19. Lesson. Now is the time to do it – The Pioneer School

19. Lesson. Now is the time to do it – The Pioneer School

Welcome to this lesson, I am so excited about
this lesson this is a very important and practical lesson where I am going to give you some tools
how you can obey Jesus in what he has called you to and today I’m going to try and put
everything together you have learned in the pioneer school until now, and give you those
tools so you can start to obey Jesus in what he has said in Luke 10 so you can start to
preach the gospel and heal the sick, so you can start to see people repent and be baptised
in water and the Holy Spirit so it is a practical lesson where I am going to give you some simple
tools and share a lot of simple testimony and encourage you to take the next step and
come in a live the life we read about in the book of acts. So God bless you Welcome to the pioneer school and welcome
to this lesson, I really look forward to sharing this word with you today, today I’m going
to be very practical I’m going to give you some simple tools today, if you do this simple
I am going to talk about today it’s not only going to change your life but it is going
to change those around you it is going to create a movement that is going to change
the world because this is so simple at the same time this is so powerful and it is all
about obeying Jesus and what he has commanded us to do and I could tell a lot of stories
of what God has done the last weeks and I’m going to tell you more when I’m going through
the teaching this time, but we have been in turkey, we have been in Sweden, and God has
done a lot of things and I hear so many testimonies from the pioneer school, and I believe that
this lesson and the next lesson is going to come out, is going to change so much around
the world and it is going to change around the whole world because God is spreading this
‘yesterday I got three interesting emails’ almost at the same time’ and I think this
is so exciting what God is doing, there was one from Canada who wrote to me that she was
so excited about the pioneer school and she speaks French and she want to translate the
pioneer school into French for the French speaking places, at the same time somebody
wrote to me from Russia he wanted to translate the pioneer school into Russian ….almost
at the same time I got an email …somebody ask if I wanted to get the pioneer school
translated into Chinese, because he has some contacts and they would try to work on that.
And I’m so excited because at the same time I got those three emails with those three
important languages French, Russian and Chinese and I believe that God is doing something
incredible all over the world and this is just starting and I believe today when I am
going to be very practical is so important, and the next time where we are going to end
the pioneer school. Last time I spoke about Luke 10 and I am going to go through that
again and I’m going to go through the church. If I very quickly go through it, we have the
church the most simple form is to love God, love your neighbour and make disciples, this
is what Jesus has called us to the two greatest commandments ‘love God and love your neighbour,
and the great commission go out make disciples, this is what we need to do, but the problem
often is we put that in a box where it becomes everything has to have a building, it has
to have staff, professional people who are able to do it who have an education so it
only become a few people who actually do it, we have a programme always the same no matter
where you are because it is built on the same system and money, and budget and as I said
before the church as I have quoted also in my book ‘Christianity started out in Israel
as a fellowship, so Christianity was a fellowship it was a movement, it was a revival Christianity
led by the Holy Spirit but then it moved to Greece and became a philosophy then it came
to Italy and became an institution and it moved to Europe and became a culture and it
came to America and became an enterprise a business, but as I said before if we make
a business out of a body because the church is a body then it is prostitution and Jesus
is not going to come back and get a prostitute he is going to come back and get a bride.
A bride that is holy a bride that is obeying him and because of that I believe we are standing
in front of one of the great reformations of the church where we are going to see everything
change where everything is going to come back to what it was supposed to what we read about
also in the book of acts revival Christianity where people were led by the Holy Spirit,
where they obey Jesus, where people did not just ask Jesus into their heart they did a
lot of other things but where there was deep repentance from sins and baptism in water
the same day and baptism with the Holy Spirit. But all of that changed through the church
history with the catholic church, and then we got the reformation but it was only a small
change here and there and this is the foundation we built on if we are Baptist, Methodist,
the background we have are building somehow on our church history, so this is some of
the things I have been speaking about in the pioneer school and last time I spoke then
about Luke 10. And I am going to go through that again and this time be very practical
and share a lot of testimony out of Luke 10 how this is working but before I am going
to start I want to pray because this is important, this is a really important message everything
Jesus is saying about Luke 10 is everything about the church history …the box, the system.
It is so important; it is so difficult for people to understand if the Holy Spirit is
not dealing with them. But for all of those who the Holy Spirit is dealing and working
with them they will just experience this as life this is setting people free.
But I will pray, God I thank you for everything you are doing I thank you for all the testimonies
that is happening through the pioneer school thank you because you are letting this out
through the whole world, and thank you because we are building your church Jesus, and we
want to be part of it and I pray that you will help us today and that you will help
me today to share this word, help me to be led by your spirit, com Holy Spirit and open
our eyes, heart and ears of everybody who is hearing this message so they are able to
receive it, it is going to become life for them it is going to help them to obey you
Jesus and come in and live the life we read about in the book of acts. Amen
Yes, Luke 10. Jesus send his disciples out, and he sent them out and then he said to them
afterwards, go out make disciples of all other nations, and baptising them and getting them
to obey everything I have just commanded you, so because of this Luke 10 is not only for
those disciples at that time because it is also for us today who is disciples, and it
is also for people we are going to disciple in the future. In Luke 10 Jesus starts saying
the harvest is plentiful and ripe…so the harvest is plentiful…the harvest is ready…it
is ready for harvest and he is also saying as I spoke about that last time when he sent
them out in matthew 28 he is talking about ‘we have all power and anointing …so as
I said last time, they have the anointing, the harvest is not the problem, the problem
is not that we need more anointing, more power’ if we have the Holy Spirit we have it all
‘no’ the problem is that the workers are few and because the workers are few Jesus
has called us to pray the lord of the harvest to send out workers.
