3 Improvement Needs for 49ers 2019 (Preseason)

3 Improvement Needs for 49ers 2019 (Preseason)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be
talking about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing a Top 3 video for the
first time in a while. Yes, it’s been a while. I’ve been doing
podcast our videos. Doing reaction videos to games like the one against the
Cowboys that we won. Yay, beating the Cowboys. That’s always fun. Anyways,
going to be talking about this game in particular. Building upon for the
future. They need to do some improvements coming into the regular season. They had
a lot of great moments in this game, don’t get me wrong.
Defense, particularly Dre Greenlaw, but the whole entire defense did a great job.
Offensively Jalen Hurd, Deebo Samuel, those guys
balled out definitely. Richie James, I thought he was a great contribution to
the team and I think he has a pretty good spot in making this roster. That’s a
good thing right there. I’m a big fan of his. Anyways just going to be talking about
improvements that they still need to do prior to the regular season. Will not be
including injuries because I mean sometimes you can’t avoid injuries. It
just happens. It’s part of the game. Going to be doing the other technicality stuff
that they have control over and they can definitely do better on prior to week 1
against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Going to be talking about that, but before I do,
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Thank you guys so much. Let’s just get this video started. The Top 3 things
the 49ers need to improve upon prior to the regular season.
Number three, fluidity on the offense. What I mean by that is just more
consistency. More first downs instead of three and outs. There was a ton of three
and outs early on in the game and that was pretty disappointing. Hopefully, they
work on that. I know Jimmy Garoppolo wasn’t the starting quarterback for this
game. He didn’t even play at all, but still. For Mullens and Beathard, if anything
happens to Garoppolo. Hopefully nothing happens, but if something does happen to
him, then they can actually do well when they’re the starting quarterback like
they did last year. Hopefully they don’t have a lot of three and outs. It’s just
something that kind of bothered me to be honest with you because we can score at
least field goals. I know I prefer touchdowns, but field
goals are better than no points at all and giving the ball away to the other
team, but luckily. We have a really good punter in Mitch Wishnowsky. He had an amazing game.
Forgot to mention him, but yeah. If they could just improve on the three and outs
on the offense. They’d just be more consistent. Running game can be better.
Catching the ball from the receivers, they could be better as well. I think it
could be a very potent offense. They showed a lot of promises, a lot of flash
like the rookies both Samuel and Hurd. Richie James, other players, they showed a
lot of promise. Hopefully it all works out. More consistent on the offense side
the ball. That was a big problem last year in 2018 even with Garoppolo the
starting quarterback. So hopefully they’re definitely working on that. Shanahan is adjusting to that come the other preseason games and the regular season.
Number two, avoiding big mistakes. What I’m talking about this is you know,
Beathard when I saw him playing during this whole preseason game, he was taking
a lot of unnecessary hits and he did that a lot quite a bit last year in 2018.
That’s not a good sign right there. You got to stop taking hits if you are about
to get hit. You better throw the ball away or just run as fast as you can out
of bounds, something like that. Just don’t take the hit immediately and that could
take a toll on your body. Just ask Cam Newton. He’s taking a big beating in his
whole NFL career since being drafted by the Panthers. Stuff like that. Also being
able to control yourself. Adrian Colbert, oh-ho-ho. That was not good
for him. Stock’s going down right now in the 49er roster. I don’t know if he’s going to get
cut or not, which I don’t think he will, but is he going to be the number one guy? I
don’t know, but he just needs to control himself. Be more disciplined. If they could
do that, then that’d be much better. Just the little stuff that they can work on
definitely to be a better team and also with the Colbert situation you don’t want
it something like Vontaze Burfict in the playoffs against the Steelers where
you really cost your game and we really don’t want a situation like that. We
haven’t had that yet for the 49ers for the past couple years that I remember. I
don’t think I’ve seen a player lose control. Just go crazy, go rogue or
something like that, but still. To do that during a preseason game, that’s not good.
Well I guess it’s better during the preseason than in the regular season, but
you guys know what I mean. Limiting turnovers, just stop beating themselves, I
think that’s a good thing for the 49ers to improve upon come the regular season
and if they can do that, then it’s going to be a much better campaign than 2018. Number
one, I’ll be talking about the most important thing that a lot of people
probably know, but I don’t really mention that much. So let’s just get into it
right now. The number one thing the 49ers should improve upon come the
regular season in a couple weeks it’s definitely penalties. This is one thing
the 49ers need to stop doing definitely. I could put this in my number two
segment, but I want to cover this big-time just because of the fact it’s
been a huge problem for the 49ers for the past couple of years. A lot of
defensive back penalties and that’s what it was really for this preseason game.
All in all in this 17-9 win against the Cowboys, they had 18 penalties. 18 yellow
flags thrown at them. That’s not a good thing right there. Is that a sign of the
players being undisciplined? They just don’t know what they’re doing? I don’t
know, but just a lot of really lazy errors I would say from the 49ers from
the players that are committing these penalties. It’s not a good thing.
Hopefully they do improve upon this and this really what crippled a lot of games
for the 49ers come last year in 2018. So hopefully 2019, they could definitely
work on that. It’s just the little penalties like false starts, defensive
holdings. Those are just absolutely terrible penalties. Well false start,
you might be able to get away with that, but still. Going back five yards, that’s a
big difference right there between getting a first down and getting three
and out. That might be contributing to our three and outs right there. Penalties
they really need to stop doing this and if they can do that definitely, then I
believe the 49ers they can have a more smooth game. We need to be one of the
least penalized teams, but you know for the 49ers, we’re in the middle of the
pack. Almost high up there as a top penalized team in the NFL.
Hopefully they’re working on this. Shanahan, Robert Saleh, they’re looking
at film on what’s going on. We’ll see what happens, but yeah. That’s pretty
much it you guys. Wanted to make a quick video about the preseason. A lot to
digest. I know it was just one preseason game, but this is a very huge indication
so far on the same problems that we’re having in 2018 rolling over to 2019.
They’ve got to do all the mistakes in the preseason. Hopefully they can
mitigate the mistakes like that in the regular season. That’s it guys. Please let
me know what you took away from the preseason session week one game one
against the Cowboys. Anything they need to improve upon? I’d like to hear what you
guys have to say in the comments below. If you guys like this, please “Like” and
Subscribe to support my channel. That is going to help me out a lot. I’ll be catching
you guys up tomorrow or not tomorrow, probably on a Wednesday. I’ll see y’all
then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your day.
Go Niners all day!

7 Replies to “3 Improvement Needs for 49ers 2019 (Preseason)”

  1. What do you think the 49ers need to improve before the the start of the regular season? See you all Wednesday!

  2. The O line gave up a lot of penetration wideouts didn't look great to me secondary did not look good Goodwin is not a #1 passcatcher was not impressed with first half. Second have looked much better good niners

  3. 1. Injury laden team, injured players drafted and traded for when the roster already has massive injuries 2. Penalties record setting penalty yards 215 on the first preseason game, 18 total penalties and sometimes 2 penalties at once ugly ugly play 3. Wr's need to catch the ball period no excuses help out the Qb

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