✝️ Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe – A life of significance!

✝️ Saint Maximilian Mary Kolbe – A life of significance!

My man Saint Maximilian Kolbe did you know that he was stricken with tuberculosis almost his entire adult life perpetually
sick constantly sick it never slowed him down he traveled not only across Europe he
traveled to Japan and China and India and everywhere he went everywhere he
went no matter where he would somehow find some sneaky way of putting a
miraculous medal on people you could be a Nazi soldier and he put a miraculous
medal on you but Jew and he tell you about our lady and our Lord everywhere
he went he impacted people’s lives in 1939 when Hitler bombed Warsaw he also
bombed Napoleonov which is the city of Our Lady which is the monastery
of st. Maximilian Kolbe a did you know that it was the largest monastery in the
history of the world there were over 700 men there most of which were brothers
not priests they were brothers they had over 150 of postulates and when they
bombed Max said brothers go home find your families protect them be safe do
you know how many men refused to leave because Max wasn’t leaving this is a man
who said he wanted to change the world and introduce everyone to the Immaculate
Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Christ he printed over a million
newspapers had a plane delivered them in multiple languages across Europe had a
radio station to communicate the Gospel message and in 39 when they bombed his
monastery Napoleonov he said you know what the Nazis aren’t going to
let me print anymore because they shut him down by the way he was arrested more
than once most people don’t know that they think of the one time he made it
off to the prison he was arrested initially early on and he was sent to a
camp do you know when they arrested him in the SS arrested in that first time
more than 40 people wrote letters begging the SS
to take them and release Maximilian Kolbe could you imagine if I was
arrested today my own children wouldn’t write that letter nobody be begging to
be swapped out for me max had 40 people begging please take me I’m here I’ll do
it I’d this guy needs to live I need to die that’s an impact that’s a life of
significance they released him so he got to go back instead of printing magazines
and broadcasting on the radio which the Germans wouldn’t let him do anymore
instead he turned his monastery into a farm so he could feed the local people
and he took in Jewish immigrants or they were transient he took them in he fed
them he created a hospital cared for their needs and the SS put spies in his
midst he not only had uniformed soldiers on his monastery grounds he had
undercover SS spies and he knew who they were and he had put miraculous medals on
them because he didn’t fear and then the day came when the SS came to arrest him
officially for the last time and he already knew it was gonna happen the
night before he stayed up all night praying and he went from one cell for
the next cell asking his brother friars to get up in the middle of the night and
pray with him to keep an all-night vigil I don’t know maybe there was somebody
else in the Bible somewhere who might have done an all-night prayer vigil
before he was arrested can you think of anybody and then the
next day he gets the phone call from the guard shack at the entrance of the
monastery his brother friar is like there is the SS here they’re coming in
with a train of black cars Saint Max said yes Mary and hang up the phone he
knew because when he was nine there our Lady appeared to him and offered him the
crown of purity and the crown of martyrdom which do you want I’ll take
both that’s that’s significant that’s putting it all
on the line if I could only live like that even in my own marriage even in my
own job imagine what the Lord can accomplish to a complete jackass like me
when I say yes imagine what he’ll do with you the SS show up they take him
off he eventually makes his way to Auschwitz he is a priest so they give
him some of the most disgusting jobs possible one of which was to carry the
dead bodies that they had just gasped to the ovens to be burned the Nazis thought
that would be perfect a way to disgrace the priests every night he was given a
piece of bread to eat maybe a bit of soup every day he gave half his bread
away at night he went from bunk to bunk hearing confessions praying over people
when he was sick and he’s sick all the time you know the disease and the
bacteria and this the craziness of that place you’re always sick right so the
malnutrition he goes to the infirmary he sits by the door so that he
can pray for people as they come through and if they died he can pray over their
bodies as they’re on their way out always always taking that opportunity to
live significantly God’s will be done and the day came when somebody in his
block escaped and the Nazi principle was with one man escaped I’ll take ten in
his place and starve them to death so when they discovered the man didn’t
report for roll call that night they made his block stand at attention all
night long and the next morning the is deputy of a
base commandant comes and he starts to go through the ranks and he starts this
man and that man and this man until he gets to his ten one of the last men
chosen was this guy is a Polish he was a Jew guy ogni check was his name and he
just begged the Nazis to let him go my wife my kids and Max heard that and Max
realized that this was the moment to lay it all on the line this was the moment
an emasculated man pulls back for fear of the loss of pleasure for what
pleasures do they have they got nothing they’ve got their life the breath in
their lungs but max is not an emasculated man he’s not an effeminate
he’s a man’s man and his frail weak body shivering up as it were rushed towards
broke the ranks walked straight up to the Nazi base deputy commander freaked
everyone out I mean that if you dared tried that they’d just shot you dead but
they were so freaked out by that they were stunned who is this who are you
what are you doing I am a Franciscan priest I want to replace this man my
life for his and they said yes Max helped the other condemned men to the
bunker he helped carry them to the bunker where they were going to be
starved to death they stripped naked they get into the bunker naked in like a
dungeon basement like room they got a window they can look out with sunlight
that’s it and for 14 days the witnesses say they heard nothing but max singing
hymns and praying and hearing confession and praying over the bodies of those who
have died 14 days finally say enough is enough and they go inside and they’re
gonna inject him with poison carbolic acid to kill him and Max offers him the arm, yes Mary,
that’s a man and even a German guard said that he said no that is how a man
goes what is your plan to get to heaven what is your plan to change our
situation out there the confusion about who we are was the last time you’ve been
to confession what is your plan are you living in a
state of grace what did you plan how are you gonna get to heaven what is your
plan if you die today what is your plan if I die today God’s will be done from
my life because the only thing that’s going to satisfy me the only thing
that’s going to scratch the itch the only that’s gonna get that burning heart
inside of me going that I’m gonna feel truly satiated is the beating heart
Christ and Max could hear that he could hear it
and he lived it and loved it

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  1. Hello Joe ! It's been a while since you did an 🏹 archery video. I'll admit that I miss thoses videos, because we have the same bows and I think we are at the same level. Your videos are very motivating and fun. I hope you are well and that we will see you again soon. 😎

  2. Wow! I really enjoyed the way you just explained Saint Maximilian Kolbe…you made the story come alive! Thank you…I wish you could be my personal teacher, in all area's while on my journey of learning my faith (ha) you have such passion! God bless 💕

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