101 Facts About Kanye West

101 Facts About Kanye West

good eating some other factors my name
is Sam and today I’m going to be talking to you you all about everyone’s favorite
person named after a cardinal direction Kanye West yes everyone’s favorite Rd
rapper until things start to go let’s both south and OB 2018 Kanye West has
changed the face of popular music whether you like him or not but exactly
how many Grammys this Kanye have which actress is supposedly Kanye’s favorite
white girl I’ll give you a clue not the same as mine and how many thousands of
subscribers will they use if I attempt a really bad I’m gonna let you finish joke
Wow that many huh that’s not then to answer through those
questions are going to be answered so grab your shutter shades pull on your
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from Yeezy taught me number one you’ll know this already but hey let’s go for
it anyway Kanye West is an American rapper singer songwriter record producer
fashion designer all-around entrepreneur and well you know bit of a liability
isn’t he number two in case you’re wondering the name Kanye means the only
one in Swahili the name West means well West number three shockingly Kanye West
is a middle name too yes that’s right he’s just like all of us West’s middle
name is a Maori which like his first name is also Swahili in origin and means
God the highest that explains a lot number four West was born on the 8th of
June in the year of our Lord 1977 his birthplace was the great city of Atlanta
the capital of the US state of Georgia where shares his birthplace with Civil
Rights icon Martin Luther King jr. and young actress person Chloe grace Moretz
number 5 West’s father Ray West was the photojournalist for the Atlanta Journal
newspaper he was also politically active and a member of the original Black
Panther Party which sought to elevate and protect the rights of African
Americans nothing to do with a poor Condor good
for him number 6 West’s mother Donder was a teacher who became a professor of
English at Chicago State University later she stopped being incredibly smart
and accomplished in academia and decided to become incredibly smart
and accomplishing business by working as her sons manager like in my manager
number seven Ryan Don de West amicably divorced when their son was three after
which he was raised by his mother in Chicago’s middle-class South Shore
neighborhood spending summers with his father
that is until number eight in the late 80s when he was 10 years old West lived
for a year in the faraway land of China his mother taught English in the
countries part of a university exchange program making him the only foreigner in
his whole class number nine before West’s decided to become one of the most
famous people currently in existence he worked as a telemarketer for a short
while to pay his mother’s rent ah that’s nice of him he has since claimed that he
was and I’m quoting him exactly here way better than most of the people there
number 10 later on West even considered and I can’t say this because of YouTube
de monetization but a word that rhymes with corn and begins with P star I too
have considered that particular career path but I’m sadly very self-conscious
about my weird knees and last what could have been event Wally West was drawn
towards the Southside Chicago hip-hop scene as I believe we all are at various
points in our lives West befriended the DJ producer no idea
who ultimately became his hippity-hop mentor no ID taught West how to make
beats and produce music setting in the now uber famous rap star on its nascent
path to glory number 12 West graduated from Polaris High School
in Illinois and also won a scholarship to study at Chicago’s American Academy
of Art however despite his mother’s protestations West eventually dropped
out to pursue music because well obviously he’s become a freakin West
number 13 after working on music for a variety of local artists West developed
a signature style which was eventually dumped chipmunk soul as it’s
characterized by sped up and pitch shifted soul samples incidentally
chipmunk soul is also my username in the online furry community what a
coincidence number 14 where’s it got his first big
break when he sold a beat to local Chicago rapper gravity who around $8,000
it’s rumored that used the money to buy polo shirt and a Jesus piece Urban
Dictionary informs me that a Jesus piece is a large item of jewelry which
features Christian iconography we birria tells me that Jesus Christ is a
central figure in Christianity who died on the cross to redeem us of our sins he
learned something new every day number 15 in the futuristic sounding but now
very dated year of 2000 whoa Kanye West was arrested for allegedly sitting
printers from Office Max in case of mistaken identity West’s claims he was
racially profiled and I mean you know yeah probably number 16 in 2001 West
moved to New York where he got another big break handling the production of the
chasey track this can’t be life which appeared on jay-z’s 50 new album the
dynasty Rock la familia yet another stepping stone on his way to a life of
rap mega stardom and controversial tweets number 17 the following year West
capitalized on another opportunity to prove himself by producing several songs
on jay-z’s 62 album The Blueprint which is widely regarded as one of the
