💅 Jezebel is PASTORING your church? | Discernment of Spirits Pt. 3

Hey fam, it’s Rachel today on Crack Your Bible We are talking about Jezebel in the book of Revelation at the Church of Thyatira for part three of our series on the Jezebel spirit now before we get started make sure you hit Subscribe, with a Bell, with the Parentheses So you’re notified of a new gospel message Because of course Satan and YouTube and Google they’re one in the same But they do not want you to know the gospel, and they will never notify you of a new gospel message unless you Subscribe, with a Bell, with a parenthesis, so let’s get it started Well, I know y’all have noticed what has been going on on my site because from Thursday to Tuesday, We’ve gained sixteen thousand new subscribers here on crack your Bible, praise Jesus praying in tongues works thank you God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for everything that you’re doing. But I want you guys to know like no joke. This is just in like a whirlwind Just dealing with going from like being a really small Channel to like this is a pretty good-sized channel now like twenty thousand people like that’s a lot of people Oh, 24,000 25,000. So anyway, oh my gosh this weekend. I woke up to like 6,000 comments that I had to approve. I’m not even being facetious and I had to approve them manually, so I’m like click,click,click,click…….. And the computer like could not keep up. So they were stuff just stuff getting deleted. I was like, oh my God I hope that wasn’t like a good comment or something So just know like if your comment accidently got deleted it was not my intention. I don’t hate you It’s just there’s just so much garbage that people post and it’s just like what Bible are you reading? I mean I you sit here and you think How do you even have the confidence to write this stuff like you act like you studied under Gamaliel and your exegesis is just wonderful and people are like Satan doesn’t have come but he He impregnated Eve and Adam and Noah slept with his own daughters And that’s why Canaan came and raped Noah and I’m just like what Bible are you reading? Like people? What are you talking about? And but that’s not even including all the crazy comments that come from like the vegans of the Christian community You know the people they always have to tell you that they’re vegan even in like completely unrelated scenarios These are the vegans of the Christian community KJV only-est, the flat-earthers and the black Hebrew Israelites that are gonna oh You eat a mite woman slave Nephilim hybrid. How dare you speak about know what and I’m just like What what what what what what like what are you talking about? But of course whenever you get all these crazy comments You’re going to get comments about the Jezebel spirit, I mean all day Every day I get comments about the Jezebel spirit Which is why we’re talking about this because you cannot go out as a woman and go fulfill the Great Commission Without some troglodyte telling you you have a Jezebel spirit on you You have a Jezebel spirit, I rebuke even and it’s just like are you on drugs? Are you insane? Oh please women stop teaching people about Jesus That’s called the spirit of Antichrist people like let’s get some discernment but you know, we’ve already talked about what is the works that people call a Jezebel spirit and they’re not actually a spirit. They’re just the works of the flesh that people are blaming on spirits. So we already talked about that in part one I’ll put that right up here you need to go watch that and then secondly people don’t even know the story of Jezebel because when I said There’s no such thing as a Jezebel spirit in the Bible People are like listing every verse that has the word Jezebel in it. And it’s like yeah, that is a person named Jezebel That’s not a spirit named Jezebel Now the word for spirit in Hebrew is ru’ach, like ru’ach Elohim the Holy Spirit and then in Greek Which the New Testament was written in much to your surprise. It wasn’t actually written in 1611 King James English It was actually written in Koine Greek, common Greek. I know very shocking for many of you Jesus did not speak Shakespearean English. I know very shocking but the Greek word for spirit is Pneuma Do we see Jezebel and ru’ach anywhere in the Bible? No, do we have Pneuma and Jezebel anywhere in the Bible? Nope, it is a real person and so often people don’t even understand the story because all the sudden you have this crazy doctrine of demons about makeup when it was just like the entire story is about idolatry. Stop practicing idolatry. Christian’s today they’re involved in idolatry, but you take one verse, out of context where it’s like, hey Jezebel didn’t know that she was gonna die. She was getting ready that morning She’s going out to meet somebody, she put on her eye makeup, and then she goes to this guy all of a sudden now It’s oh