10 Bizarre UNEXPLAINED MIRACLES from Around the World!

10 Bizarre UNEXPLAINED MIRACLES from Around the World!

– Hey, it’s a new year and
what better way to start the new year than with a topic that’s completely noncontroversial. Let’s begin. So the history of mankind
is full of documented events that many of us would
consider extremely strange or even hard to understand. And most of the time those
events can be explained through scientific examination, but that isn’t always the case. Some events are inexplicable by natural or scientific law and those events are simply known as miracles. So today I gathered the strangest events that have ever happened
that defy explanation that many call miracles. So here they are, 10
Bizarre Unexplained Miracles from around the world. Number one are incorruptible corpses. Over the last few hundred
years there have been many documented cases
from across the globe of people dying but their
bodies do not decay. The bodies that have not been embalmed or preserved in any way remain flexible unlike regular corpses that
become stiff and rigid. Given the title of incorruptible, these bodies are considered by many to be a sign of sainthood. In fact, there are hundreds of saints whose bodies have been
found to be incorrupt sometimes hundreds of years after they originally died. This picture is of Saint Bernadette as she appears today, 136 years after her death. It’s even been said that
some of these bodies exude a sweet aroma known
as the odor of sanctity which as creepy as that sounds is probably still a lot more pleasant than a regular dead body. It’s all just farts and nastiness. Number two is Our Lady of Akita. Located near the city of Akita, Japan this famous statue of the virgin Mary has gone through several events that are beyond weird. On July 6th, 1978 nuns
heard a voice coming from the statue of the virgin
Mary in the chapel where it resides. On the same day, a few of the sisters noticed drops of blood
flowing from a wound on the statue’s hand. Shortly after, the wounds disappeared only for the statue to begin sweating on it’s forehead and neck. Two years later on January 4th, the statue began to weep which it continued to do in intervals for the next almost seven years. The most interesting
thing about all of this is that scientific analysis of the blood, sweat, and tears from the statue confirm that they were
all from a real human. Now I’m sure that this story provides a lot of hope for religious people, but if that were me and I saw liquids coming out of a statue,
I would tip out the door. I’d be knocking over all ladies and stuff and just it would not be good. Number three is Our Lady of Lourdes. In Lourdes, France in 1858, three sisters reported a vision of a woman in all white holding a golden rosary
while they were out collecting firewood. According to the girls,
the woman directed them to dig near a rock after which a large spring of water appeared, however that’s not the strange part. The strange part is that
that source of water which still exists today
miraculously heals people without explanation. Every single year millions of people visit this spring, many of
which have incurable diseases or injuries, some of which
are cured without explanation. In fact the Lourdes
Medical Burrow has declared a total of almost 70 individual cases of inexplicable cures. So basically if you think about it, this is the real life fairy fountain from the Legend of Zelda. I want to throw a rupee in it. Number four is the Miracle of Lanciano. In the city of Lanciano, Italy around 700 AD, a priest was assigned to celebrate the Eucharist when something unexpected happened. During the mass when he said
the words of consecration, it’s reported that the bread was turned into live flesh and the wine into blood. To this day, evidence of the miracle, specifically the host
flesh remains in Lanciano in an artistic silver ostensorium. In 1970, Professors of
the University of Siena conducted a scientific
investigation into the miracle. It was confirmed that the flesh was human cardiac tissue
and that the blood was type AB and if that
wasn’t bizarre enough, the blood type AB is also the blood type found on the Shroud of Turin. Well this is one of two things. Either it’s an amazing
scientific discovery or there’s someone out there missing a couple pints of blood with a really sick sense of humor. Number five is the Miracle of the Sun. The Miracle of the Sun
is an event that occurred on October 13th, 1917 in
the Cova da Iria fields near Fatima, Portugal. According to witnesses of the event which was attended by about 65,000 people, there was extraordinary solar activity, the likes of which had
never been seen before. After a downfall of
rain, dark clouds broke and the sun appeared as
an opaque spinning disk in the sky. It was said to be significantly
less bright than normal and cast multicolored