greatest rap albums of all time it’s no to the extreme by Vanilla Ice died just
just saying he also made a bit of a name for himself at this time by also
producing for artists such as Scarface Talib Kweli and common number 18 West’s
rise to fame was not as smooth as it could have been however as he struggled
to be taken seriously due to his relatively privileged background
this lack of supposed gangster credentials made industry bosses rotten
to take West on but in 2002 he was signed by Damon Dash the co-founder of
Rockefeller Records number 19 however in October 2002 West was involved in a
head-on car collision while driving home from a recording session at a studio in
California the experience left him with a shattered jaw which prompted him to
write and record the song through the wire number 20
amazingly West’s actually worked on the track while in hospital recovering from
the injuries he sustained in said car crash West called up Diamond Dash and
requested that an electronic drum machine be delivered to his hospital
room so he could work on music number 21 Chaka Khan initially refused to give
West permission to sample her vocals on the song the only reason she said yes
eventually was because West’s convinced her son to talk to her about it after
meeting him at a barbecue networking no 22 West’s debut album was finally
released in February of 2004 luckily for Kanye it sold really well really really
well titled of the college dropout in
reference to West’s actually being a college dropout
the album shifted 2.6 million copies and made Wester star number 23 its success
did not end with incredible sales their college dropout with awarded album of
the year by almost every major publication including the New York Times
GQ Time magazine XXL spin and Rolling Stone number 24
apparently West rewarded himself at the success of the college dropout by
purchasing a large eighteenth-century aquarium containing around 30 Cauley
fish and koi fish are like super expensive they have mustaches so that
price tag is not surprising number 25 in 200 5 West followed up his first album
with late registration which took him a year and around two million dollars to
craft West wanted to see how far he could expand hip hop which autumn Utley
led him to hire an orchestra and collaborate with composer John Bryan
who had never worked with a rapper before number 26
Michel Gondry the French filmmaker known for directing films like a tonal
Sunshine of the spotless mind and be kind rewind provided live drums for
diamonds from Sierra Leone gone to Brazil so responsible for directing that
lego music video for the White Stripes that was Anka rang 30 times a day back
when I was a kid number 27 once again the album performed extremely well
earning West three Grammys late registration also debuted at number one
on the Billboard Hot 200 which West has managed to do with every subsequent solo
album release number 28 West used the money he made from the track diamonds
from Sierra Leone to raise awareness about blunt diamonds and the human
rights abuses had often occur within that industry in fact he talked about it
more specifically on a remix with the song with jay-z number 29 short the anti
late registration was released Kanye stated in a radio interview I think I’m
gonna move to London get a fake-ass British accent like Madonna
please please don’t number 30 however west quickly cemented his place
as a controversial figure in popular culture only a month after the release
of late registration during the live appearance next to Mike Meyers on an NBC
broadcast to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina worst provoked a
national media storm when he authoritative restated that George Bush
doesn’t care about black people speaking to growing criticism of the then
president’s response to the crisis number 31
Bush himself had been explicit about West’s declaration and later call it a
disgusting moment since then Bush has stated that Kanye West calling him a
racist on live television it was one of the worst moments of his political
career number 32 in 2006 West was sued by Robert Craig Knievel Jr more commonly
known as Evel Knievel the aging daredevil apparently took issue with the
music video for touch the sky which features Kanye attempting to launch
himself across a canyon in a rocket-powered motorcycle called Evel
Knievel this apparently upset Knievel owing to the clear reference to his
failed jump across the Snake River Canyon in 1974 number 33 though Knievel
was initially infuriated by the video the lawsuit was apparently settled
amicably after he met Kanye West in person Knievel Satan that he thought
West was a wonderful guy and quite a gentleman number 34
after touring with u2 of all people throughout 2005 and 2006 West was
inspired to make a more endemic style of hip hop that could be performed in
stadiums and arenas West drew implements from both house music and rock bands
like Led Zeppelin and The Killers which autumn Utley led to the creation of his
third album graduation released on the 11th of September 2007 number 35 West
was so obsessed with getting the mix for graduations lead single stronger right
that he enlisted the help of eight different sound engineers and 11
different mix engineers producing roughly 75 versions of the track before
