3 Crucial Reasons Why Spiritual Experiences Must Be Kept Secret

3 Crucial Reasons Why Spiritual Experiences Must Be Kept Secret

3 Crucial Reasons why spiritual experiences
must be kept secret. Hello everyone, I’m Pulkit Mathur, founder of the Spiritual Bee, a blog
on Vedantic spirituality and in this video I’m going to outline the 3 absolutely critical
reasons why an aspirant working towards the goal of God-realization should keep his or
her spiritual experiences a secret. So if you recall in our earlier video on the law
of karma, we had discussed that the whole of the evolutionary struggle, the real reason
why we are labouring through successive human births is so that our soul can clear away
the scum of the ego covering our minds and realize its true nature, its infinite divine
Svarupa in Samadhi or Moksha. Now since the soul is an indivisible part of the infinite
ocean of God, therefore realizing our soul is the same as realizing God Himself. Thus
Soul-realization, Self-realization and God-realization are synonymous terms. Now as a sadhak or a
spiritual aspirant begins to make progress along this most difficult path of God-realization,
he or she naturally starts to have certain spiritual experiences – either through dreams,
or during meditation or as flashes of inspiration. Upon having these preliminary experiences
many aspirants become so excited that they start to share them willy-nilly with people
around. However there are three very sound reasons why this should not be done. The first
and the most critical reason is that in carelessly relating our spiritual experiences to others,
we open the door for the demon of pride to enter our minds. Just the mere act of talking
about our experiences, immediately induces in the mind a false sense of importance as
we begin to feel: I’m so much better than others, look how far I’ve come; God loves
me more than others otherwise why else would he grace my dreams? Because I’m having these
spiritual experiences while others are not – it must mean that I’m the chosen one – I
have special powers, I have been accorded a special status, a special authority, by
God Himself. And in this way, by stoking these delusional fires of vanity, arrogance and
self-centeredness in our minds we immediately flare up and inflate our ego – the one element,
which as we saw in our earlier video, we are striving to eliminate in order to ascend to
a higher consciousness and reach the infinite Consciousness of God in Samadhi or Moksha.
Therefore describing one’s spiritual experiences to others is an entirely futile and self-defeating
exercise because it immediately retards our spiritual development by boosting our ego.
It is for this reason that Swami Vivekananda has cautioned: “If the pride of spirituality
enters into you, woe unto you. It is the most awful bondage that ever existed. Neither can
wealth nor any other bondage of the human heart, bind the soul so much as this. I am
purer than others, is the most awful idea that can enter into the human heart. In what
sense are you pure? The God in you is the God in all. How can there be a difference?
It is all one. Every being is the temple of the Most High; if you have not known this,
you have known nothing; spirituality has yet to come to you.” Now one point to emphasize
here is that a mere moratorium on the outer act of speaking is not enough. Because even
though we may refrain from speaking about our spiritual attainments to others, nevertheless,
we may still harbour the ego-driven thoughts and feelings of vanity and superiority inside,
within our minds. Therefore, for a sadhak struggling to attain to God Consciousness,
it is absolutely essential that he or she maintain an outer silence as well as an inner
silence, within their own minds regarding their spiritual experiences. Having said this,
there is however, one important situation in which this rule of silence can be relaxed
and that is if we have an opportunity to discuss our experiences with a God-realized guru.
This is because a God-realized guru having traversed every inch of the road to samadhi,
has the necessary qualifications to determine whether our spiritual experiences are real
– meaning that they stem from genuine progress made on the spiritual path, or whether they
are fake – being either misperceptions or ego-driven illusions and hallucinations conjured
up by the mind. An incident highlighting such ego-driven misperceptions that can arise on
