3 49ers Playing Great Preseason (2019)

3 49ers Playing Great Preseason (2019)

Ayo! It’s Bryan here. Today, going to be talking
about the San Francisco 49ers as always. Doing another Top 3 video. This time,
talking about the preseason. Players that are doing very well in this whole
three-week session. Players that are taking advantage of their opportunity.
Players on the roster bubble that are doing well right now and have a very
good chance of making the roster. So these are just people that are almost on
the roster, but not quite yet. They just have to have a very good preseason
showing. So far three weeks, I think they’ve done a really good job. The 49ers, they have a deadline of August 31st, 2019. I think that’s all 32 NFL
teams. They have to decide on there 53 man roster two days after their preseason game
against the Chargers this week. There’s a lot of decisions coming up for this team
and see who they want to keep for this coveted 53 man roster spot. Let’s get
this video started. Should be a fun time. Hope you guys do enjoy this video. Before
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possible, that is going to help me out a lot. Thank you guys. Let’s get this video
started. The Top 3 players that are doing very good in the preseason so far.
Number three, Damontre Moore, defensive end. He’s
making the most of his opportunity right now with the 49ers. A couple of days ago
I think prior to the Chiefs game, he had a broken thumb, which is not a really
good time to play, but he ended up recasting it and just played the game
against the Chiefs. Had two sacks. Did a very good showing. He contributed to the
win over the Chiefs. I know it’s just preseason. Wins don’t really matter, but
at the same time, to be able to contribute like that as a nice role
player; backup to Bosa and Ford, that is a nice rotational thing. We could use a
lot of depth on this team. That’s what Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch is banking
on this year as the biggest difference between this year and 2018 is the depth
amount that we have on it. So if a starter gets hurt like Bosa, then
somebody else can step forward like Moore. We can have a good season hopefully and keep
the machine going on for this upcoming season. Moore so far, making the most of
his opportunities. Love to see him on this roster. Don’t mention them too much
actually on my videos, but you know, giving him a
mention right now because he’s doing fantastic for the Niners so far. He has
one more showing against the Chargers and hopefully he makes the roster, but if
he doesn’t, best of luck to him. If he does, then congratulations. He definitely
deserves it. What else can I say? Moore, pretty good. Keep it up. Number two, running back Jeff Wilson Jr. He is doing fantastic so far for this preseason. Had
a pretty good show against the Broncos. Now he’s having a great showing against
the Chiefs a couple of days ago. He had two touchdowns. That’s amazing. He’s
making it kind of difficult for the 49ers on what they want to do with the
running back position in terms of should they keep about five or six running
backs, to keep the machine going. That’s a pretty good opportunity for him so far.
When I first talked about him earlier in the season,
offseason, whatever you want to call it, I didn’t really have him on the roster too
much because of the fumbling problems, but so far, he’s looking like he’s
controlling it definitely. He hasn’t had any crazy turnovers or anything like that
for the offense. So that’s good right there. That’s a big improvement from last
year where I think in the Seahawks game, he struggled just a little bit not
running the ball really, but just ball security. That’s a big important part of
a running back’s character trait is to keep the ball in your hands. If you can do
that, then good things can happen and so far he’s making the most of his
opportunity. It’s looking like you know he can make the roster definitely. We’ll
see what happens. We’ll see what he can do against the Chargers. I think he has
one more showing as well just like Moore to try to make that last stand of trying
to make a 53 man roster spot by Saturday, which is the 53 man roster deadline. Wilson good job so far. If you make the team, that’s great, but
we’ll see what happens come the end of this week. The number one guy that is
doing very well in the preseason so far in this session period is Richie James Jr, wide receiver. I was a big fan of his as you all know. I’ve talked about
this guy so many times whenever we have a receiver topic video. I had him in this
whole 53-man roster spot when I made my video about who should be on this team
come 53-man roster deadline this week. James was a top guy in my opinion. He
could do multiple things. He can catch the ball. He can get better with the kick
returns. He’s done a very, very good job on that part. Last year, he had I think a
touchdown or two. One definitely against the Seahawks. That’s the one I remember from
the top of my head right now. He’s contributing big-time on not just on the
receiver spot, but on special teams and that’s good. So far I mean a lot of
people prefer Trent Taylor over him, but just for me personally, he’s been able to stay
healthy. He was really good in this preseason session. I know it’s just
preseason, but at the same time, if you have a good
preseason session, you can get comfortable with the offense. I think
it’s going to make your life a little bit easier come regular season. Doesn’t
work all the time, but just being able to get the rapport going, especially with
Garoppolo, Mullens and company; I think that’s a very good thing for him. Game
against the Chiefs, he had 4 targets. All four catches, 66 yards. He’s being
very consistent and a guy that we need to move the ball down the field. I can’t
wait to see if he makes this roster, which I believe he will. He’s making the
most of his opportunities. He’s had a lot of adversity coming into the NFL. He was
a seventh round draft pick. Ended up making the roster last year. Had a nice
contribution to special teams and a little bit of receiving spot. I think the
game against the Raiders, he had a very good game with Mullens and this year so
far in the preseason, he’s keeping up with the consistency. So that’s why I
like about him. I think he has a very good chance at making this roster. Would love
to see him be a 49er this year in 2019. That’s it guys. Wanted to make a quick
video talking about preseason. Players that I thought were doing very well so far
and hopefully these guys whatever they do, they can make their final stand this
week against the Chargers on Thursday. We’ll see what happens. Please let me
know which players you think are doing very well in the preseason period. I’d like
to do what you guys have to say in the comments below. If you guys like this,
please “Like” and Subscribe to support my channel. That is going to help me out a
lot. I’ll be catching you guys up probably on a Wednesday. I’ll see y’all
then. Bye guys. Love y’all. Y’all have a great rest of your day. Go Niners all day!

12 Replies to “3 49ers Playing Great Preseason (2019)”

  1. Which players do you think have been performing well for this whole preseason period? Players that are on roster bubble is on THIS LIST in particular. See you all Wednesday!

  2. 1.Demontre Moore 2.Jeff Wilson 3.Richie James jr both these guys have shown promise nd made the roster on our team I like how these guys perform on the field in these last 3 preseason games I can't wait til the regular season starts it's rite on the corner let's go ninerss!! #ninerfaithful#

  3. 1.James 2. Mullens 3. Moore, looks way way better than SThomas, not even close…..Honerable mention = Greenlaw Samuel Hurd young guys on the cusp…PS I hope Mullens gets traded to a team that is good and can start him in all honesty

  4. Nice commentary, insightful. Could you put the players' name on the screen while showing photos and clips? It would really tie it all together. Thanks.

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