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>>[SOUND] Hey, guys, this is Mitch from team Epic Reads.>>Hey, this is Lisa from team Epic Reads.>>And welcome to our second episode.>>[LAUGH]
>>Of Is This Real Life? [MUSIC]>>We are back at with
episode two of our brand new video series, Is This Real Life? Where we talk about all
about contemporary and realistic fiction books that we read and
loved. And wanna talk about with you guys. So thank you guys so much for
tuning in to episode one. If you did, if you didn’t, no shame, you
can look in the playlist right here, and just click this little box. Thank you guys so much for
episode one responses.>>Thank you for all the support,
it’s been amazing.>>Yes, and we can’t wait to
keep making videos for you.>>Yeah.>>For this episode, we’re gonna talk about the 19
buzziest contemporary books of 2019.>>2019.>>Yeah, which we think has
a nice little ring to it.>>[LAUGH]
>>Wait, where’s my honey? The buzziest books of 2019. We’re very punny here.>>[LAUGH]
>>Right before we hop into that and our little game that we have prepared,
we’re gonna talk about TBR books that we read from episode one
where picked each other’s TBR books.>>Let’s get started, right?>>Yeah, let’s start.>>[LAUGH]
>>What was the book that you read for TBR?>>So the book that I read was The Strange
and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender.>>It’s so pretty.>>And look at this cover,
this is amazing.>>And it’s kinda lavender.>>Yeah, yeah.>>And-
>>With a little->>Pretty.>>[LAUGH]
>>Intricate feather.>>Yeah,
you gotta love an intricate feather.>>Yeah, so this is by Leslie Walton,
and it’s about Ava, and her mother, and her grandmother, and just the intricacies of the three
generations of women of the Lavender family, bout Ava,
who has wings, legs.>>That was unexpected.>>[LAUGH]
>>None of us do.>>Cool!>>[LAUGH]
>>But yeah, so it’s just her learning to live her real life and-
>>With wings.>>With wings.
>>As one does.>>[LAUGH]
>>And it’s kind of like practical magic [SOUND].>>Ooh!
>>That movie from the 90s.>>Great com.>>Yeah, with Nicole Kidman meets
that Sarah Michelle Gellar movie from probably also the 90s.>>[LAUGH]
>>I am dating myself here. Where she is just cooking, and her emotions get cooked up
Into everything she’s making.>>Hey, that sounds exactly
like With the Fire on High, which I’m gonna talk about in two seconds.>>It does.>>I love the cooking and magic together.>>Right.
It’s just.>>I wish I had that power.
>>Perfect.>>It’d be a great power.>>My God, same.>>Mine also actually, the book I read for
TBR had a little magical realism. Not too much, but it was This Time
Will Be Different by Misa Sugiura. I always wanna say CJ, but
that’s the main character.>>[LAUGH]
>>So Misa wrote this book. And I knew it was gonna be great because
her name is Misa, which rhymes with Lisa, which is obviously a perfect name.>>Yeah, and if you combined both of
our names, it would be Misa, right?>>My gosh, Mitch and Lisa!>>Yeah.
>>It’s Misa, okay? So this book is golden.>>Yeah.
>>It’s like top standard. So thanks, Misa, for writing it.
