2006 MNF Comeback | Bears vs. Cardinals | NFL Full Game

2006 MNF Comeback | Bears vs. Cardinals | NFL Full Game

>>Welcome to “Monday Night Football.” Well, the word “best” and the Arizona Cardinals often not heard in the same sentence for a long time. But they may have the best rookie quarterback of this year’s crop in Leinart, and they may have the best stadium in the NFL. This place is spectacular. Unfortunately, it stops there. They’re 1-4 out of the gate for the fourth consecutive year and struggling. Meantime, the Bears are doing anything but struggling. They’re rolling. Chicago’s opened 5-0. They on average have given up the fewest points per game in the league and scored the most points per game in the league. Haven’t had a 5-0 team do that in 42 years. The Bears are the real deal. As we turn to Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser, the NFL is so fun when a big city’s team is going. And, Tony, that Bears’ buzz is back again.>>It’s a rising tide on Lake Michigan that floats all boats, and the NFL is never as old-school, never as compelling, and never as much fun as when the boys with the big shoulders are back on top.>>Well, on top is someplace the Cardinals usually are not. They hope to turn the franchise around, and the guy who has been asked to do it is someone who we as football fans have seen a lot, and we’ve seen him win a lot. That’s Matt Leinart.>>And, Mike, he has been on top. Matt Leinart. All you need to do is look at two simple numbers in Matt Leinart’s life — 37-2 as a starter. That’s what this man has accomplished. You hear terms like “mature beyond his years,” “poised,” and my favorite when they talk about him — “He has a quiet confidence like Tom Brady.” Played pretty well against Kansas City last week, almost got his team a victory. Completed over 20 passes and a couple of touchdowns. But he’s gonna need a lot more than that tonight. He’s gonna need an offensive line to give him an opportunity to stay upright. Matt Leinart certainly has the tools. I’m impressed as heck with the way he plays football. Tonight he gets a real test against the best in the game.>>Yeah, and, luckily, we’re gonna get to eavesdrop on this very tough test against the Bears, ’cause Matt Leinart is wired for sound. Back in Arizona, the home of Matt Leinart now. And no quarterback has come into the NFL with a greater set of accomplishments. Just look at them. Two national titles — and, remember, he followed a Heisman winner in Carson Palmer. Not only did he win the titles, but he also won the 2004 Heisman Trophy and that sparkling 37-2 record that Joe mentioned. Michele Tafoya. That’s your name, isn’t it? Michelle spoke with the man who had a front-row seat for all of it.>>Indeed, I did speak with USC Head Coach Pete Carroll this week, Mike, and I asked him for his standout memory of Matt Leinart. And he didn’t talk about the national-championship games, the gaudy record, or even the Heisman Trophy. He pointed to Leinart’s sophomore season and his fifth game as a starter. They had just lost to Cal and were losing at Arizona State 17-10 at halftime. Leinart had been beaten like a drum in the first half. He was in the locker room, covered with ice packs, and as his teammates left the locker room to play the second half, they all had to walk past their wounded quarterback, who looked beaten. Coach Carroll was the last person out, and with no one else around, he challenged his quarterback, calling him every name in the book before heading to the field himself. Matt’s been in these situations. He loves these situations. This isn’t too big for Matt Leinart.>>We’ll see how much he loves it against that very tough team on the other side. He goes against the mighty Bears defense tonight. And glad to have our friends with us at University of Phoenix Stadium, recently renamed. First stadium in North America with a retractable grass field and roof and lots of visitors here. Ton o’ Bear fans in the house tonight. Speaking of all our rowdy friends, one of our best friends, Suzy Kolber, not with us here tonight. Suzy’s back at home. Suzy, we say hello, and we can’t wait to see you when you join us in Dallas next week. Neil Rackers set to kick it off. Rashied Davis back to receive. Off we go from Arizona. A very poor kick that is fielded up the sideline by the Bears Adrian Peterson, the brother of Jacksonville Jaguar linebacker Mike Peterson. Takes it to the 37-yard line. So, here is “Rexy,” as Steve Spurrier used to call him. Rex Grossman in his fourth year out of Florida. As we detailed on the pregame, here’s a guy who always found a way to get hurt, banged up. If it was the finger, it was the knee. If it was the knee, it was the broken ankle in the preseason last year. And he came back at the very end of the year. The one thing about Grossman, who walks into his 13th start tonight, they all have confidence in him. They like him. They believe in him. And they think this is the quarterback who can take them to the top. Drive start from the 38. Throwing the deep ball right away! Incomplete. Almost hit another home-run shot with Bernard Berrian, who’s averaging 22 yards a catch this year.>>The Arizona Cardinals have given up 23 passes of 20 yards or more. Here was number 24. They just blow this coverage. Bernard Berrian takes off on Antrel Rolle and just blows right by him. This is what Bernard Berrian has done game in and game out. That time, ol’ Rexy missed that one, Mike.>>And Berrian told us last night, “Rex is so good at the deep ball and putting just enough air under it” to hit him in stride. Just a step away. First-down run, Thomas Jones gains about 2 yards. On third and 9. Cardinals bring pressure. Grossman throws. Almost intercepted, a hair high, and Eric Green, second year out of Virginia Tech, couldn’t pull it down. Three-and-out out of the gate for Chicago.>>Mike, the fact that Chicago missed a big play early now settles the Arizona Cardinals down just a little bit. There’s the ball. It’s a rocket ship that he throws. Just comes up short, but they were able to stop the train at least for a little while.>>Probably the first three-and-out Chicago’s had all year, if you read all the clips.>>[ Laughs ]>>They’ve scored on every pass all year, if you read the clips.>>Brad Maynard kicks. Fair catch signaled for and made by Troy Walters at the 22-yard line. 39-yard punt, and Matt Leinart comes out. He played in the mop-up role, replacing Kurt Warner in the game against Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, then got the start against Kansas City. Two touchdowns in the first quarter. Struggled in the fourth. Drove them in position for a long, game-tying field goal that Neil Rackers just missed. But he did show poise in the pocket in his first National Football League start, against the Chiefs. Now he gets the mighty Bears defense, a defense that’s given up 36 points thus far. First throw hauled in by Anquan Boldin, very productive receiver, lot of catches, big and strong, as you see there. Gain of 5.>>I like the way they’re starting this game. Keith Rowen, the offensive coordinator, is spreading the Bears out, and he’s got Matt in the shotgun. Get him away from the guys up front. Give him a chance to look. Get it out to Anquan Boldin. This is as good as any run they could call to Edgerrin James. You pick up 6 yards.>>Boldin will be busy. Larry Fitzgerald, another outstanding receiver on this team, out tonight with an injured hamstring. Obafemi Ayanbadejo in motion, blocking for Edgerrin James, who has to fight and does not get back to the original line of scrimmage. Bears bring the heat. Leinart got rid of it. First down, Bryant Johnson, the first-round draft pick out of Penn State four years ago.>>The fact that Matt Leinart is in the shotgun allows him the ability to back up. You see the free runner. Here comes the blitz, unblocked. He manages to get the ball off, even though Lance Briggs was bearing down on him with no one in front of him.>>The mark is…>>They’re measuring here?>>Yeah, it’s just a hair behind where the first-down line was. So, we’ll get a measurement here.>>I think if they make this, the Cardinals ought to just stop. “We’ve done well. We got the first first down of the game. We’ve surprised the world.” As Muhammad Ali would say, “‘We’ve shocked the world,’ and now we’re leaving the field. And you people, you know, drive home safely.”>>[ Laughs ]>>Easy!>>No!>>Easy. We talked about the game last week. Leinart, in his first start, completed 60% of his passes and 250 or more yards in an NFL debut. Last 50 years, Roman Gabriel, Dan Marino, Brent Pease, and that was in a strike game. He was a replacement player. And Leinart. So, very small company to have the kind of first start like Leinart had against the Chiefs last week. Play-action. Leonard Pope is the tight end, a rookie out of Georgia. Holds on right near another first down. Nathan Vasher hanging on to bring down the big 6’8″ Pope.>>The maturity of Matt Leinart is shown here and the mobility. This is something he worked on. Nice touch over Alex Brown. A lot of quarterback, young and/or veteran, would try and gun that out. Watch the touch he puts on the ball. Little bit of a basketball loop out to Pope. Gives him a chance to run with it. And Leonard Pope does a nice job of protecting the ball as the Bears get him down.>>Brought those size-15 shoes within a yard of the first down. And Edgerrin James up the middle for a first down against this Bears defense, which is fabulous, led by Lance Briggs. And missing from the lineup, Adewele Ogunleye with a hamstring injury. First-down run. There’s Edgerrin James looking much more like the Edgerrin James you’re used to seeing on national TV. Gain of 9 yards. Urlacher and Ricky Manning Jr. on the tackle. Fabulous with the Colts. Free agency — Colts were maxed out with so many big-name players. He comes here, and right now, Tony, he’s been different.>>Look what he does. He has averaged barely 3 yards a carry, and they expected him to get 100 yards routinely, as he often did with the Colts. Has not happened here, and I know, Joe, you think that’s because of a weak offensive line.>>I do. I think their offensive line has to play better. But I like what Keith Rowen, the offensive coordinator, is doing. He’s giving Matt Leinart an opportunity to line up away from that defensive line.>>James runs out of the gun. He meets Lance Briggs, and the forward-progress mark is going to give Edgerrin the first down in Bears’ territory.>>Has not happened.>>Four years, 30 million bucks. He takes a blow on the sideline. After the third first-down pickup, Leinart completes it to Anquan Boldin. Make it four first downs, at the 28-yard line.>>Okay, here’s the deal here with Matt Leinart and the Arizona Cardinals. Nobody expects them to win. But he’s taken the team down the field. And I know I’m getting way ahead of myself — even a score would be a lot — but if they were to somehow win this game, that is a career maker. That’s the Hollywood movie that you want to script.>>Wait a minute. You told them to go back in the locker room after they made a first down. Now you’re talking about them winning the game?>>I think people forget quickly what I’ve said, and I’m latching on. I’m a front-runner. Come on.>>It was a short career.>>Here is James. A.J. Schable came in at fullback and threw him a nice block to get 5 yards on first down.>>The game itself is one of momentum. We could look back at that first pass that Chicago made. Bernard Berrian — if Rex Grossman can get it there, it’s a touchdown. Now you’re playing from behind. This is a very well-conceived momentum-gaming type of a drive.>>Chicago has not given up a touchdown in the first half all year, let alone the quarter.>>Play 10 of the drive is another James’ run. Edgerrin James for the first down to the 17-yard line. Urlacher brings him down.>>My point is, you may not be able to get excited about the Cardinals in the second quarter or the third quarter. Let’s do it right now. Let’s look at Matt Leinart, and everybody says what a terrific player he was at USC. Obviously, 37-2. He’s leading the team down the field against the best defense in the league. You got to jump up behind that, Joe.>>In the red zone. Five first downs on the drive. James patiently waits for the hole to open. Gets to the 12-yard line.>>Tony, I don’t think they’re gonna go away. I think it’s a little bit of a misconception to say, “Okay, it’s the first quarter.” This is a football team that has gained steam and gotten better and better. Where they haven’t gotten the production out of is their offensive line. That is the difference in tonight’s game. You look at the amount of touchdowns allowed in the first quarter. In the last eight regular-season games — forget about just this year — the Bears defense has been tough.>>Marcel Shipp replaces James in the backfield. And Leinart checks the play at the line. Quick toss. Bryant Johnson made a man miss. Bryant Johnson to the end zone! Arizona, touchdown! [ Crowd cheers ]>>Okay, if you’re Matt Leinart, you’ve just had an extraordinary debut on Monday night, after the coach, Lovie Smith, of the Bears, said, “I know he’s played at SC and all that, but he hasn’t played on Monday night before.” Well, the last time I checked the calendar, it was Monday night. The Bears hadn’t given up a touchdown all year in the first quarter or the first half, and this kid took them right down the field.>>The big stage does not intimidate Matt Leinart. Matter of fact, he relishes these moments.>>Neil Rackers the kicker. Out of the hold of punter Scott Player. 12 plays, 77 yards. And Matt Leinart looks like he’s been doing this forever. It’s early, but it’s not what a lot of people expected, except those in the cardinal and white. 7-0, Arizona. Second kickoff by Rackers. Rashied Davis, first opportunity to return. Brought down at the 20-yard line by A.J. Schable, the backup fullback. 8:00 in, first quarter, and the Bears in a 7-point hole. Grossman to Muhsin Muhammad. Brought down very well by Eric Green. There are a lot of big-time safeties in the NFC, but Wilson is a very good one you don’t hear much about. Thomas Jones on the screen, brought down by Darnell Dockett. Dockett just got a contract extension earlier this week. Third down coming up.>>Thomas Jones, of course, was an Arizona Cardinal and has gone on to Chicago, and you saw an appreciable difference in his yards per carry when he went to Chicago. He was in Arizona when they weren’t a very good football team, and their offensive line was struggling at a time when they couldn’t get anybody blocked.>>Third and a couple. [ Crowd cheers ] Rashied Davis the motion man. Grossman again airing it out deep. Right through the arms of Antrel Rolle, the former Miami Hurricane. Could have had an interception. Should have had an interception. It’s fourth down.>>That’s two straight three-and-outs. This is the old Bears. These were the new Bears, leading the league in scoring, and that should have been intercepted.>>But these are the kind of plays that come back to haunt you later on. You’ve got momentum. You’ve scored a touchdown. Now, all of a sudden, you have the opportunity to intercept a pass. Remember that. Write that one down. That will come back and bite the Cardinals.>>Maynard to kick to Troy Walters. The Cardinals almost get in there for the block. They haven’t had a punt return in 211 games. Walters, only a return of a couple yards.>>Now. Go! Yeah, baby! Whoo! Yeah! Hey, good time, baby. Thataway! Hey, good drive. Hey, we’ll dominate their… Let’s go. Neil? Let’s go.>>Don’t forget the kicker. Matt Leinart, who is wired, is fired up after that opening drive for a touchdown. Cardinals start this drive same spot, their own 23. Anquan Boldin. So strong. Gets close to the 29-yard line. In that last completion, gets him 6-of-6. Now 7-of-7 and Boldin is brought down with authority at the 30. They need a long 2 for the first down. Pressure up the middle. Leinart moves left. Nothing open. And throws. It is ruled an interception, but they may overrule that, come in and say it was incomplete. Let’s see. The ruling on the field is a pick.>>He’s just got to throw this away. He took a sack last week against Kansas City late in the game that cost field position. Now, all he has to do is throw it away. You can’t make a play. Just throw the ball away. And this one bounced on the ground.>>That’s Urlacher rushing him, isn’t it?>>Yeah.>>And Nathan Vasher with the what’s now being called an interception there at the 31-yard line.>>Urlacher was the one who said, “We will show him pressure like he has never seen before.”>>Denny Green has to challenge.>>There’s the red flag.>>This is an incomplete pass. And Matt Leinart not only performed well on the drive, but he got lucky.>>We have a challenge by Dennis Green that Lovie Smith’s Bears came up with an interception. Very tough to tell here on this replay, as Nathan Vasher is in there with his hands. Did it bounce, or is it the illusion of a bounce ’cause his hand is on the ground?>>I think you’ll see his hand is on the left part of it. I don’t see the ball on top of his hand on that shot. I see it landing inside of it, which is where the ground is. As I look at it, I would see it as an incomplete pass. Now, remember, it has to be conclusive.>>Indisputable.>>Indisputable, and in my mind it is. But I’m not the guy under there.