🔴SINACH: nous explique comment est ce que le saint esprit agit en elle

🔴SINACH: nous explique comment est ce que le saint esprit agit en elle

my gospel peopleeeeee … Bienvenue dans le Gospel inside infos Today
we will travel a little we leave the congo kinshasa to put our bags on the nigeria side and you know why? Because
the red carpet is rolled out today to welcome the number one gospel of the female gente The international lady, the number one of the Africa Gospel SINACH (Applause) from his real name OSINACH Sinach
was born on March 30 in Lagos and is the second of a fratterie of seven children she is studying in the state of rivers south of nigeria and like the majority of singer she had been singing since her early childhood the click was when she made this dream she saw herself one day where she saw herself one day change people’s lives by singing in front of numbers people from different nations and language. His father has been always prohibit her from doing career in music but everything starts to take shape when she gets into a relationship with the pastor televangelist,, author chris Oyakhilome of the chris Ambassy church thereafter, she becomes responsible for the choir in this church of more than 40 thousand people she also reveals in an interview that many people have very beautiful voices, but it is the comunication of the spirit of God that makes the difference His secret is that she took his time to comunicate with the spirit of God on the way that he leads it through speaking in tongues Sinach had the privilege of witnessing the erosion of the Holy Spirit of the Holy Spirit
and amazing miracles in people’s lives while practicing music As taught by his pastor mentor Chris (Singing) author, composer and performer she has written over 300 songs the most popular of which is I KNOW WHO I AM it is also known worldwide because of his song Rejoice the name of jesus Awesome God jESUS IS ALIVE or This is your season title that won the song of the year award in 2008 over the years, she won several awards which LIMA award for his exceptional contribution to the gospel music the prize of the artist of the year in West Africa By Groove Award in Kenya and also sundries price for his work of praise and worship in his church in 2007 2008 and 2009 about his personal life sinach is a pastor’s wife and married since 2014 to the servant of God pastor in the ministry of love of believers Joseph Egbu ahh…..that’s saying in any case,at the time when you listen to this video the holy spirit continues to impact lives and to heal the sick through his voice stay abundantly blessed and we say to the next video mostly,don’t forget to subscribe click on the notification bell to receive the next videos directly on your email box Walks whith JESUS guys kisssssss

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  1. 1er commentaire hihaaaa =D merci pour la video gospel inside..pour ma part je dirai que c'est la meilleur.comme elle l'a si bien dit c'est le saint esprit qui fait tout,le Seigneur travaille puissament au travers de cette femme.que Dieu te benisse maman

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