>>[LAUGH]>>CJ, the main character, CJ Katziama, she works in her
Aunt Hannah’s flower shop, and it’s called Heart’s Desire,
which is adorable. And her aunt is convinced that
flowers have magical powers. Or that when she combines flowers
in a certain arrangement, they give power of love,
or whatever, of luck, whatever you kind of put into it, and mean
to give to the person you’re giving it to. So never confirmed or not confirmed,
but that’s a cool little magical, realistic element in this book. And this follows CJ as she kinda
deals with a lot going on. She has pressure from her mom because her
mom is breaking down all these really big barriers for women, and women of color. And doing great in her career and
being totally ambitious and awesome. But she’s succeeding in the very company called McAllister Venture Capital Firm,
something like that, where the McAllister family actually swindled CJ’s family
out of their family business. Which is the flower shop that they bought
back during the Japanese internment camps, after World War II,
when Japanese Americans were corralled and put into these camps
throughout the country. So I knew that going in, that that was
kind of a big part of the story, about history and having it not repeat itself,
which is obviously really important. But I would say it doesn’t go into
the history as much as it goes into present day and the effects of history
that’s still here, that you don’t really think of like her mother working for
the McAllisters and succeeding. So she’s dealing with that. And she never feels good enough for
her mom. But then she realizes that, actually, local activism is something
that she’s super passionate about and trying to save her aunt’s flower shop from
again being taken over by the McAllisters. So it’s like is history gonna
happen again or is it not? These are really kind of heavy themes, but
it’s written in a way that is digestible. And you could read this on the beach. It’s not one of those really,
really dark books, so you can kind of read it anywhere. And yeah, I really enjoyed it. And the romance is really cute. It’s not what the book is about. But it is a very cute aspect of it.>>Yeah.>>So.
>>I mean, it sounds great. I’m adding into my TBR box.>>Me, too, I’m adding, you know what? Let’s just swap right now.>>So great, let’s just do it.>>[LAUGH]
>>So those are books that we read for TBR, and now we can start
talking about the buzzy books.>>Yes, yes, so,
this is a buzzy book that I read called the Opposite of Always
by Justin A Reynolds.>>Yes, that’s been everywhere,
it’s so big.>>It’s is so good, it’s just amazing. We even have these cute little
pendants that we’re made for it.>>So cute,
you just want to hang them everywhere. Like on myself.>>[LAUGH]
>>My gosh.>>This one is my favorite. It says love is finding the internal
captain to your crunch.>>That’s so cute.>>So the main characters in this book
just bond and fall in love over cereal.>>That’s adorable.>>Which is so cute. And we also have these called,
the Time Loops.>>Yes,
>>So they’re little cereal boxes, and they actually have cereal in them.>>Adorable.>>Yeah, so
Epic Reads made these up for us. So cute, so Time Loops because
the main character in this book, Jack, he’s stuck in kind of a Groundhog’s Day,
reliving the same kind of, not the same day, but he’s reliving the
same couple months, over and over again. And he’s just trying to figure out
the best way to get out of the time loop. And just trying to figure out who he is,
what he means to his friends, and this girl that he is falling for and
just yeah, it’s so sweet and it’s so cute.>>That sounds really cute, but also
terrifying to be stuck in a time loop.>>Yeah, for sure, I mean,
reading it, I was like->>I mean, that so sounds so scary.>>[LAUGH]
>>I was like, this can’t happen, right? This doesn’t happen.>>Are we in a time loop right now?>>Who knows, who knows?>>[LAUGH]
>>My gosh, I love everything about that
concept of cereal, too. And it’s so clever, it says a 3D cereal so delicious you’ll want to eat it over and
over and over.>>Wow.
>>It’s so cute.>>Yeah.>>My buzzy book that I read was With
the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo.>>That’s such a pretty cover.>>And my gosh, before we even start
talking, just look at this beautiful cover and not even, you’re not ready for
this, are you ready?>>My God, it’s so-
>>It even has a cover under the cover.>>Like.
I love it when it does that. I read Elizabeth Acevedo’s first book,
The Poet X, which was fantastic.>>Amazing.>>It was written in verse. This is written in prose, and after this book it has been cemented in
me that I will read anything she writes. This book is so beautiful. It follows this girl, Emoni Santiago, and
she had a baby her freshman year of high school, but that is not what the story
is about, it’s just part of her story. So she’s in high school and what she’s always known from a young
age is that she loves to cook. There’s a bit of possible magic in
it because everything she cooks, when you eat it you get a memory that
you haven’t thought of in a long time.>>Man, I love it.
