🇮🇳 Dalit Muslims of India | Al Jazeera World

🇮🇳 Dalit Muslims of India | Al Jazeera World

India the second most populous country in the world for centuries its social class structure was built around a rigid Hindu class or caste system. caste was abolished over 50 years ago. But it’s legacy is still felt in modern Indian society. The Hindu population, around 84% of a total 1.4 billion total people is still influenced by the four main traditional casts though there are many subjects within each. Brahmins are the priestly class. Kshatriya the warrior class. Vaishya are the merchant class. and Shudra the working class. But below all of these, outside the four main caste groups are other social groups, including the Dalits: the oppressed. They are social outcasts and they do the most menial work and often live in conditions hardly fit for human habitation. Such is the desperation of some Dalits that they sometimes convert from Hinduism to other faiths, including islam. They hope to escape discrimination by other Hindus and to become accepted by their new religious community. Any person or every citizen of this country under article 25 of the constitution has a right to acknowledge, practice, propagate the religion of his choice. Typically, Dalits live in areas like this shantytown in Mumbai. People here belong to the washermen community. known as dhobies and they often share the same surname which clearly identifies them as outside the caste class Some of these dhobies have converted to Islam. Among them Rakesh who has changed his name to Ali Kanojia Some Hindu Dalits believe converting to other religions will help them escape the prejudices of the caste system. It’s not a new phenomenon.

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  1. This is cheap propoganda in india today Prime minister of India is of very low Dalit background is Modi and President of india is ram nath kovind is of very backward Dalit family. Time is changing .

  2. Brahman's is the only community which is responsible for the division in society. This whole community is sucking the blood of Indian people. They are indulging in their divisive activities in great force still today.

  3. Can a black African man or dalit woman or Chinese or Filipino become a Pope?? Can a woman talaq a man?? Will a white tall Arab Muslim marry a dark skinned Tamil Muslim?? There is no equality in christianity and Islam

  4. Good job Ali, we were equal..
    Only idiot said he was superior😜
    Been there,HAHARASTRA better muslim than ours👍🇲🇨

  5. Nafees you are the chosen one, rise yourself above everybody especially the ones who treated you bad. Now, God is with you, you found the truth and Almighty God is with you. Don't worry about others, talk to GOD all the time and you will feel so happy.



  8. I am hindu and i am happy for my dalit brother who converted to islam . I am a sudra and I wish i was brave enough to convert to islam . As a sudra i feel like i am inferior and upper castes are superior race . Hope oneday all my sudra brothers get together and convert or leave hinduism and free themselves from lower caste and to be called sudra

  9. एक आदमी ने कहा मुझे कुछ नही मिलता है। नौकरी नही मिलती बच्चो की फीस माफ नही होती है। मगर कोई गम नही। यही बात "गम नही" इस्लाम है। ये जमीन अल्लाह की है जिसको चाहे दे जब चाहे लेले कोई गम नही

  10. its fake propaganda, they are not newly convert, they sound and look muslim since long and dalits mostly convert to buddhism, sikhism and christianity, islam is radical nobody likes it

  11. Before they accepting muslim they are dalit after they accepting muslim now he is only a muslim and not an dalit or Hindu…

    U idiot change the thumbnail 😑😑

  12. Those who were labelled as Dalits and tortured by Bhramins and so called higher castes, just remember this verse..

    Allah will suffice you against them..
    Holy Qur'an 2:137

  13. I live in India but I never saw or met dalit Muslims……I want to meet some of them if they actually exist…….

  14. India may be an old civilization but they are far from civilized. They are backward and ignorant as a whole. I doubt they’ll become a progressive nation, they are stuck in their old ways.

  15. I was in Turkey in the late 1950's so many muslim people. We in USA had negro slaves which was ended with our civil war which ended in 1865. President Truman got rid of segregation in our military so I think he was our best President. I hope these converts to Islam do not listen to the fanatics who propose Holy War or Jihad.

  16. Dr Bharatsinh Rajput
    3000 हजार साल पहले मोजेस आये बोले में ईश्वर का दूत हु
    2100 साल पहले ईसू आये बोले में इश्वर का दूत हु
    1400 साल पहले महम्मद आये और बोले में अल्लाह का दूत हु
    मगर 5500 साल पहले श्री कृष्ण आये और भरे मैदान में बोले कि में कोई दूत या अंश नही हु में खुद इश्वर हु,पहले भी अब भी बाद भी सिर्फ में हु मेरे आगे कोई नही में सबका बाप हु बाकी मेरे बच्चे,,कुछ बच्चे नालायक होते है उन्हें बाप की शक्ती उसका सामर्थ्य सहन नही होता तो अलग हो जाते है,,,बस ये ईसाई बिगड़ैल बच्चा और मुस्लीम बिगड़ैल नही मगर ऐसी औलाद जो बेदखल कर दी गई जैसे कोई बाप अपनी औलाद को बेदखल कर देते है

  17. Verily God created all human from a father and mother, and by your nature you live in families and tribes, so you have your identity so that you may know one another but not fight and the best among you who is the most righteous in you in deeds and who fear most from Allah and Allah knows the good doer(surah aj hujrat, 13)

  18. Neither any Arab is superior than non Arab nor any fair is superior than black man, the best is who is the most righteous in you. (Hadees)

  19. These your sir names don't mean you are better than others, you are absolutely equal, and are brothers(hadees)

  20. Al Jazeera ie not showing the journalism. It is propagating the particular religion in a romantized way

  21. I'm not Muslim but Hinduism is a very backward religion. The caste system is ridiculous and India will never progress with Hinduism.