the path to samadhi is found in the teachings of Swami Brahmananda, who was a God-realized
disciple of Sri Ramakrishna just like Swami Vivekananda was. Once an acquaintance of Swami
Brahmananda renounced all worldly ties and set off to practice austerities in the Himalayan
town of Rishikesh. Refusing all guidance from adept gurus, the man after some months of
solitary meditation declared that he had attained to samadhi. When Swami Brahmananda who was
residing in a nearby town, heard this he exclaimed: “Why, I saw him about 10 days ago. I looked
into his eyes. He has not had samadhi. No doubt he has had some kind of mystic vision
– the vision of light perhaps and he mistakes that for samadhi. An aspirant is often led
astray like that when he has no guru to advise him. Samadhi! Is it an easy matter to attain
samadhi? We saw Swami Vivekananda in samadhi only a few times. Sri Ramakrishna was the
only one we saw in samadhi many times each day and night.” In thus highlighting the state
of this person’s eyes, Swami Brahmananda was referring the outer signs of samadhi. One
of these signs is that the gaze of a yogi who has attained to God-realization, has an
indrawn look. This is because in order to attain to samadhi the entire mental focus
of a yogi must turn inwards to reach the depths of his or her consciousness. And so this continuous
inward-looking state of their mind ultimately gets reflected in their physical eyes. To
better understand this point think of the difference between the droopy eyes of a sleepy
person and the alert eyes of one who is wide awake versus the faraway look in the eyes
of a person who is day-dreaming. In the same way the eyes of a person, who has attained
to samadhi, have a special quality to them which can be easily discerned by adept sages
like Swami Brahmananda, who had not only attained to samadhi himself, but had seen others immersed
in samadhi as well. Now having gone through this example highlighting the need of an adept
guru to dispel the ego-driven confusions and misperceptions that can arise in a sadhak’s
mind, an important question naturally follows up, and that is – how do we aspirants go about
finding such a God-realized sage who can guide us in determining whether our spiritual experiences
are genuine or fake? Now this question is a critically important one especially in the
times that we live in, so I shall dedicate the upcoming video to answering it in detail.
But for now, let us continue on with our journey and discover the remaining two reasons why
sharing one’s spiritual experiences, is fraught with danger. So apart from rousing the ego,
the second reason why we must maintain silence about our spiritual experiences is because
the doubts and skepticisms of others can easily become our own. This is especially true when
sadhaks are still beginners on the spiritual path, when they’ve just gotten a tiny glimpse
of what lies beyond. In these early stages the bhakti – that is the devotion and the
jnana – that is the knowledge of the sadhak have still not solidified, and so questions,
hesitations and confusions naturally arise in his or her mind. In such a situation if
the sadhak relates his or her experiences willy nilly to people, then others may dismiss
or ridicule these experiences and thus sow the seeds of self-doubt in the sadhak’s mind.
Therefore just as a gardener protects a young plant from being harmed by building a fence
around it, similarly sadhaks working towards the goal God-realization must protect their
nascent experiences by constructing a wall of silence around themselves. And finally,
the third and last reason why spiritual experiences must be kept secret is to avoid rousing the
feelings of competition and jealousy in those around us. This is especially true when spiritual
aspirants live in an ashram setting, where there are other sadhaks besides themselves.
In such an environment when aspirants carelessly relate or boast about their spiritual experiences,
they end up fanning the flames of competition and jealously in others around them. And by
rousing these sentiments of animosity, they not only strain the spiritual atmosphere of
the ashram but ultimately end up harming their own sadhana and the sadhana of others aspirants,
as well. So these are the 3 critical reasons why an aspirant pursuing the path to God-realization
should keep his or her spiritual experiences a secret. Thanks for watching and I shall
see you in the next video.