he was happy with it number 36 graduation was released on the same days
50-cent album Curtis in what was described as a battle the hip hop soul
would the higher sales go to 50 Cent’s the battle-scarred gangsta rapper or
Kanye West the sophisticated hip hop artists on West’s album ultimately sold
almost a million copies in its first six days and went straight to number one
winning the battle for hip hop supremacy number 37 after the music video for the
track stronger was released West reportedly received a phone call
from on the one and only Michael Jackson who apparently called him up just and
once about the jacket he wore in the video till Michael Jackson’s Michael
Jackson number 38 the bear character that can be seen on the covers of West’s
first three albums is called drop out odd name for a bear that but we love
them all the same number 39 interestingly the now iconic bear
costume wasn’t even planned the outfit was found at the school at which the
photo shoot had been arranged and the team decided to use it as West was
adamant of the front cover should not feature his face or an e-text number 40
in 2007 Khan was named international Man of the Year
by GQ and was honored at a ceremony at Covent Gardens Opera House in London his
award was presented to him by actress rosario Dawson number 41 around the time
that graduation was released Kearney was set to star in a TV series backed by
producers Rick Rubin and Larry Charles the show apparently would have been a
half-hour scripted sitcom based on West’s life and career yep a literal
sitcom somehow the show never made it to our screens but would you’ve watched a
carnie a sitcom let us know in our YouTube hole the meaning of life however
in 2007 tragedy struck West’s mother Donder died of heart disease and
multiple post-operative factors following plastic surgery following her
death Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the dawn to West law which made
it compulsory to prove well-being prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery number 43
in tribute to his late mother West’s design companies named Donder before she
passed away the pair also established a Kanye West Foundation which seeks to
tackle illiteracy and kids dropping out from school following her death the
organization was renamed the dr. Don da West foundation in her honor number 44
in early 2008 West launched Kanye’s travel ventures a travel company created
specifically for its legions of adoring fans to get around and find
accommodation when traveling to attend one of his shows just like what Libby
from Blum does with the Human League honestly she loves them some weird
reason number 45 and around the same time West revealed plans to open several
Fatburger restaurants in Chicago the Train dates back to 1947 and has a large
cult following on the west coast but despite Kanye’s plans to open ten
locations only two actually ever opened both of which have since been shut down
number 46 West’s fourth album 808s & Heartbreak
was released in late 2008 roughly a year after his mother passed away the album
is understandably drenched in themes of loss breathe heartache and alienation
after receiving broadly positive reviews the album was certified platinum on the
27th of January 2009 number 47 in 2008 West blowed to that Scarlett Johansson
was his favorite white girl my favorite white girl is my white girlfriend that’s
Ike not really Jennifer Lawrence number 48
in 2009 the fifth episode of the 13th season of South Park aired on Comedy
Central in title fishsticks an episode that has since become one of the most
well known installment in the show’s history
owing to its hilarious and razor-sharp mockery of West’s prodigious ego the
episode volatile progression of a simple joke created by Jimmy which quickly
becomes a global sensation the only person who fails to get the joke is
Kanye West who becomes increasingly more upset that his punchline could possibly
elude someone of its considerable genius number 49 after the episode aired West
block that South Park had murdered him and that’s although the depiction of him
as an insane egomaniac was pretty funny it did actually hurt his feelings
West vowed to work harder on his inflated sense of self
wonder how that turned out number 50 in 2009 Kanye West fell victims for
celebrity death hoax which claimed that he’d been killed in a car crash this was
quickly refuted by girlfriend at the time
Amber Rose yes Kanye dated Amber Rose you don’t remember come on keep up
number 51 West appearance at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards would also become
another one of his most controversial moments during an acceptance speech by
Taylor Swift for the Best Female Video Award which she won for you belong to me
Wes invaded the stage a protest that Beyonce should have won interrupting
Swift with an hour immortal phrase imma let you finish Oh
number 52 West was widely criticized in the media in response to his disrespect
to Taytay probably the highest level of censure came from the sorely missed
Barack Obama who was the President of the United States at the time in case
you can’t remember Obama summed up his thoughts regarding the incident by
calling West a jackass rocks number 53 soon after the incident West was visited
at home by one of his good friends rapper Moe’s death apparently mr. Deford
