3 BOLD Predictions 49ers 2019

3 BOLD Predictions 49ers 2019

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be talking
about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing another Top 3 video. This time,
talking about BOLD predictions for the 49ers in 2019. So, this is things that can
be really crazy. Crazy predictions. You got to go really big on this. Going to be
talking about that. Will not be mentioning the 49ers winning the
Super Bowl because that is an easy number one BOLD prediction. Will not be
mentioning that, although I’ll be mentioning their win-loss record. That, I
will be predicting very, very soon. Going to be talking about this. These are very big
predictions. These might be outlandish predictions if you’re not a 49er fan, but
hey. If you follow this team. If you’re a Niner fan, Niner Faithful, then the
predictions I’m about to say, they can come true because we’ve seen this team
have potential and I believe they can get it all together in 2019, especially
the moves that they made on defense. Going to be talking about that right now. Before I
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started. The Top 3 BOLD predictions for the 49ers in 2019. Number three, Jimmy Garoppolo wins NFL MVP. I know this sounds very outlandish
if you’re not a 49er fan. A lot of these are very outlandish maybe for non Niner
fans, but still. I believe Garoppolo. The way he can play, the way we believe that
he can be as the quarterback for the 49ers, he can win NFL MVP because he
has the talent. He has good talent around him. This year, it’s going to be a little bit
different. I think everything’s improved. The offensive I should get better with
another offseason together. The running back crew, you got Tevin Coleman that
just came from the Atlanta Falcons. Jerick McKinnon’s going to be healthy now.
Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert, like this is a very loaded backfield for Garoppolo to
work with. Not just to run the ball, but to catch the ball out of the backfield,
especially Coleman. Coleman is very good at that and I’m pretty sure he’s going to
be a very focal point in this offense for Kyle Shanahan. You got the wide
receivers, the tight ends. you got Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd, the rookies. I think
they’re going to do a lot of showing this year as very good potential players in
the next couple of years. You got the reliable Marquise Goodwin. Well,
kind of reliable. He’s been in and out of the lineup, but I really want to see these
two come together and I think this year in 2019, both of them being healthy, they
will light it up this year in 2019. Also, George Kittle. I mean, you can’t
forget about this guy right here. The beast man, the beast of a tight end. You
need this guy and Garoppolo’s going to be going to this guy quite a bit. So, there’s
a lot of opportunities for Garoppolo to get a lot of yards. Not just in the
passing game, but in the running game as well. With all that, all the statistics
and you know being the definition of Most Valuable Player, Garoppolo fits that
need. He fits that mold right there and I believe that if everything goes well. If
Garoppolo can almost lead the league in passing yards and/or touchdowns, then he
will be National Football League Most Valuable Player come the end of 2019. It
can definitely happen. On paper, it looked really good, but the question is,
does it work on the field? This might be an outlandish prediction, but you know,
it’s called BOLD predictions for a reason. I believe Garoppolo with all the
talent that he has and him being a talented quarterback himself, he can win
NFL MVP. Number two, the defense finishes top five in the NFL. This is very
possible for the 49ers just because of all the acquisitions that they made
during the offseason. You can go to free-agency when they got Kwon Alexander the linebacker, Dee Ford the EDGE rusher and also, they addressed the
other side of the EDGE with the drafting of Nick Bosa. This defense looks really
star-studded. It looks loaded and also, you got players that are trying to prove
themselves like Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas. Luckily with the drafting of Bosa, they can get into their natural position at the defensive tackle
position. That should be interesting right there. You got Richard Sherman,
Jason Verrett. You got Adrian Colbert, Jaquiski Tartt, I guess Jimmie Ward if you want
to include him as well. This defense on paper, it looks like a veteran leadership
defense. Also, you got some young players like Fred Warner and as I mentioned, Nick
Bosa on the folding lineup. So, I believe
this team can be top five in defense on this side of the ball. Sacks, I think they
can be in top five in sack as well. I mean, when you got four guys that look
really talented that can get to the quarterback, then it’s really possible. I mean DeForest Buckner, I think he’s going to just go off this year again like he did
last year for the 49ers when he had 12 sacks as a defensive tackle. I think he
can get 15 or more. I know this sounds really crazy. I know that sounds crazy
talk or whatever. I believe in this and I think that Buckner and company, they will
do a very good job on that d-line and wreak havoc on quarterbacks and the
running backs as well. Top five in defense overall for the NFL for the
49ers. I think it’s really, really possible
just with the talent that they have and hopefully everything goes well because
they were kind of okay last year, but they just couldn’t generate enough
pressure, which I believe this year. They will be able to generate enough
pressure for everything in terms of the D-line and the linebackers. Finally,
coming in at number one as the biggest BOLD prediction for the 49ers in 2019 is
that they win 13 games and win the NFC West. Yes, a lot of people have the Niners
winning about 8 to 10 games this year. For me as a BOLD prediction, I think they
can win 13 games with all the talent that they have. The right coaching staff
with Kyle Shanahan. Hopefully Robert Saleh can do something good with this
defense this year. Everything looks like it’s coming true in 2019. I said that
last year in 2018 I know, but this year with the right draft and the right free
agency pick up, I believe this team can be a dark-horse
team in the NFL and win 13 games. A lot of people don’t have that happening for
the 49ers, but I believe it can happen. I know it’s a tough schedule. We have the
AFC North. We have the NFC South. We have our own division as well, but you know,
with Garoppolo being the starting quarterback and our defense being
revamped, it is very possible to win 13 games as a team. I’m going to be putting
it out there. This is on the record. If people think I’m dumb, then that’s fine.
This is just for fun. 13 games, 49ers winning the NFC West and maybe
potentially being number one, number two seed? That is going to be a crazy prediction
right there, but that’s pretty much it you guys. Wanted to talk about bold
predictions. I think these things can come true for the 49ers. Hopefully, it
does. It might not seem like it will come true, but hey. In the NFL, they say you
never know what happens. Anything can happen.
Please let me know what your bold predictions are for the 49ers. Please
go big on this. Also, don’t mention Super Bowl win because that’s a pretty obvious
BOLD prediction right there. I’d probably could have put that in number one right
there. Do not mention that if you’re going to be commenting. That’s it guys. Please
“Like” and Subscribe to support my channel. That would definitely help me a lot and
I’ll be catching you guys up tomorrow on Saturday. I’ll see y’all then. Bye guys.
Love y’all. Y’all have a good rest of your day. Go Niners all day!

