10 Things You Might Not Know About Saints

– [Narrator] The word
“saint” often brings to mind a quiet voice and piously folded hands. But cracking open a
“Lives of the Saints” book can actually be similar to
reading a super hero yearbook. Here are ten thing you
might not know about saints. Number one. You’ve heard of the Headless Horsemen, but how about the Headless Preacher? In the third century, Saint Denis cheesed off
the wrong local pagans who beheaded him. To their surprise, he picked up his head and walked six miles preaching the gospel the whole way. Number two. This monk took the commandment to subdue the earth quite seriously. Saint Columbanus commanded a dozen hungry wolves to leave him alone, kicked a bear out of a cave
that he wanted to pray in, and asked another bear to
leave behind a deer carcass because he needed the
leather for new shoes. Number three. When you’re the thirteenth child born but the first to survive, chances are your life is going
to be pretty extraordinary. Saint Mariam of Jesus Crucified lived in Palestine during the late 1800’s. She had a Cinderella-type
story after her parents died and she herself was eventually
beaten and left for dead. According to her bio, a nun dressed in blue picked her up, stitched her throat wound,
and took her to a grotto where she was nursed back
to health by angels, saints, and her deceased parents. Who knew Heaven had an emergency room? Number four. Saint Olaf was a real life viking who became king of Norway. When he was killed in battle, there was a total eclipse of the sun. A dramatic end for a dramatic saint. Number five. Essentially an Egyptian mob boss, Saint Moses the Black
had quite a rap sheet. After killing a sworn enemy’s sheep, Godfather anyone? Moses took sanctuary with some monks, and eventually converted and joined them. Years later when the monastery
was attacked by robbers, he fought them off single handedly. But instead of killing them, he led them to the chapel where the entire gang
repented and converted. Number six. Saint Scholastica was
hardly a stormy character. However on one occasion her
twin brother, Saint Benedict, wanted to end a conversation
and go home to his monastery. Scholastica wanted to keep hanging out so she prayed up a storm, literally. The rain, thunder, and
lightning were so intense that Saint Benedict was forced to stay and finish the conversation
with his sister. Number seven. Speaking of storms, Saint Vitus’s sentence
of death by boiling oil was interrupted by a massive storm. This was after a pit of hungry
lions refused to eat him, and also after angels
released him from prison. No big deal. Number eight. Though she’s one of the most
famous saints in history, Saint Joan of Arc is just too awesome to leave off this list. At the age of eighteen, she turned the tide of
the Hundred Years War with brilliant military strategy. She had absolutely no training, was younger than most
of the ground soldiers, and was certainly the first female soldier France had ever had. Number nine. Another somewhat famous, or
rather infamous character, is Blessed Miguel Pro. In order to avoid arrest and
still fulfill his priestly role he would walk into prisons
dressed as a police officer to deliver the Eucharist to prisoners. He was even known to yell
at real police officers for not having arrested
that sneaky priest yet. Number ten. Saint Joseph of Cupertino was turned away from two monasteries
for being absent-minded, slow to learn, and a general nuisance. Pretty sure those monasteries
were kicking themselves when Saint Joseph became a priest and received the gift of levitation. His prayer-induced flying
was witnessed by hundreds and often took him to the
tops of churches and trees. That’s it for today. Hope you learned a thing or two. Check out some other Spirit
Juice goodness right here.

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