10 Most/Least Religious States in America

10 Most/Least Religious States in America

These are the top 10 most and least religious
states in America. North Carolina is the 10th most religious
state. 65% of its residents say they are highly religious
and 66% pray every day. Only 3% of North Carolinians practice non-Christian
religions. Colorado is the 10th least religious state. 30% attend worship services at least once
per week and only 55% believe in God with absolute certainty. Georgia is tied as the 8th most religious
state. 64% say religion is very important in their
lives. Only 4% of Georgians would call themselves
atheist or agnostic. New York is the 9th least religious state
in the country. Less than 50% of adults are highly religious. 12% of New Yorkers practice non-Christian
faiths. Oklahoma is tied as the 8th most religious
state. Two-thirds of the population feels religion
is very important. 12% are faithful, but don’t identify with
a particular religion. Washington state is tied as the 6th least
religious state. Only 46% say they pray daily and just 30%
attend worship services weekly. West Virginia comes in at number seven. It has the fourth-highest prayer frequency
rate, as well as the fourth-highest God certainty rate. Alaska is tied as the 6th least religious
state. Only 41% say religion is very important, and
15% do not believe in God or are highly skeptical that God exists. South Carolina is tied as the 5th most religious
state in America. 47% of South Carolinians attend service weekly
and 66% pray daily. Wisconsin is tied as the 6th least religious
state in the country. Only 27% of the people attend worship services
weekly and 25% of its residents are unaffiliated. The other fifth-most religious state in America
is Arkansas. Over 70% say religion is very important in
their lives and more than 3/4 of the people believe in God with absolute certainty. Meanwhile, only 54% of those living in the
fifth-least religious state, Connecticut, are certain God exists. 33% of the people there are Catholic. Louisiana is America’s fourth-most religious
state. 71% of people are highly religious and 84%
of the state is Christian. Maine is tied as the third-least faithful
state in the nation, with a highly-religious rate that’s less than half of that seen
in Louisiana. Only about 35% of Mainers pray daily. Tennessee is the third-most religious state
in the U.S. with over half the population attending church services at least once a
week and 78% feeling certain about the existence of God. Vermont, the third-least religious state,
is dead last in church attendance, praying, and believing religion is an important part
of their lives. And there’s a tie for the most-religious
state. Sharing the top spot is Mississippi, with
the highest daily prayer and belief in God rates in America. We also have a tie for the least-religious
state. Only 33% of New Hampshire residents are “highly
religious,” with a higher number, 36%, not affiliated with any religion. The other most-religious state is Alabama,
where only 1% of the population is a believer in a non-Christian faith and 82% of people
are absolutely certain there is a God. Contrast that with Massachusetts, the other
least-religious state. Only 40%, the lowest rate in the nation, believe
in God with absolute certainty and 32% are not affiliated with any religion. Thanks for watching, I hope you found this
video informative. Until tomorrow, for TDC, I’m Bryce Plank.

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  1. It seems like a lot of the respondents in that survey lied… since the only people who can believe in God with "absolute certainty" are those who are born again… people who have MET the Lord Jesus Christ and KNOW Him.

  2. Not a good discussion, I thought. He equated belief in God with religiosity. While there are few things I believe with "absolute certainty" (new explanations of the universe are forth coming almost daily) I've observed atheist positively livid in their faith there is no God. What is religion but a collection of beliefs for which their is no evidence? Religion can be individual or shared by many, but the religion of atheists rival the intensity of that of the Inquisitors. Spooky.

  3. Face it, if you lived in MS, LA, AL, or AR …. you’d be praying to God everyday asking him to get you out of there

  4. It seems that many of the less religious states are states that are wealthy. It seems that those people are making the mistake of not appreciating the wealth and good fortune that they do have. Meanwhile, most of the more religious states aren't well off yet they are religious and thankful to God for what they do have. Money truly is the root of all evil. The less religious we are in the US the more chaotic and less successful we have become. When we were predominantly a nation of Christians we were more successful, closer together and had much better morals. We need to bring back Christian values into mainstream America.