turned up specifically to encourage West to leave the country saying you can’t
make it in America right now you have to move ultra orcs number 54
West later apologized for the incident but then retracted his apology in a New
York Times interview in 2013 5 2015 West and Swift had apparently made up and
were even spotted at dinner together however in 2016 Kanye released a song
called famous which contained the lyric I feel like me and Taylor might still
have sex why I may famous mega orcs number 55 following the
initial Swift misadventure West took a break from music to focus on fashion a
move which did not get off to a fantastic start
West launched his first collection in Paris in 2011 but the reaction was
largely negative long we young star director a flawed magazine summed up the
general feeling to the collection by stating you can’t just dump some fox fur
on a runway and call it luxury Gege number 56
however West’s more recent sartorial efforts have garnered better responses
his Yeezy season 5 collection released in February 2017 and even won praise
from the one and only Anna Wintour who said it was more focused than previous
attempts and that she liked it a lot number 57 fast-forwarding a little here
perhaps the one of West’s most questionable parlays into business was
when he designed a t-shirt for French clothing label a PC in 2013 if you
wondering why I put a little extra sauce back there on the word design it’s
because the t-shirt in question was literally a plain white t-shirt no
patterns no embellishments nothing oh and by the way it’s $120 oh it’s sold
out like really quickly instantly so fast that it crashed the website number
58 okay let’s go back and talk about the music West’s return to music in late
2010 with his fifth album entitled My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the album
yielded four singles including a memorable track called monster which
featured guest verses from jay-z Rick Ross and most famously Nicki Minaj the
pink wigs and thick bottom drap chanteuse blew her co rappers out the
water with a blistering stream of lyrical genius seriously I love that
verse I’m pretty sure even Goths love that verse number 59 during recording
for the song runaway featuring pusher t West purportedly made his co rapper
rewrite his first four times encouraging him to be more of a douche bank each
time the song itself explores PLAs criticism and contains a lyric that
calls for a toast to douchebags number 60 apparently Kanye tested My Beautiful
Dark Twisted Fantasy on delivery man asking them for their opinions on tracks
when they stopped by to drop her packages at his studio in Hawaii
number 61 the next year West and jay-z released a collaborative album titled
Watch the Throne for which they both won three Grammy
Awards that’s not a small amount of Grammys that’s actually a fairly large
amount of Grammys actually number 62 while on his watch the throne tall west
revealed that his favorite verses thus far was from his single new day which
features the lyrics and I’ll never let my son have an ego he’ll be nice to
everyone wherever we go I mean I might even make him be Republican so everybody
know he loved white people thanks Kanye and glad to know someone’s looking up
for us number 63 in 2012 West began his relationship with reality TV megastar
Kim Kardashian not but never heard of her either the pair had actually met a
couple of years earlier in 2010 when collosseum was dating model Gabriel
Aubry and West just split up with Amber Rose nintendo64
Kim and Kanye or Kim yes have been annoyingly dubbed were engaged on the
21st of October 2013 Kardashian’s 33rd birthday after West’s proposed at the
AT&T baseball stadium in San Francisco Kanye had booked up the entire stadium
because of course he did he’s Kanye hitting West number 65 Kimmy a married
on the 24th of May 2014 in the historic port to Belle de Vere in Florence Italy
Andrea Bocelli Sanger’s Kardashian walked down the aisle
surrounded by guests that included tennis legend Serena Williams film
director Steve McQueen and music stars like John Legend Tiger and Lana Del Ray
wow she must be fun at a party number 66 rather than having place cards
at their wedding which is something clearly only poor people who’ve never
tolerate Kimmie I had a team of Italian stonemasons engrave the names of every
guest into marble tablets kardashian explained that we engraved their names
because everyone is engraved in our hearts haha
cut the crap kardashian it was a Power Move and you know it number 67 together
Kimmy I have three children daughter North born in 2013 son Saints born in
2015 and their most recent addition to the family their daughter Chicago who is
born fire surrogate in January 2018 Mazel Tov number 68
Kim yeas decision to name their first child North cause not exactly
controversy but certainly a number of raised eyebrows apparently there was an
early plan to name the child North without a surname however Kailash
in a sense claimed that this is something that we’re never actually
seriously considering number 69 doing this while talking about a fact
about their children hey it’s part of a genre shortly after the birth of North
Korea Shion distributed fake photos of her to her friends in order to see who
would sir to the press sure enough attempts were made to sell