>>And that’s Jerome Boger, who is a rookie NFL referee. Was an official the last couple of years in the league as a line judge and before that was a very good referee in Conference USA, where the supervisor of their officials was Gerry Austin, an NFL official. So, they’ve had a very good eye on Jerome for years, and he is one of the bright, young referees in the NFL.>>I thought this was a 60-second max deal. It feels like it’s been three minutes.>>It’s 60 seconds to look, then the screen goes off. But then they have to figure out –>>The screen goes off. Can you put another quarter in to get another 15 seconds?>>[ Laughs ]>>Oh.>>What you do now is you figure out where the ball’s spotted if it is gonna be overruled.>>And sometimes when you see writing on the card, it means it’s coming back to the placement of where the ball is. So, we’ll wait for Jerome to give us the official announcement on if the Bears have a turnover at the Cardinals’ 31 or it’s fourth down and a punt.>>After reviewing the play, it is an incomplete pass. The ball skipped into the receiver.>>Good job, Joe.>>So, the Cardinals lose one of their two challenge opportunities, do not lose a time-out, and Denny Green, for the first time this year, wins a replay challenge. He was 0-4 coming into tonight.>>But it doesn’t change the fact that Matt Leinart has to do a better job when he rolls out of the pocket, making decisions with the football. Make your decision quick, be decisive, get it out of your hands, throw it away, let the punt team go out and do their job.>>I was all ready to write that movie for him. Leading the team down the field, down the field, down the field. So, I’ll just shut up.>>You have the eraser out now?>>Former Miami Hurricane Devin Hester back to return the punt. You saw what he did in his first game. This guy should punt for Bill Parcells, ’cause this is the player — Scott Player.>>[ Laughs ]>>In his ninth year out of Florida State. Went to the Pro Bowl in 2000.>>How about that face mask? Now, you can’t wear single bars anymore if you’re coming into the league, but if you wore one, you’re grandfathered in. And as old as Scott is, he qualifies to be a grandfather.>>But it’s sagging, that bar. It’s not even upright.>>[ Laughs ] A very high kick that Hester will fair-catch. Had his own man back into him and does a very smart job of getting out of the way of the bounce. This beautiful, new University of Phoenix Stadium, first season in it for Arizona. The Cardinals are 1-4 on the year. If you ask anybody in the Cardinals organization, almost before they say, “Hi. How are you?” they say, “You know, we should be 3-2.” They felt like they had a couple of games they let slip away. The Bears are undefeated but have two three-and-outs to start this night. [ Whistle blows ] And this one will back up a bit with a penalty marker down.>>I like when they say we should be 3-2, because it gives me the opportunity to say I should have hair, but I don’t. And they’re 1-4.>>False start, 69, offense. 5-yard penalty — replay, still first down.>>Penalty on Fred Miller. Here’s Michele Tafoya.>>Mike, this week I spoke with Steve Spurrier, who coached Rex Grossman and so many other great college quarterbacks at Florida. And he told me, “I’ve always said Rex was the best passer I ever coached. His passes are natural. The ball comes out of his hand beautifully and fluidly and with very little effort.” You saw there, he owns so many school records. I’ll finish after the play.>>Which is Rex down the middle. Hauled in nicely by his tight end Desmond Clark to the 40-yard line — pickup of 26. Let’s watch the Clark play one more time.>>What you can do with this offense, which the Bears never have been able to do, is spread the field with receivers, which allows Desmond Clark to get 17th catch. He’s averaging over 15 yards a reception. If you want to double-cover the outside, fine. Rex Grossman has the time, and that’s just a wonderful catch, helping your quarterback out. [ Crowd cheers ]>>And right back to the air from the 40. Grossman’s throw is incomplete. Intended for Muhsin Muhammad, and again here’s Michele.>>Well, Steve Spurrier went on to say that Rex has a knack for throwing appropriate passes. He said, “It doesn’t matter if it takes a drop shot or a more streamlined pass. He can throw it long, short, and in between. He just has a knack. And I don’t think you can coach that.” We saw that on that previous long pass. We’ll see what he does the rest of the drive, Mike.>>And, Michele, he was telling us last night that he thinks the other Florida quarterbacks, like Danny Wuerffel, for example, would have had more success in the NFL in a better situation. But he is the best pure passer of that group. Just a little dump to his fullback, Jason McKie. Was bumped out of bounds by Gerald Hayes, third-round draft pick four years ago out of Pitt.>>He’s the best passer of that group. He’s the only one, really, out of Florida who’s had success, and he hasn’t had all that much. It’s only this year, but he talked about the expectations for a quarterback being so much higher at Florida in college than at Chicago, where they don’t expect to have good quarterbacks. He said, “Sid Luckman is the guy they know.” And he knows it’s been a long time because his picture’s in black and white. That’s like politicians going back to Woodrow Wilson, saying how great he was. This kid can own Chicago if he can keep throwing touchdown passes.>>Third and 9. They’ve run it one time. This is the ninth pass attempt in the first quarter. For Muhammad, it hung up in the air. Intercepted by Aaron Francisco. And the second-year man out of BYU is still going. Francisco stays on his feet. To the 26-yard line.>>You have to believe that all this talk about the Chicago Bear defense, the dominance of the Chicago Bears, all that talk has gotten the Arizona Cardinal defense just a little wound up. Good pressure from Bertrand Berry. He doesn’t allow Rex to get comfortable. And then Francisco goes up and just takes it out of the air.>>Do you think it’s also possible — you played — that the Bears took this team very lightly? “We’ll smother this team. We’re 5-0. They’re 1-4. We’ll beat them down.”>>I think so. I think there was an air of cockiness and arrogance to them. That’s good, but not when they come out and get their tail handed to them.>>Edgerrin James carries for 2 yards. Just to clean up the interception — Aaron Francisco, 43-yard return, second-year player out of BYU. First interception for him, the fourth time that Lovie Smith’s quarterback has been picked off here in 2006. And when we talked to Lovie yesterday, he said, “We’ve played dominant football at home. We have to go on the road and get tested.” A lot of people are saying the ’85 Bears, comparison. These guys know. The leaves are still on the trees. It’s early to start talking about the countdown to Miami and the Super Bowl like they are in theChicago Sun-Times.Second and 8, James. Good pressure. Lance Briggs and Mike Brown force the loss and third down. And on the other side, when we saw Dennis Green, he talked about this Bears team, as he described, a flavor of the month. Not a negative term.>>No, he said they were 5-0, but he also said, “I’ve had a bunch of teams that have been 5-0, as well, and there’s a long way to go.” And he pointed out that the Bears’ great success so far this season has come at home. And before he was gonna say that they were great, he wanted to see what they could do on the road. Well, they’re on the road.>>And so far, his Cardinals are playing better than they are.>>And that’s a surprise to me, and I’m sure to you, as well.>>Cardinals have not picked up a third and 11 or more all season. They have now. Anquan Boldin. Touchdown, Arizona! [ Crowd cheers ]>>That’s Matt Leinart leading them down the field again. That’s gonna be 14 points in the first quarter against the Bears. Robert Griffin talked about Leinart. Said, “He’s a winner. He came into our huddle, and it looked like, “You want to win with me? Come on. Let’s go.” You could not have a better debut on Monday night than Leinart’s having so far. Extra point added by Rackers. Matt Leinart with the touchdown to make it 14-0, Arizona, shocking the undefeated Bears here in the first quarter.>>The whole city of Chicago, Mike, is quiet right now. I mean, not a car moving, not a horn blowing. Everybody is sitting there, watching television, stunned.>>Third kickoff of the quarter for Rackers. And the Rashied Davis return is just to the 20-yard line. Marcel Shipp picked him up.>>Maybe he’ll talk to us about it.>>No, he didn’t.>>Grossman toss. Thomas Jones gains only 2 yards, to the 22-yard line.>>We don’t have to beg you to talk. Come on. There has to be an acknowledgement of some sort.>>There is an acknowledgement. Yes, something happened and what a great game.>>Do you want to give us the name?>>No, it’s okay.>>Really?>>No, it’s all right. It’s okay. It was a part of the past.>>Well, you talk about celebrities.>>You’re a good sport on that. But how about this one?>>Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.>>Ashton Kutcher and Demi.>>Demi might be texting you here in the first quarter. Second and 7 for Grossman. To Thomas Jones. Good job getting the block, and Jones out of bounds 3 yards shy of the first down. Karlos Dansby, Orlando Huff defending.>>This may sound very simplistic, but it is critical for the Chicago Bears to get a first down here. They have to start this snowball that Matt Leinart has rolling down the hill at them to pick up a first down, to give themselves a chance to get into their game. They want to keep on throwing the ball down the field. They’re not gonna back off. The Bears aren’t.>>End of one. Arizona 14, Chicago 0. Matt Leinart wired and fired up in the first.>>Hut! Yeah! Whoo!>>We start the second quarter here from Glendale, Arizona, 15 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix. Second straight week that Matt Leinart has gotten off to a hot start. Thrown two touchdowns, and the Cardinals have had a 14-0 lead. Kansas City came back to beat them, 23-20, last week. Big hit on Bernard Berrian. That’s an incomplete pass. Eric Green with the big shot.>>Eric Green — as soon as Rex Grossman rose up to throw this, Eric Green just breaks. He’s got his eye on Bernard Berrian. Bernard Berrian doesn’t take a step forward. He starts right on the slant, and he comes and Green comes for the collision and separates him.>>Isn’t it supposed to be the Bears defense doing that to someone else?>>Supposed to be. But in your book, “The Matt Leinart Story” — does it work that way?>>I got a contract at halftime. I’ll tell you about it.>>Brad Maynard’s punt. Troy Walters retreating to the 20. Picked up a block. Picked up another one. And a decent return out to the 33-yard line for Walters. Obviously, with the heat out here in the desert, it’s a very comfortable night out — temperature in the ’80s, as things got started. First down, Anquan Boldin with the catch to the 36-yard line. Matt Leinart, do you remember draft day? The longest hour and a half of his life. As decorated a college quarterback as there was, but he had to wait an hour and 24 until the tenth pick came up, and he was selected. That time, Reggie Wells, the offensive lineman, ran into Jones. A big play by the Bears defense will force third down.>>When they finally called his name, it must have felt like a reprieve from the governor. He was stunned at how many people picked apart what he had done. They said his arm — and, Joe, we’ll get to this later. I know you didn’t think his arm was all that strong. And he said, “I thought people were happy. I would go out there, and I would win. But everybody is getting on me.” Said, “I’m thinking, ‘What did I do wrong?'” But he also said landing here was the best place for him ultimately.>>Loss of 6. Third and 12. Leinart pressured. Deflected and incomplete. Lance Briggs coming right at him. Allows the strong play for Danieal Manning, the rookie safety, to jump in. It’s fourth down.>>The Chicago Bears finally got the Arizona Cardinals in a position where they wanted them, third and long. That shows you the importance of not getting negative yards. The second-down run cost them 5 yards. They need to keep it third down and 6, third down and 7 so that if the blitz does come, Matt at least has a chance to get the ball out of his hands to a receiver that gets enough for the first down.>>Scott Player kicks to Devin Hester. 50-yard kick on the nose. Hester on the return. Hit hard and is taken to the 33-yard line. Surprising start in Arizona. Cardinals leading the Bears, 14-0.>>That’s a good look for that guy, don’t you think? That red wig?>>No. First and 10, Grossman on play-action. Trying to throw — intercepted! What is going on tonight?! Gerald Hayes, the linebacker. Picking up blocks. And Hayes takes it to the 29-yard line. [ Crowd cheers ]>>The offensive and defensive coordinators of the Arizona Cardinals look like they’re standing in the huddle of the Bears. Wherever the receivers of the Bears go, you’ve got a defender standing there waiting. Gerald Hayes drops back. Now, Rex Grossman tries to lead them. There’s no way that that receiver is gonna be anywhere near open. He’s trying to get it to Bernard Berrian, and if he doesn’t get it, the corner covering him is probably gonna wind up with it. That’s just a bad decision.>>Bears made a bad decision coming here, apparently, playing this game. [ Whistle blows ]>>Second possession starting deep in Chicago territory. We have a marker down. It will push them back 5.>>False start, offense, number 63. 5-yard penalty — first down.>>After the penalty on Chris Liwienski, we are joined up here in the booth by a guy who lives out here. He’s just everywhere that you are, it seems. We see him on TNT covering the NBA. Hello, Charles Barkley.>>Hey, thank you guys for having me.>>Good to have you here, Charles.>>And I told you all Arizona is gonna shock the world tonight.>>Your team, right?>>After it was 14-0, I believe you said those exact words.>>I said it before the game, Tony. You know that.>>[ Laughs ]>>From the 34, here is Leinart to Edgerrin James. He gains just a couple of yards to the 32-yard line. This is a big deal — this stadium, this franchise — ’cause you’re out here a bunch. Obviously, you starred with the Suns. This franchise was just in the tank. Nobody believed in them becoming a winner.>>Well, it all started with Coach Green. When he came here and gave a face to the organization, obviously the wide receivers, Fitzgerald and Boldin, have made their stars. Then, “Edge” came here, and we got very fortunate getting Matt Leinart. They’re on the right track. These fans deserve a winner.>>They have not seen a lot of winning since the Cardinals moved in here from St. Louis in the late ’80s. Bears change their defensive look. Leinart adjusts the play. [ Whistle blows ] And this one’s flagged down before the start.>>Big football fan?>>Oh, yeah. I love sports. I just want to see the Cardinals do better. I love football. Sunday’s the greatest day of the week.>>We would hope you’d say Monday was the greatest day of the week, Chuck.>>”Monday Night Football” on ESPN is the greatest television spectacle there is right now.>>I bet you have vast football experience. You’re a big guy. I’m sure you must have played some football in high school, if not at Auburn.>>No, I was too smart, but I played football one day, and I realized they were really hitting out there.>>Now, that was in high school?>>No, I wasn’t that dumb. It was, like, in a recreational league, civic center.>>Two procedure flags bring it back to second and 18. James runs it to the 34-yard line.>>You know, my two favorite sports are boxing and football, but you have to have a certain toughness or, like, a mean streak to play either one of those sports. I truly believe that.>>I go to a lot of NBA games, and I watch you guys play, and I watch you guys. That’s really physical down under the basket. Is it anywhere near as physical as this?>>No, there’s nothing like football as far as physical play. And I truly mean that. We’re a lot smarter now.>>[ Laughs ]>>You think you are.>>Cardinals taking a time-out here before the third and 15 from the 34. It’s third down as we come back, third and 15. If you’re just joining us, Matt Leinart, two first-quarter touchdown passes, one to Bryant Johnson, one to Anquan Boldin. And without one of their top receivers, Larry Fitzgerald, shocking the thus-far-undefeated Bears, 14-0.>>Mike, this is gonna be the third touchdown right here.>>Charles Barkley says so. Leinart tries to deliver. To Boldin. Incomplete. Well-covered by Nathan Vasher. It’ll be fourth down.>>I was wrong.>>You are a fan, aren’t you?>>I love football. I do.>>Nathan Vasher just has Boldin one-on-one. Not necessarily the fastest guy, but very tough. He’s built like Sterling Sharpe. Great legs, has the hands of a Cris Carter. Rare combination. Tremendous hands, hands catcher, with a great lower body.>>Neil Rackers, who has a big leg but missed a 50-plus-yarder to tie the game at the end of the game last week, tries from 52. And Rackers is now 0-for-4 from over 50 yards. He was 14-of-21 coming into this year. And the Bears will take over at their own 42. Thomas Jones the carry. Another great play by Gerald Hayes. A small gain there.>>As long as we mentioned Terrell Owens, what do you think of him as a teammate? What do you think of what he does? How would it work with you?>>I don’t think it’d work for me ’cause I would have hit him in the head a long time ago. He’s a great player, obviously. I like T.O. But if I was a teammate, I would have hit him in the head with something.