2001 AFC Divisional Round: Raiders vs. Patriots | “Tuck Rule Game” | NFL Full Game

2001 AFC Divisional Round: Raiders vs. Patriots | “Tuck Rule Game” | NFL Full Game

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  1. 16:07 – Raiders stop Patriots on 4th down

    34:52 – Rich Gannon finds James Jett for the 13-yard TD

    37:24 – Tom Brady intercepted by Johnnie Harris

    1:08:40 – Adam Vinatieri makes 23-yard FG

    1:15:02 – Sebastian Janikowski makes 38-yard FG

    1:22:14 – Janikowski makes 45-yard FG

    1:36:24 – Brady scrambles for 6-yard TD to bring Patriots within 3

    1:55:08 – Beginning of Patriots game-tying drive

    1:56:11 – The “tuck rule” play

    1:59:12 – Crowd reacts to the referee ruling on the Brady incompletion

    2:05:56 – Vinatieri makes game-tying 45-yard FG

    2:11:11 – Patriots game-winning drive begins

    2:22:12 – Vinatieri makes 23-yard FG to send Patriots to the AFC Championship game

  2. This rule was made for the patriots. No other team would have ever gotten this call. His arm was going forward but it never slipped and his arm stopped for a split second before it was knocked out. How much did the Patriots pay the refs for this horrible call?

  3. At least the Raiders got to the Super Bowl next year. Then proceeded to show everybody while they didn't belong in the first place lol

  4. It's amazing to think that up until the end of 2017 there were still 4 guys from this game in the nfl (Brady, Lechler, Janikowski, Vinatieri

  5. 1:51:13 – Biggest play of the game! Raiders have 3rd & 1 but the Patriots stuff them and force a punt to get the ball back 1 more time!

  6. People never mention that Woodson hit Brady in the head when going for the strip! Could have been Roughing the Passer even in 2001 Rules

  7. In 2001 the rule was officiated correctly. The same play in 2018 would've earned Woodson a roughing the passer call. He clearly hits Brady in the head with his arm. 15 yards and repeat of the down would be the result. Oakland got off easy with the 2001 rules. Need to play the rules of that year.

  8. What a sham……Brady knows it, belichick knows it, goodell knows it, the refs know it, and pats fans know it. Just the first in a looooong line of games where the officials we're instrumental in a pats victory. Was once a huge NFL fan…WAS

  9. If he pump fakes Tom Brady is still in possession of the damn ball I don't care. His arm was going forward but he faked a throw which meant he kept it. Regardless this officiating had been horrendous up to that point.

  10. That was a fumble, that is a horrible rule, that was a fumble, that is a horrible rule, that was a fumble, that is a horrible rule, that was a fumble, that is a horrible rule, that was a fumble, that is a horrible rule, that was a fumble, that is a horrible rule.

  11. The tuck rule did not cost the raiders the game, if everything comes down to a ref decision for you to win, you obviously did not play well enough to close it out. Raiders fans stay mad that your team choked several times in this game. You can not tell me your offense only putting up 6 points after half time is not a bigger reason why you lost, or your team giving up the yardage for two key field goals.

  12. It’s an incomplete pass to me, however there is a hold against the Patriots that wasn’t called on the offensive line at 1:55:34 I’d say.

  13. Besides the fact that this was a very historic game…..both kickers are still active and contributing to their current teams 16 years later, AMAZING!

  14. 2:01:28 at this point you new the NFL had F'd up. Clearly Brady has two hands on the football when Woodson made him fumble.

  15. This is one of the most historically significant games in all NFL history. This is the game wherein the NE Patriots Kraft-Belichick-Brady dynasty was born. Amazing historical game… The fact that this was also the last game ever played at Foxboro stadium under the heavy snowfall conditions was also symbolic of this "baptism" or "rebirth" of the NE Patriots organization as the GOAT NFL dynasty.

    It's crazy watching this now (early 2019) to realize that at this time (early 2002) Bob Kraft was just another owner, Bill Belichick was just another coach, and Tom Brady was just another quarterback.

    Watching this game, nobody could have possibly imagined the Kraft-Belichick-Brady Patriots dynasty, the greatest NFL dynasty in history, was being born. Nobody could have imagined Tom Brady would be the GOAT quarterback, the GOAT NFL player period, and arguably the GOAT professional American athlete ever.

  16. Imagine if this game was played on nice conditions grass the raiders would have smoked the Patriots..and Brady would have been sacked 6 times that day and rich Gannon wld have 7 TDs lol

  17. And here he is again, 18 years later leading his team to another Superbowl appearance. At 41 years old, and still the best player on the field………amazing.