lights across the land, people, and surrounding clouds. It was reported that the sun then careened towards Earth, frightening witnesses who thought it was the end of the world. The event lasted of a
total of about 10 minutes and was documented by
multiple credible sources including multiple doctors
and newspaper writers who were all present that day. Now this may or may not have been divine in nature but if it was god, why would he use his powers
to put on a light show for a bunch of people? He must be bored up there. Number six is Joseph of Cupertino. Joseph of Cupertino was
the Italian conventional Franciscan friar who lived in Naples between 1603 and 1663. He began having visions as a child, leaving him with reduced
external awareness, but increased internal mental
and spiritual awareness. After being ordained as a priest in 1625, his visions and spirituality increased to the point where he
would regularly levitate while participating in mass. This ability gained him
a widespread reputation of holiness among the church and beyond, however his inexplicable levitation led him to being deemed disruptive by his religious superiors
and church authorities. This ultimately led him to being confined to a small cell, forbidding him from joining any public
gatherings in the community. However, he was eventually
canonized as a saint in 1763 and today is the
penchant saint of air travelers, aviators, and astronauts. Frankly I’m surprised he
was only deemed disruptive for levitating by the church during a time when you could be called a witch and burned at the stake for
sneezing the wrong way. Yeah, lucky dude. Number seven is Martin de Porres. Martin de Porres lived in Lima, Peru between 1579 and 1639. He was known for performing miracles like healing sick patients with his hands and having miraculous
knowledge among others, but what gained him
notoriety is his ability to be in multiple places at once. Witness statements account for him being in Mexico and Japan while still remaining at his home in Peru. In addition to the witnesses that saw him, de Porres would provide
proof of his journeys in his other body means
of a detailed description of the locations that he visited. Because of the deeds that
he did in those countries, he canonized in 1962
and today is the patron saint of mixed race
people and those seeking interracial harmony
and wizards, obviously. Number eight is Therese Neumann. Therese Neumann lived
between 1898 and 1962 in Bavaria, Germany and was born into a large family
with very little income. Through a series of accidents, she became paralyzed
and lost her eyesight. As her condition worsened,
she was approaching death and began preying to a nun
named Therese of Lisieux. On May 17th, 1925 Therese
of Lisieux was canonized as a saint and just days
after Therese Neumann was cured of all ailments. From there until her death in 1962, she consumed no food
except the holy Eucharist, not even water. Medical doctors and four Franciscan nurses routinely checked on her during this time. They confirmed that she consumed no more than one consecrated host a day, yet she suffered no
weight loss, ill effects, or even dehydration. But remember kids, this was a miracle. Don’t go all Jesus diet on yourself because you’re going to die. Yeah, don’t do it. Number nine is Apparition in Zeitoun. Beginning on April 2nd, 1968
supernatural apparitions of the virgin Mary began appearing in the Zeitoun district of
Cairo, Egypt and continued for a two to three year period. The first sighting only
lasted a few minutes, however over time the length and frequency of the apparitions grew. This events were witnessed
by millions of people with various faiths over this time span, making it one of the
most witnessed miracles of all time. The event was captured in
several videos and pictures and was even verified by several sources as a legitimate apparition. Now some skeptics say
that those who witnessed the event were predisposed to interpret the light shows as the virgin Mary because of religious background
or social expectation, but even if that’s true
I think they’re missing the point here. Big bright lights in the
sky shouldn’t be there, shouldn’t dismiss it,
definitely worth investigating. And number 10 is the Voice
of Saint Clelia Barbieri. Clecia Barbieri lived
between 1847 and 1870 in Bologna, Italy . Just two years after
doing so, in 1870 she died of tuberculosis, however since her death an unusual and unexplained occurences have often been reported
in homes and parishes that she frequented. Throughout the years, people
of various backgrounds have all reported hearing a voice that is unlike anything on this Earth. Look, this sounds lovely and I’m sure that these people may
or may not being hearing this voice, but if you hear voices, you should probably seek help. Especially if they tell
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back here next video. Bye!

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