>>Can you win with a guy that does those type of things?>>Well, you got to win, or it’s gonna tear up your team. The only way it can work — if you win, you can get away with a lot more stuff, Joe. You know that. But if he loses, the team is obviously gonna blow up.>>Could that happen? ‘Cause it’s a much bigger room in football. Could that happen in a small room, like basketball, with only 12 players? Have you ever played with somebody who you did want to hit in the head?>>And I hit him in the head.>>[ Laughs ]>>Who?>>No, that’s going to happen, but T.O. has got such an overbearing personality that he’s tough to play with.>>This is third and 5. Bears have one first down tonight. Jones out of the backfield. Can he get it? Good, open-field tackle by Antrel Rolle. Gonna force fourth down.>>We’ve talked a lot about the Chicago Bear defense and what they were supposed to do and what they’ve done so far. Ranked number one. But you look at the job that the Arizona Cardinal defense has done. Here comes the pressure from Dockett inside. Thomas Jones. One-on-one, Antrel Rolle. One-on-one in the open field bringing down Thomas Jones.>>So, forced to punt yet again is Brad Maynard. Aiming it toward the sidelines.>>Oh, what a kick!>>It looks like he kept it in bounds. No, he did not — touchback. Cardinals will take over at the 20. Little walkaround some of the concourses. I got a chance to get here early, check out this University of Phoenix Stadium. It is a beautiful, $455 million facility that opened just a couple months ago.>>It should be, for $450 million!>>[ Laughing ] I know it should. There are the numbers on the quarterbacks so far. And completely opposite of what Rex Grossman has done thus far throughout the season in those dominant Bears’ wins. Now, we have a challenge flag thrown by Lovie Smith on that side, obviously challenging if that punt should have been a touchback or not.>>Now, he has to find out if it is a challengeable play. That’s the key right now. And that’s what the official is doing to him. That’s what Jerome Boger is doing. He’s letting him know whether or not. Now, what angle did he think went out? It looked like it went out on the playing-field side of the pylon from the angle that we had. This is where you can catch the flight of the ball.>>But you see the gentleman on the far-right-hand corner who was catching it about 8 yards in. He was about 6 or 7 yards away from the pylon. I think that’s a very tough one via replay. We saw a couple of spots challenged during the Jets/Miami game yesterday — very unsuccessful.>>This would be very tough to challenge, considering on that shot, we have no idea where the ball was. It could have been out of the stadium.>>Now, there’s where the ball lands. See where the ball lands?>>Yep.>>It’s still very difficult to tell. You just… And I’m pretty sure that Lovie found out that it doesn’t work.>>You can’t challenge it.>>The ruling on the field is not challengeable. Therefore, the Chicago Bears will not be allowed to challenge the play.>>As opposed to the spot of the ball on a regular third-down play, a running play, trying to get a first down. That you can go back and replay and look at the spot. Punt going out of bounds not so. They take over at the 20.>>Arizona cannot lose the momentum they have gained. They need to keep the first downs. They need to protect Matt Leinart. Don’t give the Bears any momentum back.>>First down from the 20. Here is Edgerrin James for just a yard. All the Cardinals could settle for was a 52-yard field goal that they missed. And that’s how we’ve arrived here. And it’ll be third down, as the pass for Johnson was incomplete. And Nathan Vasher had the coverage for Chicago.>>It’s gonna be very interesting if Arizona becomes conservative with that lead.>>You can’t run out the clock in the second quarter.>>I know.>>You can’t do that.>>But when you got momentum like this, don’t you have to be more aggressive?>>Yes.>>When they intercepted it the last time, they got two procedure penalties, which set them back. That was the perfect time to put some more points on the board. They wind up with an exceptionally long field-goal attempt that goes wide left.>>The voice of Charles Barkley joining us up here in the booth. It’s third and 9. Leinart gets rid of it quickly to Troy Walters, who tries to fight for the first down. The whistle is blown. He went out of bounds. Nathan Vasher took him there shy of the first down, so they will punt here on fourth down.>>Excellent job by both corners in the open field. We saw Antrel Rolle make one on the last possession. Now Nathan Vasher makes one.>>Ever in a situation like this, where you were with a team that was either heavily favored or heavily the underdog and completely reversed what you thought would happen in that game?>>As a fan, if I hadn’t been with the Arizona Cardinals yesterday, I would have gotten really upset the way everybody said they had no chance. All they talked about was how bad their defense was gonna batter Matt Leinart. That’s why the Cardinals are playing like this.>>It’s a dangerous punt. It was line drive. Penalty marker down as Devin Hester is brought to the 40-yard line. It’s one of those he can really return quickly. 53-yard kick, returned 22. Let’s check the flag thrown back at the 30, looking like it will back the Bears up and negate the return by the rookie Hester.>>One thing all players have in common — they have pride. And the way they were talking about Bears against the Cardinals yesterday and today, that would have fired me up as a Cardinal.>>Looks like it has.>>It definitely has.>>There is no foul for illegal block in the back on the play. That block is legal. First down.>>I’m just big-boned. I’m not fat anymore. I’m just big-boned.>>From the 40, Grossman. Look out from behind. Almost lost the ball. Did lose the ball! And his helmet. Coming around the corner, Bertrand Berry knocked it free. Now who’s got it at the bottom of the pile?>>Rex Grossman is used to standing in the pocket very comfortably.>>Cardinal ball! [ Crowd cheers ]>>Bertrand Berry. Not only does he take the ball, he takes the helmet and everything else.>>It’s still early, obviously, but we may be looking at the biggest upset clearly this year in the NFL. This could be enormous. They come in 5-0, dominating, killing people. 25 points a game, number one statistically on defense, number one statistically on offense. And now down, amazingly.>>Arizona has to get something out of this.>>So, Berry gets the strip, the helmet, the recovery. Went around John Tait, who he went up against when Berry was with Denver. Tait was with Kansas City. A run there to the 30-yard line by Edgerrin James, a 3-yard gain. Hey, the guy who made that play, Berry, he’s one of those stories that you love. A guy out of Notre Dame. He was a hybrid between a linebacker and a defensive end. He was out of football in 2000. Went up to the Canadian league, played for a few weeks, and said, “I can’t do this.” He was about ready to start thinking, “What do I do with the rest of my life. I’m not gonna play football.” Goes and works out for Denver, Mike Shanahan. Makes that team. Makes the Pro Bowl in 2004 here with the Cardinals and now is one of their key guys, as he’s arrived in Arizona as a defensive end. Second and 7, James. No gain. Chicago’s defense has been very tough the last couple of drives, and they need to be, because right now Chicago’s offense is shuttered down. Seven tries, four three-and-outs, and the other three turnovers. Grossman throwing 2 picks and there the fumble caused by Bertrand Berry.>>Charles, you talked about pride and playing for pride. Bertrand Berry told us the other day, “We have an opportunity to show we’re not as bad as our record shows.” That’s not the most confident thing in the world, but it would speak to the notion that “we don’t want to get embarrassed on a national game.”>>Well, everybody watches “Monday Night Football.” All the players — it’s a great stage.>>Third and 7. Leinart, good catch on the snap. Dumps it complete for the first down to the 18-yard line.>>A lot of people felt like Matt Leinart was just a pocket passer. Well, he was a pocket passer at USC because he didn’t have to move. A couple months before the draft, he decided to start working out, and he even surprised himself. As a matter of fact, he said, “I’ve got everybody fooled. They think I can really move.”>>Well, he proved he can. He’s using his legs to make plays tonight.>>And a nice job of play-calling there, going to J.J. Arrington in the passing game for the first time tonight. A gain of 13, and the Cardinals have their first first down of the second quarter. Edgerrin James. On a little burst there, as he’s gonna be marked down at the 14-yard line. So, he’s been on that big stage and is very comfortable as the leader in the spotlight and thriving here tonight. James.>>If I had Reggie Bush, LenDale White, Dwayne Jarrett, I’d be comfortable, too. [ Laughter ]>>Now let me ask you this. When you play in big games — people have started to jump college to pro. When you play in big games, don’t you get used to the big-game intensity and pressure?>>The pressure’s always there ’cause you don’t want to screw up. But the better players you have, the more you’re prepared for a big game. It’s only a big game when you got enough talent to win.>>And USC had that every game that they took the field, all 39 under Leinart. Third and 5. James the toss. Boldin blocking, but he held. It’s gonna come back. James fighting to get the first down, but receiver was grabbing on.>>That’s probably more important. When you’re at a program like USC, Oklahoma, Texas, every game is a big game for you. Auburn.>>Holding, offense, number 81, 10-yard penalty. Replay third down.>>Said by a former Auburn Tiger.>>Absolutely. Well, people went up to Matt Leinart during this week and only half-jokingly asked, “Are you afraid you’ll get killed by the Chicago Bears?” And he said, “You know, they said this when I went in against Kansas City, and I did pretty well in that.” He’s clearly unafraid of the circumstance, having played in big games on a big stage. He welcomed the opportunity to go out there, and he said, “I can show people I can play. I’m not nervous. I’m not scared.”>>But he got some really good players around him. That’s the one thing the Cardinals did. Edge, Boldin, Fitzgerald, Bryant Johnson. They’ve got some good players.>>Bears take the penalty, push them back to the 23. It’s third down. Leinart picks up a bad snap again. Throws incomplete again. Intended for Carlyle Holiday. The former Notre Dame quarterback is now an active receiver, called up from the practice squad because of the Larry Fitzgerald injury.>>The Arizona Cardinals have had two opportunities to put some points on the board. Mike, you mentioned it before. They scored 14 against Kansas City in the first quarter last week, and they wound up losing the game late. The one thing they’ve talked about is, “We don’t have a killer instinct.” They keep giving away opportunities, they’re gonna start feeling that way again.>>Joe, is this a win for the Bears, holding them to a field goal?>>It is defensively, but their offense is what they’ve counted on. They have to pick it up on that side of the ball.>>Rackers, who had missed his last two field goals, both over 50, bangs it home from 41, and Arizona extends its lead to 17-0. We talk about Arizona’s struggles, not just here. Go back to the history of this franchise, equaling the oldest been around playing professional football in what was the start of the NFL, even the league right before it. They won two championships going back to their start in the 1920s. One playoff appearance, one winning season in 1998, Jake Plummer their quarterback. And seven straight losing seasons. Charles, we saw that this year with the L.A. Clippers in basketball. How tough is it to turn around a losing culture into a winning culture and attract the players that can make you winners?>>Well, I think you got to give the Bidwills credit because they have went out. They first hired Dennis Green. They drafted Fitzgerald. Then they got Anquan Boldin. Then they went out this year and got Edge. They are really trying to win, but now they’ve just got to become more consistent. It’s a big deal. I wonder what’s gonna happen to Dennis Green if they don’t have a great season, ’cause he is the face of this franchise, and that’s the first time they’ve had that.>>To be fair, they have been an abysmal, horrific franchise for many, many years. I mean, just awful. The Clippers is a good comparison ’cause they did pull themselves out of it, and Arizona, having a great night right now, has not done that at all.>>Rashied Davis from the 10. Running hard, just shy of the 30-yard line.>>That’s about what the Arizona Cardinals have said to the Chicago Bears — “Show me what you got.”>>And a penalty marker on the return will bring them back to the 20, with the push in the back right at the spot where the return stopped. So, 80 yards for Grossman, who has struggled tonight. Thomas Jones, the former Cardinal. Gain of 4. Brought down by Gerald Hayes.>>In light of the fact that it was such a bad franchise for such a long time, and, in fact, now is 1-4 under Dennis Green for the third straight time, that makes this thing tonight even more stunning. Chuck, nobody in America had Arizona up 17-0 in the second quarter against Chicago. Nobody. I know you love them — not even you.>>You’re correct. But this game don’t mean as much. They obviously are gonna be pumped up to be on “Monday Night Football.” But they play the Raiders next week. Then you’ll see if they turned the corner and becoming a good team.>>Grossman’s pass into traffic. Intended for Desmond Clark. And as a team, 20 plays, 50 yards, 1 first down. Time. And a window to throw to the tight end. Complete. Des Clark, first down, 39-yard line.>>There are moments in a game — Charles you know. And no matter what it is in competition, there are moments where you can capture back the momentum. Here it is coming down towards the end of the half. If the Bears can put some kind of points on the board, Lovie can go in at halftime and say, “Hey, guys, I told you. This is gonna be a football game. We can’t just roll our helmet out.”>>As a novice, I think them holding Arizona to a field goal was the turning point in the game. I truly believe that. If they can get a touchdown here, they will have momentum.>>Thomas Jones hit hard by Orlando Huff. A penalty marker comes down. It’s a gain of 7 till we check the flag.>>I love you, but talk about the turning point in a game? It’s 17-0! There’s no turning point. So far, Arizona’s up 17-0.>>But I truly believe in all sporting events, there’s five or six plays. If Arizona was up 21-0, that would be totally different.>>10-yard penalty from the end of the run. First down.>>Penalty on the veteran receiver Muhsin Muhammad.>>So far, to me the big momentum shift was when Grossman missed 6 points on the first play of the game. That’s what Chicago’s used to — getting up early, getting the lead, taking their defense and savaging the quarterbacks. They missed that one. Something changed in here.>>Yeah, but you got to realize something. If they score a touchdown here, the pressure will switch back to Arizona. [ Crowd cheers ]>>This is bizarre — home-crowd support for the Cardinals. Grossman pressured. He lost it again! Arizona’s got it again! Chris Cooper came off the edge and helped knock it free. Adrian Wilson in there, as well.>>This is an offensive line that is being embarrassed. All for the first month of the season, people talked about “Arizona’s offensive line not that good. The Bears are great.” This is a complete flip-flop. This goes back to what you talked about, Charles. Now the Arizona Cardinals have to put a touchdown on the board. You can’t leave it at 17. You can’t leave it at 20.>>I got your momentum right here. They just got the ball back again.>>But they better score a touchdown is what Joe is saying.>>They’ve been here twice before and come away with 3 points. They need to do something with the football now.>>What a play by Wilson, who got there a hair before Cooper to knock it free. Berry the recovery. Leinart, play-pass. Anquan Boldin. To the 13-yard line. First down as we hit the 2:00 warning. New stadium, new quarterback.>>Hey, let’s go, babe! ♪ Are you ready for some football? ♪ Dominating them, man. I see you dominated out there. All day, man. Make a statement tonight, man. Let’s go.>>Has he and have they, at least through the first half. Helped by a defense that’s forced four turnovers. First time the Cardinals have done that since 1998 — each turnover giving them the ball in Bears’ territory. Thus far, 10 points off it. Trying to add to that here at the 2:00 warning. From the 13, Edgerrin James able to get only a yard.>>I don’t think they’ve been maligned. I think they’ve been awful. I think they’re good tonight, but they’ve been awful.>>That really means the same thing, Tony.>>Edgerrin James again. Stopped again. Bears looking to the sideline to see if they should stop it with a time-out to keep some time. They will not. Fans booing here.>>I asked you earlier, Joe, about being conservative. What do you think?>>The other two times that they had the recoveries, they ran two of the three times they had the possessions, wound up having to try field goals. You started the game by spreading them out. I think you have to do that. You’re the Arizona Cardinals, and you’ve got momentum. You got momentum with a young quarterback. You don’t have to do this on third down. Do it on first down. Now you give the Bears a chance to come after Matt.