>>There’s something that goes into your brain, so that’s so beautiful.>>Yeah.>>She enters this culinary arts class for
the first time and that class ends with a trip to Spain. They have to fundraise to try and get there and Emoni’s just not sure
that that’s in the cards for her because she has a baby girl to take care of,
she has her abuela to take care of. So she has a lot going on. But the reason I love this book is because
even with all this on her plate she’s such a great role model,
she’s such a great person. All good things to say about this book. And also, I was so hungry eating, I mean.>>My.
>>[LAUGH]>>You were so hungry you were eating the book.
>>[LAUGH]>>During the reading of this book, I was very hungry, cuz her descriptions of
food and of the cakes that she makes and everything are just lush and
literally full of magic. So of course-
>>So make sure you have a plate of
food with you when you read this.>>Just multitask.>>My God.
>>Read and eat, at the same time. Those are two buzzy
books that we did read. And now we’re gonna talk about 19
buzzy books that we haven’t read. So we’re just like you guys where
we’re kind of in the dark and we have just heard about these books
online, or word of mouth, or whatever.>>So
we put all of our books into this bowl.>>19 of them.>>19, and
we have descriptions of each book and we’re gonna quiz each other on them.>>All right, so should we get started?>>Let’s do it.
>>Okay, I’ll go first.>>Yes. [LAUGH]>>So
I’m gonna read you the description and you have to guess what book it is.>>Which book it is, okay.>>And you guys guess too. All right, [COUGH] This should
be an easy starter, I think. If you don’t get it I’m gonna judge you. [LAUGH] No pressure. An aspiring teen rapper’s song goes
viral for the wrong reasons and she has to decide how far she’ll go to
chase her dream, and how she’ll stand for justice in her neighborhood.>>Is that On The Come Up, Angie Thomas?>>Yeah, Angie Thomas, On the Come Up. All right, you got it.>>Well, all right.
>>That was a tester.>>Let’s hope they’re all that easy.>>[LAUGH]
>>I don’t think they will be. No, I think we’re gonna get a little
harder, but I like beginner’s luck.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, so this next one, girl goes to reconnect over the summer
with family she’s never met before on a lake with the promise of first love.>>I know what this is, but I wanna pause
to see if you guys know it because it’s one of the buzziest books
coming out very soon. Perfect summer read. The author is a superstar,
known everywhere. So, if you haven’t guessed it, it’s The
Rest of the Story, by Sara Dessen, right?>>It is.>>Yeah, I’m so excited for that book.>>My God, me too.>>It’s coming out in June, right?>>Yes, can’t wait for summer.>>I know, it’s taking too long.>>Way too long.>>Okay.
>>Okay, let’s see what this is.>>This is an enemies to lovers, love it, love story between a wannabe director and
actress. I kept it vague on purpose. [LAUGH]
>>Wow.>>Very vague. And it’s coming out in June 2019.>>I think I’m stumped on this one.>>All right.>>Do you guys know?>>All right, the answer is tell me, [COUGH] excuse me, the answer is Tell Me
How Your Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi.>>Okay, let me mix this up a little bit.>>Okay, yeah.>>[LAUGH] Okay.>>I don’t why I just did. I’m trying to do some witchy magic.>>Okay, so
this one is 17 year old bestselling author of Lemonade Skies is getting ready to
release the latest book in the series but she’s been faking being
an author the whole time.>>I’m intrigued just
because how is she gonna->>Pull this off.>>[LAUGH] Yeah.>>I know.>>That is quite the heist, I guess.>>Yeah.
>>I think I know, but I can’t remember the exact everything, but
it’s like something about Thistle Tate.>>Yeah.
