49ers vs Saints 2013

the Saints 23-20 victors at Superdome against the 49ers would you like to take
it away I mean I know that you were here he did
before we went on a rant please don’t sit here listening I’m I’m as a 49ers fan concerned about the team
concerned about the quarterback I didn’t think we’re gonna win yesterday
had no there was no not no momentum to this team like there
has been an even when we were winning 45 in a row there it didn’t feel like hey we’re gonna plea bargain you take on
the world be closer attention I didn’t think it was that I thought and
so did a lot of others in allow this site to read the guys I read were
believing that the Niners had just you know this was the team that hit their stride
and they were surprised by the Panther lost yet but OK the Panthers are better
we thought that’s a heck up and you know they’ll put up 30 on the
same to maybe they lose a 34-30 but it did but they are rolling but they were hit
but Kaepernick 1730 127 yards and looked like he did against Seattle
area you know tentative and you own a telegraph a game
plan now that features the run from nor liz is a good run defense and
there was no improvisation after that so you know when they when it go and also the personnel I mean
a right now receiver the foreigners have
some problems but they were putting LaMichael James Kendall Hunter and Frank
Gore in Harbaugh knows at this point nor for
Frank or to be effective he’s got together number carries an Aurora many with going to
bookmark that he needs una in a game to warrant arrest no I mean it
listen you know with him if he’s gonna be honor is not gonna be are to be given seven a few min three
sets up downs and and and you see something happening but
he was switching he’s really a hypersensitive now is our bother
getting LaMichael James and again the drop Kyle Williams so Michael James is now returning punts
degree within the by the way I mean yeah objectively at
their it made sense and I think that there are other people I would have
dropped before I love but you know their therefore wide
receivers so no one ever want to have them are
Jonathan Baldwin you know a and a 10 wedding is actually
going to be a really good pro I do he’s he’s always a little ways away
but i think is going to go maybe it will be is michael kors the lawsuit Michael
Crabtree really the problem in them pants are there problems because that
seems that I don’t I don’t know it on a personal shit what they’re what what the
personal changes were in the offseason but from game 1 week 1 told me on that one
bowl until absolutely none right and so they did
don’t you know who else went absolutely nuts count after I had a report he relocated
we had it was all turns up because it a club or but but
the but so I think that with Boldin
everybody thought okay we’ve replaced Crabtree but but caperton Crabtree did
have a connection last the last year that
with that propelled them they click on the View now guess and I’m now believing
this receiver and and and quarterback you know when the
when they’re working together it’s great so in any case I i’m and not optimistic for the 49ers I think
africa is really not look good this year something seems different to everybody I
know who watches the 49ers regularly and now you know he is not look at this year I think it’s
very safe to say quite why isn’t there more what we saw last year I don’t mean
the obviously you know why weren’t more this
reduction in the running I think what are you know that’s a good question you know he’s making the decision to run
to Layton is often making not you know making the decision not to
run in to get rid of the ball I also think that you know listen they
had the spring and the summer these defenses did to look at Colin
Kaepernick and try and figure out how to defend against and they’re doing a good
job above that is played he played 10 games coming into the
season 10 NFL games so they go to a bit dry but now capper Nick goes and looks at this spent
a lot of time looking at what defenses are doing and he has to adjust nah that’s that’s
really just enough to come back yeah I know I just it’s puzzling to not see
them engage in the same kind of its that was
so electrify again we’re all thrown off by
that week 12 they actually didn’t do the read-option much in and in week 1 and they stay still be
alive or what defense’s defense’s are also sending one guy to cover cap on
it which wasn’t happening before so they have a guy who is you and and this these are
differences within the division but I think I i notice Carolina doing the same
thing is ill have one guy key on capper neck
so that would takes away one option for him so he has
to go in another direction but that that seems to be the way that the one other
things are get the way teams used to defend a rebel
coming yeah and one what I remember that one
washing it would play Philadelphia Michael was always that was your job you just
follow randall cunningham and that wherever he went and prevent that’s what they do remember that what
you were doing right yesterday against the think the that it was bad starting to
come on the last couple weeks and 25 what yards and one 1 for 16 yards so yeah hit me the guy didn’t move at
all capital yeah I know but that seemed that’s been typical the season you know
and I think that the saint stephen’s what their number seven in surrounding I
will yeah they would actually pretty good year
pretty solid all year i mean i a room what I mean there isn’t hard to there are to
be I getting a better coaching change that bring it in no wrecked Robert right
well bring it on Payton’s yet on Facebook I love the guy last year
I have no idea why somebody I it’s good to me that there to do it on the front
of it the I’ll controversial play you could
say hitting a quarterback in the neck area something I had never heard until
they came yesterday Drew Brees was bleeding after he got hit so maybe that’s a little more fuel to
the fire but that’s a play that I’ve a call that I’ve never seen before I’ve