>>And they only rush four. It’s the checkdown.>>Oh, man.>>Complete to Ayanbadejo.>>They’re playing for a field goal.>>And they’ll have that opportunity here, Charles.>>You’re kidding me.>>This upsets you, doesn’t it?>>It does upset me. When you got momentum, you’re playing at home, you got to go for the jugular.>>It’s killer instinct. Bertrand Berry basically said that. “The thing that we don’t have yet is killer instinct.”>>These fans aren’t stupid. They know the Cardinals are scared to death right now.>>The fans are a little nervous.>>They may be scared to death, but they’re up 17-0. It appears they’re gonna be up 20-0. Nobody in America would have predicted that, even the people in the Cardinal helmets. Nobody.>>You’ve got interceptions by the Bears. You’ve got 2 turnovers by fumble. You have four turnovers. Four turnovers, and you’re winding up with three opportunities of field position and possibly coming away with just 6 points.>>Yeah, and they might end up with 13 off those turnovers if they get this field goal. Time-out before the last play.>>I’m gonna make a prediction.>>Go ahead.>>20 ain’t gonna be enough to win this game.>>If it isn’t, we’ll bring you back here late in the game. Everybody always said you were up for the “Monday Night” booth, anyway. You can come and sit with us forever. You can have my job.>>Hey, I’m just glad to be around Joe. I used to watch Joe when I was a little kid. I’ve been a big fan for a long time.>>Hey, we will see you on TNT during basketball season, see you on the road.>>Thank you all for having me. Enjoy Arizona.>>You bet.>>We will. Charles Barkley of TNT, of course, with their NBA coverage and one of the 50 best in NBA history and a great presence out here in the desert, as well.>>The half will end on this field-goal attempt by Rackers after the Bears ice him a bit and take a time-out.>>They don’t need to ice him on these ones. They need to ice him on 50s if they want to do something ’cause he’s having a little trouble over 50.>>Neil Rackers made 40 field goals last year, which was the NFL record. Missed from 52, good from 41. This from 28. And the Arizona Cardinals go to the locker room leading 20-0. Shocking first half. And the Cardinals get the ball to start the third quarter. 20-0, Arizona. The Cardinals leading Brian Urlacher and the Bears, 20-0. The Bears coming into this week along with Indianapolis as the only two undefeated teams in the National Football League. Colts coming off a bye. They play Washington this coming Sunday. The Bears thinking they were gonna come in here and get to 6-0, but it has been a complete reversal of fortune through this first half.>>It’s obviously early. The Bears are a great-scoring team. But if Arizona were to win this game, two things would happen. One, Matt Leinart has a career maker, and it may help save Denny Green’s job who doesn’t need a third straight losing season with the talent on this team.>>Robbie Gould kicks to J.J. Arrington from the 5. Arrington pushed toward the sideline. Brought down at the 26-yard line. Matt Leinart wearing a microphone. Here are some of his sounds from a great first half.>>Men, let’s go! Yeah, baby! Whoo! All right, same thing, men. Let’s go. They can’t stop us. Yeah! I never seen this before!>>Me neither!>>Matt Leinart with the man who he replaced, Kurt Warner. And look at this stat. Talk about a great number. Matt Leinart’s the first player in the history of the National Football League to throw two first-quarter touchdown passes in each of his first two career starts. And it is two or more first-quarter touchdown passes in his first two career starts.>>And he can scream like Howard Dean.>>Phenomenal number. Holding penalty brings the Cardinals a little bit farther back. Another short Edgerrin James run on first down, to the 18. All right, that’s everything that happened. Now, what’s next?>>Well, I think the Arizona Cardinals cannot get cautious. They talked about “We don’t have a killer instinct.” This is their opportunity to put a drive together and make something happen. From the Bears’ perspective, they have to stop them. They got to slow this train down. Spread them out, spread the Bears out, do exactly what you did before. Don’t try to create balance just to get Edge his carries. Spread them out, throw the football, put Matt in the shotgun like they are in first and second down.>>Second and 9. The Bears have short-circuited any attempts to run with Edgerrin James on a regular basis here tonight. 12 of James’ 20 carries have been 2 yards or less. Leinart’s throw is complete, a yard shy of the first down with Troy Walters. And here’s Michele Tafoya.>>Well, Mike, Lovie Smith called the first half “horrendous.” He said, “We got outcoached and outplayed in every facet of the game.” I asked him why Rex Grossman was having so many problems. He said, “I don’t know for sure. He’s thrown some bad passes, but the pressure is getting to this offense. We want to give Rex more time to get a couple of hits downfield. It’s as simple as that.” Guys.>>To that point, Michele, there are two first-down completions to Desmond Clark, the tight end. 21 other snaps netted a total of 25 yards. Atypical of the ’06 Bears. Third and 4. Leinart’s pass knocked down. Lance Briggs there, and the defense does its job, three-and-out, to start. The punt by Scott Player. Good hang time. From the 29, Devin Hester. Only a yard of return. So, the Bears will have the ball for the first time, trying to erase a 20-point deficit. Only once in history have they won after trailing by 20 or more. In 1987, a playoff season, the Ditka Bears beat Tampa Bay. And the Bears have a huge history. Jones bouncing to the outside. Thomas Jones, the former Cardinal, first round. And Jones, 2 yards shy of the first down. Michele?>>Well, Mike, Denny Green told me at halftime that his defense was the highlight of the first half. They haven’t allowed big plays, they forced turnovers, and they’ve given the Cardinals good field position. And even with a 20-point lead, Green says when they get back on offense, the game plan isn’t gonna change. They’re gonna use the run to set up the pass. That’s the way Leinart likes to play. That’s the way they’re gonna play, Mike.>>All right, Michele. Michele went to both sidelines tonight. Our colleague Suzy Kolber back home. She’ll be back with us next week in Dallas. Third and 2. Bears try to run for it. And it will be very close, as Jones leaned forward, and the spot is gonna force a measurement here.>>He’s gonna be short. He’s gonna be short by about 6 inches. Just a nice second effort by the Cardinals up front. When you look at the second half of this game, you have to figure that the Bears are gonna have maybe six possessions. So, they’re gonna have to create one or two more possessions with their defense and get some points if they want to overcome this deficit.>>This isn’t the way the Bears have been playing all year — not running three times in a series like that to try and get a first down. They’ve been throwing it. They got the first down –>>Made it by six inches, like I said.>>You only had it the other way. But this isn’t the way the Bears have played. They air it out.>>Well, there is the Bears’ tale in the first half — 4 punts, 4 turnovers. And this is an Arizona team that usually is always on the wrong side of the turnover column. Just 2 first downs. As a matter of fact, guys, their deepest penetration tonight has been the Arizona 49, where they’d get a first down if they got there right now. And Grossman does to Desmond Clark, the tight end. Third catch for the eighth-year man out of Wake Forest. And a player shaken up for a second there with the Bears. It’s the center, Olin Kreutz, who Lovie Smith told us last night “is the best leader I have ever been around.”>>I was gonna say, this is what you would expect the Bears to do, to come out here and score quickly. They have to do that. Joe, you’ve played on very, very good teams. Occasionally, you must be stunned like this. What is the halftime like when you have a team leading the whole league in offense and gets nothing against a bad team?>>From the 47, Grossman throws. Rashied Davis, catch and run to the 31-yard line. First down, Chicago.>>Tony, no one has to say anything. The Bears know exactly what took place in that first half. Rex Grossman gave the ball up twice on interceptions, bad throws. The offensive line didn’t give him time. Now he’s getting some time to throw the football. And that’s the decision that was made. Good move by Rashied inside. Rashied Davis is the perfect slot guy and a great story.>>I have him tonight in fantasy.>>Arena football guy.>>Drafted again in Arena football by the New Orleans Voodoo this week.>>From the 31, Jones, no gain. Good job by Darnell Dockett out of Florida State. Had his contract extended — 5-year new deal signed Friday.>>Mike, you look at this football game. Muhsin Muhammad came in with 26 catches. Bernard Berrian came in with 19 catches, averaging 22 yards. They have had one catch between them in this ballgame. The Bears have got to get their wide receivers involved in this game and get them down the field and get some big plays.>>Well, they certainly have to, considering you’d had them going 16-0.>>They got to 6 first.>>[ Laughs ]>>Cardinals show a lot of red at the line. And bring it. It got picked up, and Grossman’s pass incomplete for Muhammad. Bears in field-goal range from here, 49 yards. [ Crowd cheers ] Pressure again. Rex has a pocket to throw. And it is complete. Davis with the feet down for the first down. First time in the red zone tonight.>>The difference is the offensive line, and when you look at them on the field, the offensive linemen are showing more emotion and more fire than I’ve ever seen from a group. They’re pumping their fists. They’re fighting their hearts out now. They know they are in a battle, and, again, Adrian Wilson right in Rex Grossman’s face. Adrian Wilson is a Pro Bowl safety. The problem is, he plays in the same conference as Roy Williams in Dallas and Brian Dawkins in Philadelphia.>>Grossman, the quick hit to Bernard Berrian who breaks free! And Berrian takes it to the 3, as Wilson brought him down. Here’s a guy who this year wanted to get stronger and tougher. So, instead of taking the wide receiver weightlifting in the off-season, he wanted the linebackers’ regimen of weightlifting. Some of that strength here.>>Rusty Jones, their strength coach, deserves a lot of credit for putting him on that program. But you see the difference when you get your center of gravity low, and you do have some strength and power. This is what the Cardinals can’t think, that “Oh, my goodness, here it goes now,” Tony. [ Crowd cheers ]>>It’s the number-one-scoring offense in the league. They’re supposed to score in circumstances like this.>>Two tight ends. John Gilmore is one of them. McKie, the fullback, spun into the waiting arms of Bertrand Berry. May have lost a yard.>>People can’t see it in the booth. You were shaking your head on that play, Joe.>>You give the ball to a guy who’s hardly carried. He carried the ball four times in four games. Who you gonna fool down around the goal line? Even if you do pop him, he’s not gonna get there very quick. It’s a wasted call.>>Grossman. John Gilmore, the tight end, was covered. Throws it away. Third down. Muhammad came over. Clark came over. All levels of the defense covered by the Cards.>>Rex Grossman, when he makes the fake, if he gets around quick enough, watch number 85. He has him open right now. He has 85 open. He does not have Desmond Clark, number 88. And on the back side, Muhsin Muhammad is trying to work across, and Eric Green’s not giving him a chance to go someplace with the ball.>>Something the Cardinals have rarely had — home-field advantage. Here, third down. Grossman puts it up. Incomplete. Berrian tried to win a jump ball, but good coverage by the Arizona secondary.>>All season long, that is a drive that the Chicago Bears make for a touchdown. Just as the first play of the game, they throw that deep ball to Berrian. They get 6. They have played with the lead all year long and big leads in the second half. In the first half, they’ve outscored opponents 90-12. This is brand-new for the Chicago Bears, and I know, Joe, you think they should have had a touchdown in this series.>>They had to have a touchdown. They’re down three scores if they want to get ahead.>>23-yarder for the former Penn Stater, Robbie Gould. Hasn’t missed a kick all year. And keeps it that way as he puts Chicago on the board. It took them 2 1/2 quarters. Chicago-style pizza is still awesome. About any joint on Wabash — Chicago-style pizza is real… Little pooch kick here by Gould, trying to catch the Cardinals sleeping. It goes out of bounds. So, Arizona will have the opportunity here to get the ball in excellent field position, as they try to catch the special teams of the Cards napping with that little pooch kick.>>Thanks for inviting me for the pizza. I missed that. How about you, Joe?>>Out of bounds, kicking team. By rule, the ball will be placed at the 40-year line. First down.>>The stadium, 15 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix, sold out for the regular season. It’s booked for another 105 event days after the Cardinal season. January will have the first-ever BCS title game, and it’ll host Super Bowl XLII in 2008. Leinart down the middle. Boldin almost made a one-hand grab and may have saved a pick. Leinart got hit there, but he’s been talking about a lot of things on the sideline.>>And that last one, too. I don’t know what they were playing. They closed the middle, and they put the linebacker on B.J.>>Got to learn to throw the ball away, man. They were all in my face. Yeah, I didn’t have a chance to follow through.>>Somebody up the gut and…>>Oh, yeah. Hey, let’s go now. Finish these guys. Let’s go!>>That’s the attitude this Cardinals team has been missing all year — the inability to finish. Edgerrin James. After a lot of 2-yard runs tonight, James gets about 5 to the 45.>>It’s an interesting concept, that they haven’t finished. We talked on Saturday with a whole bunch of people from the Arizona Cardinals. They made these points. They all thought they should be 3-2, not 1-4. They all think they have talent. They all think they’re just not finishing. And all of them, to a man, liked Matt Leinart, liked the fact that he was the quarterback now. Thought he was confident immediately, even as a rookie, and that he was ready to give them big games right away, which you don’t see from rookies.>>Games they feel they should have won — the Kansas City game last week and the 2-point home loss to St. Louis in Week 3. A third-and-5 throw is on the money, but a huge hit by Todd Johnson to knock it away. Incomplete. Boy, did he knock Troy Walters down.>>When Lovie Smith tried that onside kick, what he basically said was, “I’m gonna take a chance. Defense, you go out and make a play.” Troy Walters is open. Nathan Vasher falls down. But then you see what happens. Ouch! Oh, Todd Johnson, helmet on the ball, and Troy Walters wondering what train he stepped in front of.>>That hurts up here. That does.>>Your teeth are sore.>>And Devin Hester back deep to receive. They blocked a Player kick last week. A penalty marker comes down. It’s fourth and about 5 1/4. If it’s running into the kicker, they might not have the first down. If it’s roughing the kicker, obviously, that comes with an automatic first down. Let’s check the flag.>>Personal foul, roughing the kicker, defense, number 21. 15-yard penalty — first down.>>Last week in the Kansas City game, Scott Player had a punt blocked. Chicago tries to get him from almost the same side, the same spot where the block came. And Dante Wesley runs into the kicker, and that is the same spot, because Marcel Shipp, on that right end, number 31, he was the guy beat for the blocked punt in the Kansas City game.>>That time, he just managed to hold his position long enough so that he couldn’t make the turn around the corner. Lovie’s tried an onside kick, and he’s tried to block a punt. He’s going after Arizona. Time is running away from the Bears.>>Leinart back on the field with play-action. Tried to just check it down to James, and Lance Briggs with another deflection. Brian Urlacher is seen as the superstar linebacker on this team. Briggs went to the Pro Bowl last year. And Brian said about Lance last night, “He’s the best outside linebacker in the NFL.”>>And the other part of it, too, is I like what Keith Rowen, the offensive coordinator of the Cardinals, is doing. He’s not getting conservative. He’s not just handing the ball off.>>But you didn’t like him at the end of the first half.>>I thought he didn’t make some good calls there. I like what he’s doing now. He’s being aggressive. Second down. Put him in the gun.>>Second year as the coordinator here. Came off the Kansas City staff for six years, where he coached the tight ends and Tony Gonzalez. [ Whistle blows ] This play is stopped by a false-start flag.>>False start, offense, number 75. 5-yard penalty — still second down.>>Michele, Bears’ injury update?>>Yeah, Chicago defensive back Ricky Manning Jr., Mike, is out for the rest of the game with a hamstring injury. Ricky Manning Jr. has 3 interceptions on the season. That’s a big loss for the Bears but one less concern for Matt Leinart, Mike.