’m about to push through whatever my old pattern was and move into a new state and I see this all the time with students when you’re right up against the edge just ready to make your biggest progress people tend to drop out so just remember that if you feel like you need to quit probably you need to stay in just a little bit longer you’ll make it through that interrupt spot and move into a really easy and smooth stay and after that so that’s tip number three now tip number four is kind of the opposite so oftentimes we’re in a program and we decide that it’s working so well that we want to speed it up so instead of doing one meditation a day we do two or three or four we start loading several programs together at the same time because we think we’re going to get more benefit now what happens there is if you if you do this you’re gonna get overwhelmed you’re actually gonna push yourself to that point where you feel like quitting faster because you’re gonna overwhelm your system change is easier if you’re going kind of smoothly right it seems to keep that in – just take things step by step yeah it sometimes you’ll hear this called micro learning where you’re getting just a three minute or 5 min or even a little 10 minute thing each day it’s just the right amount it’s enough learning to keep you moving forward but it’s not so much to push you into that state where you’re getting overwhelmed or struggling or feeling like you need to drop out so I recommend just taking it step by step that’s that’s tip number four the fifth tip has to do with once you’re in the program and you’re experiencing it oftentimes with spiritual growth you’ll feel like you’re starting to fall asleep a little bit or you’re going unconscious during meditation and it just feels like maybe I’m not doing it right or this isn’t for me and somehow you feel like you’re failing now this is actually not the case either see what you have to understand is that spiritual growth is about your awareness and your consciousness and the idea is to expand that consciousness beyond your normal waking state into some new experience of some new consciousness well guess what’s in those places right now unconsciousness right so the place you’re trying to grow into right now is where your unconscious otherwise you wouldn’t need to grow into it now as you move forward in your spiritual growth you’ll move into this unconscious place and you’ll tend to go a little unconscious you’ll tend to fall asleep or pass out or just get Spacey for a few days and most people think I’m failing I’m not doing a writer I don’t like it so keep in mind when that happens that you’re succeeding you’re not failing if you’re falling asleep that means you’re going the right direction and you want to keep going because you’re making great progress so those are my five tips for spiritual growth remember again that spiritual growth is not supposed to be difficult supposed to be really fun so just keep in mind if you feel like you have no time then schedule first thing in the morning and do it every day if you feel like you’re not having motivation remember to look at that bigger picture why are you in this what are you trying to get out of it if you feel like you need to quit remember that that’s exactly the time that you need to lean in a little bit you’re going to get the biggest benefit because you’re about to have a huge breakthrough if you feel like a need to go faster just take it easy slow down trust the program that you’re in and just go step by step and if you feel like you’re failing because you’re going unconscious just remember that that’s actually a sign of success rather than failure I’d also love to hear if you have any tips or techniques that you use to help you get through your spiritual roadblocks and make your spiritual growth easier and more fun for you thanks for listening [Music] you

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  1. I absolutely needed this today…. Instead of doing my meditation I started watching Youtube…. 😊😏

    Thank you!

  2. What blocks do you feel like you're faced with? Share with us 😊
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  3. Thank you Jeffrey – the point about the sleepy unconscious state has been bugging me lately. This is exactly the message I needed to hear.

  4. I am searching everywhere for peace of mind and answers . Maybe this is the place or maybe I am halfway. Was kind of lost from my path , feeling connected again.

  5. Hi Jeffrey first of all i am so Happy that i became Aware of you and your work a Short Time ago (i saw it as beeing frequently "ready" to risive this kind of kontent) you helpt me to unterstand more and faster about energy and how to Go about it easyer and faster, thanks for that πŸ™πŸ˜‰

    An approach that i has taken in the last Time was to combine knowlich , Views, ideas , visualisations and prakticis from much and all Kind of recorces and People i Look up to , to get the most and fastes benefits in grow in generell to find my Path and experiment what works best for me.

    I agree fully that this Tipe of approach has , like you said , has his downside , in terms of overwelm oneselv.
    Vor me Personal (may be a belive kombination from the past Kind of "what don't kill you make you stronger and trust the Proßess") has brought me far , but was not realy komfortable sometimes.

    However to be Aware, konsistent and selekt thet what works best vor oneselv is brilliert, Tanks vor all , you are a gift and a hugh Inspiration ✌❀

  6. Listening to Jeffrey Allen is a pure Bliss and highly beneficial…. Thank you soo much dear sir Jeff and God Bless you :):):)

  7. Thank you Jeffrey this is exactly what I needed to hear today.

    I'm not surprised cos I believe in signs and miracles but it always wonders and delights me when these synchronicities come in to play. I am always so grateful. πŸ’œπŸ’›

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