10 Scary Ways Religions Predict the World Will End

10 Scary Ways Religions Predict the World Will End

– The end of the world is
a thought that frightens many people and has been
predicted for hundreds of years, and none more so than by religion. Ancient texts and prophesies
have definitively stated how life on earth as we know it will end. And although there are varying accounts of how exactly it will happen they all point to the same
terrifying conclusion. Here are 10 ways religions
predict the world will end. Number 10 are the seven suns. Unlike other apocalypse
scenarios the end of days, according to buddhism, actually has a roughly established time. It’s believed that the
world will be destroyed around the year 4600
long after our lifetimes, but still sooner than anyone wants. Prior to the apocalypse
humanity will hit a moral low point and will literally
be hunting one another with swords in hand. Life expectancy will hit
an all time low as well, with few people apparently
surviving past 10 years old. That’s when the Maitreya will arrive bringing enlightenment to
almost the moralless world. Unfortunately soon
after that six more suns will appear in the sky. One at a time with each
additional star causing more and more destruction
until the entire planet is nothing more than a fireball,
and everything is dead. Number nine are the dead return. In Judaism, like many other
religions, it’s believed that a person’s soul is
immortal, and when we die our souls join God in the other world, while our mortal bodies rot. But when the end of days
comes God restores our bodies and essentially stuffs
our souls back into them. Before that happens a
Jewish leader and king will redeem Israel and become the messiah while every other nation
on the planet suddenly recognizes that the God of
Israel is the only one true God. It is said that it is
then that the entire earth is destroyed in a cataclysmic
way leaving none alive. Thus everyone is resurrected and judged based on their faith. Finally, seeing that
the old world was flawed God creates a new world and a new heaven, both of which are a paradise. Unfortunately to get there
it will cause everyone to die and be resurrected as the undead. Number eight is the endless solar eclipse. Many people predict the
end of the world will end with an asteroid impact
or a virus that will take out all of human kind. But what if it’s the
ancient Aztecs who are actually right and the
apocalypse will start with the sun going out? The Aztecs lived in what
is modern day Mexico between the 14th and 16th centuries. However their astronomers
were well ahead of their time predicting when eclipses would occur with incredible accuracy. They were so obsessed with solar events that they developed a belief
that it would be an endless soar eclipse that brought the end of times through the freezing of the
earth and eternal darkness. In an attempt to keep the
sun shining the Aztecs captured neighboring tribes
and sacrificed a number of human lives believing it
was the only way to survive. But that has since ended
which means that the Aztecs could one day be proven correct. Number seven is a global fire. Like many religions,
Zoroastrianism teaches that there will be a final
battle between good and evil before doomsday arrives. According to their beliefs
the world was created perfectly good but was corrupted by evil. As the final days approach
good will triumph over evil restoring the original
status of earth to its onset. That’s when the dead will
rise from their graves restored with the bodies
that they had in life and a time of judgment will
commence with every human being having their thoughts and deeds looked at to determine if they will suffer or not. Then all of the metals within
the hills and mountains will melt into a massive
wave of molten lava. Those who are deemed
good will feel nothing. However the vast majority
that have lived in sin will melt in agony as the
river of horror flows down from hell. Number six is Ragnarok. In Norse mythology the apocalypse
doesn’t just bring with it the end of the human race,
but the end of all Gods and Goddesses as well. Ragnarok will see the
Gods known as the Iseer battle the giants for the final time both sides killing one
another as the fight devastates Midgard. As they wage war on Midgard
also known as earth, giant Tsunamis will destroy coastal lands, poison will rain from the
sky and the sun and moon will be consumed. Everyone on the planet
will die during Ragnarok with the exception of two people. A man and a woman, who will
then have the daunting task of repopulating the earth
while the few remaining Gods will go about building a
new home for themselves while they watch over the new world. Number five is moral decline and chaos. A prophesy that is detailed in Hadith which is said to be the sayings
and traditions associated with the prophet Muhammad,
tells of the day of reckoning when annihilation and
resurrection will both affect the world’s population. In the days leading up to it
there will be a substantial increase in violence, anarchy, betrayal and sexual immorality. Along with a number of
devastating natural disasters. Dajjal, the Islamic
version of the anti-Christ will do battle with Jesus,
the messenger of God and Jesus will win. Eventually a sweet scented
breeze will flow across the land mercifully taking the
lives of all believers while leaving the sinners and
non-believers alive to suffer. All of the world’s dead will
rise and a colossal fire will start in Yemen bringing
everyone to one location where they will be judged by God. Number four is the blue star crashes. According to the Hopi Indians,
a native American tribe we are living in the final
days of the fourth world. Spiritual elders within
the tribe have been making uncanny predictions that have come true over the last 80 years including major influences
that have effected the earth such as climate change
and the atomic bomb. They claim that we’re about
to enter the fifth world which means the end of life as we know it. Right before the day of
purification a blue star will fall from the sky
and will mark the ninth and final sign that our end is near. The end will either come
in the form of ice or fire as the other three worlds have allegedly met their demise with one or the other. Thought it’s widely
believed among the Hopi that the earth will be
destroyed by a comet striking the planet. Number three is the rapture. While some parts of the
bible tell of love and faith other parts seem like
they’re straight out of a horror movie. In the new testament’s book of revelation the end of days is
described in chilling detail with devastation sweeping the
earth as the four horsemen of the apocalypse arrive. An earthquake rocks the entire planet as lightning arcs across the
sky right before a hailstorm of fire descends from the
skies destroying a third of the world’s trees and grass. All hell essentially breaks loose with rivers becoming poisoned,
darkness covering the land and human faced locusts killing those without the seal of God. But perhaps the most horrifying
thing is that all fresh water will turn to blood and
the sun will scorch the earth. Number two is Jesus comes to Missouri. Those within the church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that the earth will
witness the second coming of Christ at some point in the future. Just before he arrives
there will be a large increase in the number
of natural disasters that the world endures, including hurricanes,
earthquakes and floods. Additionally the amount
of manmade disasters will also increase exponentially with terrorist attacks, genocide
and even full scale wars. As chaos takes over the
planet, Jesus will arrive and bring order and peace to
the earth as he rules the globe from Zion, also known as New Jerusalem. The Mormons believe that
this will be located in Jackson County, Missouri. He will separate the
righteous from the wicked and then the world will
be cleansed with fire. And number one are the cyclical eras. According to the Hindu faith our universe is far from the first, and
certainly won’t be the last one that exists. In fact there are three
Gods who are responsible for an endless cycle of
creation, preservation, and finally destruction. First, Brahma, the grandfather,
creates the universe from which humanity comes into being. After its completion
the God Vishnu steps in to ensure the universe
is preserved until Shiva destroys it, simply so
Brahma can start the process over again. But before Shiva’s
elimination of the universe, it’s believed that humans
will become greedy and evil. Hurting, stealing and killing. That is until a being
called Lord Kalika arrives armed with a massive sword
and riding a white horse. Kalika will punish the worst offenders and then everyone will die. And that’s it. If you enjoyed this video
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    Bet we will all die in a nuclear war fallout style