if you wear makeup, then you’re Jezebel spirit. It’s just like can you just shut up, please like Stop, stop, like this is just doctrines of demons so anyway, let’s talk about the third part because whenever you see there’s no such thing as Jezebel spirit all of a sudden oh, but Revelations now remember you need to check out 1 & 2 and if you haven’t checked out 1 & 2 if you don’t have the time to watch why don’t you you don’t have time to comment on this video. So you either watch 1 & 2 or don’t comment out of this video. I will know and I will not approve your comments So anyway, let’s talk about the Jezebel spirit at the Church of Thyatira But before we can do that, let’s get the backstory on what is going on at Thyatira now what you might not know is that John the only apostle that was never martyred He died of old age in exile on the island of Patmos the Greek island of Patmos He wrote the book of Revelation Jesus gave him a vision and he wrote it down and Jesus had something to say the seven churches in Asia Which is now modern-day Turkey Islamic Turkey. He had some things to say to these Christian churches that were in Asia and we’ve already talked about the Church of Laodicea in my video about Jesus says that he will vomit lukewarm Christians out of his mouth. He can watch that video right up here. But anyway, um Not only do we have the church at Laodicea But we have the Church of Thyatira, now Thyatira was the smallest church in the Book of Revelations But it also had the longest letter, so don’t think just gives you a little God doesn’t see what’s going on Oh, you know there’s other people out there that are doing worse No, Jesus knows what you’re doing and he has something to say about it because we see that at Thyatira It was like a working-class City and it was like many small cities Run by the unions or the guilds. It was a trade guild. So if you’re into like leather working or pottery or Dyeing fabric like Lydia who funded Paul’s ministry. She was from Thyatira She she lived in Philippi, but she’s from Thyatira You know they would be a part of a guild and the modern equivalent is a Union, so you have like this Teamsters Union or here in Vegas, You have the taxicab Union or the Teachers unions like these are very powerful entities that pretty much run Everyday life for people if you are good with your trade guild or your union you’re good to go But when you’re on the outs with them I good luck feeding your family like you are on the outs Now one of these trade unions or trade guilds is actually mentioned in acts 19 and this is in a different City Ephesus one of the other seven churches and it gives us kind of an insight as to What these trade guilds did now there was a man named Alexander and Ephesus and he was a metalworker. Um, And they made idols of Artemis. Now, every single city would have like a patron God and Ephesus. It was Artemis and Thyatira, it was Apollos and When Paul came preaching the gospel he but hey if people stopped buying idols We’re not gonna have a job. So they basically tried to put Paul to death Over this I mean, he’s lucky he made it out alive but they were able to rile the whole city up and almost murder Paul and I think that is very important to note and it was specifically because they had the kind of power that they do and it was all about You know, we’re going to lose our job. We’re not going to be able to sell idols anymore and they’re disrespecting the goddess Artemis Who’s worshipped throughout all of Asia So like wise in Thyatira , you still have these guilds except this is not as fancy of a town as Ephesus but it’s more working-class and their God is Apollos and they call him the son of god the Coins in the town say this son of God and we know who is the son of God the King of Kings Lord of lords Is Jesus Christ so anyway What these trade guilds would have is not only would they worship Apollos but they would also have their patron Saints of different things now. We we kind of touched on this in our voodoo donuts video There’s gonna be so many links just go down in the description box. They will all be down there. But um, I Talked about the Lowa that voodoo doughnuts had of different African gods like Ogun or oceanus on their walls and these are like patron saints like that iron or water or things like that likewise in in Asia they had these patron saints of different sorts of Trades and you also see this in Catholicism like oh if you’re gonna sell a house you buy a st Joseph statue and you bury it in your yard upside down. I mean, it’s the same paganism Catholic Greek or whatever. It’s it’s no different. It is literally all the same sort of paganism so in These trade guilds what they would do is they would take care of you I mean that’s basically your family ride or die kind of thing And then you would also come together you’d eat you’d have orgies you’d worship this God all sorts