1996 Divisional Playoffs: Panthers First Playoff Win | Cowboys vs. Panthers | NFL Full Game

1996 Divisional Playoffs: Panthers First Playoff Win | Cowboys vs. Panthers | NFL Full Game

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  1. 5:43 Kerry Collins Picked Off by Darren Woodsen

    7:06 Michael Irvin 22-yard Catch from Aikman

    13:35 Chris Boniol 22-yard Field Goal

    19:36 Kerry Collins 1-yard TD Pass to Wesley Walls

    22:33 Aikman Sacked on third down

    32:50 Collins 10-yard TD to Green

    43:11 Aikman 1-yard TD pass to Daryl Johnson

    46:25 Bad Snap forces Safety

    51:02 Aikman Intercepted by Chad Cota

    57:52 John Kasay 24-yard Field Goal

    1:05:56 Oliver fumbles, Cowboys recover

    1:10:00 Chris Boniol 21-yard Field Goal

    1:17:37 John Kasay 40-yard Field Goal

    1:29:06 John Kasay 40-yard Field Goal

    1:37:11 Emmitt Smith 25-yard Run

    1:39:59 Chris Boniol 21-yard Field Goal

    1:50:48 Aikman Picked Off by Pat Terrell

    1:54:12 John Kasay 32-yard Field Goal

    1:57:12 Aikman Intercepted by Sam Mills

    1:59:04 Panthers Celebration

  2. Sunday, Oct 30th is Philadelphia @ Dallas on SNF. You must upload their Week 3 game from 1997. Eagles at Cowboys on MNF. Philly chokes at the end of the game. The holder bobbles the snap and Dallas wins.

  3. Lamar Lathon and Kevin Greene was one deadly combination back then, kinda like how Ware and Miller is today or Hali and Houston

  4. I remember these days. Still giddy that the Carolina's had a NFL team and made the playoffs in year 3. bates lathon greene mills Collins Griffiths capers…. oh man #keeppounding

  5. When my Ram's left LA, and when Carolina beat my rival the 49er's , I became a Panthers fan. Now, my Rams are back! The Carolina Panthers will always be my second favorite team.

  6. 1:54:33 There is a person holding up a sign saying "Super Bowl Bound Panthers".

    Well, it looks like that person spoke too soon. That didn't happen until 2003 and again 2015.

  7. Troy Aikman was a solid quarterback, but he just didn't have that extra gear to carry the team when Emmitt and their other stars wore down like Terry Bradshaw or Tom Brady did. The ultimate game manager, he could hit a couple of big ones just enough to keep defenses off of Emmitt Smith. When he had to carry the team he didn't have it.

  8. I love looking back at 1990's expansion teams from all sports. They all had early success and then each of them fell apart. Interesting content to look at.

  9. Why were the Panthers wearing their away jerseys? I thought those blue Cowboys jerseys were only supposed to be worn on Thanksgiving.

  10. Grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan. I was 23 when we finally got a team here in Carolina, so it was odd pulling against the Cowboys in this game. Still pull for them when they don't play the Panthers. Amazing it's been 23 years since that first Panthers game. RIP Sam Mills……Keep Pounding!!!!

  11. Panthers have been to 2 Super Bowls since they came into the league in 1995. The Ravens have won 2 Super Bowls since they moved to Baltimore in 1995. The Chiefs have won one playoff game since 1994. That's sad

  12. When Johnny Grier was the ref and the Boys were in Blue you knew it was gonna be a tough day…this was the start of the end for the 90's Dynasty….sad

  13. 51:11 Everyone remembers Larry Allen's chase against the Saints, but this one is also remarkable

  14. The 90s Cowboys were not known for pulling games out in the clutch, mainly because they didn't have to very often. But at the end of this game, down 6 with 3 minutes left needing to drive the length of the field to win just wasn't in their makeup. Had that been the 49ers or Packers in that situation you would have thought they would pull it off.

  15. Both Jacksonville and Carolina were 2nd yr expansion teams. Who in this same week pulled off upsets. Jacksonville's had to cut deep cause they did it against Denver in Denver who had a 13-3 record

  16. With this loss, no one looked at Dallas as a serious contender for the Super Bowl again. Dallas has remained in the abyss ever since as of 2018.

  17. This was not the same cowboys from 1992-1993. More than half those players, including the coach, were no longer with the team. It was a joke, when you have to resort to deion Sanders being a second receiver.

  18. Anyone else notice when Deion got hurt, the word "concussion" was never once mentioned even though it was obvious?

  19. I am gonna be honest when I say this but if Michael Irvin hadn't gotten injured the Cowboys would've won this game. I dislike the Cowboys but the way the Cowboys were playing at the time and as close as this game was Irvin would've made a huge difference in this game. So Carolina got fortunate that Irvin didn't come back in this game.

  20. I was 10 years old at this time and I was extremely proud of both the Panthers and Jaguars for being one game from the Super Bowl in each of their second seasons.

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