100 Replies to “3 Crucial Reasons Why Spiritual Experiences Must Be Kept Secret”

  1. Like your vid..in my case I dont share my spiritual experiences cos of pride but cos I need someone to talk to about what is going on with me..I dont talk about it with lots of people just my closest friends or relatives,no other..and all of this people are also on their path and we kinda share our thoughts,feelings and findings not cos of pride but cos we trust eachother and we love to share new findings with eachother..much love&light to all,namaste

  2. Seems like some kind of balance could be good. Some discernment would probably be wise as sharing with the wrong people could cause some negative consequences, such as folks who don’t understand what can be difficult to put into words anyway might think that there is some kind of mental illness deal going on. While it is probably a good trait to not be overly concerned with having the opinions of others be favorable or needed for validation, if some tried to organize an intervention, spread negative gossip, etc., it could make life more difficult.

  3. Thank you for the good advice. We all seek a reunification with heaven, and the purification of being. Unfortunately, we all tend to succumb to the trap of this transient coil. We get lonely, we want to find some Earthy consolation. We need to drink water. – Okay, so we have failing, we have error. We dream, and we are deceived by the flame of our ego. – Neeaah!

  4. As much as one NOT HAVING the vanity and pride and sense of ulterior thought that he/she is the only one, I guess it's equally alright to share and discuss spiritual experiences when it's either naturally done or when there are like-minded ppl and atmosphere when it's called for, who knows.. There's no GREATER way than to share knowledge and spread awareness!
    Once you know the difference, you'll automatically refrain from making it personal* and reaching the ego*, rather focus on the good* it does for the Self and others and the kind of Energies being attracted by further promoting what you love.. It's essential to promote what you love, be it anything in life that matters.. This specific Topic too definitely matters just like it's essential to realize the Spiritual journey is all about trusting the Process! Trust this path of enlightening others too.. That's what Starseed Indigo people around the world are doing as Lightworkers.. Read up, fill your Souls beloved ones!

  5. Uh sharing is growth of knowledge,

    BALANCE is key,
    Orgone , chi. , ki , all effects of life force yin yang in balance.

    A perspective on life with spiritual philosophy, A understanding of balance it is what brings order it is what sustains all embodiments which charges their life. It is the divine spark that creates life and brings order and creation from nothing. Its the cosmic gravitational wave, its the beat of life a rythem of oscillation between 2 forces one masculine and the other feminine.

    Most don't understand balance, balance is to promote good nature,good nature is anlignment with oscillation of reality.

    When we are in balance like a battery equally effectively negative and positively charged in balance between the 2 forces. We receive expression of each energy the wave is allowed to oscillate as it should inside the embodiment from its balance. When in balance both sides are in connection to this wave which is allowed to flow through any embodiment.

    This movement through the embodiment causes vibration to occurre at different tones, just like our sky they are low tones and high tones this movement causes a pitch to occurre within the embodiment each at their own frequency from high to low tones.

    This balance is what illuminate's us like a battery bringing order and harmony and good nature of their energies, allowing energy to move through us inspiring life and expression by its harmony with the oscillation of the creation.

    This effect happens for all life in the universe even the universe is alive and strives for balance, our galaxy strives for balance our sun,our earth even us , even our cells this effect of balance is what empowers all life and sustains it charges preserves it. When their is no balance their is only chaos and disharmony with the creation it is cut off and removed from the creation not supported by it. It is unable to sustain it self stresses and conflict build up causing their own demise and soon death being removed by the creation.

    To promote bad nature we are unbalanced between the 2 fields,we suppress our expression we are out of sync with the oscillations of reality, to promote good nature we are balanced between the 2 fields, we express our expression we are in sync with the oscillations of reality.

  6. i think sharing experience with spiritual people is good. as they also share their experiences and sometimes confirm that we are on right path.

  7. All gurus are also students and know that direct experience with the divine is ineffable. The eyes do indeed give information about a person's state of consciousness, but Samadhi cannot be described or judged, only experienced. Even the ideas that the word Samadhi represents have infinite interpretations. God consciousness is limitless and indescribable.

  8. Hi there! Lovely video! I have a question. What about teaching? Do you not recommend sharing personal experiences? I find that sometimes they can be really helpful.