>>Ricky Manning, who’s been in the news for a legal issue, as well. He pleaded no contest three weeks ago in L.A., Michele, for felony assault, going back to an incident that occurred the day before he joined the Bears in the spring.>>The game clock is reset to 6:15. It should not have started because of the incomplete pass.>>A man claimed that he was attacked by Manning. The accuser said Manning was uttering ethnic slurs 3:00 a.m. at a Denny’s. The result of the sentence — three years probation, one year anger management, 100 hours of community service. Now we wait for league action, and Manning will be headed to New York to the league office supposedly sometime this week, depending on the injury, to talk about that very issue. Second and 15, Leinart. Pass incomplete. Arizona’s side wants a flag on Mike Brown, but Troy Walters couldn’t pull it in.>>Certainly you’re seeing a different intensity level from the Bears defensive backs. Mike Brown jumps all over him this time. We saw what happened to him last time, when Todd Johnson hit him. I still like the calls. The thing is, time is in the favor of the Arizona Cardinals. They had a penalty and incomplete pass, which stopped it. Now you got another incomplete pass. You’re conserving time for the Bears, which is something you don’t want to give them.>>Third and 15, Urlacher pushing up the middle. Leinart’s throw. Boldin makes the catch for the first down. Nathan Vasher slipped on the break, and the drive stays alive with the big receiver Boldin.>>I got to go back to you because at one point you said they were too conservative. Then, you liked them passing. But then you said, “If you pass, and you make incomplete passes, you stop the clock.” So, do you want them to run or pass?>>I want them to continue to do what they’re doing — throw the football.>>All right.>>The thing is, is the penalty was a problem, also. Throwing the ball is fine. Stay aggressive. Don’t back it off.>>The great gift was a penalty here, when they got it on roughing the kicker.>>Without big receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Boldin has 8 grabs tonight for 94 yards.>>Now, this will be a run.>>Edgerrin James. Again, nowhere to go. It’ll be second and long.>>Of course, he has better hands.>>Easy there. Boldin’s been the attention of almost half of Leinart’s passes here tonight. James breaks into the secondary a yard shy of the first down. But a penalty marker is down. Charles Tillman made the tackle in the secondary. It looks like the Cardinals will be retreating.>>Illegal formation, offense. There was no eligible receiver on the end of the line of scrimmage. 5-yard penalty — second down.>>Mike, the last four times the Cardinals have gotten into this position, inside the 30, the 25-yard line, they haven’t been able to not just come away with points, but they’ve made mistakes. They’ve had delay of games. They’ve had movement. Now you wind up with an illegal formation. This is not the way you put people away.>>Edgerrin James to the bench. J.J. Arrington is the running back. Boldin at the bottom of your screen. And here is the second-year back out of Cal. Arrington tackled by Mike Brown, and we’ll have third down coming up.>>It may not be the way you put people away, but the clock continues to tick. Chicago has not been able to score a touchdown. They’re down 20-3. Arizona continues to control the ball and continues to stun everybody watching this game. This is a 1-4 team. They can say they think they should be 3-2. A 1-4 team against the best team in the NFL. Dominating on offense and defense, and Arizona, without one of its great receivers, is winning this game deep into the third quarter.>>Four receivers. Carlyle Holiday is the fourth. Third and 9 for Leinart, in field-goal range. On the dump down, it is right at the first-down line. Arrington picked it up. First down picked up by J.J. Arrington.>>I am so impressed with Matt Leinart, but I’m equally as impressed with his offensive line. He has wonderful pocket presence. As the pressure comes from the left side, watch him step up. Moves up. Knows where everyone is. When they talk about the vision of a quarterback seeing the field, you can’t see the entire field, but you can know where your outlet receivers are. That’s what he’s doing now.>>It’s the best game the offensive line has played all year.>>By far.>>And as the current terminology goes, that group was rolled under the bus by their head coach a couple of weeks ago. James runs right into Urlacher. Nowhere to go. Here’s what Dennis said on his local radio show on the ESPN Radio affiliate here in the desert… Very strong comments, and to that notion, there were changes made. The starting combo tonight is the fourth different offensive line combination in the first six games. 60, Nick Leckey, was moved into the starting spot tonight.>>This might be a consideration to stay a while. This would be one I would sort of tend to stay with it.>>They’ve kept their quarterback clean. Leinart rolls left and threw it behind the intended receiver, Bergen, the tight end.>>I like these play calls. I really do.>>Now you do.>>No, I like the fact that they’re staying aggressive. You can stay aggressive running the ball. You can stay aggressive throwing the ball. I like the fact that he’s putting Matt Leinart in the shotgun on first and second down. They’re running play-action. They’re giving the Bears a lot to think about on that side of the ball.>>To Tony’s point from the pregame show — it’s not that Edgerrin James is giving them a big running base to work off. He’s averaging under 2 yards per carry tonight.>>Yeah.>>But the offensive line is giving him enough of an opportunity to keep it manageable third downs.>>James, 23 carries, 44 yards. From here, a field goal is 34 yards. Arrington is the back, and J.J. runs again, and he’s unable to get the first down. The good speed of Alex Brown, the former Florida Gator, Pro Bowl alternate last year, forces the field goal.>>Mike, I was talking about possessions in a half. During a game, you’re lucky if you get 11. That’s right about the average, as I’ve looked at it. We’re coming up on 2:00 in the third quarter, the Bears have had the ball once. Arizona’s had it twice. There’s only been three possessions. There will be four total in this quarter. You just run out of time if your defense can’t create opportunities for you, and that’s something the Bears defense has not done for their offense, ’cause their offense is giving it away.>>Rackers from 29 to make the lead 20. 23-3, Arizona.>>So, now they’re back where they were at the beginning of the half.>>This is their 19th season in Arizona. Their first 18, they played at Arizona State, right there where the Sun Devils play, in Tempe. So, they moved here to their own facility, but the University of Phoenix buys the naming rights, so it becomes University of Phoenix Stadium, even though they left the college campus where they played. Go figure. Devin Hester, kickoff return. Trying to make something happen. And he’s brought down at the 23-yard line. Arizona is plus-4 in the turnover margin tonight. Check this out. The prior decade coming into this season, they were a minus-102 in turnover margin, the only team in the history of the league to have 100 more giveaways than takeaways in a 10-year span — ever. They lost the turnover margin forever. They’re winning it tonight, winning the game by 20. Deep shot for Berrian. Almost made a Torry Holt-like circus catch. Antrel Rolle deflected it to knock it away, and Eric Green cleaned up the coverage.>>You got to hang this one up with a little more trajectory underneath it. You can’t rocket the ball down the field. This is something Rex is gonna learn. Antrel does a nice job. Berrian almost winds up with it, but if this thing has a little more trajectory on it, Bernard Berrian’s gonna run by almost everybody in this league, and he was on top of Eric Green. The Bears have to get some points on this drive. [ Crowd cheers ]>>Second and 10. Cedric Benson is in the game for the Bears. Gets it for the first time tonight and makes a nice move. Benson, the former fourth-overall pick in the draft with a gain of about 6 1/2.>>Mentioned this earlier, that an Arizona win tonight cannot only establish Matt Leinart as a big-time quarterback but can help keep Denny Green in this job. This is his third year, the third year in a row that they have started 1-4. They’ve got a new stadium. They have players. Anquan Boldin. Fitzgerald is out right now. They’ve spent a lot of money on Edgerrin James. Denny’s a great salesman. He sold himself and the Cardinals. People now say, “Okay, deliver.” You win this game against the Bears, you’ve delivered.>>Third and 2. Grossman throw. Huge hit and the ball comes out. Incomplete. Eric Green, who has been everywhere tonight, made another huge hit that forces another Chicago three-and-out.>>This is one of those nights where what you do is you just get cases of game balls, and you start giving them away. That was real close to a catch, but he never quite had possession.>>What a great job by Eric Green. There he is.>>Very excited.>>Matt Leinart has done a wonderful job stabilizing this entire football team. Kurt Warner had fumbled 10 times and thrown 5 interceptions in the first 4 games of the season. Matt Leinart has stabilized the position.>>Brad Maynard has been busy tonight. Beautiful punt here. Unreturnable and will be marked out of bounds officially at the 15-yard line. James’ run. Nowhere to go. Runs into the arms of Tank Johnson. Matt Leinart wearing that wireless microphone. Here he is from the last series.>>They’re banking on us turning the ball over. That’s all they’re working on.>>Hey, they’re giving it to us. Let’s go, baby. Come on, baby. Let’s go. They’re giving it to us. That was a big drive for us, man. That took, like, 6 minutes off.>>Tony, that speaks to something you guys were just talking about, that confidence, that leadership, that guys are willing to listen to him.>>Even though he’s a kid, a rookie.>>Yeah.>>And they like him, and they do appreciate the fact that he played on a big stage in college.>>Second down from the 15! He’s hit from behind. Mark Anderson the hit. The scoop and score for Mike Brown! The Bears get back in it.>>Robert Griffith just told Matt Leinart, “They’re waiting for us to make a mistake.” Now, this is not on Leinart, when you get hit from the blind side without anybody blocking you. When you get just absolutely unblocked — I mean, I have no earthly idea what Oliver Ross is thinking or looking at. But there’s a guy lined up outside his right shoulder that he just doesn’t even see.>>He’s not looking at 97. We’ve established that.>>Mark Anderson has come on with a vengeance. That’s his 6 1/2 sack so far.>>Came in leading all rookies. Fifth-round pick out of Alabama. Gould adds the extra point, and, just like that, 13-point game. And off we go to the fourth quarter from Arizona. Mike Tirico, Joe Theismann, Tony Kornheiser. Michele Tafoya down on the field. Suzy Kolber back with us next week. Just a moment ago, Bertrand Berry trying to fire up his quarterback after the turnover.>>Hey, don’t let it come down. Just one play! Let it be one play. Let’s go. We got to get the rhythm back. Let’s go. We’re good.>>Remember, Tony, Berry on Saturday was one of the guys who was very vocal about “our need to finish” and “our need to learn how to have the killer instinct.” Right now the Bears defense is ready for everything. One yard there with Edge. Here’s Michele.>>Mike, I mentioned I spoke with Pete Carroll this week, and he planned to talk to Matt Leinart before the game. I asked what advice he’d give him. He said, “I’ll tell him what I always tell him. Don’t overtry. Take what they give you. Use the system and use the guys around you. Don’t do it all yourself.” But, Mike, Carroll also said, “Matt will handle this. If they can protect him, I have no worry about his ability to handle this.” And up until that sack, they had protected him.>>Yup, and Ross with the complete miss, the fumble, recovered by Mike Brown for the touchdown. Second down. [ Whistle blows ] And whistles stop this one and will push it back.>>There is no foul for illegal formation. Arizona’s charged its first team time-out.>>Okay, so, the Cardinals getting the time-out called there on the sideline before the play comes off. Out of the Arizona-called time-out, this is second down. And Leinart throws to Boldin. Hangs on, first down, at the 39-yard line.>>It is so great to have a money receiver, a guy you can count on, a guy you know is gonna get open. He’s strong enough. He’s big enough to go make plays. He will go up and snatch this ball out of the air. Just snatches it. Excellent protection now. Good throw.>>They thought they had two money receivers, and they did in Larry Fitzgerald, and he’s out. And against the Bear defense for Boldin to do this much is rather amazing.>>Mike Brown had an Achilles’ problem coming in. You can see him limping around. Don’t know whether he hurt it on the touchdown, but it’s a different ballgame when Worrell’s in there.>>That’s why you saw 44 coming up to hit Boldin. Was a half-second late. Here is the run to James. Turning down tackles. Edgerrin James runs with a purpose for the first down near midfield.>>Edge has come into this football team and changed the personality of it. When you look at this locker room, locker rooms are important — the cohesiveness, the way they feel about one another. The Bears have that feeling. But the big thing with Edge — matter of fact, the black shoes he’s wearing is one of the changes that he made to this football team. He went to ownership and said, “Look. White shoes are good for golf and for wearing high socks when you’re old. But black shoes are for football.”>>In Bear territory, James spins again. Urlacher starts it, and it’s finished off by Alex Brown.>>Look — he’s had trouble gaining. The offensive line hasn’t helped him. He’s got a tremendous amount of rushes where he gets no yards at all. He’s also complained the last few weeks that he wants the ball in the fourth quarter. He talks about finishing games. And he wants the ball in the fourth quarter to run out the clock and gain some yards. That seems to be what they’re going to now. When they’ve tried this before, it hadn’t worked, and Denny Green had pulled back and said, “We’re gonna throw the ball more.” This is where Edgerrin James is gonna earn that money.>>And you know the first — he knows how to finish games.>>Sure. Did it in Indianapolis.>>Yeah. Second and 10, getting a legal man on the end of the line. Leinart pumping. The Pro Bowler Briggs. Flag is down, as Leinart throws it away, making sure he was out of the tackle box. The pass did cross the line of scrimmage. So, there’s no grounding flag thrown to this point, but there is one at the line of scrimmage.>>Matt Leinart might have a cramp, also.>>Illegal motion, offense, number 81. That penalty is declined. Third down.>>Michele Tafoya?>>Well, another hit for the Chicago Bears. Starting strong safety Mike Brown is being carted off to the locker room. He’s got a sprained right foot. They’re taking him in for x-rays, likely out for the game, guys.>>He had the Achilles’ soreness that Joe had talked about. He missed ’04 with calf problems and ’05. And he scored that touchdown right back here in his home area. He’s from Scottsdale, Arizona. And there you see him under the pile getting bent back after that touchdown was scored just a few moments ago.>>J.J. Arrington the back in the game. Leinart hit as he throws. Incomplete. Bryant Johnson went sliding, but Matt couldn’t stand and deliver because he was being delivered upon by Israel Idonije.>>The Bear defense doing what they’re supposed to do and that’s create the opportunity for their offense to get on the field. We’ve seen that right side. Oliver Ross is over there. Now, all of a sudden, you get the big defensive end come flying in.>>Devin Hester, who has made some questionable decisions, can make spectacular plays. A flag comes down. Player’s kick has good hang time, and Hester makes the fair catch at the 15. Let’s check the laundry. It’s a 34-yard punt but did the job because of the hang time. Man, if it’s on the Cardinals, the Bears could choose to tack it on.>>Illegal formation, kicking team. Number 97 was not lined up on the line of scrimmage. The 5-yard penalty will be added to the end of the kick.>>So, the Bears will take over at the 21. As the quarter began, Bears down 13. Chicago has lost its last 16 games in which it trailed going into the first quarter. That’s the longest consecutive current streak in the NFL. Trying to overcome that here tonight, and Cedric Benson carries out to the 25-yard line.>>…on a season, except 5-0 is obviously not 12-0.>>Second and 6. Wilson comes in. The safety is picked up, but he has to get rid of it does Grossman, and the pass is incomplete.>>I will say this. Coming into this game, Rex Grossman was the celebrated quarterback. Matt Leinart had one start underneath him. Obviously a rookie, a big-time rookie, but only one start. Rex Grossman has not been able to generate any offense. Their score came on a defensive play, and Leinart has been the guy to take center stage and make it work for him.>>Third down. Cards show and bring with the 4-man rush. And Grossman’s throw is incomplete. That’s another Eric Green hit! And Muhsin Muhammad is slow to get up. That’s about four times that Eric Green has cleaned out a Chicago receiver tonight.