And it is standing there in Luke 10; 2 and it is good for to remember that every morning
two minutes past ten, every evening two minutes past ten then pray this simple prayer; God
I pray that You are going to send out workers to the harvest because when you remind yourself
of that every day to pray God to send out workers he is going to do it, he is going
to change something and we see it in Denmark right now we see a big, big change. I just
got a few testimony a few days ago from a friend who is living in another city and when
I read this testimony I was like ‘woo this is amazing he wrote this to show that it is
important that we don’t give up after praying one time but we have to continue praying until
things happen. And he share this testimony because some people was in the city here in
Denmark and there they met one who was selling telephones, selling out on the street, and
they met her and asked her if she had something they could pray for and they told her about
God and then she said ‘no’ actually I am healed, but then she said something interesting’
she said…a few weeks ago I was selling telephones in another city in Denmark somebody came to
me and talked to me about God and prayed for me, ‘I had a problem in the back’ it became
a little better but I was not healed’ but then a few days later I was in another city
and somebody also came and spoke to me about Jesus and prayed for me and it became better’
and then a few days ago I was in this city and two different people came to me and asked
me and both prayed for me and when the last one prayed I was completely healed. and he
shared that testimony to show that it is important to continue praying, but for me that testimony
is also amazing because now you can to go many bigger cities in Denmark and there is
a chance you are going to meet someone out on the street who is talking to you about
God and who is praying for sick people. And it was unheard of just two years ago’ three
years ago or maybe one year ago. A few years ago there were a few, few people who was out
on the harvest that way but now in Denmark if you go to that, or that, or that city….there
is big chances that somebody is going to stop you and pray for you and you are going to
experience healing, and it is amazing how this has developed in such a short time and
more and more people start to come in to the harvest and we are not only talking about
it has to be out on the street because it has to be an everyday life, when people are
shopping, when people are singing in a gospel choir when people are at work or different
places, so it is important to pray the lord of the harvest to send out workers, but after
Jesus said we should pray that, he said ‘I send you out as lambs among wolves’ so we
not only pray he also send us out, but he is with us, we are out there among wolves
and because we are among wolves it is important we are wise it is important we are led by
the spirit’ also but we should not be afraid, why? Because he is with us, another thing
he said ‘God will provide all your needs’ and then he has commanded us to find a person
of peace ‘find somebody who is ready to receive Jesus or who wants to hear more’
find somebody who wants to hear what you are saying ‘find somebody who will not only
discuss with you and talk about a lot of things and really don’t want to hear and I think
it is important those things and when you find some of those persons of peace then don’t
be eager to invite them to your church stay at their house, eat and drink what they serve,
of course heal the sick and preach the gospel and then when you find somebody again, another
person of peace who doesn’t want to receive the message then brush the dust off and move
to the next one, this is what Jesus has commanded us to do and I can share some testimony just
for the last weeks, from turkey, in turkey I have two experiences of a person of peace,
I have experienced that this shows what God is doing.
Turkey And I can tell one story ‘we were in Ankara
a big city there and we were out to training and equipping people and making disciples
but then I was walking with my son ‘Sonny’ and he was helping us evangelise and praying
for sick people and then suddenly we got lost me and Sonny’ we were together with somebody
who spoke Turkish who could translate for us but suddenly our translator was gone, and
we were lost there, and like…’hey…where are all the rest? So there were only me and
him and ….what shall we do? We need somebody to translate for us because people don’t
speak English there, so we just wanted to find somebody who could speak English….or
we could also say we want to find a person of peace….I want to find that person who
spoke English or I was thinking in my mind that person Jesus wants me to find so I was
going around saying ‘excuse me do you speak English? Do you speak English?….do you speak
English? And I was going around looking, I was looking for somebody who could translate
for me the same way I normally look for somebody who is ready to receive of course normally
I don’t ask them excuse me do you speak English, I ask them other questions to find
out who is the person of peace, but then I ask a lot of people maybe 20 – 30 people
and I found somebody who spoke English and I….’you speak English… ‘Yes’…and
are you good to English? ….and he was good to English, so I was like ‘yes! So I started
to ask him ‘are you sick? Do you have pain? because we are out here to pray for sick people,
and he said ‘no, no, no but my heart is I don’t believe in religion, I don’t believe
in God and I was thinking in the beginning like, ‘o’ yes …we find somebody who
spoke English and it was an atheist, but what I have learned is ‘don’t always listen
to what they say….because there is sometimes a reason for saying what they are saying,
and he said he was an atheist, and he was only an atheist because he didn’t know what
it was all about ‘I felt that very clear, so I said to him, ‘yea you are an atheist
but this because you have not met God, if you meet God would you then continue to be
an atheist and he looked at me like….’what…you me meet God? What do you mean? You cannot
meet God, ‘yes of course you can’ and I shared a lot of testimony and when I was
sharing a lot of testimony two girls came and I wanted to demonstrate for him that this
was not just words. So I said to the two, ‘can you help me two seconds? And translate
for me, he said yes…and I stopped those two girls and I said ‘can you help me? And
he translated for me to those two girls but none of them was sick and none was open so
we let them go and then he looked at me and said do you really believe what you are saying?
And I said yes of course I believe, and he said ‘I want to see that he said, ‘I said
ok then you have to help me, you have to translate for me….he said ‘ok’ I will translate
for you…. and then he took my arm and said ‘come with me….and he took me to a bench
where there were sitting a lot of people and ‘he said ‘excuse me ….I didn’t know
what he said…but….he went around finding people who were sick and then he found someone
and said ‘come…’this man has a problem in the back’ now you do it, and it was so
amazing to experience that moment that setting and I was like ‘wow’ interesting ‘I
prayed for this guy and nothing happened’ I prayed again and nothing happened’ and
my friend he start to smile …but I didn’t give up so I prayed again the third time and
nothing happened and now he started to smile and laugh …and I was like ‘please God
what is happening and I’m praying again the fourth time and this time he was completely
healed! And my atheist friend he didn’t laugh any more ‘and he was like…’what!
‘Real!stand up! What! What!!….bend down…stand up! Where did it hurt? You don’t hurt anymore?
And he started to check this guy and got him to do a lot of things….stand up…and bend
down and everything….and when he saw that he was healed he was like ‘what is happening?
