🗣 Red Dead Redemption 2 Alternative Saint Denis Horse Spawn Trick Lasso stranger Horse spawn 1.05

🗣 Red Dead Redemption 2 Alternative Saint Denis Horse Spawn Trick Lasso stranger Horse spawn 1.05

hi guys this is Vicky from Tales from
the trails this video is a little different from everything else somebody
has found a little trick to spawn pretty much every horse in the game that
includes like the the gang horses and common horses superior elite and even
horses which are not in the game quite astonishing really it is not as hard as
it looks and let’s get on with it we have our victim
um it’s a chestnut roan Tennessee Walker by the looks of it what we’re gonna do is get
our lasso we need that guy off the horse not the horse were after take him off
the horse and then we literally shoot him in the leg you want to make sure he
can’t run after us and he has to get a new horse so we run off until the red
duck turns into a cloud just like that and now he he will be riding after us I
don’t want to get a double-barrel shotgun let’s get a just get that wait for him to come back
there he is then it goes get the bus around and try and get the horse calming
the horse this looks like a black arabian middle of a thunderstorm and it
is literally the black arabian horse with the lure after me let’s head out
what we need to do is which we get the horse to bonded level one and then it’s
all yours simple as that and if you don’t want to
do it in an area with the law there are a couple places on the map such as
armadillo window law and there’s a place somewhere up north I believe as well so
it’s definitely worth doing it all there if you don’t get on a changed yeah we
now have this black Arabian news it went from a Tennessee walk to the black
Arabian and when you do this trick there’s like an unbelievable amount
horses you can get it is the alternative to the Sun Dini horse spawning location
which they patched up and this one definitely does work and I’ve done it
before and there’s been horses which aren’t even in the game like a smoky
black Nakota and it didn’t even have complete stats it didn’t have a gender
for example which was kind of cool so it is worth having a look and you can
stable these horses as well the horses can run a very long way and it takes a
bit longer to get the bonding level one there with
the horse so I hope you do find this video
interesting find it useful and it’s worth giving it a go well if you want
something a little bit different so it’s horse to bonded level one there we go go
here go to horse elite black Arabian overweight with superior handling it’s
definitely changed from whatever horse it was before thank you for watching I
hope you find this video useful and subscribe you you

64 Replies to “🗣 Red Dead Redemption 2 Alternative Saint Denis Horse Spawn Trick Lasso stranger Horse spawn 1.05”

  1. Great video. I wonder if anyone already found the Mahogany Bay Tennessee Walker or the Raven Black Shire using this method. You should be able to because you can even get unfinished ones, but I haven't been able to find them yet.

  2. So I wasn't crazy when I had folks chase me down on different horses.
    Watch them patch this instead of something that would improve the experience like the broken bounty system.

  3. For viewer convenience (for those unable to read the video description) this trick can be used ANYWHERE on the map.

    Lawless areas include: VAN HORN AND ARMADILLO.

  4. With that nakota, I think it’s Karen’s horse from story mode; I could be remembering wrong but I think hers looks like that so maybe that’s why it is kinda glitchy cuz it’s a gang horse.

  5. https://youtu.be/_MEm4KFIBZo
    I suspected this game mechanic would work anywhere, but never tested it – Well discovered!

  6. Can you get the reverse dapple black thoroughbred through this method if you don't have the special edition content? Also, I only seem to get males, did you ever get a female? Need muh Boadicea II

  7. You know if this still works? I shoot to the leg everytime but they still go after me walking instead spawning a horse :c


    This glitch DOES work. I got the rose grey bay Arabian doing it. I suggest you do this in a place with less people so you don’t have witnesses. I also got the tiger striped bay mustang, white Arabian, black Arabian, Missouri Fox trotter, silver turkoman, and many weird gang horses. I’m not sure why but you can no longer stable or sell a horse that is normally not in story mode. 😄

  9. I’m not sure this is still working… I’ve done it about a dozen times now and only get morgan’s, Tennessee Walkers, etc.

  10. Notes:

    • Be sure to have high stamina, health and honor. (For lassoing the horse, maybe getting shot at, and losing the honor by killing the police)

    • If you have low honor, try greeting people nicely in a town to strengthen your honor before you do this

    • Use a faster horse (like a Missouri Fox Trotter or an Arabian) to spawn higher-stat horses. They’ll spawn more frequently because they need to catch up to you. I’m currently using the Amber Champagne Fox Trotter

    • Be patient. There’s a lot of breeds in the game— and adding that there’s many coat colors as well (plus ones kit usually in game)— so it’ll take a lot of time just trying to get one turkoman or Arabian!

    • This does work in online, but you can’t stable the horses becuase you have to buy it yourself

    • If you get a gang horse, you can’t stable it. It will usually spawn with its name.

    • I hope this helped someone!

  11. Before this I was messing around and killing people and I came across Falmouth different method but I wish I could stable it

  12. Does Arthur’s first ever horse that passed away during black water spawn I forgot her name but it started with a b.

  13. does it matter what gaming console u have? i have the xbox one and i dont get many glitches on it so i hope that doesnt affect the horse spawns

  14. For those that have the leg shooting problem you don’t need to shoot them in the leg.. When you first lasso them off their horses they will follow you instead of shooting. All you need to do is shoot in the air and then they will shoot you and then ride away and come back (dont look back when riding away and go the oppisite direction of the other dudes horse)

  15. The reason he only follows you and doesnt spawn on a horse is because one you are looking back which you aren’t supposed to do and two he isnt shooting

  16. This is when you finish the game. there is a way to have any horse you want in chapter 2 after update you just need to finish the mission paying a social call and go to kamp and save game, turn off auto save, then when you ride next time to walentine odriscols will atack you, then you start running and when they come after you they will have all horses in the game, so if they dont have the horse you want just load the game and start over, but when you go to walentine you must go on the road just like when you go on that mission with uncle and girls from camp.

  17. Genuinely about to give up. Iv spawned every single horse in the game, in all coats minus Arthur’s shire horse, the mahogany bay TW and Buell (which I’m 99.9% certain don’t spawn anyway) multiple times. Spent all week doing it and yet I can’t get the rose grey Arabian to spawn… iv spawned the black and white ones over 10 times EACH. I don’t understand why it won’t spawn 😠

  18. This method may have been patched with 1.06. Instead try the following spawn method.

    RDR2: Using the law to spawn gang horses & more! 1080p HD Red Dead redemption 2 https://youtu.be/WJaKLC_Apkk

  19. Has it been patched ? I can only spawn Tennessee walkers, Morgans and other low tier horses I was doing the exploit before the update and spawned Arabians and Gang Horses.

  20. Excuse me but is this glitch patched? I’ve tried it a bunch of times, but the npc keeps spawning a morgan or kentucky sadler, i want it to work so bad because im broke and im tired of my horse.

  21. hi there I am doing this horse glitch on my second playthrough and I'm not getting horses that I use to get in the first playthrough I'm doing everything right in this horse glitch and no luck .. what am I doing wrong ? please help !!!

  22. Is this working on PC? I've tried this in chapter 2 for several hours. The technique works, but so far it mostly spawns Morgans and nothing special. Was hoping to get a Black Arabian or something better than the White Arabian I can tame in chapter 2 but so far no dice.

  23. Been doing this for a year . . . Its always worked. Different replacement horses spawn in different areas. Head up around Owanjila and you can get the rose gray arabian or silver dapple pinto.

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