>>Yeah.>>Yeah, it is The Undoing of Thistle Tate by Katelyn Detweiler and
it comes out in July.>>Okay, so soon, that’s good.>>Yeah, so this book really intrigued
me because I love, I don’t know,I just love the stories about people
getting caught up in their own lies.>>[LAUGH] See I hate those.>>Is that weird?>>Those makes me anxious.>>Yeah, it’s stressful the whole time. Let’s see if I can redeem
myself on this one.>>All right, this is also quite vague. [LAUGH] An oddity and a marvel fall
in love in this Muslim love story.>>You know what? I think I’ve been stumped twice in a row.>>It’s okay.>>I have no idea.>>It’s okay. It’s all right. Maybe we should keep track, that’d be fun.>>[LAUGH]
>>But okay so this one is Love From A to Z.>>By S.K. Ali coming out in May of 2019.>>Okay.>>Which is next month.>>All right,
let me try to stump you on this one. Let’s see,
two girls steal a convertible and prepare to extract vengeance on
the men who have wronged them. A modern day YA Thelma and Louise.>>What a comp. That’s a great comp.>>Yeah.
>>So it’s Hello Girls by Brittany Cavallaro and Emily Henry.>>Yes, and it comes out in August.>>So excited for that. I know,
I actually got an advanced copy and I actually just started
reading it yesterday.>>How is it?
>>And it is so good. It will not let you down.>>Yay.
>>I started reading it on the subway yesterday and I was so
drawn into the drama already.>>I’m so ready.>>I’m like 30 pages in and
I’m like already obsessed with it.>>That’s a very good sign.>>For sure.
>>All right, let me just play around with this here. I feel like we could
have put honey in here, obviously I wouldn’t because that would be
really messy, but it would be kind of fun. [LAUGH]
>>it would be. [LAUGH]
>>Okay.>>Am I gonna know this?>>Maybe. [LAUGH] A temporary,
question mark, college dropout and a successful pop star meet at
4AM in a Brooklyn snowstorm.>>My God, hold on.>>I know. [LAUGH]
>>I need to do my research.>>He’s cheating.
>>I know. No.
I’m just kidding, it’s totally fine.>>Is it The Rest of the Story, no?>>No.
>>Okay.>>Should I tell you? I’m gonna tell you.>>Tell me, yeah. It’s Permanent Record by Mary HK Choi.>>Okay.>>Coming out in September 2019. I feel like I’m not on purpose picking the
very vague ones for you just to test you. I’m excited for this one because
I just finished her first book, Emergency Contact, which I had been
meaning to read right when it came out. This one is about,
it’s also a meet cute of these two people meeting in a snowstorm at 4AM in Brooklyn.>>Wow.
>>Which sounds so cute, but would that actually happen in real life?>>I don’t know, anyway, okay.>>I don’t think we’re gonna be
snowed in with anyone anytime soon. [LAUGH]
>>No, okay, so, this one, I feel like you’re getting
all the easy ones, okay. [LAUGH]
>>It’s just magic.>>New York in 1989, and the Iranian American-
>>I know. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah exactly, just that first sentence. Okay, so I’ll gonna read it for
you guys, but->>[LAUGH] [LAUGH]>>New York in 1989, an Iranian American an mc who tries to
reconcile being gay when all he’s seen of gay life is the AIDS crisis, and a love
triangle with their school’s only out and proud teen and their best friend. That is a mouthful.>>That is.
>>And, so sad.>>Yeah.
>>And you know what it is? Do you guys know what it is?>>It’s coming out this summer and it’s
called Like A Love Story by Abdi Nazemian. Yeah.>>Yeah. This is one I’m really excited about. [LAUGH]
>>I’m gonna do it. All right, ooh it’s long. Okay, [COUGH] Kimi escapes from parental
college pressures to visit here grandparents in Kyoto where
she gets to explore Japan and learn more about herself and
the mother that she left behind.>>Okay.
>>You nervous?>>So I know of this one.>>He knows it.>>I know this one.