So he took my arm and said ‘more! And he draw me again and he just took me from people
to people at one time we find a big group of ten young people where we saw five got
healed, one after the other and I shared the gospel with them and he translated everything
and then afterwards he said to me ‘what can I do to get what you have? Now he has
fallen away….he is not an atheist anymore he has fallen away from that belief that he
was an atheist, and now he asked me ‘what can I do to get what you have? And it is so
interesting because Jesus said heal the sick and preach the gospel …if I was doing a
lot of preaching only to him, it would never would have convinced him because he was really
an atheist, he didn’t want to have anything to do with God or religion, but when he saw
people get healed, it opened his eyes and suddenly he asked me ‘what can I do to get
what you have? And I took him through the gospel and it really touched him. But then
he had to go because he was with somebody but the day after he called me again and said
Torben can we meet again I have some other friends who want to meet you and who need
prayer so the day after we met at the same place and he came with eight friends and two
of them got healed and you can see it in the video we made from turkey that two people
got healed there then I invited them to burger king and because there was burger king just
beside where we were standing and we sat down I sat down there with eight people and I shared
the gospel for everybody, and after we shared the gospel we went to the church where we
had a gathering there we need to meet with some other people and out of those eight people
there were six people who followed us, and the reason I invited the people to the burger
king before the church was that there I could get the chance to share the gospel with everybody
because when I said ‘now we need to go to church’ there was two people who left us
who didn’t want to go to church and it is always like that, sometimes it is ok to invite
people to church, I don’t say we cannot do that, but it is much easier to gather people
if we meet at a public place or in a house or in a place where people are used to coming.
But I came to the church with six people, one person a person of peace became six persons,
him and six friends in a church and we were there and I took them in the basement one
after the other and prayed for them and it was so interesting because they were so like
the atheist the guy who have a t-shirt on with ‘angel’ who was smoking and playing
poker’ another guy have a t-shirt on with a picture of Satan where he stands…’God
is busy’ can I help you? and it was so interesting ‘when I prayed for them’ with the guy
with the t-shirt with Satan I was praying and the Holy Spirit touched them and I was
just looking into the eyes of Satan who was looking out of that picture and I was like….’leave
him…leave him! In the name of Jesus, and God did a lot of things and three people are
going to get baptised The one I found and two friends are ready
to receive Jesus and get baptised. So it was an amazing day and it just goes to show, this
is what God wants us to do, when I was out there that day I was looking for one person,
one person who could translate for me but also a person of peace, I was looking for
that person who God wanted me to meet that day, and when that person came he said he
was an atheist, but I did not become afraid like I spoke about last time when this is
in Luke 4 where he went to Samaria and met the woman, he was not looking at the outward
things, he was not looking at a Samarian woman he was looking inside and saw the harvest
was ready and there was a person of peace. So it is all do with how we view things and
I saw this atheist a bold buy with a big beard and outside you would not think of him as
a person of peace and because he says very clear that he is an atheist he didn’t believe
in God but he was the door opener into his friends he was the door opener into that network
and God is starting and continuing building in that so when I say ‘don’t take people
to church it’s not like you are not allowed to do it, it’s not like you are not allowed
and it has to be in the house, or it has to be that, it is just important to be led by
the spirit and do what is effective, and for those people it was effective to meet at burger
king first and then to the church where they could meet other people. Other times it is
effective to do other things. So it was one story I had from turkey, another
story was an amazing story, it was a guy from Iran who came and this guy from Iran I got
in contact with he came with eight family members who got baptised in water and it was
an amazing day and here again you just see that Jesus is the same as we read in the book
of acts he is alive, the Holy Spirit is alive the kingdom of God is not in words only, it’s
not building and programmes and staff and budget it is life, it is revival Christianity
and it came so clear with this guy from Iran because his story was that three years ago
he died, he died in an accident and he came out of his body and his brother came there
running and kneeling down beside his body then a lot of shadows came and there came
more and more and more shadows came and in the end it became so dark there he could not
see himself and his brother anymore but then a light came, and when the light came all
the shadows disappeared and then he woke up in his own body. And later he was driving
a taxi and in the back of the taxi he found a bible and a Jesus movie and he saw it was
Jesus who came to him and he gave his life to Jesus but in the beginning he didn’t
know other Christians so he experienced often problems and things he didn’t understand,
the Holy Spirit touched him, he experienced he got dreams from God where God in a dream
showed him what he needed to know and through that God worked in him. But he wanted to get
baptised and many of the others was not baptised in the Holy Spirit and water also we met,
and God led us together we met, we were normal afternoon sat down in a private house or apartment
shared the gospel, prayed the Holy Spirit pour all over them, the people who were not
baptised with the Holy Spirit got baptised with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in
tongues. His father, he fall down with a lot of heart pain’ really terrible pain in the
heart, and suddenly he got up and ran into the toilet and vomited and that demon left
him…and he was so happy and he got free and eight people got baptised in water and
it was so strong and I’m going to put up a video with the testimony with his testimony
where you see it and I want to say if we start to obey what Jesus has commanded us to, we
are going to experience a totally new life. The life we are living today is built on those
things Jesus is saying and it became so much clear a few days ago, because few days ago,
I can share the story, we were in south Africa and there God spoke to us that we were going
to experience some changes in the family, changes that is going to be good for us as
a family, later God spoke to me that it was time to expand and we were in England where
the people there got a dream about us that they saw a new house with a big wide windows
and how God want to give us a new place and it came to me that we need more space, we
need more room, I’m making this video here in our basement in a house we have rented
but I cannot follow up on all the emails anymore I cannot follow up on all the invitations.