  5. 1. – I am from Wisconsin where riding barstools is a major religion. This was good
    for me because I played in bands & bars were a major source of places to play.
    I am absolutely sure God exists. Once a friend & I took 4 hits of LSD each & went
    for a 240 mile ride from Port Edwards to La Crosse Wis. & back.

  6. 2. – 100 miles into the ride things got scary. (This is my part of the trip. My friend's
    trip was his own.) My friend must have been scared as he drank a bottle of wine &
    passed out. I found myself driving thru an apocalypse! Tornadoes, volcanoes and
    atomic bombs surrounded us everywhere! I was scared shitless!

  7. 3. – So I called for help … and guess who shows up. God himself, appearing as a
    bright Light! I was ready to have a heart attack already but I thought I was gonna
    vaporize in that Light! God shielded me from the Light & said "Don't be afraid"!
    He fixed everything, even reviving my friend! Cool or what?!

  8. 4. – After this I read descriptions in the Bible of similar experiences like the Jacob's
    Ladder story & others involving Moses & other biblical people. "Near death experiences"
    are like this too. I have to laugh whenever I have to play the song "I Saw The Light"
    because I GET IT!!! So yes, God exists & He's most cool & helpful!

  9. 5. – He's like your best buddy or an actual Heavenly Father, not a conservative
    Republican bully criticizing your every shortcoming & telling you "You always screw
    up everything! How stupid can you be! You're gonna GO TO HELL!" He's the exact
    opposite of that! It seems He likes trippy hippies, even if they've had a bit much LSD!

  10. 6. – God got a good laugh outta this as my unconscious friend kept falling in my lap
    & I had to repeatedly push him up against the passenger's door before calling for help!
    My driving was impeccable thru all this! So there's today's lesson on Wisconsin. Hope
    you enjoyed it! Now let's hear some lessons on your states, boys & girls!

  11. Unsurprisingly, the states with the most religion is also where you'll find the most racism, bigotry, and xenophobia.

  12. In american religion is slowly dying out .in less than 2 centurys it will not exist anymore. At the end you will believe only in making money. That will be your new religion!!!🇮🇹

  13. Wonder why Mississippi is the poorest state in the nation the little bit of money they make they give to the pastor's

  14. All the most racist states the same devils that killed raped hung stole feed baby's to gators Christ is so called black damn devils.

  15. Bible Belt states suffer from schizophrenia no wonder all those kids always shooting up schools down there smh

  16. Generally, the lesser religious states are in the Northeast and the more religious states are in the South

  17. Faith based world views are demonstrably unreliable. The outsider's test of faith should put that into perspective.

  18. It is very sad to see that catholics and orthodox churches and christians are remaining strong in their faith but Protestantism is falling

  19. Americans and Europeans can never understand the struggle of other persecuted christians… please pray for us…

  20. nc-is church of god and baptist. ok they belive in god more then any church cat-is cult nc has more churches in one state then any lots of blacks in nc go to church nc is the bible belt

  21. No surprise that the top religious states are found in the U.S. South where a large group of white evangelical Christians reside. It is my opinion that the appearance of religious piety (coupled with political affiliation) carries more weight than dutifully living out those religious principles. Lots of "going through the motions". I don't doubt that respondents of faith regularly go to a place of worship, pray, and have a strong belief in the existence of God. Attending church is as much a part of the social fabric as attending a football game or shopping at the mall. However, keep in mind that these same highly religious states were supporters of segregation and, currently, of Trump–a clear disconnect between belief and behavior.