>>All right.>>This is, I Love You So Mochi.>>Yeah.>>By Sarah Kuhn.>>Yes, and it comes out in May.>>Mm-hm.>>I feel like the title
of this one just got me.>>Yeah, I mean, she definitely knows her puns-
>>Yeah.>>Which obviously we appreciate.>>We do.
>>So [LAUGH] I love you so Mochi, that’s so cute.>>It’s so cute, right? This book, it’s gonna be good.>>Yeah.
>>It’s gonna be so good. I love a contemporary romance
where they like go to a new city.>>And then they discovered
themselves in the process.>>Yeah.
>>I was like, yes I’m ready for this journey. [LAUGH]
>>What is that quote? It’s like she went looking for
da, da, da but in the end->>Yes.>>And she like found herself.>>I know what you’re talking about. She went out in the world-
>>[LAUGH]>>But discovered herself. That’s not it? [LAUGH]
>>But close. Okay so this one a nonbinary mc tries
to keep a low profile at school, until a funny friend and
maybe more enters the picture.>>So I know what this is but it’s one of those titles that I get
confused with all those other titles. It’s like is this all there is or-
>>[LAUGH]>>Is this real life?>>[LAUGH]
>>I keep shouting this out. No, it’s one of those titles
it sound like a band lyric, or the song title which is cool. But I just don’t remember. Is this all there is left of me, nope.>>Close, well, maybe not.>>All you left, nope. [LAUGH] Wait, I know what it is.
It is, I Wish You All The Best.>>Yes.
>>My gosh-
>>My God->>That took a long time. [LAUGH]
>>I was gonna give you a hint. I was gonna say there’s a word in there
that rhymes with fish I don’t know.>>[LAUGH]
>>Is that what I was gonna say?>>That would’ve been helpful actually. What am I gonna get for you? There’s only so many left but
it also seems like there’s a lot left.>>Yeah.
>>[LAUGH] Okay, uh-oh, I have a feeling you might get this one.>>I hope so.
>>Okay, two girls meet in a therapist’s office after one is scared
about the world ending and the other knows how it will end.>>Okay, so this one-
>>What a cool premise.>>Yeah, right? This one is,
Let’s Call it A Doomsday by Katie Henry.>>Yes! Ding, ding, ding.
>>When does is it come out? It comes out in August.>>August, yeah.>>Yeah, I am so excited about this one. So my turn for you, let’s see. Okay, so a terrifying near future
where Muslim Americans are sent to internment camps and one girl learns
the bravery required to resist.>>Internment by Samira Ahmed.>>Yes, wait is that cheating?>>Yeah, I know-
>>I almost had that. [LAUGH]
>>I realized that. It was kind of in the definition
>>But I mean, yeah->>But no way were you gonna say the->>Yeah there’s no way.>>Word internment without. You know, is there another word for
internment? I don’t know. Very important book.>>Yeah.>>And it already came out, so
you should go read it right now.>>Go pick it up.>>Yeah, and
they also have really cool hats and pins.>>[LAUGH]
>>I just know all the merch on this book. It’s really cool, they all say resist.>>I love it.>>Okay, am I picking?>>Yes.
>>Yeah. All right. [SOUND] I wonder if you’ll know this? A girl gets a job as a hot dog at Magic-
>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH] Castle Playground and has a crush on the Pirate Nick. They also must stop the amusement
park from shutting down.>>Yeah I mean this is also one
>>This is also cheating. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah this is cheating. [LAUGH]
>>Ironically they were just next to each other.>>So this one is Hot Dog Girl.>>I love that title. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, I know it’s so good.>>It’s by Jennifer Dugan and
it comes out in April, so this month.>>So, yeah. My God, I feel like I just love all these
books that are like about summer jobs.>>Yeah. That’s such a category and I love it too. Hot dog Girl-
>>So it’s mine.>>Very cute.>>My turn. Okay, so two high school seniors and best
friends who host a regular feature show on the local cable station have to make tough
decisions as they grow up and grow apart.>>I know what this is, but
I also don’t remember their names. Something about a midnight matinee.>>Mm-hm.>>So it’s Rayne & Delilah.>>Yes.