    I have gotten past having a spiritual ego, and past others' doubts becoming my own. If I am sharing with the intent of teaching, their isn't likely to be jealousy. You are a spritual teacher, do you ever use your own spiritual examples to teach? Or do you think even that is a bad idea?

  9. each and every spiritual experience we go through is our own, but the essence of what that experience can be shared with others.Some may term it ridiculous or some may appriciate, but if you are stable at your level of spiritual understanding of what you have experienced then no external force can erase or corrupt or melt you to be glorified.
    what you share as the essence of your spiritual experience can be a introduction to someone else as his or her own experience.
    When you have already been to the Mt.everest,.there are so many out there who loves to reach mt.everest and would only be happy if someone tell them what is that experience of being there and possibly give them the idea of the right path to reach the peak,. isn't it ?

  10. Yes, it is true it has happened with me few years ago….I had shared with my friend, and I lost my god .
    In that time I feel God is just few steps away with me but I become careless.

  11. Nice explanations.
    But when one gets the complete bliss he will want others to get the same as well for their good, it will not be ego it is his love for others who are stuck.

  12. Experience can be shared regardless it's up to you what motives you have
    And whatever they are it's okay you'll learn from them

  13. Woow …. True you opened my eyes..I was openly sharing Vipasanna experience ..I should avoid it. Thank you 🙂

  14. i had synchronicities happen through my texts with my cousin, my sisters & my friend this month, if synchronicities were meant to be kept secret then why would they happen in plain site of all these people in my life? lol silly video.

  15. I agreed with some of this but if others get jealous that's their problem not yours.. If I see someone on a higher level than me I'm inspired. Show your true worth don't hold back.

  16. Very good, there is also 2 other reasons. The 4th would be getting stuck on the experience and how great it was. This will prevent the aspirant from experiencing more spiritual experience. They really should be forgotten like you forget a dream. The 5th reason de-energisation. When you speak you release the thought energy into world. A trouble shared is a trouble halved. A trouble shared three times becomes one eighth of its original original discomfort. When a Deity like Shiva or Krishna gives you a spiritual experience it is like putting a candy in a child's hand as a reward for doing a chore. If the child eats at the enjoy the sweetness and the experience of the taste. If the child shares it, the child cannot enjoy the sweetness nor his or her reward. What you have been given is a thought candy for the soul. It's designed to enter the mortal soul and help awaken it. If you go and share that then the energy is given to other people who haven't earnt that reward. Therefore, it is wasted on someone who isn't ready for it.

  17. Who develop the law that says only a Guru can have and speak about a spiritual experience? What about the individuals who genuinely had one, who did not try to evoke a spiritual experience, nor wish it upon themselves, much less get egotistic about it? I really don't believe these individuals think they are better than any other person. Most are seeking to understand the meaning as to why it has occurred, or why it's reoccurring in their life. However, I do believe some do not speak of their experience, only because some people become angry, when they learn of such events. They are the ones who are actually putting false labels on such individuals.

  18. On #1, actually the time you SHOULD share more readily is when you decide to become a "everyday" spiritual teacher, or In Buddhism, a Bodhisattva that will try to help others out of their suffering and asleep states. Sharing sometimes comes from LOVE that you walk into you when you know the true reality of what you are and what everyone else is too. Many souls, like me, have volunteered to help others see the light they really are and to help them or guide them out of their darkness they may find themselves stuck in. Also it helps to bring clarity to more souls who go through the experience and are starting to wonder if they are on the right track to enlightenment.

    This is not pride at all, but loving in many cases. Certainly the motivator in my own case. Namaste to you all. Unfortunately due to everyone being at different levels of experience, #2 & #3 is very true. That is why it is important to develop a strong core and know who you are without the influence of others to bring you back down to self doubt.