I cannot follow up on everything that is happening anymore so I need some people to help me to
work with us, and because of that I need more room, I need more room for office, I need
more room to do the TV programmes and everything God is saying, so we were looking for another
house to rent in this city and we don’t know so many people in this city because we
have only been here a few years and last year we have been travelling a lot and we were
looking for another house and suddenly we were like….’we cannot find another house…almost
every time we found another place to rent, it was like the door closed like, the Holy
Spirit hinder us in it so last week we were so confused and we were like ‘what is happening
and my wife she was ready to move, she had been packing over a month in faith because
she knew it was God had something new for us so she had been packing without knowing
where we should go so last week we were praying and we said God what shall we do? What shall
we do? God why is that? And we need another place and we also need workers to work with
us, because this is also a problem we need the right workers to help us to expand and
do what God has said we should do and suddenly God spoke to us…I’m never going to forget
it, it was so amazing, God spoke ‘move to this city! And suddenly he said we should
move to another city, in Denmark, a big city two hours from where we are living, and we
were like….move to this city’…but…’woo….and we know a lot of people there and we have
friends there, many years and we know many Christians in the churches there, but we are
always like…no we are living here…and this is where we should stay…now and we
are moving around in this area….and suddenly! Move to this city? A big city in that area!
But it just became clear and I was like ‘wow and I suddenly saw …ideas were coming to
me…visions how we could work, if we did this, if we did this we could expand that
way so I went on the internet to try to find a house to rent not in our city now, but in
‘that city and I went and there was two houses that was ready that was good we could
use for private house and for ministry for everything and I was like ‘woo it was really
expensive it was like, to just take over the house you would have to pay about 17 thousand
dollars just to take over the house 100.000 Danish krone, but we don’t have 100.000
Danish krone, we would never have 100.000 Danish kroners…we were like..ok what shall
we do…then we also found a house that was cheaper that was also good that we could use
that was even better in many ways but we didn’t have any money, we didn’t have money for
the expensive house or the cheap house but we just felt like ‘this is God’ then we
went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I was taking my telephone and I was looking
at my bank account just to see what was happening and there I got a shock! I was like….’there
is something wrong here! there is something I have never seen before! What is this? And
I was really in shock because there was one more digit than normal and then I went in
and that day there was somebody who had given us 100.000 Danish kroners and I was like ‘wow’
I just knew it was God now’ this is God, this guy …I have never seen him, I have
never met him, he didn’t know anything about the ideas and what God had been saying to
us the day before, moving to the house and I had never experience us being given that
amount of money before and I was like …..wow this is God…so we went there, we saw the
expensive house but it was not that, and we saw the cheap house and it was just God and
we saw ..This is God! This is God and now we have rented it and now in three weeks we
are moving, and we don’t need to wait half a year to move things, if God says this is
what we need to do we do it, so in three weeks we are going to move to another city, so when
I am finished with the last lesson on the pioneer school, then we are packing everything
together then we are moving to another city and it is going to be a new beginning for
us and now already we have different couples who are with us who are going to help us and
it is really going to be a new beginning for us as a family and there is an airport only
15 minutes where I am living, where we are going to be and it is going to be so much
easier for me to travel in future. And again it became so clear because somebody said to
me later when they heard it, yea Torben but they also have not received you in this city
you are in now, and suddenly I saw it, wow because we moved to this city a few years
ago but it is like people in this city have not received us, the Christians have not received
the message but the other city, now we have so many people say ‘you are the answer to
our prayer we have been waiting for you, we have been praying for something will happen
in the city and now you are coming we want to work with you, and I see that city they
are receiving us. It is so different in a stronger way in this
city than the one we have been in, but this is also what Jesus is saying when he said
‘brush the dust off’ when you come to a city and they will not receive your message,
then brush the dust off and go to the next city, it’s not only people we are talking
about it is also cities, and this is what we also experienced last week, and then go
to the next, go and god will provide your needs, we went there and as soon as we got
out eyes on this and say this is what God is saying now, he is supplying our needs,
not before because then we have done something wrong, but when we do what we are supposed
to do God is doing what he has called us to do. So everything Jesus is saying here is
not only theology, this life and this is what we are living on today the vision he has given
us and this is for everybody and when you start to obey those simple things and do this
you are going to experience the same amazing testimony as I can tell from just the last
three weeks and it was just some of the testimonies so this is what Jesus has said.
I want to share some testimonies about a person of peace and brush the dust off your hands.
I found a person of peace some years ago a woman who got saved a woman baptised in the
Holy Spirit and she started to use her house and out of that there is like 20 people who
is gathering now and many people start to get saved there and I came there and helped
them and work with them and she also have a brother and she invite me one day because
she wanted me to talk to her brother about God and I sat there and I talked to the brother
but I felt that he is just not ready to receive so I shared what I could share and then I
continued to the next one and other people so I did what Jesus said and in the mean time
I found a lot of other people of peace who was ready to receive, one year later I came
back to the same person and this time we had a gathering where he was there and I ask people
why they were there and they said ‘we have seen your video and want to get kick-started
and want to do that …and he said…’I want to have Jesus’…I cannot live….I
tried to live this life …I’m living in sin, I need forgiveness ..I want Jesus, I
want what my sister has and it was so strong because this was the exact same person a year
later, and I saw him, he repented, he got baptised in water and baptised with the Holy
Spirit, his life got changed that day but if we had continued working with him that
day talking, talking, talking, talking, talking ….the year before that he was not ready
to receive it had not helped him, it had not helped him maybe did the opposite, maybe like
…no.. don’t want to hear anymore’ but because we are listening to the spirit we
shared something and let the Holy Spirit work in him and went to other people and then suddenly
he was ready to receive, so sometimes people have to go through a period of time where
they lost their job where they experienced bad things, and they suddenly wake up or they
are going to go through a time where they heard about things before there is a period
where God is working through, in us so when I said sometimes when we should brush the
dust off and go to the next it does not mean they are cursed forever’ it just means ‘let
them be, let the Holy Spirit work in them, pray for them work with other people in the
meantime and then when you come back later you will experience the same person who is
suddenly ready to receive, another person of peace have a small, small, small idea small
led by the holy spirt can end up with amazing things. A short time ago, a few years ago
I was on the internet, Christian internet website to find an article and as I was looking
for that article and suddenly I saw somebody who was asking a question about God in a forum
or something and I just saw it for a moment and thought ‘ok’ it was not why I was
there … and continued to find that article and then I felt the Holy Spirit said …’person
of peace go back…because when you start to pray and look it is easier for the Holy
Spirit to lead you and there I experienced ‘go back’ suddenly I forgot what I was
doing with finding the article and instead I was trying to find that question again,
and I found that question and I wrote to that girl who was asking the question her name
was Dorte …hello Dorte I saw your question on the website, has anybody answered you?