>>Yes Midnite Matinee by Jeff Zenter.>>Yes.>>Okay, am I reaching?>>Yes.>>We’re getting down to the wire, folks. [LAUGH]
>>We are, we are.>>Okay, high schoolers working at
the local cinema try to save it when developers threaten to tear it down.>>Man this one is, I know. Man, I know what this one is,
but I can’t put into words. [LAUGH]
>>I can give you a hint.>>It’s. It’s like a movie title, right?>>Yes, yes.>>It’s not like, Fast Times at-
>>No, but [LAUGH] that’s a good one.>>It’s like.>>It’s more like it’s not a movie title, it’s a movie category, kind of.>>My God, what is it?>>It’s when you have a system
of organizing movies. And it either has,
I don’t wanna say the exact word, but it has-
>>Like a genre?>>No, it’s a system where it’s either, G, PG, PG-13-
>>Rating?>>Yeah.>>I don’t know.>>Okay, so it was,
This Book Is Not Yet Rated.>>Not yet rated.>>[LAUGH] I was trying so
hard to not say the word, rated.>>My gosh.
>>I was like, how do I describe this?>>Yeah, okay, so top student feels
pressure to be perfect, but grades slide and he asks his enemy for help and
they start to fall for each other.>>Enemies to Lovers.>>Yes.>>Already like it. You Asked For Perfect.>>Yes.
>>Yes!>>[LAUGH] So this one’s by Laura
Silverman and it comes out in May, March. It came out in March.>>It cam out.
>>But yeah I’m really excited about this one. The two guys start to fall for each other.>>That’s so cute.>>That’s just so sweet and so cute. And I can’t wait to read it.>>Yeah, that sounds very very cute.>>Yeah.
>>All right, wait did you just go or I am going.>>I forget, who just did that? My gosh.
>>You know what, I think I did, yeah, yeah so you go.>>Okay, okay.
Wow, little brain fart.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, this is a memoir and call to action from
a sexual assault survivor. That’s-
>>Is this one->>The premise.>>Is this one Shout?>>Yes.>>Okay.
>>By Laurie Halse Anderson, March 2019, so it came out. And she was also on-
>>She’s amazing.>>Why Not YA, one of our episodes. And she is amazing-
>>Such a powerful episode.>>She’s so powerful And
I can’t believe they’re celebrating their, is it the 20th anniversary of Speak?>>Yeah.
>>The original book and then Shout is not a sequel, but connected. And this one is written in verse, so
I’m really excited to see that and just see her story kind of for the first
time, out there and not fictionalized. [CROSSTALK]
>>Yeah, I’m gonna do this one.>>Okay.>>Okay, so
girl grieving her fathers death and dealing with OCD and
general anxiety disorder. Buy dealing with anxiety and
talks into tape recorded to cope, they meet and fall for each other.>>That’s interesting, a tape recorder
is this supposed to be set in the 90s or is it just like-
>>He just has a tape recorded?>>Yeah.
>>Just wondering.>>I don’t know.
>>Or is it in your phone?>>I truly don’t know.>>Well I guess we’ll find out
when we read it eventually.>>Yeah.
>>Is this the one that it either has secrets in it or it has like tell me
three things but that’s another book.>>I mean you’re not far- [CROSSTALK]
>>Tell me as secret I actually don’t know what this one is.>>This one, do you give up?>>Yes.
>>Do you want me to, okay, so this one is, Six Goodbyes We Never Said, [CROSSTALK] kind of close
with like the number.>>[LAUGH]
>>I never said secrets, so this one is by Candice Ganger and it comes out in September, so-
>>We got a little bit to wait.>>We have a little bit to wait for
this one but it’s getting so much buzz.>>Okay the last one are you ready?>>[CROSSTALK]
>>[LAUGH]>>We gotta go out wrong, I don’t know about this but
>>My God, all right, I’m definitely gonna, okay, ready.>>Yes.
