1- Convoyage de Saint Cast à Arcachon – Avril 2015

1- Convoyage de Saint Cast à Arcachon – Avril 2015

– How are you Sabine? — yes very well — Everything is fine How are you Pierre? Slowly? can be OK eh? can be OK so … we left this morning from Saint Cast we passed Cape Fréhel we are in the direction of the island of Bréhat we have between 20 and 25 knots of wind a little swell We race with a boat we are far ahead Here we have seen dolphins behind there you will see everything far away
Cape Frehel good what is Pierre saying? can be OK
it can go Pierre huh It’s okay? Sabine? Everything is fine So that’s it we’re going to do a little surf across Hello there yeah Ready to tack? yeah! we turn! following the stall of the autopilot … we have to put the boat back on course It’s divided into textbooks and we happily exceed the 10 knots We anchor at the island of Bréhat and we deserved some rest and above all comfort thanks to a tide of cover we had a very quiet night failed alone and especially well horizontally on the foreshore of Corderie that we chose for its northern wind protection We leave this protective enclave at 9 am to reach our next destination 50 miles of navigation are waiting for us Contrary to the notice of fresh wind the day before the weather forecasts for today north wind more moderate which however will weaken again in the late morning and which for the moment forces us to draw some edges to get away from the coast We weave through the many rocks so characteristic of the north Brittany coast scrupulously respecting the markup our gps and valuable help but here sight navigation a permanent observation of the landmarks is our best security 5 knots of wind! we are super frustrated to have just 5/6 knots of wind so we have to market to the engine then the forecasters will have to review their copies it was not quite that they had planned so we’re halfway through between Bréhat and then Roscoff so quietly we finished sip our beer Sabine is hot it is a point to note she will not be long in taking out the swimsuit And so tell us something Sabine — she did not leave the hat — I find that the navigation is very calm and so it is much better apparently we had a little trouble yesterday the autopilot dropped us and we did an intervention by phoning our technician which allowed us to diagnose the problem so probably in Brest we will receive the piece that broke which will allow you to repair the autopilot as Roscoff approaches we cross the line of ferries connecting France and England Ports and marinas entrances especially the first times are among the most delicate maneuvers in navigation the new marina of Roscoff demands the greatest vigilance because the inner channel connecting the various pontoons is open to the north and south and therefore crossing and undergoing tidal currents go further Jacques! go a little further This is the first landing with the new boat and the crew is still looking for its marks but in a few days it will be perfectly perfected For our 3rd stage we only sail in the late morning to the reverse and currents who has here in north brittany pressque all the navigations are function tidal currents that can sometimes exceed 12 knots The day before we were able to repair our autopilot and everything went in order Today 40 MN are waiting to reach the port of aber wrac’h Above 7 knots the drift of the ferry or vibrates by emitting a thump when the cat purrs the speed is good Before each maneuver we prepare the coordination and the tasks of each teammate — we will go slowly We will border well and then after will gently
We are already a little bordered — We will bring the sail back to the center Not too bordered not to lie too much look at those! They are beautiful e The sea is well known it digs and our crew appreciates the small crêperies Breton ports For our fourth leg we will take six hours to reach Camaret in the Iroise Sea Of course passing by the famous channel of the oven and Pointe Saint-Mathieu With currents and a good wind load we will approach the 14 knots of speed It was at 5am to get up. Uinverselle time it means 7h at home We are moving at a good pace Pointe Saint-Mathieu and its lighthouse that we see at the bottom which is a major beacon of the French cause Arrival in Camaret and test of the cockpit loudspeakers An arrival in the middle of the afternoon gives us enough time to visit Camaret Jaza Bee II conciliation from Saint Cast le Guildo to Archachon On the program of our 5th stage: the raz de Sein Penmach Point the crossing of the archipelago of Glénans then to reach the island of Groix 5h45 am or widon the moorings and leave the port of Camaret it is still dark night this morning departure is imposed by the passage of the raz de Sein that we will have to cross the current backward that is between 8am and 9am Approaching the Sein raz our AIS alarm goes off a ship approaches us at more than 20 knots speed although it still seems very far visually our AIS alarm system tells us that the crossover point is expected in 20 minutes just at the right of raz de Sein it’s a ferry from spain heading to England funny idea to go through the breast rush the passengers need probably show After the tip of Penmarc’h we run straight on Glénans that we decide to cross through its center despite a water depth of just 1.5m and at the shallowest point the wind is rising as expected at 17 o’clock the Glénans are behind us and we have done 60 MN since this morning we still have 20 miles to go to Groix Island where you will arrive at dusk we are already looking forward to the good beer we are going to taste at Ti Beudeff the famous sea bistro in Port Tudy it’s well known when you go to Groix on bad faith The next morning as the day before we sail at dawn to reach the island of Yeu which is more than 73 nautical miles You will arrive there at 21h and like every evening we enjoy a good dinner always in the good mood Today April 25, 2015 is our last stop on our journey this stage will be the longest of all It will be 28 hours of navigation to make the 155 miles or nearly 290 km to reach our destination And that’s according to this tide schedule and the average speed of the boat provided by our routing software that we plan our departure from Port Joinville at 10 am We cast off and we already have a half hour late Fueling up for this big step Berthing of the pontoon fuel pumps is a good opportunity to test our bow thruster 200 liters gives you a range of 600 miles of navigation that the engine is about 1100 km (in reality it’s 130 liters or 700 km of autonomy) We expect to arrive in front of the basin phases the next day around noon an hour and a half before the lazy mayor of arcachon the weather is favorable and the height of the swell is not mutual aid it will be after two meters Everything looks right but in reality we are like that here are look here is the gas stove how it tends And there we see the water through the portholes And you see the cottage I show you almost 25 degrees of cottage So men! we all go back on the bridge Night has fallen Max took the first quarter and I will take over between 1am and 4am Pierre will take the last quarter until the day you turn on the light Arrived a few meters from the entrance of the basin levent is oriented to the south west and forces us to shoot edges closely this pace makes us lower our average and we decide to go straight to the engine passes in order not to fall behind To miss the schedule of the passes is to risk being refused entry by the semaphore of Cap Ferret which means going back to Royan or Port Médoc at the end of grave or spend a night at sea turning round At the level of the buoy entrance channel in the basin we do not miss the ritual of the photo with the famous sibilant in the background for Peter it is indeed his baptism said of the sibilant In the middle of the north pass we are under the supervision of cap ferret semaphore who are watching us with the binoculars We are happy to find our Pyla dune Here we are inside the basin the passes have been safely crossed we must still count 1h30 to reach the port of Arcachon where the wives of Max and Peter are waiting for us for lunch new departure in 2 weeks for a 3 months cruise in Spain

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  1. Raz de Sein – Ce n’est pas une question de « spectacle » mais un problème économique et environnemental. La Brittany a obtenu auprès de la préfecture maritime de Atlantique une dérogation lui permettant de ne plus emprunter le DST d’Ouessant (dispositif de séparation du trafic) qui faisait faire un large détour à ses navires. Cet aménagement a été testé puis autorisé par la Premar. Depuis, les navires de la Brittany gagnent du temps dans le Fromveur, consomment moins de carburant et polluent moins…

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