3 Spiritual Keys to Self-Discipline

3 Spiritual Keys to Self-Discipline

TERRI: And without hesitating,
he said there are 999 other success principles that
I found in my reading and experience. But he
says, the key without self-discipline, none
of them work. TERRI: Hey, I’m Terri Savelle
Foy, your cheerleader of dreams. I pray that as you invest
in yourself today, you’re captivated and you’re catapulted
to live your dreams. In fact, today I want to talk to you
about three spiritual key to self discipline. Kirk Cotmeyer,
who was a legend in the field of success and achievement,
he wrote about 1000 success principles that he had observed
in more than 50 years of research and study, 1000. Well
over lunch day, success coach Brian Tracy asked him the
question that everybody wants to know. Of all the success
principles that you have discovered, which do you think
is the most important? Tracy said he smiled at me with a
twinkle in his eye as if he’d been asked this question
many times before. And without hesitating he said there are 999
other success principles that I have found in my reading and
experience. But he says, the key without self discipline, none
of them work. Self discipline is the key to personal fulfillment.
It’s the magic key that opens doors for you that you never
dreamed possible. The ordinary person can become extraordinary.
The average person can rise further than talent and
intelligence can take him. Well, at the same time without self
discipline, talented educated, attractive person will seldom
them rise above mediocrity. And today I’m talking about
the spiritual keys to self discipline because God gave us
self discipline. You know Second Timothy 1:7, it says, for the
spirit of God gave us, or the spirit God gave us, does not
make us timid, but gives us power, love and self discipline.
That’s another version. I think it’s the new international
version. But see, as your discipline grows, so will your
confidence and self esteem. The most successful people in the
world are self motivated and have self discipline. Now, don’t
strive for perfection. That’s not what I’m talking about.
Strive to meet progress and fulfill your God given
assignment. So today I want to give you the three spiritual
keys to help you with self discipline real fast. You ready?
Number one is decide to obey. Decide to obey. What is God
telling you to do in your daily life to be more disciplined? To
pray more, to read, exercise, get up earlier, go to bed
earlier, watch less TV so you can invest in your dreams rather
than watch others live their dreams. See, anytime we feel
inside that God is speaking to us to make some changes, to kick
it up a notch, it’s because he knows something about your
future that you don’t know. He’s setting you up. You don’t want
to be like those four lepers who in the beginning they just
sat there and said, are we just going to sit here until we die?
Well, finally they got up and went for it. Are we going to get
up and go after what belongs to us? That’s what they finally
said. See, there’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind.
So I’m going to challenge you. Choose a starting date on the
calendar and decide to begin. Keep your commitment to the Lord
and with yourself. You may have heard me say this on another
podcast. I heard this phrase that somebody in need is waiting
on the other side of your obedience. I used to hear that
now we think, could somebody seriously be waiting on me? And
I’d think no, nobody’s waiting on me. Who could be waiting on
me to get disciplined? Nobody sees me in the morning, reading
during lunch, walking up and down my street. Nobody sees me
doing all this. Well, today when I meet people who are opening
their businesses, paying off their debts, losing weight,
getting degrees and promotions at work, I can’t help but thank
the Lord that I finally got up and obeyed. Well, who could
be waiting on? You see your discipline, your routine, your
obedience is going to impact their life. Obedience begins at
the crack of dawn. Obedience is as simple as grabbing a pen, a
calendar, and setting your alarm bright and early. So number one,
decide to obey whatever God’s telling you to do. Number two,
decide to fast. Now, I’m not going to say a whole lot about
this, but if you’ve battled for years with a lack of self
discipline, then I highly recommend that you take this
issue to the Lord in prayer and even declare a fast. Meaning
fast a certain food that you crave. I can’t totally explain
it, but every time I declare a fast, like I say, this is the
day I’m fascinating, this type of food or after a certain time
for 21 days or three days or however long, it always brings
the discipline I was lacking. There’s something powerful that
happens when we call on heaven and make a commitment to fast
before the Lord. I’m serious. It’s a supernatural thing. Keep
your commitment to the Lord and with yourself. And when you do,
you’re no longer trying to be disciplined in your own
strength. You now have all mighty God giving you super
natural strength. Now, I highly recommend reading Jensen
Franklin’s book, Fasting, to help you get a true
understanding of the benefits of going on a fast. It is truly a
prerequisite to experiencing major breakthroughs in your
life. Number three, the final point, is decided to give. We’re
the most like God when we give, when we put God first in our
finances it’s a way of putting God first in our lives. God
said, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also
well. So many times we want God to bless us, but when we put God
first in our finances, our heart follows. See, giving will do
more to adjust your heart than any act you could ever do. And
here’s what the Bible shows us, giving is what breaks the curse
and rebukes the devour. Well, the curse I’m talking about
is laziness, procrastination, lethargy, unmotivated, no
energy. See, God wants to bless you if you’ll step out in faith
and give. When you step out in faith, trust the Lord, he will
bless you in ways you can’t even imagine. And let me just tell
you what happens in the spirit realm when you do these
three things. I like to kind of compare it to an NFL football
game. When you see that little referee in the black and white
striped shirt and he might be like 5′, 150 pounds. Well, all
of a sudden he blows a whistle and a 350 pound linebacker will
stand at attention. Well, you think what kind of power does
that 150 pound guy have over this linebacker? See, linebacker
knows when that referee blows the whistle, he has all of the
NFL back in him up. Well, that’s what happens in the spirit
realm when you say, Lord, I am deciding to obey, I’m declaring
a fast and I’m going to be a generous person. I’m going to
give. You now have all of heaven backing you up. You’re not
trying to be disciplined on your own. God is coming on the scene
back in you up. So I love this quote by Denzel Washington. He
said, don’t just aspire to make a living, aspire to make a
difference. So obey. Delayed obedience is still disobedience.
Do it quickly. Declared a fast, fast something you crave. It
could be Cokes, cake, chips, eating after a certain time. And
number three, give. Rebuke the devour trying to keep you back.
Theodore Roosevelt said this, he said, with self discipline, most
anything is possible. I hope you enjoyed that. Today you’ll get
results if you’ll do it. So I want to just recognize our
subscriber of the week. This week it’s Patrice McCullough,
Patrice McCullough. I love that name. It sounds so French.
Patrice, I remember she says, when I first got your material
and listened to this particular subject. I just didn’t think
it was for me, she said. Fast forward to today. I am now
up between 4:10 and 4:35 AM depending on the day. That’s
incredible. To work out, listen to mentors on the way to work
out and back, journal and read the word all before 8:00 in the
morning. It’s amazing what you can do when you change your
mindset. I love that Patrice, because I’m right there with
you. So she is reading the book, The Five Things Successful
People Do Before 8:00 AM and she’s getting proof when you
change your routine you can change your whole life. And
that’s exactly what happened to me and I know the same will
happen for you. In fact, I want to give you a free download of
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