the images to TMZ proving you can’t trust anyone and friendship is a lie
number 7 day during a 2014 concert West halted the performance of good life from
his third album graduation due to the fact that everyone was not standing up
the offending personally singled out was in a wheelchair dude number 71 West 6th
album motivated is famed narcissism to new heights with tracks like I am a God
in which he declared he is in fact a god the track also featured the frankly
incredible line hurry up were mad damn croissants the album was critically well
received and even prompted rock legend Lou Reed to state in an interview with
Rolling Stone that West is really really really talented number 72 to promote his
album which was called Jesus by the way I didn’t mention that before sorry we’re
sad a photo of himself performing the song new slaves projected onto the walls
of 66 buildings in 10 different cities why not just think grave Kanye is facing
to the side of the buildings just keep the theme going number 73 at the
beginning of 2015 West released a single called for 5 seconds
alongside Rihanna and Beatles legend Paul McCartney Rihanna’s vocals in
particular were praised and Paul McCartney broke the record of the
longest break between top 10 singles roughly 31 years number 74 in 2015 West
received an honorary Doctorate from The Art Institute of Chicago one other top
art schools in the US he was awarded with a free PhD for the many
achievements of his career which involved creating music described as
imaginative and aesthetically rich and sometimes also provocative and
controversial yeah that pretty much sums him up I guess number 75 in 2015 Beck’s
ninth studio album morning phase won the Grammy for the best album of the year
you may be wondering why on earth have even mentioned that well if because it
didn’t sit well with our good friend Kanye West who once again left on stage
so this time he left almost immediately afterwards he started the becsher dat
respect artistry and give his award to Beyonce months later he retracted his
declaration stating I’m is inaccurate with the concept of a gentleman who
plays 14 instruments not respecting artistry here maybe just a little bit
number 76 in March of 2015 west along with various
other artists including Beyonce jay-z Chris Martin
Nicki Minaj Madonna announced the relaunch of the music streaming service
tidal which James he acquired just a few weeks earlier part of the draw of the
tidal platform was that it would provide a high fidelity music streaming service
which is funny considering the announcement video was uploaded at 480p number 77 in June of 2015 West headlined
the Glastonbury Festival in the UK I was there and I enjoyed myself a lot despite
a petition to have him removed from the bill which master but 135 thousand
signatures which is kind of silly really but there we up during the performance
West described himself as the greatest living rock star on the planet yeah he
said this twice because the first time no one heard him
that’s just factually incorrect yo yo Mar is probably the greatest living
cellist but he’d raise some eyebrows if he declared himself God’s gift to
death-metal just sayin number 78 while speaking at the 2015 MTV Video Music
Awards in August of 2015 Kanye he concluded his 13 minutes
monologue by stating as you probably could have guessed by this moment I’ve
decided in 2020 to run for president if you’ve actually been listening to this
video up till now you should know hey good luck to you Kanye um I mean he’s
gonna win isn’t he so it better be nice to him number 79 the run-up to West
seventh album the life of Pablo was also marked by controversy believe it or not
before the album’s release on the 14th of February 2:16 West posted a tweet in
which he proclaimed that Bill Cosby the now disgraced comedian who was recently
found guilty of drugging and molesting a woman in 2004 was innocent I mean
there’s no joke a just let’s move on number 80 additionally on the day after
his album was released West urged his followers to lobby Facebook founder Mark
Zuckerberg to invest 1 billion dollars into his ideas you couldn’t see but I
did the quotation marks there he also claimed to be 53 million dollars in debt
I thought only corporations and government could mean that card debt I
mean damn Kanye number 81 in November 2017 it was announced that Kimye had
sold their bel-air mansion for just under 18 million dollars before moving
into a sanity 20 million dollar estate in Hidden Hills California a gated
community known for being home to various celebrities Kimmy’s neighbors in
that area include Ozzy Osbourne and LeAnn Rimes number 82 in April of 2018
West’s continue to dig himself a hole by announcing his support for what’s at
colored proto despot Donald Trump referring to him as my brah
and sating that they shared dragon energy this is all sounding a bit
charleshayne to me he even posted a selfie in which he wears trump’s
foreboding make America great again hat West way too clarified by saying he
didn’t agree with everything from her said and done and that he loved Hillary
Clinton to number 83 only a few days later West also appeared to cross a very
significant line by describing the history of the American slave into black
people as a choice which you know it wasn’t that’s pretty much the definition
of slavery worst attempts to clarify did not seem to take hold number 84 in May