of crazy stuff Okay. Well, that’s kind of a problem If you’re a Christian because now your work and your religion are intertwined so if you want to be a leather worker or if you want to dye fabric, or if you want to be a baker or Whatever you’re gonna be a part of this union But this union is doing things that you know that you’re not supposed to do Now Thyatira a had a small Church there and We see that Thyatira they had the love thing down whereas the other churches Not so much but at Thyatira they’re all about like we love everybody we love we loving you’re doing community works and you know what they weren’t good at doing? Loving Jesus because they had such a heart for people Oh They’re a lover of people that they forget that they’re supposed to be a lover of Jesus if they’re supposed to be a lover of the truth We’re not talking about like a sexually lover you’re not you’re not dating Jesus. We’ve already talked about that as well But now you’re supposed to love Jesus more than everything If you love your your mother your father your sister your brother your sons and daughters more than you love Jesus You’re not worthy of Jesus. He tells us this and unfortunately the the Church of Thyatira their heart was for the lost But in doing this seeking the lost its letting the Holy Spirit go out and work through them. They themselves were led astray and into idolatry Now what’s important to note is that there was a woman in the church and it specifically says yenaka She’s the object of the verb this woman and Jesus calls her Jezebel now, that wasn’t her name. It’s kind of like when you have a kid you like Okay, wake up sleeping beauty or if somebody’s working hard and go. Okay, Cinderella These people are possessed by a demon it’s just they have the same attributes as These characters these fairytale characters except Jezebel was like a real person So there is an actual woman and the way it’s written in the Greek It’s like she is the wife of a leader like most likely the head of the church at Thyatira So she is in a position of power and she’s using her position to call herself a prophetess But she’s leading people into sexual immorality and eating food sacrifice to idols God has a problem with this So what he says is and this is how you know, it’s not a spirit. He says I’ve given her time to repent spirits can’t repent Spirits and demons cannot repent They’re spirits, human beings can repent, human beings can turn away They can come into agreement with God, a demon, an evil spirit cannot do this. So yeah, there was no evil spirit on this woman it was the works of the flesh within her and she’s just using her power in her authority to tell people hey I’m a prophetess and it’s okay to do these things Jesus specifically mentions in his letter this is how he starts it out he says and to the Angel of the church at Thyatira the words of the Son of God who has eyes like Flames of fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze says this I know your works. I Want you to understand something here the words of the Son of God he is directly Telling them it’s not Apollo. That’s the son of God. I’m the son of God. OG, son of God right here is Jesus Christ. So we see that he’s upset because it gives us two clues this is that his eyes are like flames of fire and his feet are like burnished bronze, burnished bronze is a Symbol of judgment in the Bible. Jesus is pissed! He is furious! He said I’m the son of God and I’m here to judge to this church And he goes on to say he says I know your works your love and faith and service and patient endurance and that your latter works are They they’ve exceeded the first but and here’s but… but I have this against you that you tolerate This woman Jezebel, you make a Jezebel Who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing My servants to practice sexual immorality? and to eat food sacrificed to idols So, where in there does it talk anything about the whole Psychiatric handbook about all the things. Oh, oh Jezebel always does this and this and this she paints her eyes and wears joy, does it say any of that anywhere in Scripture? She leads people into sexual immorality and food sacrifice to idols again, it’s all about idolatry period Period that’s it. That’s it. And we see the same thing today. Oh love and Tolerance and you can celebrate all of these pagan holidays because that’s not what it means to me, God You know that when we worship the Son of God You know our hearts it’s really about us worshipping you but you know We have to put food on our table and everything else and it’s just like you guys it’s no different than the people today God has his specific holidays its September right now. We’re coming up on the day that Jesus was conceived There’s like a one-week window that he could have been conceived. We’ve already talked about that when Jesus was born There’s so much symbolism and God’s