    "We're all just walking each other Home." ~ Ram Dass

  19. It must not be kept a secret cuz it could mean that you are undergoing psychosis or in some cases schizophrenia. Guys pls don't fall for these pseudoscientific videos

  20. Everyone needs to know about Advaita! It’s literally all we need to know. I experienced non duality and it’s very real. I can’t stress enough how important it is to know that everything in duality is but a mere reflection of non duality (the ultimate truth). If anyone wants to check out my exp here it is https://youtu.be/QRANvrHCIuw peace!

  21. I distanced myself from all the disciples because of this, especially reason number 1 why a disciple should remain secretive. This video vocalized in a professional manner what I have been feeling about the spiritual community nowadays, but couldnt find the right words to express those feelings.

  22. Creator source divided spirit into all these multiple beings in order to "relate" to one another and all that entails, so I have trouble grasping the reality of this

  23. Cheers for the Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you considered – Marnaavid Unexplainable Intervention (do a search on google)? It is a great exclusive guide for learning how to hack your flow state without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work colleague finally got great results with it.

  24. To attain Samadhi, is to attain knowledge. Knowledge is everlasting as God is everlasting. A constant potluck of knowledge is invited to all those who see their invitation. To not see is to not be just as to believe you see will cease your journey to being.

  25. You must embrace the infinite amount of possibilities. That is the only way. For then, you shall enter the eternal dance.

  26. I had similar experience where I shared experiences on social media and results were the same as the video. If I really had close friends with similar experience then it would be so cool to share your experiences especially with people you can trust❤🙏❤

  27. I love these videos and they do well to explain complex concepts in a straightforward way, and in a way in which one could apply it to the Fine Arts.

  28. Thats bullshit i tell people thats once i was in meditation and i saw a glimps of a previous life i don't have a head swell about it i just tell it how it is in all honesty.

  29. Why does one have to share his personal experiences,after all it is purely personal, unless one to “show off “ some achievement or a one up man ship….purely egotistic ,also who cares…so keep quiet.

  30. 1. That'll work for those incapable of dispersonalization.
    Acquire a greater understanding of above and below to attain compassion, so that your sharing is 'good willed'.
    It's not a time for inaction.
    Blessings of the nine upon you, friend.

  31. Thank you for sharing your ideas! Interesting thoughts. I feel we can share what could help others but some perhaps not need to be said, not energetically "lean".

  32. This video is a perfect example of why drugs are very bad. "Gotta get rid of the ego to get to the god consciousness" I don't remember a part of the bible where god wasn't an egotistical tyrant.

  33. As i have kicked by 1st reason very far what to do know??
    Now i feel like i have ni energy for spiritual sadhana?

  34. I’ll definitely take this all into consideration. I personally think we just need to be very careful of who we choose To share any mystical experiences with. And if someone does show some jealousy or brushes it off and doesn’t see the magic, Don’t share anything with them again, and also consider removing them from your life.

  35. It is so inspiring to hear spiritual experiences from others. It makes not only old sadhakas but also new people inspired. It brings people to spiritual path. There are lessons that can keep the ego down, and jealousy and competition can also bring someone to spiritual path. But I agree one should not discuss meditation itself because it creates unnecessary expectations on other. Meditation experiences are very individual.

  36. what are the basic truth can any one experience according to vedanta..to assure that he is on right path to attain god realization..?? how it feel..and how can i dont misunderstand the experience as my imagination of mind?

  37. You don't have to share your spiritual experiences to guide someone on this path. There are many ignorant people in this world who need compassionate guidance to start their journey. And that guidance for others comes naturally when you have experience. Without experience you can not clear their doubts when it arises in their mind. Let them seek it. You don't have to tell them everything untill unless they seek it.