of 2018 West I’m poet II been addicted to opioids which explained his erratic
behavior and it’s actually quite sad really he had begun taking the drugs
after having liposuction which he’d undergone because and I’m quoting here I
didn’t want y’all to call me fat which is a damning indictment on the celebrity
industry really isn’t it number 85 on the 31st of May West held an exclusive
listening party for his new 7 track studio album yay
the album contains contributions from Kid Cudi and Nicki Minaj and touches on
issues ranging from the russell simmons of salt accusations to his own
controversial statements about slavery and having bipolar disorder number 86 on
the 12th of June 2018 it was announced that yay debuted at number one on the
Billboard 200 making it West’s eighth consecutive chart-topping album this
matches the same record as the Beatles and The Rolling Stones but he’s beaten
to first place by his old mate jay-z who has 11 number 87 throughout his career
Kanye West a so far master title 21 Grammy Awards making him the most grand
Mead rapper of all time number 88 a barony West doesn’t keep his Grammys or
any of his other awards on a show and it lovely special cabinet or anything
according to a 2014 interview with his lovely wife
Kanye’s accolades are literally in the laundry room at least they’ll stay clean
they’re number 89 West’s high-flying career has also backed him to inclusions
on Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people list first in 2005 and then again
10 years later in 2015 number 90 as a result of his illustrious career and
multiple business ventures in the fields of fashion technology and film Kanye
West’s net worth in 2018 reportedly sits at roughly 160 million dollars that’s
quite a few chicken ugh say number 91 as of July 2018 West has managed to accrue
twenty eight point six million followers on Twitter
that may sound like a lot but almost 29 million online disciples doesn’t get
Kanye into the top 50 most followed Twitter accounts his wife they’re
significantly better with ever 60 million followers but Kimmy are utterly
eclipsed by the most following person on Twitter Katy Perry who boasts a
ridiculous 110 million followers that’s roughly equivalent to being followed by
everyone in Ethiopia number 92 apparently West’s favorite band is the
Scottish indie rock group Franz Ferdinand not really short to say about
that just imagining Kanye West making cheese on toast of the twangy sound of
take me out Oh Who am I kidding Kanye probably someone to make cheese on toast
for him number 93 Kanye is also apparently a huge fan of artsy pop
pianist Fiona Apple and her music West once told Apple she was possibly his
favorite and that’s her debut album tidal Oh made him want to be a rap
version of her West even went so far to say I hold you higher than Lauryn Hill
in my eyes number 94 West as a habit of pursuing some fairly left-field
collaborations most notably artists like Daft Punk Coldplay’s Chris Martin wispy
folk nymph Bolivar and even squeaky pop princess and for some reason most follow
post on Twitter Katy Perry fluffy Kate however perhaps one of his most
unexpected collabs was with rock band 30 Seconds to Mars you know the band that’s
fronting for the less good Joker over the past 10 years
damaged indeed number 95 apparently there are a number of unreleased kanye
west tracks that contain samples from the iconic musical wicked wicked tells
the unofficial story of The Wizard of Oz from the alternate perspective of Glinda
the Good Witch and alpha by the Wicked Witch of the West so as you can see
something this musical was an obvious move for Kanye I’d love to hear his
defying gravity naturally number 96 Kanye West is also an avid basketball
fan and is regularly spotted at LA Lakers games many of her songs
referenced the sports his seventh album the life of Pablo contains at least six
nods to basketball number 97 West once stated in an interview that he enjoys
finalizing a song in post-production more than you know making
sucks to be you Kim K number 98 worst is apparently not a big reader and it’s
going to just saying sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy
and so self-absorbed I’m not a fan of books I would never want to books
autograph I am a proud non reader of books you know what Kanye you’re right
books do be so wordy Scoob you books number 99 Kanye’s
winning it names include the Louie Vuitton Don
conman Yeezy and often simply just yay no one man should have number 100
apparently early on in his career where stat the nickname deep house this was in
reference to his baggy pants and backpacks not the sub-genre of dance
music which is terrible number 101 West met his personal stylist while out
shopping who happens to be a student at Yale University with impeccable dress
sense and impress Kanye so much but he hired him almost immediately and get
this the guy’s name is Casius Marcellus Cornelius clay he’s no relation to
Muhammad Ali by the way the similar names are both derived from the 19th
century abolitionist Cassius Marcellus clay so there you have it that was 101
facts about Kanye West which was your favorite which didn’t you know and Samy
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  1. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat. He's a twat.