  22. In Matthew, a rich young man asks Jesus what actions bring eternal life. First Jesus advises the man to obey the commandments. When the man responds that he already observes them, and asks what else he can do, Jesus adds:

    If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.[4]

    Luke has a similar episode and states that:

    When he heard this, he became very sad, because he was a man of great wealth. Jesus looked at him and said, "How hard it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God / Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."[5]


  23. Pray daily? I don't know if I've ever prayed… Even when I was a kid, and somewhat believed in God. But then again I'm from the north of Europe, and religion isn't a big deal here at all.

  24. Surprised Utah isn't one of the top 10.. people make fun of it for being so religious but it's no where near as bad as the South

  25. Mississippi is the most religious state – that makes sense! That state is so horribly screwed up that, if I were forced to live there, I'd be praying too!!!!!

  26. Riley Losoedo ~ Yeah, and the highest in A-holes. I'm 72 years old now and I've lived in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, and California, plus I've spent some time in several other States (Kansas, New Mexico, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Delaware, Ohio, Ontario), and I can tell you that the more religious a people are the more friendly they are. So I choose to live in Alabama.

  27. Shocking. States in the northeast are the least religious, best educated, healthiest and wealthiest, while much of the south is the polar opposite. Seems like the highly conservative states have been played, and they don't even know how bad they've got it compared to their liberal counterparts who are living the good life.

  28. easy look for the most abortion states and they are the most liberal due to their irresponsibility and lack of morals keep your legs closed people or wrap it up tight guys

  29. Show the data on this. Highly unlikely that the amount of people who took this survey is very high. Most surveys only represent a very small number of people. I’m sure that’s the case here. At least you got some clicks!

  30. the least religious states have the most moral corrupt, rude, and unhappy assholes. also higher crime rates. mostly northern states where they didn't have proper upbringing going back several generations. thank GOD I'm from mississippi. have a blessed day beloved.

  31. trailer trash states are full of believers. all that praying leaves them poor, uneducated, barefoot and pregnant at age 15…

  32. I'm an Anti-theist and created this account to defend science and reason, best I can from Christian fundie nutjobs, online at least. They tend to be Right-wingers. There's a good reason we got Trump and so many religious folks fell for his con game, it's spelled out clearly here in these stats. Worldwide, as education goes up, religion goes down. Lately, the political landscape has followed that topography as well in the U.S.
    If you are religious, you need to understand something: The web has come to destroy your faith. I don't mean that as a threat or intend to upset you. It's just the nature of spreading education like this and subjecting your belief system to MASSIVE public scrutiny. These stats show our country is divided in one of the most profound ways a country can be, in how we view the universe. Don't fear reason. It's not "the end of the world". But if you don't stop fearing it along with scientific facts like Climate Change, we may very well destroy the only world we have.
    If your god DID exist, do you suppose he'd be ok with us trashing the planet AND that big, beautiful human brain in our heads like that?

  33. I don't go to church and i'm not that religious. I only believe in God and Jesus, but that's all really.
    Probally suprising to ya'll since i'm from the south.
    Edit: I'm pretty smart for my age, and a few people as smart as me at school are athiest, while the normal kids go to church and tell me it's wrong not to go to church and say for me to believe in god more.

  34. I'm Christian, but I still respect everyone who has and everyone who doesn't have a religious affiliation

  35. God bless the BIBLE BELT! When I pray everyday I thank God for blessing me and blessing my community. And if y’all ain’t been down here come on over and stay a while. Best place on planet earth. Praise Jesus!

  36. I am religious and vote blue in CA and we have plenty of people that go to church. We respect ppl that don't go or don't want to b part of it. We have ppl who walk around to spread the book but respect rejections

  37. Louisiana is wierd.It's both among the 10 most religious states and among the 10 most Catholic states in the nation, while it's also been the " Murder Capital " among the nation's states for the last 29 years in a row.

  38. New York represent! People around here value education and personal success, similar to New Jersey and Connecticut, our next-door neighbors.

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  41. More religious also means poorer state…and alot of the time poorly educated. Also find it funny the more religious states also seem to be against social programs that help others and against universal healthcare. Doesn't seem very…jesus like to me….

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