>>Antrel Rolle at one corner, Eric Green at the other corner have really done a fabulous job. Just delivering blows. It knocks him backwards. Rex Grossman has the time, a little bit behind. And you see Eric Green — bang.>>Running out of time.>>They are.>>Running out of time.>>The Bears are not coming up with the plays they need on offense, which is really the reason why they got to 5-0 this year.>>They haven’t done much offensively — only 141 yards, 6 three-and-outs, 4 turnovers tonight. Fair-caught at the 20 by Troy Walters. My son wanted a Matt Leinart’s kids’ jersey. They’re all sold out already. James the run. Nowhere to go — lost a couple of yards.>>This is where the Bear defense has to step up and stop the Cardinals, to create some possessions for their offense. The Cardinals, if they can gain a couple of first downs here, they’re gonna put a lot of pressure on the Bears to just have enough time left to make plays. And there are the numbers that the Bears put up, numbers that you guys pointed out at the top, gaudy numbers defensively. But tonight Urlacher’s team has been backed off a little bit by the poise and presence of Leinart. Quick toss. It’s still alive, and it’s incomplete. It was deflected and never touched the ground. After Charles Tillman hit it, it was alive in the air for a while.>>We mentioned just a while ago about that “Monday Night Football” game between the great Bears team of ’85 and Miami. And we mentioned it because people have looked at this 5-0 start by the Bears and automatically assumed they are the ’85 Bears. Clearly, at 5-0, it’s not 12-0, and they’re being pretty much taken apart tonight, but this has happened. People wonder when are they gonna do a video? People are making reservations in Chicago for the Super Bowl. The man to my right, Joe Theismann, had them going 16-0, I hasten to say.>>Game’s not over yet.>>Marcel Shipp next to Leinart. Third down, Urlacher. Knocked that one down. Brian Urlacher, the defensive player of the year, forces the three-and-out.>>The Bears have batted down 4 balls, I believe, tonight. Four of them on short passes that Matt Leinart’s try to get off. And the clock stops again. Brian Urlacher, right in the middle of your screen. Comes around, can’t get there. Jumps up in the air and swats it back. He hasn’t had a sack in 16 games, but his presence in the middle makes you think about those great Chicago Bear middle linebackers.>>Devin Hester would love to get his hands on a return and make something happen. From the 37, got a couple of blocks. Has some room. And brought down at the 43-yard line — a very good tackle. Net punting is one of those stats that you don’t really pay a lot of attention to, but the Cardinals netted only 23 yards on that exchange, thus Chicago starts with great field position at the Cardinal 43, by far their best starting-series spot of the night. Offside to the Cards, and it will be whistled down and stopped because the player was untouched coming over.>>Unabated to the quarterback, defense, number 92. Five-yard penalty — still first down.>>On Bertrand Berry.>>They like to slide in big words every now in the rules. You could just say, “He was offsides, and nobody blocked him.” But no, they like “unabated.”>>Like unabated?>>Unabated.>>”Unimpeded” could be good, too.>>Unimpeded’s another one. Right. Rex Grossman has had people that have been impeded and still knocked the living daylights out of him.>>This is just starting to teeter on that point.>>Yep.>>Great field position, first and 5, chance to take a shot down the field.>>Have to take shots, anyway.>>Grossman. Firing. Incomplete. Well-covered as Berrian was the intended receiver. This is very similar to last week, when the Cardinals had a 14-point lead right out of the gate after the first quarter, and they’re trying to not blow it like they did in this building last week to Kansas City. And how about this? In NFL history, no team has lost two consecutive games in the same season when they led by 14 at the end of the first quarter. Never mind 14-point lead or more at the end of the first quarter in back-to-back weeks.>>It would be a devastating loss for Arizona.>>Absolutely.>>Never in the same season has it happened. But Grossman’s made only one of his last eight. There’s a marker down as Jones keeps going for the first down across the 30, to the 27-yard line.>>This could be against Arizona. Getting a little itchy up front.>>Another offside flag.>>Offside, defense, number 98. That penalty is declined. The result of the play is a first down.>>It would not only be a situation which you blew two 14-point first-quarter leads in a row, but in this game, they had a 20-point lead in the second half.>>Chicago can’t settle for field goals. They’re gonna have to go for touchdowns. [ Crowd cheers ]>>Grossman. Just gets rid of it. And you can almost sense, as Grossman got knocked down again. Chike Okeafor in there. You can almost sense with the Cardinals that fear of impending doom — what did Denny Green say about what’s waiting outside the door?>>He said at one point when he talked to us that “success is waiting just outside the door,” the door to his office. And I remember saying to you, “Success is waiting just outside the door if the Bears are waiting just outside the door.” Success could be his, but if he blows this game, your team sinks.>>The problem is with the Cardinals, failure always walks through the door when they least want it. And that’s the negative vibe that they try to fight here. Grossman, another home-run shot. Nothing doing. One more time intended for Berrian, and it’s been a lot of balls that had no chance of completing.>>They’ve made a habit out of snatching failure from the jaws of victory. Is that the old cliché?>>That time, Antrel Rolle bumped into Bernard Berrian when Rex Grossman let this ball go. Watch Berrian. Now you can’t touch the receiver after 5 yards. I don’t know if somebody can’t count up to 5, but it sure looked like he was down the field.>>The way he had cut, you didn’t think it was gonna be a catch, but by letter of the law…>>You can’t touch him.>>Yes. Third down. [ Crowd cheers ] Grossman’s throw. Incomplete. They’ve done a nice job in the secondary. Now what do you do?>>I think you have to go for it. You’re 9:25. Field goal takes you to 13. You’re still two scores down. You still have to go. I feel like you have to go for it. Put the onus back on your defense. You tried an onside kick. You gave them better field position than this. This is the right decision. But he can’t keep trying to force the ball down the field. Rex is trying so hard to get big plays. Big plays will come to you.>>So, they eschew the opportunity for the 45-yard field goal to make it a 10-point game and try to pick it up on fourth down. Coming off the corner, Antrel Rolle is picked up. Grossman’s pass is knocked down, and it is intercepted. Darnell Dockett comes away with the pick. As he continues down the field, no one has marked him down, and with a convoy of Cardinals, Dockett takes it all the way to the end zone. The Bears stopped. They thought the play was over. Ruling on the field, touchdown.>>He landed on top of the Bear player. He did not land on the ground. Great presence of mind to keep on running.>>Didn’t Javon Walker do that a few years ago, as well? Catch a pass, not actually hit the ground, landed on top one of the other players and kept running?>>On Monday night.>>Like everyone else in this stadium, I thought he was down.>>And they’re going slow to set up the extra point to see if Lovie Smith is thinking about challenging here, with a challenge still at his disposal. And the red flag has been thrown. And he rolls over, and his knee does come down there. So, it will be down. Rashied Davis takes him out, and once this knee hits.>>This quarter has to be the longest quarter I’ve ever seen.>>Chicago is challenging the ruling on the field, that the runner was down by contact.>>And he’s right.>>So, it’ll be at the 27-yard line. It looks very clear there. It was a millisecond for the player coming down. It was not seen, and that’s why the Bears stopped, and the Cardinals did not. So, the challenge flag thrown by Lovie Smith, and we’ll take a look under the hood with 9:08 to go. As we talked about, I just want to remind everyone on this challenge. Even with the reversal here, it won’t be the points. It will be Arizona ball, one because of the interception. It was also a fourth-down play. So, as we’re watching all this, remember. The Cardinals are gonna get the ball back with 9:08 to go and their lead.>>But the Cardinals are gonna have to get some first downs to take some time off the clock if they want to preserve the victory.>>After reviewing the play, the defender was down by contact at the 26-yard line. The ball will be returned to the 26-yard line, first and 10. Please reset the game clock to 9:18.>>Does he give the football back that he took to the sideline he was proudly displaying?>>No.>>It is a pick for a defensive linemen. They always like to have those.>>He has to give the football back, I suppose.>>No.>>But he needs the oxygen that he took at the sidelines, as well, after that run.>>The entire team ran down there with him.>>Yeah, convoy.>>You know, I see Darnell. Kurt Warner was talking to him over there for a second. We saw a few shots of Kurt in the conversations with Matt Leinart. Kurt got the start Week 1. Was the NFC Player of the Week in the victory over San Francisco. But what has hurt the Bears tonight — turnovers — is exactly what hurt Kurt Warner this year. And it just goes to show you that when you turn the football over as a quarterback, it’s very hard for your team to win in this league, especially at that volume. James the carry, just a yard. Edgerrin James tackled by Brian Urlacher and Tank Johnson, and we’ll have third down coming up.>>That’s the problem James has had all year — the inability in situations like this to gain yards.>>The offense — and it’s not on James — the offensive line does not create the kind of opportunities that he had in Indianapolis. Let’s face it. When you spread the field, and Peyton Manning is your quarterback, there are going to be holes to run. His value, though, in Indianapolis, even though he gained a lot of yards, I think was as a pass protector. He’s so smart and knows how to help a quarterback out.>>Third down. Bears need to get the Cardinals offense off the field. Leinart’s throw is complete. Troy Walters tried to stay in bounds. He’s out of bounds. Still not under 5:00 left, but the Bears do what they needed to do — a three-and-out — and Chicago will get the ball back.>>And the thing that Troy Walters had to try not to do was go out of bounds. The clock becomes so important to protect a lead.>>That face mask gets to me. It just sags so badly.>>It’s got one screw. It’s got a loose screw in it.>>Come on!>>I wore a single bar, but at least it covered my face a little bit. It didn’t help much, but…>>Didn’t cover your mouth, obviously, ’cause you kept talking while you played.>>And that’s why I’m here.>>Not under 5:00, so once the ball was reset, the clock reset to 25. The game clock begins again. Hester, good return last time. Does he have an 81-yard punt return in him? No. Good special teams’ play to bring him down at the 29-yard line. They came in having allowed a paltry 7.2 points per game. Grossman back to work. Desmond Clark, the tight end, who’s had very productive night. Complete. And this is what Rex Grossman’s gonna have to do — take the underneath coverages. You’ll get your shot down the field, but get the safeties coming up and making tackles on your tight end and your backs and your short-slot receivers.>>No huddle and a whistle here with a flag. False start on the Bears.>>False start, offense, number 63. 5-yard penalty — second down.>>Lovie Smith was the Coach of the Year in the National Football League last year. Bears won the North. Went from 5-11 to 11-5, and, of course, had the disappointing playoff loss to Carolina at Soldier Field.>>But they went 11-5 without a quarterback. They were a one-armed team. They could not throw the ball with Kyle Orton at all. [ Crowd cheers ]>>Orton, the rookie from Purdue, started 15 times last year. Grossman, another deflection. Incomplete.>>Rex Grossman has got to get away from the line of scrimmage. They continue to try and throw those slants. Two things have happened. He’s had a bunch of balls batted up in the air, or the receivers have just gotten leveled by the defensive backs. There it is again. Terrific job by Gerald Hayes, coming around. Free runner at him making the play. They’re in 4-down territory here. So, Rex Grossman doesn’t have to try and get a big play. Just has to pick up a first down.>>Pressure coming. Wilson couldn’t get there. And Grossman completes the pass to Bernard Berrian. Taken out of bounds by David Macklin, and it’s at the 48-yard line.>>Clancy Pendergast, the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, has his guys confusing Rex Grossman. Terrific job. Just a terrific job by Ruben Brown, the left guard, just getting a piece of him. But Grossman staying around, keeping his head, making plays. But Clancy’s got Rex all confused.>>Nobody open downfield. Had to get rid of it. Pass incomplete. Clancy Pendergast, you mentioned, Joe, the defensive coordinator for Arizona, is an Arizona alum, University of Arizona. He’s a native of the state, and some of his relatives owned some of the land that this stadium was built on. It’s out in Glendale. The hockey arena is right next door. It’s a big, vast area, and some of his folks owned some of the land.>>[ Laughing ] What’s he doing coaching?>>[ Laughs ]>>If you’re a real-estate baron, and they’re building stadiums on your land.>>I didn’t say directly. Some people in the family.>>Why put yourself through this? [ Whistle blows ]>>Cardinal charge brings flags.>>Cardinals gambling a lot more on defense than they did earlier. Right, Joe?>>False start, offense, number 63. 5-yard penalty — still second down.>>Michele Tafoya.>>What I can tell you guys about Rex Grossman during this game — there has not been any quit despite the struggles. Just before this drive, went to all his linemen, his backs, his receivers, gave them a little fist pump and said, “Let’s go.” He has not looked rattled at all by any of this.>>It’s part of going through that Florida pressure-cooker and here with the Bears this year. He was booed in the preseason when they played the Cardinals. Everybody in Chicago was uptight about Rex. His teammates weren’t. Throw. Great read. Picked off by Robert Griffith, the 13-year veteran.>>He just absolutely refused to take underneath receivers. He kept trying to bite off big chunks, and he either overthrew them, and if he was home in Chicago right now, they would be booing louder than they did in the preseason. He has played very, very poorly tonight. He’s thrown the ball poorly, and his decisions have been bad.>>That’s not at all what people expected. Most people expected the Bears to come in here and roll over the Cardinals.>>Rex has a tendency to be considered a gunslinger, and we’ve seen him in these last couple of drives try and force the ball down the field.>>Turnover number six.>>Fourth interception.>>And Edgerrin James will try to salt the game away, as his run is stopped quickly by Alfonso Boone, backup defensive linemen.>>The Cardinals worried about their inability to finish. If they can’t finish this one now, with all the turnovers they’ve created, with what they’ve done to Rex Grossman, if they can’t finish this one now, then we can’t even listen to them for the rest of the year.>>All the air.>>Yeah, just close up the dome, put the roof on it, and give it back to — is it Pendergast?>>Yep.>>Give it back to his family and resell it as a pizza haven, ’cause it’s over for football if they don’t hold onto this one.>>Second down. Here’s James. And into the line. Did the ball come out? It did! It is scooped up by the Bears! Charles Tillman takes it the distance, and Chicago is very much alive! You were saying?>>That’s exactly –>>Remember?>>How stupid could I possibly look?>>Remember the one thing Robert Griffith said a few series ago to Matt Leinart? “They’re waiting for us to make a mistake.”>>Well, there it was.>>Watch Urlacher here, guys. Kept reaching in and just pulled it out of the arms of James, and it’s scooped and scored by Tillman.>>Denny Green’s gonna challenge the play. The flag’s already out. It’s a good decision to challenge it. Doesn’t look like it’s gonna get overturned. But, hey, in this kind of a situation, and as we’re talking about, to let this one get away –>>Totally devastating if that happens, honestly. Maybe I’m silly for saying to close the roof on the stadium, but if you are part of one of the most unspeakably bad franchises in history, that never wins any games, and you have the Bears on the table like this, creating the turnovers that you’ve have created, if you were to lose this game, there’s just no turnaround off that.>>The only thing you can look at when you see this particular video is obviously he’s up. Did the whistle blow? Didn’t hear any whistles. The officials did not indicate that the whistle blew. It should be ruled a touchdown upon the review.>>Denny wants one more explanation. Alfonso Boone was holding James up, and then it was freeing Urlacher to come in and strip it.>>Arizona wants to challenge the ruling on the field of a fumble. You cannot challenge forward progress. They will not be charged a team time-out. The touchdown will stand.