  2. Got one minute into the video ad had to stop. The images inserted are too stupid for me to even watch anymore. What does a girl licking her elbow have to do with Kanye? Moving on . . .

  3. Sam, as a rule, I greatly enjoy your humorous yet educational "101 Lists." However, I will not watch anything to do with (This Idiot.)

  4. Probably the most disappointing one to watch if you're waiting for Sam to do video weekly. None of this is informative. smh

  5. 101Facts i'ma let you finish, but you didn't mention the Nike deal OR the current adidas deal he has. Not to mention that he was giving ideas to designer brand Fendi wayyy back. Carry on.

  6. Really 101 facts about this fucking talentless moron but no 101 facts about someone good like Johnny Cash, Adele, Pantera, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Disturbed, Black Sabbath, Queen, Prince i could go on forever listing off artists with more talent

  7. Honestly not sure how I made it though 3:47 of this video. I normally enjoy the 101 facts videos, but I couldn't give less fucks about this guy.

  8. No, no no no no, usually love your videos but I refuse to watch this one, and have to admit a little pissed you made it at all. For shame

  9. No one should do a 101 facts about him, hundreds of rappers and singers have change the music before him, for example, 2pac, biggie, big pun, nwa, common…hell even busta rhymes.

  10. Actually Sam Kanye in swahili means well go defecate quite literally go defecate. Only one is mmoja tu.

  11. 101 facts lie common misconceptions, like lie detector machines being accurate and reliable. And how Neil Armstrong actually said "That's one small step for 'a' man"

  12. I fucking hate this guy. To be clear I’m not talking about Kanye, I’m talking about this non-funny, posh, annoying twat bag of a YouTube “presenter”.

  13. 101 facts about
    1. Lizzie Mcguire
    2. Freaks and Geeks
    3. Teddy Roosevelt
    4. Lil Yachty
    5. Ashley Graham
    Idk if uve done any of these before

  14. Great video btw. Kanye is a genius musician and all around fascinating person. I subscribed because of this video tbh

  15. No… No… I am Kenyan, I speak Kiswahili and no… I haven't ever heard Kanye or even Amari… Hayo si maneno ya Kiswahili

  16. It's funny how you can get 101 facts about a single person but you only get 101 facts about an entire continent (Africa)… You know, maybe that's why you mistakenly think Kanye is a Kiswahili word

  17. Heres a fact for you, hes a pathetic shill for Donald Trump who knows absolutely nothing about history. I as a random youtuber, but also an amateur historian and genealogist, know more about history than him, know more about the history slaves from whom we both descend.

  18. 24:31 he was talking about being mentally imprisoned. And this mental cage that people made. Not like the one that happened in America way back.
    Edit: correction to this video
    Edit2: this is the full interview of Kanye West on TMZ it’s a little long. https://youtu.be/hyhgXxD3YFc

  19. When he said slavery was a choice he said 400years refering to the 200+ after slavery till now that we have no own opinion people will hate someone because everybody does it without knowing why.

  20. Here’s one for you: he had a release party in Jackson Hole, WY. He and his party were so unruly and out of control that the ranch they partied at never want him or any other rappers there again.

  21. Here's a fact hes a insane dip shit with to much money and no brain cells his music is trash and I pray someone beats him to death or kills him

  22. everyone who hates kanye hasnt listened to his music and only listens to what the media says about him. he is a very inspirational person just gets on the bad side of the media because he cant watch his mouth

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