43rd Annual Saint George Ukrainian Festival (2019) East Village New York

what’s a better place to see a traditional embroidered Ukrainian costume than at a massive demonstration during the annual Ukrainian festival in Manhattan diverse audiences are drawn in to see something which for them may be exotic or to discover what their grandmother’s wore when they first came to America such costumes can gain a claim from popular films when they are associated with an actor’s performance however it is not common for a garment to be remembered on its own unless that garment is a piece like the embroidered blouse featured in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark worn by Marion Ravenwood the character played by actress Karen Allen the Ukrainian Lucia vodka is paired with red trousers that vividly stand out in the flight scene selected by costume designer Deborah Landis the idea of the outfit was to show a girl spending time in 1930s Turkey from his movies first appearance on the silver screen and up until now this ensemble of an embroidered blouse with red shadow water also known as harem pants is still popular on the runway in film and holds a place in television museums the blouse was purchased in Sudama a Ukrainian shop in New York City’s East Village coincidentally located on the same street where the annual Ukrainian culture festival occurs the East Village known for its booming Ukrainian population in the early 20th century was also a haven for avant-garde artists musicians who lived here in the 1960s represented a countercultural movement in arts it is no surprise meant that Andy Warhol who studio was on st. Mark’s Place right around the corner from school mom gave Jim Morrison a Ukrainian embroidered shirt as a gift which is documented by a series of well-known photographs unfortunately many such places as Sudama don’t exist anymore but the treasures founder remain as memories in films and festivals as the search for beautiful ideas continues

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