>>A teen travels back to the Philippines to uncover the real
story of his cousin’s murder. And I might give you a pass, cuz this
it is a very buzzy book coming out but I kind of searched it out for a reason so
I don’t know if it will be on your mind. Okay, the word saint is in the title.>>The word saint is in the title?>>Trying to, maybe I can rhyme it or
should I just tell you, cuz it’s a hard to title to.>>Wait give me one more hint.>>Okay.>>Just cuz it is the last one.>>So maybe I can give you the first
two words and you get the last two.>>Okay.
>>So it’s Patron Saints, dot->>Of something?>>The opposite of something.>>Patron Saint of Always?>>No. [LAUGH]>>Wait, opposite of,
wait, what was it opposite of?>>Of something.>>Nothing,
Patron Saint of Nothing, my God.>>Yes [LAUGH] I love how much
conviction was Patron Saint of Always, [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]
>>Yes, but that is a good title.>>Yes, it is a good title
[CROSSTALK] I know, yeah.>>I’m just saying.>>By Randy Ribay.>>Yeah, Randy, next book-
>>Patron Saint of Always.>>Yeah.>>It’s a good one, so
this comes out in June 2019. So we have a lot of, I feel like I’ve noticed a trend there’s
a lot of romance and summer books right?>>Yeah yeah.>>We said a lot of those.>>For sure.
>>So this one is in the summer and its like the description, this teenager
travels back to the Philippines and his cousin was murdered so he’s trying
to really piece together what happened. What really happened that
no one is talking about and it goes into politics and
identity, I haven’t read so much about it, but
I’m definitely excited about it.>>Yeah, it sounds awesome.
>>Yeah, it sounds intense but-
>>Yeah.>>Awesome, so I think that was it.>>Our bowl’s empty.>>Those are all of our 19, yeah.>>I mean,
there’s a million buzzy books, but. [LAUGH]
>>We can make honey and cereal, and no one would eat that but
I’m just playing with my food I’m sorry.>>But maybe it would look nice.>>Sorry Mom.>>For episode three,
we’re going to pick a book out, and we’re each gonna read it and then,
tune in to the next episode where we->>We talk about our TBR books from before.>>From this past time.>>So I’ll pick for you.>>Let’s see.>>I hope I don’t know which one, you have
to tell me after what you wanted to get.>>Okay.>>And you got, I Love You So Mochi.>>[LAUGH] My gosh, I wanted this one.>>So that was perfect.>>Yeah.
>>So this comes out in May, so definitely a little more closer to us.>>Yes.
>>Filming this episode, so maybe you will read this one next.>>Okay, let me.>>What’s mine.>>Let’s see what you’re gonna get. Okay, Love from A to Z-
>>I wanted that one.>>And this one comes out in May, yeah.>>I wanted that, okay.>>So.
>>So we’ll see->>We’ve got a slue of them.>>I might snag that one really quick.>>That’s our second episode,
thank you guys so much for watching, and thank you for all the amazing and
kind words in the comments>>Keep them coming.>>And all the likes, and just we felt so
much love from you guys, so it’s just awesome.>>We hope that you enjoyed this
episode too, and literally episode two.>>[LAUGH]
>>So sorry [LAUGH] as everyone groans.>>Episode two and episode as well. [LAUGH]
>>And we’ll be back for episode three where it’ll
be super close to summer or hopefully warm weather hopefully so maybe-
>>You never know in New York.>>Yeah you never know so we’re gonna be
talking about some road trip books and adventure books and maybe summer jobs.>>Yeah.>>Stuff like that.
>>Yeah definitely could be tree.>>Yeah.>>We’re just so excited about it,
so join us next time.>>Yeah.>>Yeah.
>>Alright thanks guys.>>Bye guys. [MUSIC]

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