and she answered later ‘no’ you are the first one and I was surprised you asked because
it is eight months since I wrote that question…and then I was like ‘ok and then I start to
write to this girl. I didn’t know who she was, and she didn’t know who I was, she
said she believed in God and was a Christian but could mean a lot in Denmark because everybody
is a member of the state church and call themselves Christian in some ways so I asked her ‘have
you ever experienced God? And she said ‘yes actually I have’ but I have never told anybody,
many years ago there was a guy on TV who was praying for the sick through TV ‘I used
a hearing aid and I laid my hands on when he was praying ‘nothing happened but the
day after everybody started, I had to speak very loud so I went to the doctor to get my
hearing aid checked and I found out that I was healed…I didn’t need to use the hearing
aid anymore and I haven’t used it since and she didn’t know who I was so I wrote
“is that me? And I sent a link….from a TV programme many years ago where I prayed
for the sick through TV and many people got healed and she wrote back ‘yes! Yes yes!
It’s you! And I asked her ‘shall we meet? Where do you live? And she was living only
15 minutes from where I was living so it was like so clear…it was God who led me to go
back and find this woman, this girl …I met with her, I met with her boyfriend, we sat
down shared the gospel, they repented, they got saved, they got baptised in water, they
got baptised with the Holy Spirit. And Dorte was really a person of peace, she
is not a big super evangelist but she was a girl who was a ‘door opener’ into her
network into her family and this is what we need to find, we don’t need to find super
evangelists we need to find the right person and she was the door opener into that network
so a few days later because of what happened with her I got in contact with her sister
on Facebook and her sister had become a Muslim and because I knew Dorte could write to her
sister and she write to me and I asked her, I don’t understand ‘what can get a Danish
girl to become a radical Muslim? I don’t understand that? And she wrote something back
and I could see that she had only met religion ‘the Lutheran state church’ and it was
the only thing she knew about Christianity that way, so I wrote back ‘but what you
need is Jesus in life, and I sent my book to her ‘Christian disciple or slave? She
read that book and she got saved she came to us and we baptised her sister, now she
was not a Muslim anymore and I just want to show how we baptise because in Denmark it
is often cold and it is not always we can baptise outside. So what we did was we found
in our garden a barrel where rain water was coming down and we used that to baptise people
and it is fine, people can jump up and come down and then they can sit there and down
with the head and up again. Sometimes we can take water in it and sometimes if it is really
cold take it in under the shower fill it up and baptise people there it just needs to
work, to be practical, and she got baptised in that. And then we started to disciple them
and because we not only took them to a church and let them sit on the bench and do nothing
but instead disciple them… a few weeks later ‘Dorte and her boyfriend Philip wrote to
me that ‘hey…tonight ‘Dorte’s other sister and her husband want to repent and
get baptised in water and the Holy Spirit so tonight we are going to baptise them and
I was like ‘yes…amazing just do it, and they have been Christians a few weeks and
there they baptised them and there they spoke to them in the evening after they had done
it, and they said oo it was so amazing we baptised them and after they came out of the
water we sat down in the living room and prayed and the Holy Spirit came over them and they
started to speak in tongues and I love that because this is discipleship and I asked them
‘how did you baptise? I wanted to know where because they didn’t have what I baptised
people in so they said ‘no’ no we didn’t have that but we baptised them in a garbage
can’ and I was like ‘what! Yea but, because in Denmark we have garbage cans like that,(
and they look almost like this ..) so they took one of those in, cleaned them, found
that they were big enough, put water in it, tubs of water could come out also and there
they baptised in that, and I was like ‘an amazing picture’ …’out with the garbage
…up with the new man! Later her other brother repented, got saved
because that family started to pray really intensely for the other brother and suddenly
he wrote to me ‘I’ve been sleeping the last two weeks, I’m a sinner …I need forgiveness
…and he got saved his girlfriend got saved and so on and his mother and brother got baptised
and a lot of things happened and I think 9 people out of her got baptised and they started
to meet as their own church in the beginning there but now they are working different places
…all of that started out of finding that one person, but it end there because Dorte
and her boyfriend Philip got married and I got the chance to marry them, later her other
sister who was a Muslim got married to her friend and I married them later the same year
her brother got married and I married them so in one year we have three weddings and
I married all of three couples and now I know the whole family because we have met them
at their wedding. All of that started because I knew what I was looking for ‘a person
of peace’ and at one time it was my church that fellowship ‘Philip, Dorte is like a
big daughter to me, she is amazing girl, Philip is my best friend, Philip is the one who is
sending the pioneer school out to people he is the one who is sending he pioneer school
email out to people. So this is Philip and all of that started because, instead of going
around not knowing how to look and what to look for, I took Jesus word and started to
obey it, start to pray and start to ask ‘who is the person of peace? ‘Who is the person
of peace I am going to find? And it is so clear here because I found a person of peace
if I had in the beginning invited them to a church and everything have to be in a church,
they have never been in a free church before so I was not sure if they would come but I
am sure that her sister who was a Muslim would not come to a church because she didn’t
need to meet religion in a church, she needed to meet Jesus but when they didn’t have
experience and salvation of Jesus, they are open to any place to be together with their
brothers and their sisters and I think it is so clear to show what church is, church
is a living organism, church is to find a person of peace and out of them, one person
other people get saved other people and then it is spreading and suddenly it is spreading
to a new person of peace and out of that a lot of other people get saved and so on, and
so on, and so on another example about staying in their house was a girl I met some years
ago got healed on her knees and saved, baptised in water and with the Holy Spirit. Her mother
was in a state church, a believer but had not come through yet in the baptism of the
Holy Spirit but I got in contact with the family because of the daughter got saved,
and I said to the mother, let’s have a gathering in your house and invite some friends and
family and I will come and talk about Jesus and she said to me ‘no, no, no nobody will
want to come, I had come in the state church and I had tried to invite my friends for years
and nobody would ever go with me to church and I said ‘but this is different you are
not inviting them to a church now, you are inviting them to a house, your house, where
they have been many times before, so for them to come to your house and meet me is not a
big step, because…yea…they have done it before, they have been there before and she
said “ok…ok I do it but…I don’t think that is going to bring people.