holidays at all point to Jesus yet Christians are so worried about what the world thinks and Loving the world and trying to reach the loss their own way instead of the Holy Spirit’s way, that they end up falling into idolatry And it is no different than the Church of Thyatira They did the same thing and was Jesus happy with it? Did he say? Shucks, you guys, you know, I know your heart. I know you have to live. No, he’s pissed off. That’s why he’s like My eyes are like fire my feet are like burnished bronze I gave that woman time to repent and this is what he says he says behold I gave her time to repent but she refuses to repent of her sexual immorality Behold, I will throw her into a sickbed and those who commit adultery with her. I will throw into Great Tribulation Unless they repent of her works people Repent of the idolatry that is what you’re supposed to be doing repent of the idolatry Oh, it’s okay for us to celebrate these things. Oh, you know God is love God loves everything. So do what thou wilt Stop it. This is straight Idolatry you guys you can turn away God has given you time and time again to repent but so many people like this woman Do they repent? No, they refuse to repent? Oh, that’s not what it means to me Oh, God knows my heart about my children. Oh, but my family Oh, but my co-workers. They’re gonna be so mad. If we don’t do these holidays who cares who what about what Jesus wants What about following Jesus if you love Jesus you’ll take up your cross and you’ll follow him Because if you love anybody else more than Jesus you’re not worthy of him So again you have time to repent Jezebel was sent sign, after sign, after sign, after sign, after sign Did she repent? No water for three years, you know eight hundred prophets being put to the sword, did she repent? Coming after Neboth and then she was called up or did she repent? No Likewise when you have your sin pointed out to you, what do you do? Oh Well, I don’t really like you. Oh, you’re you’re mean. Oh, you’re judgmental stop This is a warning God is trying to get through to you to tell you you need to turn away from Your sin you need to repent Like the people at Thyatira you need to repent because if you don’t he goes on to say and I will if you you continue and you don’t repent Not only will you be thrown into great tribulation, But your children I will strike her children dead and all the churches will note that I am the one who searches the mind in the heart and I will give to Each one of you according to your works you say God knows your heart Yeah, he knows your heart and it’s not because I’m doing this because I love God and I have a heart for this but no it’s because you are just like the church at Laodicea you want to be in the world. You have the works of the flesh in you where you want to engage in idolatry you like these things that’s why you continue to do it because you love the things of this world more than you love God and if you say otherwise Why aren’t you doing what God wants you to do if you love God you’ll do his will if you love God You’ll obey Him if you love God, you’ll feed his sheep You’ll go out and you’ll go do the Great Commission and you can’t dine at the table of demons and dine at the table of the lord, you can’t Take of both you have to choose one and people Understand, you know, if you want to continue in your idolatry you are going to be in for a rude awakening on Judgment Day when Jesus says I never knew you oh, but Jesus we did this. Oh Jesus Depart from me you workers of lawlessness. I never need you People I don’t want this for you I want you to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves And so often we care more about our standing in the world Than we do about what God has to say and what he wants us to do we have a job to do we don’t have time to play these mickey mouse games just dicking around all the time and Oh, well, I just like doing these things and oh my family. Oh if you think this is hard, how hard do you think It’s gonna be when all of a sudden the Antichrist shows up and for all you pre-trib people sit down because it says first the tribulation and then the seventh Trump so it’s just like if your kids sick and Burnt up with fever or measles or any sort of disease diphtheria, cholera and you can’t get medicine because you don’t have the mark What do you think that you’re going to do? Do you don’t think that that’s not going to be hard you think that’s not gonna be hard when you’re starving to death everyone thinks that it’s gonna be like Oh the walking dead and oh my friends and I are just gonna have a Christian community You think the beast system isn’t going to check the county register for who owns property and just go wrangle y’all up? nobody is going to be able to buy or sell this is a Changing of your entire DNA. I know Gonz Shimura from Face Like the Sun talks about this or People are going to