certainly seen those hits before maybe it’s been instituted within the
last few years I’ve out as the head it’s a bit still there
well I understand that they’re trying to protect quarterback I totally get that
but I’ll be trying to protect the quarterback a little too much as the questionable it really
the question was whether we are or aren’t play was at the recall you know even if
you were predicting the worry was that I would already know yeah I I was at No
and am somewhere between them at a local covers a four hour for CSN Bay Area water and it was out with you love you
were outraged at the call and then they a that miracle to the look
at it he said after consulting with the NFL officials
looking it over and over again it seems like the right call he didn’t start he didn’t start the head
Ahmad Brooks who went to the University for dinner Ahmad Brooks but didn’t start the head I on the net but it is arm went up item I
don’t see that I i haaaate but but like it doesn’t matter really because it
was we don’t the league to way may be calling it the look at it 38
idea the way a what today Matt Notre male
coded or I get is a policy look for the way I
did my reply and and the fact is live because %uh
that way drew Brees is head moved your it looked
like he got work with Rep and then you look at a replay like
how it was a vicious it was just it was a football title it
seemed as if the flag came from behind Brees it yeah and so how did he see where the
head guided with you look like speeding you just
feel got anything they just have a lead you know it and its totally logical and
and you know and at first I thought were you would because those missed the
mistakes are made on that call so often that we could review blows to the head because we see sometimes you know guys
leaving with their shoulder Guiseley with the shoulder pad and and it turned out they admitted they
had it just seemed like it but I that said the last thing as I’m
fighting harder harder to watch football the last thing I want to see is more
things reviewed rhea I doubt that’s the that’s initially
that that might be something that have to come into play is
reviewing these penalty that they’re going to start throwing all the flags to
the point where we can’t we don’t want to watch but not don’t wanna watch
football but becoming painful to watch these guys
you get penalized for not on penalties they should review to yeah
there certainly are you do make that that we will discuss very quietly 22
belizean the brothers called with me how many 22 there was a good
game like I enjoyed watching it but man there were a lot of talent and Natasha
brothers called prodigy what a lot of them I will 39 that the brocco says morse a lot of penalties and
a lot of Ponce unfortunate yeah so let’s put the 49ers
schedule for can charles not enough put touchdowns for so I this
is this the 49ers there at DC on Monday night if he’s B in Landover on
Monday night against the Rams at home against Seattle
at home they’ll obviously be the big one Michael yet but I mean you can overlook San Luis
the way they’re playing now either minutes at home thankfully but their defense is store to figure it
out their last names are on a bye this week they now have a running game which
they didn’t have earlier in the season how we gather it works game ever was and
it was in san Luis but thats yeah but that’s a fortunately home in a way that was at
the but thats a that so that’s a game that I thing for our fans are concerned about
in the waco for humility Washington state laws the that to get
they’ll be favored in every one of those games except via correct yeah they may be saddled there
might be a bad one point very well they could be a favored know in that whole
flight well ironically Arizona could be a
brutal game on the last day with the simply it was Arizona could easily be
9687 yeah for a playoff spot legs lol
hardcore the 49ers could be fighting apartheid the game could be the last
play out here exactly that people think schedules will
try but I want a bridesmaid for her stoppage 12 or just wouldn’t are because at well you worry about the
Rams and I I get that they are playing better
the nightly that is still good and I have a very tough time see and
Kellen Clemens now I am getting a at one time we’re not
talking as a the Michael Crabtree is gonna be back yeah I think guys are gonna lie I would
I i says but i i think that eyes are gonna wait outside what actually abruptly the after the
Washington I don’t I don’t think I’m writing about I don’t think they’re gonna went out I
think they could without at the team that is look pretty effective offensively two straight weeks
so they have to be better very quickly here the same schedule at
Atlanta that should be a win at Seattle I battle be Ruby billy goat and then
against Carolina at home at Saint Louis secular remember that and
rectal the faith with four road games including Saint
Louis Carolina Seattle add you know Atlanta short week the
Saints are not the same team at all they just had a huge win against
the Niners come back three days later there’s so bright for a letdown and then their
next game is at CL against Atlanta though I iight you know
initially you know by Celtic Michael I admit that
I felt the same things and we’re at Michael Dyer two finalist
in our king of the hill and I can pick the
Saints and initially I was like I’m gonna take the
same time in a win that game Thursday on this morning while I was showering I
like the terrible decision yeah at this
terrible decision okay I doubt that the game the team to lose I
mean that they to be favored in there probably what it but no one should be surprised at that game
and 30-27 about I I would be surprised because they’ve
been the biggest let down this year from the julio de Maria right after that completely downhill I’d
be very surprised if they like but not point same thing every way no surprise but it’s a but I think also
the I’d be willing to wager it to see them well what is not on her a I don’t like to
wager I way ok

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