But she wrote an email how her daughter had got healed, how she met me, what had happened,
how I am going to come and pray for people and talk about God, she sent an email out
to 17 of her friends …there came 16, out of 17 there came 16 that evening and she was
totally shocked and we had one evening everybody was sitting in the living room and at one
time there was a girl who was set free from a demon, and I was sitting down, saying….
‘Come out! Come out in the name of Jesus! And then I looked around…. And I saw everybody
was sitting like on their chairs……..shocked….like in their chairs in the first row ….and looking
at what was happening? And I was….’hello everybody…..’Hey….’this is a demon’
this is what we read about in the bible …..Then I just continued….’come out! In the name
of Jesus! And she got set free from a demon. And the bible came alive for everybody there
because they saw it first-hand and God started to work in them and do a lot of other things
and this is what we can see if we start to take those simple things Jesus is saying we
will experience amazing things, we will experience, and maybe you don’t have a garbage can to
baptise or have this, but people who got baptised in turkey got baptised in a bathtub so it’s
not so much how you do it is just to do it so this is the simple things Jesus has commanded
us, so what should you do?, what should I do? We should obey those things, we should
get our eyes open, understand we have it, we should pray God to send out workers, then
we should go out ourselves, when we go out we will see God provide, we would pray and
seek for that person of peace. Until we find that person of peace we are going to find
a lot of other people who’s not ready to receive, then we just shake the dust off our
hands and go to the next, maybe you should stop or meet 100 people before that one, but
when you find that one it can open a lot of doors like Dorte it became my family, it became
my friends, it became our church one person of peace.
So it is important we do those things, there is always more we shall do, this is what Jesus
said we shall do and (here I have written) we shall, because what shall we do? When we
then find those person who is ready to receive or who want to hear more? What shall we do
when we find them? ‘we should help people to repent’ unto repentance (this is what
I have written here) so when we find people we should help them repent and believe in
God they cannot repent if we don’t talk about it, they cannot repent from their sins
if we don’t talk about sin? And therefore I have taken time on the pioneer school on
how to share the gospel where I show how to share it that is why I have been talking about
all the things on the pioneer school when it comes to preaching and healing and kick-starting
because now we need to do it, not just theology, but lessons, time to do it. So we need to
help people to repentance because they cannot do it themselves, we need to baptise them
in water or you need to baptise them in water. I want to show you an example that makes it
clear that it is up to us to do it; it is up to you to do it. Try to imagine I meet
a guy who wants to get saved, who is ready to repent and who want to get baptised, if
I say to this new guy who doesn’t know much about it but he just heard the gospel and
want to get baptised. If I say to him….ok go and get baptised and see you later….bye,
bye… if I just say to a new person go and get baptised …see you later, how much of
a chance is there of him getting baptised? I believe almost zero’ because he would
not go and baptise himself he would not be able to do it, he wouldn’t know how to do
it, he wouldn’t know what it is all about. But we of course would not say something like
that to people, we would not say go and get baptised yourself because we know that to
get baptised is they need people to baptise them, they need somebody more, they need us,
because they cannot just go and baptise themselves. But it is the same with all the other things…repentance…that
we have to ….go and repent, no, we shall go and sit down with them take them through
the commandments show them what sin is. Give them the bad news before we give them the
good news so they know what sin is so they can repent and they can experience forgiveness,
we need to help them to repent because they cannot do it alone we need to baptise them
because they cannot baptise themselves and we need to baptise them with the Holy Spirit,
these are the three simple steps we need to do when it comes to salvation so you need
now to find people who don’t have those three simple things and you need to help them
to do it, maybe the person you need to find is already in the church, if you know people
who is in the church who are not baptised with the Holy Spirit, if you know people in
church who are not baptised in water then do it, then do it, don’t wait, do as Jesus
commanded you to do it, then find them, sit down with them and get it done.
This is what he has commanded us to do, get it done, and when we see people around us
repent, baptised in water, baptised with the Holy Spirit, we do the next thing we help
them to obey Jesus or on other words we ‘kick-start them’ so when we have found that person
of peace that person we need to see get saved now and work with we tell them to repent and
baptise them in water and with the Holy Spirit and then we help them to obey Jesus by sitting
down with them and going through those things with them or let them go through the pioneer
school, it could be a good beginning if you don’t know how to go through those things,
but go through those things with them, share the word with them what Jesus commanded them
to do and then you kick-start them, not only kick-start them to heal the sick, kick-start
them in preaching the gospel, kick-starting them in baptising people in water, find a
person of peace, baptise them in water and everything….you need to learn them to do
everything, to kick-start them and baptise them with the Holy Spirit. This is what we
need to do, and suddenly we have more people who are obeying Jesus, who go out and find
a person of peace who see God is with them who grow, who heal the sick, who preach the
gospel, who is helping to repentance to water baptism with the Holy Spirit and praying,
then send them out, to do the same, and send them out and do the same… and that is how
movement is going to explode. And again if you have not tried it before
then try it, I know but, many out there need to be kick-started themselves but I was just
in Sweden with somebody who had not been kick-starting healing the sick but suddenly there was a
need so I said to him now you have to go and kick-start him, but I’ve not done it myself’
it doesn’t matter I said …so he took somebody out ‘just as I told him to do it’ and
he said to the other, now you pray and that person got healed so he kick-started somebody
before he was kick-started himself and afterwards he could do it himself and that is why we
don’t have any excuse we need to obey Jesus. I just want to show a little video clip because
when I was in turkey and you have to see that ‘The kingdom of God in Turkey’ you see
a lot of things in the video, one of the things you see is we were in a shop and we prayed
for one with a bandage on the hand and he got healed and then there was a girl with
me who was translating with me, now I said it is your turn and prayed and she prayed
and he got healed on his foot afterwards, and I asked her ‘have you ever done that
before? She said ‘yes I prayed before but nobody had got healed before, but why didn’t
people get healed before? Because she was in that environment and I told her how to
do it and she just did it and the other one got healed it created faith in her before,
she hoped that something would happen, she thought suddenly it is going to happen and
it happened and she prayed for many other people who got healed but I want to show a
short picture a short video clip from there because there was a young guy who was eight
years old and the father asked if I could pray for his son because he wanted to get
baptised with the Holy Spirit and I was like….he was only eight years old and I was like….yea
ok let’s pray…it was really strong because I just take his hand, lead him through like
a prayer of repentance and then I pray for him that the Holy Spirit work and I pray in
tongues I continue praying in tongues and praying for him and what you are going to
see is that when I continued praying in tongues, suddenly the Holy Spirit come over him and
it is so strong because you just see it in his mouth and look at his face when you see
this video because suddenly you can see the Holy Spirit come and he started to say the
first words and you are going to see that (now..video cli) so here you can see, how
I did it and if you have not done it before try to do the same, take their hands get them
to relax pray a prayer with them of salvation, ‘God come with your Holy Spirit, come and
set them me/them free, come and save me I want the Holy Spirit, and just pray with them
it’s not their words it’s their heart, pray with them and then speak in tongues over
them, pray for them and you will see how the Holy Spirit is coming over them.
