5 Life Lessons from Steve Jobs zen spiritual Life

5 Life Lessons from Steve Jobs zen spiritual Life

Steve Jobs is one of the greatest entrepreneurs
of our generation. He is the one who initiated personal computer revolution. He did things
that other considered impossible. He started Apple from his parents garage and with his
intuition, vision and hard work made it the world’s most valuable company. Steve
Jobs life was like a roller-coaster. He had a lot of ups and downs. Being adopted
at birth, to discarding formal education, to be fired from his company shows how hard
it was. Despite all these, he did what he wanted because he once dipped himself in the
spiritual world. Let’s know why Steve Jobs chose spirituality when he was young. Steve Jobs knew from his early age that
he was adopted. The fact that he was adopted was like a hole in his life, and he wanted
to fill that up. Being adopted gave him a sense of rejection at birth, and it hurt him.
He wanted to meet his biological parents, not because his he didn’t like his
adopted ones, but it’s just because he wanted to know them to know more about
himself and his characteristics. He had therapies on few occasions to get over such emotions
but finally chose the path of spirituality to get over, and he did. There was the beginning of counter-culture
revolution when Steve was in his teens. He was very much influenced by its lifestyle.
He always wanted to be like a free bird. He didn’t like telling much
about his parents in his school days, letting people assume that he came from somewhere
with no family and no background. In the quest to be more and more
free, he finally had to dip himself to spirituality and its higher consciousness. Kobun Chino,
the spiritual guru of Steve Jobs, says that Steve Jobs always insisted to be monk. Steve in his late teen was known for his weird lifestyle habits. He always walked barefoot.
He rarely took the shower and ate only fruits. He read a book that eating starch less
food makes your soul pure by stop making harmful mucus in our body. Though it is a flawed theory
but this had a tremendous impact on Steve Jobs diet.
Steve always wanted to reach into the higher consciousness. All his weird habits were a
quest to arrive at a stable state of human and finally he got by choosing spirituality
and zen meditation. Since young Steve Jobs wanted to be one of the important person in the history who
pushes the world forward, who changes it for better.
He always wanted to achieve his full potential. He even travelled to India in search of enlightenment. Upon return from India, Steve found his spiritual guru and Started practising
Zen. It is his guru who insisted Steve to continue business along with spirituality. Business with spiritual touch has helped Steve in making great products. Every
Apple products are so fine and advanced and yet simple. We all know how beautiful apple
products look, and its all because of the touch of spirituality Steve knew if one need to go beyond imagination and impossible he needs to be focused on his
work. And to meet the sharp focus one need to get over the concept of reality and attachments. So Steve had to choose spirituality because all these are possible through meditation. Steve Jobs was famous for his reality distortion. He could convince someone to do
something even if they thought was impossible. His extreme love of making great
products and intense focus towards Apple had some ill effects in his relationship
with lot of people closed to him

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