>>So, it has been a year since Edgerrin James had a fumble, almost a year. It happens here at the most inopportune time, and the guy who was almost belligerent about letting him run it to finish out the game in trying to do that gives it up here.>>The heads-up nature of Brian Urlacher. He is actually way outside on the right. Reaches in, yanks the ball out. We can talk all we want about Rex Grossman and the offense, but it’s the defense once again that’s getting it done.>>Two defensive scores, and the Chicago Bears, down 23-3 with 5 seconds left in the third quarter, have come back on the strength of two defensive scores. 6-point game, 5:00 left.>>Wow!>>Here’s what happened yesterday when we talked to Lovie Smith. He turned to me. He said, “What do you think our goal on defense is?” And I said, “To create turnovers.” And he said, “I thought you would say that. No, our goal is to score first. Our second goal is to get the ball back.” They have put 14 up without any offense. Right? Two successive devastating plays created that. So, Lovie Smith — this is exactly what he tells his defense to do — not just get the ball back. Punch it in. They’ve done that twice.>>And your quarterback is playing horrifically. Four interceptions and none of them close to people. He’s just throwing them up in the air. This is an opportunity again for that Bear defense to go back on the field to try and make some plays and create opportunities.>>Can you even imagine what it would be like to be an Arizona Cardinal to lose this game now?>>Imagine what they’re feeling right now. There has to be in their minds right now, saying, “Oh, my gosh, here we go again.”>>Yeah. Bob Dylan had a line — “Oh, my God, am I here all alone?”>>You know, guys, you look at Urlacher, and those are the kind of plays that you expect out of the Chicago Bear middle linebacker, the Defensive Player of the Year, when all hope is gone. We see guys try to do that all the time. He got in there and got the ball out from a Pro Bowl back in Edgerrin James.>>Butkus, Singletary, Urlacher. They make those plays.>>Arrington the return. J.J. to the 33-yard line. He’s brought down by Cameron Worrell, the safety.>>This flag came in. J.J. spiked the ball and was real excited about what he did.>>Yep.>>Could it be taunting?>>The ruling on the field, we have unsportsmanlike conduct for taunting, receiving team, number 28. 15-yard penalty — first down.>>J.J. Arrington, when he got up, he just spiked the ball into the ground, not necessarily at any individual. Now, I don’t know if he gets in anybody’s face. Yes, he does. He turns around. All you had to do was keep your mouth shut. It’s great to celebrate.>>Can it go from bad to worse much quicker than this?>>How many different ways?>>After Edgerrin James’ first fumble since October 17th last year, or 52 Mondays ago, the Cardinals try to show some resiliency. Their lead that was 20 is now 6. And the series begins going right to James. Right to the ground. Who else? Urlacher again.>>This is where the pressure falls on Keith Rowen, the offensive coordinator and Matt Leinart, the quarterback. We’ve seen him get some balls knocked down. Well, Urlacher batted one down. He created a fumble. Now he’s made a tackle. You can’t fold up the tent right now. Too much time left. You have to put the ball in the air. Put him in the shotgun. Get him away from the line of scrimmage and do what you did early in the game.>>He made plays last year against Notre Dame when he had to. Can he make them against the Bears?>>Fourth and 9 — I remember it all too well.>>It’s been a struggle since those first couple of drives. Back to Anquan Boldin, the money man tonight. First down to the 34-yard line, a gain of 14, as Boldin continues to dominate the game at the receiver position.>>That’s a big play for Leinart. This is a big drive for Leinart. He is a rookie. He has the entire stage to himself. If he can run this one out, if he can keep them on the field, this offense on the field, and win this game, again, that’s the Hollywood ending for the kid from the O.C., right?>>I don’t look at him as a rookie.>>Really?>>I don’t.>>Well, he is.>>He watches the clock. He’s just so aware of what’s going on.>>He’s smart. He knows to go to Boldin. Ten catches tonight, 297 in his career. James. Urlacher. Brian Urlacher is just locking in on 32, and he’s coming to get him and get him and get him again.>>Brian Urlacher has decided to take over this football game. He’s made two tackles here in the last three plays. He’s batted a ball down. He’s forced a fumble in the last five. He’s had ten tackles and one forced fumble. He has really been all over.>>Time-out taken by Chicago. Each team can stop it twice.>>You have to do it for a long time, as the other guys did.>>Off the time-out, second and 12. Leinart throws. Bryant Johnson couldn’t adjust to the Charles Tillman coverage.>>I like the fact that the Cardinals are not just trying to pound it in there. They’re trying to win this football game. They’re not trying to protect a lead. They’re trying to go out and win it. When you look at the way the Cardinals are playing, you get the sense that Denny Green has got them really pointed in the right direction — a player here, a play there.>>Not if they lose this one, though, Joe. Not if they give this lead up in this way. He’s not the player. He hasn’t fumbled.>>Third and 12. Most of the noise coming from the Bear fans hibernating here in the desert. Leinart’s flushed to his left. He can throw well to his left, but not enough steam to get it downfield to Walters, and the Bears will get the ball back with 3:17 to go.>>Rex Grossman has to change his M.O. right now. For a little over 57 minutes, he has tried to force the plays. His defense is creating opportunities for him. He’ll have good field position. He has to just take what the defense is giving him.>>They almost got to Player’s kick. Devin Hester from the 18. Creating blocks! Devin Hester into the open field. And Hester picks up another block. Devin Hester — the punter to beat. He beat him! Devin Hester… all the way! Touchdown, Chicago Bears!>>That’s just incredible.>>That is exactly what he did in college at Miami to Louisville when they had a big lead. And the rookie does it again. 82 yards!>>Absolutely incredible. They’ve scored no points on their own offense.>>Their offense has been horrible.>>They have two scores on defensive plays and a score on a punt return.>>We talked about the Chicago Bears as a football team, and what you’re seeing tonight — the first five games, their offense has carried them and done an excellent job. Tonight, the special teams and the defense have jumped up and now created an opportunity for another chapter in your Matt Leinart story to be able to try and do something.>>This is for the lead, Robbie Gould. An unbelievable comeback by the Bears here in Arizona, 24-23. Lovie Smith’s team has come back. Let me tell you a story about Devin Hester. I’m in the Orange Bowl doing a Thursday-night game five years ago. It’s Louisville against Miami. And Hester idolized Deion Sanders. In a game against the Cardinals, very similar to this, he said he wanted to make the big play like his idol, Deion Sanders. He made the punt return, erased a big deficit, put them over the top for the lead. That night, Deion Sanders watching, heard us mention his name on the broadcast. He reached out to call Devin Hester, even though it was a Florida State guy calling a Miami guy. Hester, who also plays corner, has struck up a friendship with Deion, and I guarantee you there’s a text message from Deion’s phone to Devin’s phone right now, saying, “I’m proud of you, 23.” He should have stayed in the end zone and done the Deion dance.>>And Matt Leinart gathering his thoughts. It’s all on his shoulders now. The offensive line will have to pass-block against what is gonna be a ferocious attack.>>You understand, if you are a sports columnist now, and you’re getting ready to write, it is very hard for you not to put the words “choke” and “Arizona” in the first sentence. 14-point first-quarter lead, 20-point second-half lead and not giving it up on offensive plays.>>The thing that Matt Leinart has to be thinking about right now is opportunity. This is why you want to play quarterback. “Put the ball in my hands. Give me a chance.” He’s been there many, many times before, maybe not on this stage, but it’s not an unfamiliar position to him.>>From the 7. J.J. Arrington. Mistake on the back end of the last kickoff. Taken out of bounds. Kurt Warner with some words of advice to Matt Leinart on the sideline a moment ago.>>It’s all on you. This is what you do. It’s what you do.>>He’s right. That’s what he does. This is why you get the big dollars. That’s why they send the big checks. They actually put them in your account. They don’t even send them to you.>>And that’s why there’s “class” after the word Kurt Warner, the guy who took his job. He’s been talking to Leinart all night long and just those last words of encouragement going up against Urlacher and the Bears defense that has turned this game around.>>They only need a field goal or to get in field-goal range for an opportunity.>>2:53, 2 time-outs. First pass, Boldin, his 11th catch of the night. Brian Urlacher pushes 81 into the ground.>>Is he all over the field?>>There’s two of them.>>Is there any play that is made by Chicago that Urlacher doesn’t make at any part of the field?>>There are two of them. That’s the thing you don’t know.>>[ Laughing ] Okay.>>There’s one playing middle linebacker and one playing somewhere else wherever the ball is.>>Been a quiet night for Tommie Harris, the big pass rusher, number 91. Leinart throws underneath. Complete for the first down to Edgerrin James near midfield. Let’s see if they squeeze in a play before the 2:00 warning.>>You don’t have to rush. Just take your time. Let it go down. You’ve got time-outs. You’ve got a 2:00 warning. No sense in hurrying things up. Gives you a chance to talk to your offensive line a little bit.>>Those comparisons are made to the ’85 Bears, mythical teams. A win like this is a mythical-type win. In the final seconds of the third quarter, Arizona led, 23-3. Matt Leinart was sacked, fumbled. Turned into a Mike Brown touchdown. The Bears added another defensive touchdown after an Edgerrin James fumble. And then Devin Hester brought it back 82 yards. And Dennis Green’s team, that — well, it’s always something with the Arizona Cardinals. Always something, whether it was Denny Green or whoever the coach was or the quarterback. Well, they’re down 1, and now they have a chance. They’re 20 yards out of field-goal range for Rackers — comfortable field-goal range. And Leinart’s pass is incomplete. Bryant Johnson was the receiver in the neighborhood, but pressure came in.>>Matt Leinart is not gonna move around a lot. He’s sitting in the pocket. It’s gonna be up to that offensive line to give them a chance to be able to make the throws. I have complete confidence in Matt Leinart not being rattled, doing a better job than Rex Grossman has getting the ball to the underneath people.>>Do you find yourself rooting for him? I do a little bit here. This could be the makings of his career if he gets this done.>>I can root for a young man, absolutely.>>Second down. His throw is caught by Troy Walters. The veteran’s out of bounds, gain of 6. Third and 4 with 1:52 and 2 time-outs remaining.>>You’re in 2-down territory here, so, again, you don’t need to try and put the ball down the field. You’ve seen extreme contrasts in what Matt Leinart is doing with the football versus what we saw Rex Grossman do in a situation where they tried to get in position for score. Rex tried to take off bigger chunks. Matt is not.>>Do you throw here? You throw here, don’t you?>>Keep throwing. You’re not gonna fool them, ’cause Urlacher will tackle if you give a guy the ball.>>Urlacher’s right behind the first-down line. It’s third down. Leinart throws complete to the first down to Ayanbadejo. So, Femi Ayanbadejo comes out of the backfield, makes a 13-yard reception, and puts Arizona in field-goal range.>>Matt Leinart looks like he’s been here before.>>He has, just not in the NFL.>>But USC is like the NFL. They put enough guys in the NFL. You’re used to the speed. We’ve seen the impact of a Reggie Bush coming out of USC. Everybody said, “Oh, he was too small.” Well, Matt Leinart — I didn’t think his arm was strong enough. I was wrong. It’s plenty strong.>>From the 31 with 2 time-outs, already in field-goal range. Leinart throws for Boldin, who caught it. Ducked out of Urlacher’s big hit to get a gain of 8. Covered by Vasher.>>How can you not like what’s going on?>>What I asked you before — I asked you do you find yourself rooting for him just a little bit? He’s a rookie. He comes out of California, USC, 37-2 in USC. People like you doubted his arm strength. Everybody at the time of the draft wondered why he dropped all the way to 10. He was almost discarded in that way. He ends up in Arizona, where they have no history of winning, and he’s got a chance to pull up the biggest upset of the year, maybe in the whole franchise history.>>Don’t get conservative and start running.>>On second down. Edgerrin James protecting the ball as he tries to move toward a first down. And interesting here — with the clock running down, Arizona’s milking it toward a field goal. Will the Bears use it to stop the clock, or will Arizona? Both teams have time-outs. Chicago taking this time-out.>>In the open — it seems like years ago — we talked about a quiet confidence, like a Tom Brady. He has that type of demeanor.>>Those are big shoes, Joe.>>I know they’re shoes, but he looks that way.>>Third and 1. James cannot get the first down. So, the field-goal attempt will come here, and the Bears will get a chance. What a huge stop that was by Chicago. It buys them at least the opportunity to get down the field and take a field goal shot. It was last week against the Kansas City Chiefs that Neil Rackers had an over-50-yard field-goal attempt to tie the game and send it to overtime. Neil Rackers, who’s married from his best friend from high school, Rachel — you can tell that he plays for the Cardinals. And there you see his success in the last couple minutes with a field goal on the line to try to change the outcome, send it to overtime — or the win, I should say. Only miss in his career was against the Chiefs. You can tell he plays for the Cardinals because he and his wife, Rachel, Monday night is their date night. They don’t play on “Monday Night Football” very often.>>[ Laughs ]>>Well, he can have a date with destiny, trying to keep the Cardinals from one of the more embarrassing losses by converting a 40-yard field goal here out of the hold of Scott Player.>>Hasn’t missed from inside 50 this year.>>Hester charges off the edge. The field goal is leaking! It’s no good! He missed it to the left! And Rackers, a money kicker last year, for the second straight week misses one. Would have given them the overtime opportunity last week. Could have given them the win here. And the Chicago Bears are about to leave the desert with thievery — a 6-turnover, no-offensive-score win.>>Leinart did everything that he was asked to do, including hand-off on the last two plays. And then the Bears — Mike said this before — this would be that miracle win, right? That they have no business winning this game. Look how devastated the kicker is as he runs away from the line. And Chicago walks out of here 6-0, on their way, you think, to 16-0. They should have lost this game.>>Yeah, well, they stole one.>>They should have lost this game. Look at Leinart’s reaction. Banging his helmet.>>There isn’t anything more than Matt Leinart can do. You’ve got to pick up first downs. You pick up a first down, it burns some more time off the clock. You get closer. This kid’s gonna be for real. Well, he is is for real.>>What the Cardinals were saying all week was, “We’re 1-4. We should be 3-2.” Now they’re gonna be able to say they should be 4-2. They should have won this game.>>Gonna give you some perspective here, guys. The Cards blow a 14-0 lead back-to-back weeks. A 14-0 first-quarter lead, NFL history. Haven’t seen that. Second time in the history of the Bears, down 20, they come back and rally. First time they’ve erased a 20-point second-half deficit. And it’s the first time since Tennessee in 2000 that a team has committed 6 or more turnovers and won a football game. And that’s the Arizona Cardinals in a nutshell tonight.>>This could be the most bizarre football game I’ve ever witnessed. In 31 years of professional football, both playing and broadcasting, this thing was just absolutely bizarre.>>It’s the difference in the franchises. Arizona can’t win. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in Chicago, St. Louis, or Arizona, the Cardinals don’t win, and the Bears at some point come up with a miracle that leads you back on this path to 1985. It does. It brings you back there again.>>In the history of the NFL, it’s the greatest deficit overcome to get a team to undefeated, 6 wins and beyond.>>Matt Leinart will get this franchise winning.>>An amazing win for the Chicago Bears tonight.>>Look at Leinart walk off the field.>>So, the new Bears, who have all this offense — when the money’s down, it becomes the Bears defense does it. Two defensive scores, the special-teams’ return by Devin Hester, and the Arizona Cardinals are 1-5.