  38. You only need to be consciously aware of WHO and WHY and WHEN your doing it sharing it. It should be for the sake of encouraging others to a beautiful experience. As much as I love people I would love for everyone to feel the power and love of the Holy Spirit. When you go as far as saying "you must" I personally discern some deceitfulness there for the need of talking that way. To each it's own I guess. Namaste ✌️🕊️🙏

  39. Gyanabatar yukteshwar giri once told yogananda that.." one who don't hide his special powers is a fool"

  40. Yes, don't tell anyone plsssssss not everyone understands ! Yes, my mom told me this ! Yes, my mom alone understands me spiritually ! Others have no idea and they are curious in knowing me…i never get close with anyone…i feel contented with myself and most ppl feel jealous and sometimes mistakes me too…👍

  41. Thank you, Spiritual Bee. I had to experience all the three reasons painfully myself, while talking to others about my spiritual experiences. Sometimes it helps others, but mostly it causes trouble. Silence is the only way. Talking and helping the world comes after reaching the goal, million times more powerfully than before.

  42. Deep student of spirituality for over 3 decades. I was sceptical of the video based on the title, but the information is solid. Transcending the ego is key to progress on the path, so sharing shaky progress, particularly with others at similar points of progress has more potential to harm than help. I see people here (in the comments) all over the road, spiritually speaking, who don’t hesitate to criticize this woman without understanding the deep history she is drawing from. Mostly westerners who don’t appreciate the more than 5 thousand year history of spiritual investigation behind the work of the gurus of India. True, some have donned the robes of guruhood without achievement and for greedy purposes, but there are many ways to find and learn about the true self-realized ones and their teachings. Failing to do that up-front due-diligence will bring its own poor outcome. That is no reason to denigrate an epoch of true teachings and the relief they have brought to those so taught. Good video!

  43. We all have varied ways of approaching spirituality . But the true journey of the self is wen you keep your spiritual experiences like a journal to note and return to during your journey. When you mature enough through service of others, you can truly share your experience as a blessing. If you try to do it before you evolve as a seeker it may seem arrogant. But even then if you can handle the result if sharing such experience with humility and equanimity, then it becomes a part of your seva or service, not a reason for pride.

  44. I think these are all good reasons, but do always apply to everyone. It is possible to share an experience without stroking ones ego if they are mature enough to do so. If one shares the experience anonymously then jealousy wont be reflected back onto the individual. If one is mentally strong enough doubt etc wont persuade the experiencer. Great video to think about, but not definitive rules, thank you.

  45. When I talk to people about my exp it is not to gain pride or pleasure. I do it because if they know I can do it, they can do it too. And I'm so excited after, I want them to exp this too. So I talk my way into convincing them to take up yoga as required maintenance for the body.

  46. If one notices inclination and keeps it silent, how does he become sure of it? To me, I think keeping it silent blinds one in that when his society is faced wife a serious situational problem of which he is gifted to save, he remains inactive because of the uncertainty of his spiritual capability….

  47. Hi, sorry, I know nothing of this, but who is the God you speak of? Is this in reference to the Christian god? Sorry, I mean no offence, just genuinely ignorant, but curious.

  48. I see many ppl disagreeing with you but I agree. God isolated every prophet he used, including Christ. Also the book of Song of Solomon speaks a lot on the discretion of some Revelations. Also, Christ taught in parables to stay discreet. For it is written: don't give the holy things to dogs.
    Great video. I learned a very valuable lesson & I'm subbing.

  49. Wow yaar loved the way you presented the serious stuff.it is an sincere and simple way to spread knowledge

  50. Dreams, images, and inspiration may or may not be 'spiritual experiences'. That's a good reason not to talk. If you've actually seen and spoken with spirits you've had spiritual experiences. Once again not a good thing to talk about them because people will think you're a liar, bragging, demon possessed, crazy, mentally ill, etc. The way to change the world is to change yourself. People will notice. Thanks for the video.

  51. Wow, ever since my awakening I've realized very quickly over and over that the universe wants me to keep my experiences to myself and only share in certaint situations. I would even get cut off by something that distracts both of us, right as I realize I'm sharing too much and many times when the person says "what were we talking about?" It was like I knew the universe wanted me to change the subject. At first I didn't know why but over time I started to see why. Its hard tho cuz it feels lonely sometimes and sometimes you feel like you want to tell everyone but you can't

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