  18. Very cool that these are available for the fans and the football historians and the patriots nostalgia seekers… thanks NFL! <3

  19. I completely understand that was a blown call. But that didn’t seal the fate of the game. New England still had to kick the field goal and score a TD in overtime, which Brady orchestrated by going for it on 4th down and still converting. Oakland had its chances.

  20. Cheattriots should give back that trophy to the Raiders. It was already theirs. NFL it's a mafia that hated Al Davis and no way in the world they will let him win.

  21. 1:56:11 In 2019: Personal foul – roughing the passer – contact to the head – 15 yard penalty – automatic first down.

  22. I remember winning like 60 bucks in a family pool from this game. Then I bought pizza for the house. Then it was more like I won 5 bucks. ☺

  23. Coming back to this game I will say the raiders got screwed that first challenge. The receiver clearly caught the ball and had both feet down ahead of the first down marker before he got pushed out.

  24. A game doesnt come down to one bad call. Raiders had a 10 point lead . Failed to add to it, failed to stop that TD drive in the 4th.

  25. Nobody talks about the fact Wiggins wasn't touched before his leg was up and he'd have run in for a touchdown if pathetic refs hadn't thrown whistle- so justice prevailed despite worst call in NFL History (Tuck Rule) that gave birth to GOAT and biggest dynasty in the history of sports

  26. lol Charles Woodson hit Brady right in the facemask during the "tuck play." That was supposed to be a penalty. Funny how Jon Gruden and Raiders fans miss that.

  27. There should have been no Tuck Rule Controversy.
    You know why?
    It has nothing do with the fumble itself.
    It's that Woodson slapped Brady's helmet during that play.
    According to the Deacon Jones rule that was implemented in 1977, Woodson headslapping Brady should have been penalized for 15 yards leading to a 1st down for the Patriots.

  28. The key aspects of the play happened fractions of a second apart, but it looks to me (a young man from NE) like Brady, in order, (1) motioned like he wanted to throw it, (2) Did not throw the ball, bringing it with his right hand to his left hand (both hands not on his chest), and (3) had Woodson knock the ball from his body, resulting in Biekert recovering the ball on the ground. If my observations are right, what should have been the call?

  29. Does anybody know the name of the song that plays right after AC/DC's "For Those About to Rock, We Salute You" before the opening kickoff?

  30. Coleman had it out for the raiders the whole dam game, and for the ppl who think that the raiders couldn’t have won the super bowl if they won this game, notice how like the only person that u remember on that patriots is Brady but when u look at the raiders u had multiple legends on that team like Gannon, woodson, rice etc.

  31. right call, dumb rule. Also, Raiders had the chance to stop the Patriots in OT and couldn't do it. That's the real reason they lost.

  32. The Raiders were cheated and the patriots are cheaters and the refs were afraid of losing their jobs.
    You will see alot more bogus calls in the future,stay tuned fans and keep watching your money going to waste
    to support this bullcrap on the field.

  33. For fans of The Patriots and Tom Brady this year was the beginning of a legendary era of NFL football

    for Oakland Raiders fans this was the only dominating season and the rest would be rubbish until now in 2019-2020 season smh 🤔

  34. Brady knew he fumbled (or thought the play would be called a fumble) since he lifted his leg to keep Biekert from recovering the ball.

  35. Even if the Raiders won this game, history wouldn't have favored them against Pittsburgh. Only one warm-weather team (the 1989 Rams) ever won two playoff games in cold weather.

  36. Just realized if that was on the other side of 2 min warning they didnt review turnovers and challenges without team timeouts and so they wouldn't have reviewed tuck rule crazy truly a game of inches AND seconds

  37. Was finally able bring myself to sit down and watch this 18 years later. I came away thinking two things:
    1. The Raiders played a great game that night.
    2. Interesting decision by Gruden with 4 minutes left, 2nd and 10 and the ball near midfield, to attempt two passes (both wound up being incomplete) rather than run and likely force the Patriots to use their timeouts.

  38. Ahhh the game that taught Bill Belichick that it's much easier to win when you don't follow the rules. And thus a dynasty was born.

  39. How about that terrible spot on Tim Browns first down catch on the Raiders First drive! Effing Terrible

  40. Bottom line! The Traitors have done crap since 1983. I really never cared for owners or families that flush fans, communities, decades of loyalty and cities down the toilet for greed. An average family of 4 can,t even imagine going to a football or baseball game anymore. Without 3 months wages from both parents going to greedy owners! Take your Traitors to Las Vegas and good bye. Let gamblers and the mob go to your games.

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