So somehow this is what Jesus says and what we should do, we should go out in the harvest
we should find a person of peace, you can also pray God to lead you, I think it is also
important …have your eyes open, pray every day, come into that life ‘who do I have
to look for’ who is the person of peace and suddenly like me you find ‘woo! There
was one there, or the one who was translating for me there was one there or like the one
we baptised there, the one from Iran, just pray….be open, come into this and do what
Jesus has said there help them to repent, help baptise them in water, baptise them with
the Holy Spirit, help them to obey Jesus, if you cannot do this alone then find some
other people this is what it is all about you don’t need to do it alone find one,
two other Christians should know, sit down with them, go through this teaching and then
say ‘let’s do it! and start to do those simple steps, when you do those simple steps
then Jesus he is going to do what he came to do then Jesus will build his church and
often we are so focused on building church and what is church? But Jesus has not commanded
us to build churches, he has commanded us to do those things, and then Jesus will build
his church and this is what is interesting because church is a living organism like with
Dorte it became there what we are seeing with many people. Sometimes we meet a few people
and they start the house church and it became a new house-church fellowship, some start
and somehow it stop growing and grow into new groups who is already there, churches
already there, other times it splits up and it goes into more groups, it is so different
from time to time because we should not control it, but let the Holy Spirit take it the way
it is going. We are not called to build churches, we are
called to make disciples to do those things and then Jesus will build his church and those
people and let it grow the way he wants it to grow, don’t focus so much on ‘o they
belong to us and they belong to them, ‘no just do those things make disciples and Jesus
will build his church. I want to challenge you, one day Jesus is going to come back and
you are going to stand in front of him, and he is going to ask you ‘what you have done
with those things he has given you’ what you have done with the calling. And sometimes
he is saying some radical things for example Luke 6; 46 why do you call me Lord if you
don’t do what I say? And if you see of the judgment, many people are going to be surprised
because somebody took what Jesus had given them and buried it down and they didn’t
obey Jesus words. And it is so important that we don’t just ‘don’t care’ it is so
important that we do something about it and one day in the future we are all going to
stand in front of God, in front of Jesus but I want to challenge you and I said imagine
that you are going to stand in front of me instead in a few months and I want to challenge
every one of you on the pioneer school and I will give you two months from today on,
in two months I’m going to send a letter out to everybody on the pioneer school, I’m
going to do that again and again, and I will ask you ‘what have you done? What have you
done with those simple steps? I want to see some results’ and let’s imagine I am going
to meet you in two months now, so from today two months on I want you to obey this and
do those steps ‘start now! Then what will you do? Then you will start..ok
what do I have to work with? Ok…do I have some friends or somebody who is a Christian
I can do it together with? Then you will meet with them, you will share the reformation
with them, then you would start to do it together then you say, who do I know who is not baptised
in water and in the church, …my friends? Who are not baptised in the Holy Spirit …who
will not repent? Then you find them …you sit down with them, you go through the teaching
you can take one of the lessons on the pioneer school about the baptism in water with them
and when they see what it is all about then they can get baptised. When you go through
the Holy Spirit and you pray for them they receive the Holy Spirit, so you look now,
who do you have, who do you know who need those steps? Who do you know who need to kick-start
and then you will get them, you will get to talk with them and you will kick-start them
and when you meet people who will not receive then just brush the dust off and then go to
the next one who might want to receive, so you will start to disciple Christians, you
will also start to go out to find a person of peace, and you will pray for the lord to
send more workers, you will pray for God to lead you to the person of peace and then you
will go out and you will find people and you will start to meet them in places and you
will start to focus and on one thing alone (this) do that the next two months…’you
are not allowed to focus on the church, forget about church for the next two months, and
focus on making disciples, as Jesus has commanded you, make disciples to get Christians to obey
Jesus and reach new people and obey in Jesus, do that, and if you do that your life will
change the next two months and many people around you will change the next two months.
If I come back after two months and then say to you ‘now…I want to hear what have you
done? What has happened the last two months? You will then say …’ok, ok…we have…three
people we have….no Christian who we have baptised in water …two we have baptised
in the Holy Spirit…amazing…one of them had got kick-started and another need to get
kick-started ..we have also met with people of peace…we have met’ with them in the
city and we are working in two of them now there is one who got saved and we are working
with him now, and his networks and we are discipling him to obey Jesus and we are also
meeting sometimes in the evening and praying with Christian friends so on and so on and
so on, so what you have done the last two months is so different from what you are doing
today maybe, what you have done is so different from time to time, from places to places,
sometimes you are out in the street evangelising, other times you are sitting in a café sharing
the gospel, other times you are sitting in a private home talking about baptism in water,
other times you are baptising, other times you are meeting in another private home praying
together with your friends about those things other times again you are meeting early in
the morning before people are going to work where you are praying with your friends other
times you are meeting late in the evening with two other people and confessing to Jesus
sins, so it is so different what you are doing during the week it is all at different times
it is different places you meet it is different what you are doing from place to place, and
after two months people have been changed around you and you are changed, you are living
a total new life and I will say “do you love it? And you will say “I love it! This
is what I have been longing for! My whole life’ then I will say “what you have done
the last two months is church’ and you will say ‘what? This is church….’yes but!