24 Replies to “3 BOLD Predictions 49ers 2019”

  1. What are your BOLD predictions for the 49ers in 2019? Also, please do not say win the Super Bowl. That's too easy 😉!
    See you all tomorrow Saturday!

  2. We take the west with a 11 win season n r defense will be top 5 idk bout Jimmy g winning mvp if he has a monster season yea.. bold predictions Bryan but I like um NINER EMPIRE ALL DAY !!!!!!!

  3. 1. Niners win the NFC West with a 13-3 record 2. Jimmy g wins NFL MVP 3. Nick Bosa wins rookie of the year award nd George Kittle is gonna beast it out this year with lots of yards nd catches this year nd our defensive front seven is gonna wreck havoc with Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Kwon Alexander, nd Deforest Buckner let's go ninerss whoohoo #questfor6# is ours

  4. WOOOOOOO let's get it Bryan. Best vid yet, screw everyone else . Love the predictions. Definitely possible


  6. Those are good predictions if you're dumb then I'm right there with you ,I would have to predict that our offense will be lighting up the score boards on everyone all the way to the end.

  7. 1. We go 13-3, Kittle and our high powered offense wins offense of the year and our defense smashes records.
    2. Nick Bosa wins "Rookie of the Year" award

    3. The stadium known as Levi will become a Loud House once again

  8. 49ers have a top 10 defense, we lead the league in sacks, Jimmy Garoppolo leads the league in passing yards. Added bonus: We get another San Francisco vs. Dallas Cowboys playoff game to commemorate the NFL's 100th season.

  9. Bro you talk about the QB, the weapons he has, the defense and what they have. What about the offense line? I'm a niner fan, but bro you need a O line to start with, you feel me, AZ!

  10. As a niner fan, I'm hoping Garropolo bounces back and becomes the signal caller everyone is hyping him to be. They can win the division, top 5-10 defense, and the new additions can provide stability for years to come.

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