2003 AFC Wild Card: Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens | NFL Full Game

2003 AFC Wild Card: Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens | NFL Full Game

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  1. 12:29 Chris Brown 6-yard TD Run

    17:32 Will Demps Pick Six

    32:37 Ed Reed Picks Off McNair

    41:17 A. Wright 30-yard Pass to T. Taylor

    46:39 Matt Stover 43-yard Field Goal

    1:07:49 McNair 49-yard TD Pass to J. McCareins

    1:28:55 S. Rolle Intercepts Wright

    1:32:24 Gary Anderson 45-yard Field Goal

    1:39:58 Heap 35-yard TD from Wright

    1:44:54 McNair Picked Off by McAlister

    1:49:06 Start of McNair Game-winning Drive

    1:57:08 Gary Anderson 46-yard Field Goal

    2:00:22 Ravens Final Play

  2. wow, I totally forgot that Anthony Wright was a thing. Brian Billick did a hell of a job considering the crappy Quarterbacks he had…

  3. Nice clutch kick by Gary Anderson, forever known for that missed FG in the MINN-ATL 1998 NFC Championship. For HC Brian Billick, who was an assistant coach for those same Vikings, he must have been disheartened that his old kicker came back to foil him again!

  4. This is the game I think put Steve McNair back on the map. Too bad the game was really his last great performance.

  5. The ravens couldn't really win a superbowl after the 2000 season cause there qb dilfer started to suck and flacco wasn't drafted til 2008 so the ravens defense is what got them to the playoffs but they ended up losing, the Steelers were good too but di dnt have a qb til 2004 when they drafted roethlisberger and Steelers were in the playoffs every year and won been to 3 superbowls from 2005 to 2010 but only won 2 and should of won 3 superbowls, just like the pats should only have 2 superbowl wins maybe 3 cause they cheated twice and Seattle and Atlanta have them gift wrapped 2 superbowl wins but the giants didnt fall for the pats so Eli and the giants get respect those 2 yrs they beat the pats in the superbowl especially in superbowl 42 with the 18 wins and 1 giant loss.

  6. I love the early HD video. I know CBS in the late 90s and early 2000s had some NFL games in HD, I'd like to see some of those.

  7. This was a fantastic little rivalry back in the old AFC Central. People today think "Ravens-Steelers" but I remember this rivalry and the Ravens-Jaguars rivalry (Mark Brunell gave us fits in that division). This one was my favorite though because it featured my kind of football….both teams always had killer defenses and they had almost mirrored power backs with Jamal Lewis and Eddie…they were fun to watch….even though George always seemed like a completely different runner when playing the Ravens, he went into a shell and suddenly became indecisive. They were some intimidating D's. An interesting little side note: 2006 was Baltimore's best 16 game season at 13-3 (they were the best team in the NFL that year IMO and inexplicably lost to the Colts in the playoffs….holding Manning, Harrison and Wayne to ZERO touchdowns) anyway, that season their #1 WR was Derrick Mason…their QB was a beaten down Steve McNair, who transformed from a playmaker to an offensive care taker in Baltimore and played well….and then, shutdown cornerback Chris McCalister gained a partner in blanketing receivers all over the field, Samari Rolle. While he wasn't quite the player Chris was (especially in 06, Chris was a monster that year) he was still capable of completely taking a teams #2 WR out of the game. That was a tremendously scary CB tandem, maybe the best Baltimore has had. McCallister/Starks and McCallister/Baxter were close but McCallister/Rolle was very difficult to throw on. Jimmy Smith/Marlon Humphrey have the POTENTIAL to be better I think. Anyway, my original point….3 of the most important guys on that great 06 team all came from the other side of this rivalry. And Mason may have been more productive/important in Baltimore. He was an artist when it came to running his route tree….he wasn't big, he wasn't fast and wasn't flashy but he was insanely smooth, had impeccable timing in his routes and had soft hands that caught everything. Flacco doesn't develop as quickly without Mason running those outside comebacks that he was so good at. Mason doesn't get the credit he deserves because he was unassuming and was a pure possession receiver. He didn't go deep, his YAC was low (indicating a lack of explosive plays) toughness isn't glamorous and he didn't catch a ton of TDs there for he was largely overlooked in this modern day NFL.

  8. Please post the Ravens/Titans match up from November 2006. I attended that game and it was a blast. Great Ravens come from behind win!

  9. Since I was like 15 when this was happening and watching it now for the first time…. the energy is crazy I watched it from start to to finish lol

  10. McNair and Eddie George were a great tag team. They were so close to winning a superbowl in 99, 2002 and 2003 but they always feel abit short. Injuries did play a huge part though.

  11. the Eddie George Ray Lewis rivalry was amazing, the intensity the electricity the physicality was amazing the game was played the way it's supposed to be played good ole days because today's football is b*tchmade

  12. Lawrence Taylor is the greatest Defensive player The Greatest Linebacker Ever To Play The Game

    The only reason Theisman said Ray Lewis is because Taylor ended Theismans pathetic career by snapping his weak Caucasian leg like a wishbone

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  14. I'm not gonna go back and look for the time in the video, but midway through the 2nd quarter it said Ray Lewis had 225 tackles that season?! That has to be a statistical error. His Wikipedia page says 163 total tackles.

  15. 1:56:20 , "The legend out of Syracuse" , Gary Anderson . The pride of Syracuse University , his jersey should hang in the rafters of the Carrier Dome . Go Cuse!

  16. What was that gay voice doing during ray lewis's dance lol wtf kind of pathetic moron would even remotely listen to that hahaha wow

  17. 41:18 – bwahaha too funny, sooner or later the B offence will do something! aww gawd thats funny

  18. Possibly the most loaded nfl playoffs, you got Steve McNair. Ray lewis, Quincy Carter, Steve smith, matt Hasselbeck, Brett Favre, al wilson, peyton manning, (the greatest show on turf & Marshall Faulk, tom BRADY and the best defense, trent green and Tony Gonzalez, and donavan McNabb

  19. Looking back. How the Titans didn't win a Super Bowl with Steve McNair Eddie George and that defense?? The world will never know………

  20. Steelers-Ravens-Titans-Jaguars

    Never again will there be a division so full of animosity, hatred, and nastiness as the old AFC Central.

  21. Gary with this weak ass kick clutches it for Tennessee but gives us that wack ass kick in the 98 championship cmon bruh

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