…but we didn’t meet in a building ‘yes but this is church….yea but we didn’t
have staff…but we didn’t have the same programme….time, after time, ‘this is
church….’yea but we didn’t have a budget….this is church…this is church…..”church is
to love God, love your neighbour and make disciples, so you don’t need a meeting,
you don’t need a programme, you need to obey Jesus do what he has called you to do,
to meet people and help them to obey Jesus, kick-start them, when you do that you are
church, you are doing what is church what Jesus came with yea maybe you are doing that
and at the same time coming to a building on Sunday you can do that …I don’t say
that you are not allowed to do that but take the next two months focus on what Jesus has
called you to and then in two months write to me, just send a short email with a summary
of how many got kick-started? How many have got baptised and repented, baptised in water,
baptised with the Holy Spirit, how many have you started? Find a person of peace, have
you started a new church out of that or has it become like people got saved and started
from the traditional church who was already there …just let it grow the way it is growing
this is church. But what about eldership? The bible says there
is eldership in the church….there is more, ‘and I want to say yes there is in Titus
Paul is saying that he let Titus stay behind to order what they were lacking in to appoint
elder in every city. So, but they didn’t start with an appointing elders they started
with making disciples because a new saved person cannot be an elder, people have to
grow up and they have to go a certain time to see who is the elder who has experience
in to do those things to see how things is growing and this one of the problems I did
some years ago because when we started to build churches and live like this, I was so
much into the religious system because of my glasses and I started to announce, ‘we
are the real church’ we have an eldership here ‘I am a pastor, and we started with
those things and in many ways it is crazy to do that because I was just together with
some new saved people and disciple them, but I thought in my mind-set, ‘I have to start
with those things to be a real church, but no real church in the first church started
with those things because everything was pioneer work.
You don’t start as an elder, you don’t start with those things, you start with this,
you start with making disciples and then see how it grows natural and suddenly you may
end up with a bigger group where there is elders working and training out of their house
and then the fivefold ministry come and help them so it doesn’t become religion so it
doesn’t become what we see today, they came and equipped them, ‘comon you have to continue…..you
have to grow like this…so forget church, forget what you think church is, do those
things the next two months and we are going to see a movement that is going to change
the world in a few years if every Christian just start to do those simple steps the world
is going to get changed, you want to obey Jesus then it is time to practice what you
have learned through the pioneer school, when I talk about those things not only to get
a lot of theology …now it is time to do it, find someone to help you and start to
do it. Next time I am going to end the pioneer school
up, I’m going to send yous out also and share an important thing and look forward
to that and see what God is going to do and now I will pray now, God I am excited, I am
excited about this message, I am excited about the simple calling you have given us Jesus,
it is so simple what you have called us to Jesus everybody can do it, it is not for a
super evangelist, it is not for a few select people it is for the whole body it is for
everybody Jesus, Jesus I pray that this teaching would help people here to not be deceived
by only hearing the word but this simple teaching is going to help them to do it, God I pray
that you are going to send them out as workers in the harvest you are going to lead them
and help them to find the person of peace they are going to see and repent baptise in
water and Holy Spirit then they are going to kick-start them Jesus and show them how
to obey You Jesus so they both go out and do the same and so on, and so on and we are
going to see a great movement all over the world Jesus and thank you that when you say
go out you are with us Jesus so I pray for those people who are receiving this teaching
help to open their eyes help them to see who is the first person they need to go to who
is the person of peace that is in their life they need to reach as the first one, come
with your spirit I ask you in the name of Jesus. Amen
Exciting…. I look forward to hearing a lot of testimonies two months from today…start
doing this simple thing and I am going to continue next week and my wife Lene is now
going to sing a song and we will see you later God bless you.
Will you still remember….. Spend time with me..I’m guiding you

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  8. For making sure I got something right from Torben, I display the transcript offered by Youtube. It runs along the Torben's speech.

  9. I've watched every video that I could possibly find I've took the Pioneer School I went to two different churches trying to get somebody to baptize me in the Holy Spirit just pray that I can find somebody to baptized me thank you

  10. Amazing, after the first pioneer school I've got delivered from steroids and self seeking. Then Jesus came and touched me so strong in my heart I was in tears and he healed my soul. Then next days I kickstarted myself and with TLR web site map by the help of the Holy spirit I met a lot of disciples and we kickstart a lady. During the kickstart we recieved a lot of persecution and negative behavior in Montreal but a lot of people got healed and came to Jesus, 2 want to get baptized (we will do it soon), 5 recieved the holy spirit in the street and started to speak in tongues. Drug addict got free and recieved the gospel, a man shooted in shoulder got a new shoulder from Jesus and is now able to move, people with legs problem had short legs grow to same length. And now am writing this message in the next weeks we have 2 person who want to be kickstarted and baptized by the holy spirit. A lot of disciples sometimes go back to religion with a lot of theology but we have to shine and keep doing it. This is real living gospel. God bless every one of us. Love to you all from Montreal Canada 🙂 . If you are from Montreal write me at: [email protected]

  11. Ohhhhhh! I need Jesus! I need this! More this! Thank You Jesus! I go Jesus, and I know who You Will be whit me. Thank you. Two months

  12. Does anyone have a link to the video on miracles in Turkey? I tried to find it but nothing is coming up on TLR Turkey, or kingdom of God in Turkey…. Thanks heaps 🙏

  13. Correction: it's shake the dust off our "feet".
    Matthew 10:14 King James Version (KJV)

    14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

    King James Version (KJV

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