ام الشهيد احمد محمود | The Martyrs: Ahmed Mahmoud’s Mother

On the 28th, the Day of Rage. Me, my daughter and my son. We would come down to Tahrir, But we wouldn’t spend nights here. We would leave everyday after the curfew began. So… I want to tell you, for the first time I feel depressed, and I regret that we did that. We are a kind and humble people, by nature, How could we bear all of this? No other people on the planet could bear the same. And despite that, we still thank God and are grateful for His generosity. So… when he was taken from me 61 days ago, And he was all I had, I felt… I felt like I was living dead, or dead alive. I don’t know how to express it to you, What I can tell you is… the revolution is lost. The revolution, until now, is lost – and it hasn’t been completed. And God only knows if it will be seen through. But as long as there are youth – God bless them – it won’t be lost. We are 85 million people. If we can turn out just one million solid youth, Then this revolution won’t be lost. God Almighty says, “How many times the few have overcome the many with the blessings of Allah,”. No matter what. They tell you that when an Egyptian fights and kills a fellow Egyptian, or a Muslim, then it’s not martyrdom. No. Martyrdom is for God almighty to know. These young people are out in revolt, in rage, Outraged, because they’ve been dealt injustice. Because they didn’t get their rights. They are not out here for the hell of it. They do not revolt out of nowhere. They are not out here as thugs, the way the state has painted them. No! They are not thugs. Thuggery is putting someone in the street and squeezing money out of them. Like what’s happening now. That’s a thug. The thug attacks homes and steals. Just like the army and the government we have are robbing us. They talk about giving the martyrs’ families… give us what?! That’s our money in the first place! The compensation they offered is ridiculous, and this is our money, this is the people’s money to begin with! Their attitude is to keep pushing us, daring us. You see? What’s happening to us is simply unjust. It’s injustice, when an old man like this one, in his 60s, is scraping to eat. That’s not a thug. That’s a man who wants to live with dignity. This is criminal. He’s supposed to have a pension, and a dignified life. And that’s what these young people took to the streets for. This is sinful. What we’re suffering is absolutely sinful. Tantawi says this, Ganzoury says that… what about my son, who’s all I ever had? Is Tantawi ready to give up his son to me? I don’t want the compensation they’re talking about. I’ll give them 30,000 pounds for the murderer of my son. When I kill the one who murdered my son, I’ll give them 30,000 pounds. That’s it. That’s all I want. The blood of my son’s murderer. The one who killed Ahmed, on the 19th, the first martyr in the second revolution, I’ll give him 30,000 pounds, and then kill him. Just like he killed my son. Even if I have to beg for the 30,000 from 30,000 people. If I have to take one pound from 30,000 people. I’ll pass by 30,000 Egyptians and ask them to give me a pound each, so I can compensate the man who murdered my son. I’ll kill him, and give the money to his family. Just as a young man like this one, a business graduate, died. His birthday is on 2nd March. Turning 23. He didn’t make it to 23. My son was my entire world. He was a son of obedience, not shame. May God have mercy on him. He never upset me, not one day. He was my pillar of strength in the world. How can I find someone like him again? These people demanding the impossible, while Tantawi lounges on his throne… he should bring back my son! Isn’t he playing God and saying – God forgive me – “If I say it will be so, it will be so” as he appoints Ganzoury? Here, I’m saying bring me my son. They should dig my son up from his grave, give him life again, and then I’ll forgive. The ones inside our rotten government, that removed one file and kept the rest, the ones operating like puppets in the hand of Hosni (Mubarak), Hosni is ruling us till now, but we keep kidding ourselves. He’s just ruling at a distance. If these people can bring back Ahmed, out of his grave, my only son, my pillar in the world, The one who will carry me after I die… they should bring him to me. I will take no compensation, nothing, less than that. And I want nothing else. And I will go down to the streets on the 25th. And I will go out every single time I sense injustice in this country. For every martyr’s mother. And we don’t want any single political wing – not the Muslim Brotherhood, not the Salafis, no one! – …to speak in the name of a martyr’s mother. Not even the father of the martyr! The father just provided a living. The mother is the one who raised and carried him, Until one day she saw a man before her, take to the streets and say “I demand my rights,” We don’t want anyone to speak in our name, We don’t want to hear the Muslim Brotherhood in the media asking for Tantawi to apologize! Apologize for what – a dead chicken?! They’re sorry?! We don’t want anyone to apologize to us. We want just as God decreed. A soul for a soul. Blood for blood. That’s it. That’s the last thing I have to say.

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