want to die. They won’t even be able to kill themselves because it all deals with nephelim Transhumanism you are going to be completely changed It’s not something that you accidentally do it something that you actively do So there’s not going to be any of these like people that take pity on you that they’ve taken the mark But you had no you are enemy numero uno if you don’t have the mark and if you think it’s hard telling your friends and your family, hey I’m not going to engage in this idolatry anymore Guess what? It’s gonna get a whole lot harder when the Beast shows up when the Antichrist shows up So you need to practice today, and I’ve already talked about this in them You’ll take the mark in the Beast video people. I want you to understand. It’s always been about idolatry It’s 100 percent always been I about idolatry We see that in the scriptures with this Jezebel. It says you make a Jezebel Does it say ru’ach the Hebrew word for spirit in Jezebel? No to say Pneuma and Jezebel. No That is the Greek word for spirit So neither the Hebrew or the Greek word for spirit is present with the word Jezebel yet people Constantly talk about all this Jezebel Spirit its makeup and joy, no, it’s 100% about your your works of your flesh the Idolatry that’s in your own heart and how you want to follow the things of the world instead of in doing the things of God And I’m so tired of people making doctrine out of things that aren’t doctrine and ignoring scriptural doctrine altogether Don’t practice idolatry people ignore that all the time. Well, let’s celebrate every holiday Forget God’s days, but you know, we’re going to make doctrines about lipstick and jewelry and you know How you wear your hair? And it’s just like people come on The story about Jezebel has always 1,000% Been strictly about idolatry and I see that Christians today are no different than the Church of Thyatira, you know Actually, they’re no different than all the churches and you know, what happened to all those churches they’re in ruins None of those churches exist today Turkey is a Muslim country and we had seven strong churches Strong enough to you know be mentioned in the bible scripture forever God’s Word that endures forever Those churches no longer exist because this is what happens when you want to compromise with the world this is what happens when you want to engage in idolatry and Setting yourself apart and not heeding the words of Jesus when you want to ignore doctrine instead of you know, man’s legalism and I want you to wake up because you know you can talk all you want about jewelry and makeup, but That’s not a spirit. That’s your own flesh. That’s your own pride. That’s your own just You are looking for something to argue with instead of taking control of your own flesh maybe you have a problem with lust maybe you have a problem with pride or Feelings of inadequacy and you take that out on other people and I just see how so many people are trying to shut down Women who are trying to go out and preach the gospel Like they were told to do. We see women like we already talked about Deborah. She was a judge of Israel we Miriam she was a prophetess Huldah she was a prophetess, you know The first person that saw Jesus before he was dedicated at the temple was a woman, Anna, she had waited all of her life and she was ministering at the temple who were the first people to be told of Jesus’s resurrection it was women so they went out and he who Shared their faith. I mean the book of Corinthians was written to Chloe’s people She was the head of the church at Corinth. So it’s just like people what are you doing making up all of these crazy doctrines while ignoring God’s command to not practice Idolatry, you know, we do this with our own holidays where it’s like you’re eating the turkey and breaking the wishbone you have the cornucopia which comes from Zeus and then You know cookies for Santa and trick-or-treating and it’s just like does it ever end? Do you not see how these are Sacrifices? These food offerings you’re engaging in the same food sacrifice to idols that these people are doing the same sexual immorality that they do People today do the church is the one that’s sitting there playing Oh, yeah, love is love, love is love, love is love, wake up Christians. I see your works. It’s great that you’re loving It’s great that you have a heart for people and service, but don’t let your heart for people override your heart for Jesus Because he is coming to judge He is a King with a kingdom and he is coming very soon And I want you to be ready so that when you see Jesus, he doesn’t say depart from me you workers of lawlessness I never knew you I want him just say well done my good and faithful servant So, that’s all that I wanted to share with you. I hope you will Like, Subscribe and Share and I’ll talk to you later. Bye

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