54 Replies to “2006 MNF Comeback | Bears vs. Cardinals | NFL Full Game”

  1. For your viewing reference:
    12:43 Leinart 11-yard TD Pass to B. Johnson

    23:52 Grossman Picked off by Francisco

    26:06 Leinart 26-yard TD Pass to A. Boldin

    32:04 Grossman Picked off by G. Hayes

    43:25 Grossman Sack Stripped by G. Hayes

    53:10 Grossman Sack Stripped by A. Wilson

    1:25:32 Leinart Sack Stripped by Anderson and returned for a TD by Brown

    1:41:29 Grossman Picked off by D. Dockett

    1:50:35 Grossman Picked off by R. Griffith

    1:52:12 Urlacher Strips E. James and Tillman Returns for TD

    2:00:22 Devin Hester Punt Return TD

    2:03:47 Start of Leinart Final Drive

    2:09:54 N. Rackers Game-Winning Field Goal Attempt

  2. Bears defense is awesome this year….. but cant hold a candle to the 2006 defense. Oh the memories. I remember watching this game in my barracks room in the Navy. I was so pissed off the entire time. It was the longest, most pathetic display on offense I had ever seen. Then the last 5 minutes my mood swing to pure elation was insane. I lost my mind when Hester ran the punt in for the TD. This defense AND special teams was untouchable. If they just had a decent QB who could just protect the ball and be accurate on passes only 10-15 yards out or closer….. they very well might've gone 16-0 as the announcers here were talking about. For sure would've beaten the Colts in the SB. But no one remembers Super Bowl losers. Such a waste of one of the best defenses and THE best special teams ever assembled on this '06 team. Great memories.

  3. Rex Grossman got me -6 fantasy points that game and I had Desmond Clark and Bernard Berrian too. At least Da Bearsss still won. But the Mike Brown loss was killer.

  4. Jesus, if Chicago had had even a semi-decent QB that year they would've walked away with the Superbowl. What a waste of a whole generation of fantastic defense and ST talent.

  5. 23:50 "this kid could own Chicago if he keeps throwing touchdown passes" Grossboy immediately throws one of his trademark INTS

  6. My bears 🐻 🏈 fans, feel free to click that like button if you were have a good time that year! (2006-2007) I’ll be the first

  7. I love all the trash talk in the announcers we're doing. I wonder what they're saying to themselves on the drive home….

  8. Bears didn't have a QB. To prove it @ the end of the game w/seconds left, he didn't know you had to kneel down to stop the play. That's how stupid he is. Crap offense. LMAO @ Green. They are who we thought they were. Yep Winner

  9. I’m going to give a reality check to the lemmings here about Rex.

    In the 5 games before this, he had an average of 250 yards and had 2 and 3 TDS a game. After this, he was either great Rex or Abysmal Rex.

    That does not mean one sucks. That means his mind went out to lunch when things did not go his way. Happens to a few athletes over time.

    Most of YouTube watchers are lemmings that choose to selectively watch instead of studying anything. Makes them no better than anyone starting accounts just to start trouble. Just as uninformed.

  10. You wanna crown em then crown their ass! But the bears are who we thought they were! And we let em off the hook!

  11. It’s pretty amazing that’s the real answer for this Franchise beside Larry, was Number 13 that was a backup. Kurt Warner is one of my favorite quarterbacks.

  12. I'll never forget watching this in my apartment with my ex-girlfriend on Monday Night Football in Addison, Illinois. I was going nuts at the end what a game.

  13. I'll never forget watching this in my apartment with my ex-girlfriend on Monday Night Football in Addison, Illinois. I was going nuts at the end, what a game.

  14. Devin Hester from the 18
    Hester the punter to beat…HE BEAT ‘EM!

    I was there. Most incredible game I’ve ever seen that could only be beaten by winning a ring.
    Let’s go Bears!

    2019 is our year. Bear Down!

  15. Ok, there was A LOT of ridiculousness in this game… A LOT.

    However, the comment about Matt Leinart in which they said "this kid has a quiet confidence… LIKE TOM BRADY !!!!!!"

    Now look, I understand that this 2006-07 Bears Defense was outstanding. There were quite a few Pro Bowlers on that team. As the rest of the 06-07 Season would play out, the Bears Defense would have more opportunities to show how great they were… no doubt this was a truly talented Squad!

    HOWEVER, comparing A ROOKIE QB to Tom Brady, even back then when Brady "ONLY" had 2 or 3 Super Bowl Rings and was still pretty young, well, that's just ridiculous. Foolish, actually.

    This is a clear case of "Great College QBs don't always translate into Great NFL QBs"…

    In fact, it's pretty rare.

    Co.paring Leinart to Brady was premature and, like I said before, just plain foolish.

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