  22. " And we have divided you in to different tribes and different colours NOT that you may despise each other But so that you may RECOGNISE each other " Al Quran .
    There is no such thing as low cast or high cast in ISLAM Alhamdulillah , we are all Humans . cast, colour and creed don't mean nothing in our beloved ISLAM.

  23. Dalits Hindus are given government job for free, scholarshps, resrvation in jobs and universities
    How and why Hindu dalits would change their religion oh Jihadi channel ?
    Interviews are फेक3 fake because these persons had always been a devout Muslim not Dalit😊😊
    Al Taqiah

  24. As an Indian Muslim myself, I say Alhamdulillah that the Almighty ALLAH (SWT) guided the Dalits to the right religion. But….warning.


  25. Where's spirituality in all these ? where is the love for Allah ? the first guy who is interviewed makes his egotistical intention so clear, saying he wants people to know he converted . who are they fooling ? they are making a mockery of the Islamic faith and spirituality in the worst way . but again we have to look at their education level, unfortunately they'll always be discriminated against , no matter whatever identity they adopt. so much for the Ummah .

  26. God made human and Human made casts! but in Islam has no cast every knowledgeable normal human being became leader or Imam in Masjad

  27. Bhai tere paas paisa h to jaake building khareed. Padh likh achi naukri le. Chutiye saale galat soch. Tu kya chahta h sarkar degi tuzhe paisa aur ghr. Bhai iss layak bano ki duniya ka nazariya badle tumhe dekhne ka. Maderchodo tumhe pura reservation diya h ab b ro rhe ho .

  28. There is nothing called dalit Muslim….the dalit converted to Islam for equality isn't it so how is he dalit and untouch able

  29. Agar musalim india m nh aate to daliton ke halat bhut khrab hoti upper caste hindu humko jeene nh dte y sch h

  30. Dont say them dalit they are our brothers and sisters now
    love and respect to all my muslim indian brothers and sisters from Afganistan

  31. They have reverted to other religions because their own religion Hinduism didn't give them any sort of respect. They were considered extremely inferior among Hindu's races .But in front of Allah the superior is who is more pious and noble

  32. There is no religion called hindu… british used to called hindu who spoke hindi after india got independence bhramins thought that they were in fewer number so they added obc /st/sc into hindu.. bhramins feared if all the obc/st/sc are converted into other religion their existence would be in danger as they would be in minority and easy can be targeted.. and therefore they dont want other sc/st/obc to change religion..

  33. This TV channel is banned various country ,now I understand why creation of caste system in India in by Muslim invaders because he can't win war against all Hindu ,they ruled in India 700mores year

  34. I'm an indian muslim. If he was a dalit before and if he converted to my religion he is not "dalit muslim" but Muslim my brother.

  35. As a Brahmin, i dont look down on Dalits or anyone. If someone did so, I'm sorry.

    Poverty and difficulty breed tribalism, and inferiority complexes. This is why you see these divisions, which persist beyond in converts even after leaving the Hindu dharma.

    Hinduism does not place any value in birth, even if many Hindu people do. It is a product of an oppressed and impoverished people who have suffered 1000 years. Hopefully, in time, caste will fade from this superficial meaning and people will find their individual paths for the betterment of society and self.

  36. Why cannot we Indians Pakistanis Bangladeshi people marry Arab princesses or normal Arab women. I will accept Islam if there is no hypocrisy in Arabs. Its easier to defame others look at your hypocrisy first al jazeera will you people make documentary on indian people marrying Arabian women . How about documentary on plight of South asians in Arabian countries. Also why doesn't Qatar give citizenship to fellow ummah.

  37. I want to say to our brothers and sisters so called low caste(dalit) that by changing your religion to any other religion it's does not eliminate your problem while you have to fight with the society with your own identity..

  38. Islam is the only religion that is from Allah Almighty that speaks for equality, human rights, respect and everything. Proud to be Muslim.

  39. Dalits are hard working people. Dalits are kept away from natural resources like water, land. Not allowed to build pakka ( proper) house. Still government and social mechanism don't allow Dalits to purchase land and built pakka house.

  40. Ali 🙏 respect you.
    Our's is sanskriti way of life. We never divided into religions. We respect every religion🙏🙏

  41. Dàlit and shudra are same class and not seperate. Please study properly when you prepare such a important contents

  42. Feel so proud for such Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam. Allah will reward them according to His Sha'n. Aameen

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