  2. As a Christian the rapture really scares me. Just imagine you're just living and then BOOM! You're in heaven. But the worst part will undoubtedly be seeing your loved ones not being there with you…..

  3. All this lead to same thing
    Be good and don't ever do bad thing
    Find the right religion by
    Logic , pratical and based on the religion book
    That is happening now
    1 by 1
    That is the real religion

    😅 I hope thanos is not mad at me writing this😂😂

  4. Announcement Christians and Muslims have same predictions because there almost the same , try comparing the texts and predictions and facts about other prophets and Jesus also

  5. Jesus Christ is the only Lord and savior. No other religion is true or real. Please believe and have faith in your only Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  6. Please stop writting comments like:
    Please god forgive me or stuff like that.
    I am a christian and i believe in god but there is hundereds of comments like that and no one actually means it so please STOP!

  7. It seems like some of it's already happening:

    Destroying third of the world's grass and tress: The Amazon.

    Earthquakes: happenned a lot in our generation.

    Rivers becoming poison: well obviously because of people's doing. Improper waste disposal

    All fresh water will turn to blood: People might start killing each toher for survival, kinda like the purge.

    The Sun will scorch the Earth: Climate Change/Global Warming.

  8. No no only God knows the min and the hour when he will return no man, Matthew 24 in the bible said what will take place then you will know the end is near

  9. You forgot something in islamic end of world that mehdi will come and rule the world for 60 years and after the 60 the day of choas will come

  10. The more I read about the Hopi the less I doubt their beliefs.. plus it makes sense because so much of oir history is lost or out of place

  11. Am i the only 1 who noticed that judaism islam and christianity almost predicted the same about the end war ?? The missayah in judah and dajjal in islam,, both islam and Christianity predicts return of christ.. humans are fighting over who’s religion is right but in real all the religions tell you to be a good human humanity is the key what ever your belief is

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