2008 AFC Championship: Polamalu Delivers for the Steelers | Ravens vs. Steelers | NFL Full Game

2008 AFC Championship: Polamalu Delivers for the Steelers | Ravens vs. Steelers | NFL Full Game

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  1. 10:28 H. Ngata Sacks Big Ben

    12:26 Flacco Picked Off by D. Townsend

    29:54 W. Parker Stripped by Ray Lewis, Ravens Recover

    32:59 Troy Polamalu Leaps Over Line to Stop Flacco on Fourth Down

    36:19 Big Ben 65-yard TD Pass to S. Holmes

    48:23 Flacco Sacked on Third Down in Steeler Territory

    58:00 J. Leonard 45-yard Punt Return

    1:02:21 W. McGahee 3-yard TD Run

    1:20:47 Polamalu Takes Down Flacco for Big Loss

    1:49:38 W. McGahee 1-yard TD Run

    1:59:26 Polamalu Pick Six

    2:08:16 T. Carter Picks Off Flacco to seal game

  2. Back in 05 the Steelers were literally given a super bowl win because they had Jerome Bettis on their team retiring at the end of that season. The game was rigged beyond comprehension. If you don’t believe me then you’re a sore loser.

  3. As a Ravens fan, this was actually a really enjoyable game to watch even though we lost. Games like these are what makes football such a great sport.

  4. Since 2000, the AFC representative in the Super Bowl has been only 6 teams: the Ravens, Patriots, Raiders, Steelers, Colts, and Broncos. The NFC has had 12 teams: Giants, Rams, Buccaneers, Panthers, Eagles, Seahawks, Bears, Cardinals, Saints, Packers, 49ers, Falcons

  5. You. Crying. TO. Read. My. That. Never. Will. Happens. IN YOUR. Life. Time. You. DO. WHAT. I. LIKE. THAT REAL TALKED

  6. Still my favorite NFL game ever. The energy in the stadium that night was electric, and when Polamalu sealed it with the interception, you could feel the stadium moving, it was amazing.

  7. Who do you got for best safety of their era? Polamalu or Reed? Vote here! https://youtu.be/RjANuklx96I

  8. This was a great game and so was the Steelers vs Ravens 2010 AFC Championship game. Every Ravens/Steelers game is good. 2:02:32 was the hardest hit i've seen. Glad both guys were okay

  9. Santonio Holmes catch 18:00 was a catch but not a touchdown. Smh πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ I remember this game like it was yesterday.

  10. Great game to watch when you're starting to get withdrawl symptoms from lack of football. When does the next season start?

  11. It is funny watching John Harbaugh whine like his big brother Jim. Not as often as Jim does (all the time as coach of the 49ers), but it is humorous to me.

  12. NFL conveniently skips right over all the time that Clark and McGahee were down with serious head injuries from the big hit late

  13. Good lord, we were spoiled in Baltimore and Pittsburgh with these teams. We had some of the scariest teams back in these days, no team wanted to see either one of us. When you bring these two head on, you were in for a treat every. damn. time. Look forward to seeing you again Pittsburgh!

  14. Ravens nation #4lifeπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸˆπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’°πŸ‹

  15. They held onto these great defenders for too long. I loved this team and they were truly great. But watching some of them try to play into the 10s and blowing out cap room on long term deals for fat Casey Hampton in the 2010s is why they had that string of 8-8 seasons in 12 and 13. Β Ike Taylor, one of my favorite guys on this team….was getting blown out for seventy yard TDs, Farrior getting punked on by Ravens and Patriots receiving RBs. Just sad at the end.

    They've finally recovered it seems, especially if Shaizer were able to play. Management finally wised up and poached some DBs from other teams and stopped trying to develop them in house.

  16. These two brought the rivalry to entire new level. It is WW4 when they play each other, loud booings, many pushing and shovings, and fights from time to time.

  17. fact ;robert kraft paid polamuno alot of money to quit the nfl so that tom brady can win 6 rings. think about it if polomonju was stil playing. brady would have only 3 tainted rings

  18. Man that hit was brutal by ryan clark. Its interesting how the reaction is so different in 2008 talking about neck pain before all the concussion stuff began to come out in 2009 and 2011.

  19. Around the 34:00 mark when they go for it on 4th and 1. Just dumb doing a QB sneak right up the middle. Polamalu jumped over the center the play before. He was going to do it again, should of ran it to the left tackle, wide open because they all concentrated on the center. You think with all of coaches watching someone would of noticed. I actually thought Ravens purposely ran the same formation on 4th down to trick Steelers into thinking they were going up the middle again. Instead run off tackle on the left side.

  20. Hmmm another year where Pittsburgh didn't have to go through New England. 05, 08. I see a trend there and of course we know what's happened when they did have to go through New England home or away. Haha Wooooooooooo!!!!

  21. NFL please post the 2009 regular season meeting between the packers and Steelers, that was an instant classic

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